Google’s Android Device Manager will help you find a lost phone

by XB on 2nd August 2013

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Android Device ManagerSony Mobile already has its own app called ‘my Xperia‘ to help locate a lost or stolen phone and there are a number of similar apps in the Google Play Store. Well Google is also officially jumping on this bandwagon as it has just announced Android Device Manager which will help to locate, ring and wipe a misplaced or stolen device.

The Android Device Manager will be able to ring your handset at maximum volume, even if you have the phone on silent, or locate the phone on a map. Google will also provide a way to erase all of the data on the device if your phone is stolen. Android Device Manager will launch later this month.

Android Device Manager

  • Felix

    Great for those of us using a custom ROM and thus not able to use MyXperia.

  • lovebmw

    NICE, note I can know where she is hiding!

  • Kaloyskie

    If any of you who still don’t have My xperia, just search this site for My Xperia. If I can recall it is dated around Feb 2013. You will be able to find an apk for it.

    It works perfectly on my unrooted acro s. I did not wait for the rumored update from sony anymore.

    Hope this helps

  • Okazuma

    Good morning Google…. -.-

  • Just one word: Androidlost

  • Babylonbwoy

    Cerberus, which I use, do the same thing, plus it has wipe sd/intern memory and other options that are not in MyXperia. It’s a paid app.

  • Xperianss

    News on August 03, 2013 : goo .gl/WOhqLt


  • Deki


    MyXperia is awesome for Xperia devices, but for others (I’ll put on my gf’s LG) it will be cool to have this one!

  • Guest

    I still don’t have myxperia on my SP, I haven’t done anything to the phone like root it, unlock the bootloader, etc…

  • Kim Salinas

    i hope even the phone is not connected to the internet the phone can be still located.

  • ?????? ??????

    MyXperia has been working on my Nexus7

  • Mac

    Read Kaloyskie’s comment below and maybe you’ll have it within the next five minutes;-)

  • Herman

    I wonder how this is going to compete with “my Xperia”, from Sony.

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  • karthigeyan

    what is the free ram usage while using xperia E single sim??

  • Shalini

    Today I have lost my phone.I don, t know where it is.I think its stolen.Please kindly tell how to know where is my mobile phone.Please message me on

  • Himanshu Katariya

    My phone is Sony Xperia J and its stolen so is there anyway to track my phone??? I didn’t made any account on myxperia..So is there any possible way??

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