Aqua Z camera app takes photos via Xperia Z proximity sensor

by XB on 29th July 2013

in Applications, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Screenshot7-238x133A new camera app developed by xda-developer member AGGevorgyan allows you to take pictures on an Xperia Z by tapping the proximity sensor. The idea behind this is that it makes it easier to take pictures underwater, given the absence of a dedicated camera button. The current version allows you to change the resolution, options for auto focus, auto white balance and flash. For further details on the app and download links for the latest version (0.3.1) then click here.

  • mooface


  • Babylonbwoy

    Good idea but too risky to use XZ at the pool or sea. At least, won’t do with mine, I have read that some user had difficulty to use warranty for water damages on their devices.

  • XZ

    I’ve used XZ underwater in sea and its ok. There is app called “Camera360” and it uses volume-down key as shutter key.

  • afzal

    Good for unroot device. But for root device iam using volume key as camera key to capture image.

  • Spectre51

    Used mine while on vacation this past week in Kauai. Worked great. Nice not having to worry about getting water on you phone.

  • kakooli

    Nice. Works flawlessly on mine. Kudos to the user.

  • Herman

    I can understand that.

    Even when you’re certain you haven’t had the device under water for half an hour, how can you prove that? There are water damage indicators inside the device but they only confirm the phone has been under water. They don’t tell us anything about the time or depth of submerging.

  • Miranda

    I need more pics of the hot man in the thumbnail above.

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    how you can use volume key without root ??

  • Faisal Armand

    The new walkman & album app and this camera app are available via manual download. Why can’t the honami camera app be available via manual download as well? I want it so bad but I don’t want to root my phone because I will lose my warranty

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its actually useful when you have Touch Block app running… Without that your touch will interrupt continuously !!!!

  • Thanks :)

  • Babylonbwoy

    ah ah, I’m not gay but it makes me laugh! ;)
    sorry can’t vote up both of you for obvious reasons!

  • :D

  • Babylonbwoy

    he said the opposite!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Plus from what I have read it’s not always because of flaps, some users said that water infiltrate from back glass where there’s a micro space between glass and frame…

  • Babylonbwoy

    again rooting does not void warranty, only unlock bootloader MAY void warranty according to sony unlock bl page. Plus now there is a tool to backup TA partition before unlocking with DRM and BE2 (for videos) being back after restoring. To use with caution, hard brick possible if misused.

  • Veeren
  • Herman

    Sony never meant the Xperia Z to go fully underwater.
    Sure, it has the IPXX rating that makes it capable of going under water, but that isn’t tested with millions of devices. It’s supposed to withstand rain and an accidental drop in the water, which it does just fine.

    It’s a difficult matter, especially in cases of warranty.

  • Rob

    Use the camera apk from “Google edition” s4 or HTC one. There you can use volume key, and it does not require root

  • Bader Aljedei

    that`s because of the stupidity of SONY mobile sector whom make the XPERIA Z without a camera button and can`t shot underwater !

  • Babylonbwoy
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