Official teaser for Sony ‘Honami’ leaked?

by XB on 8th August 2013

in Rumours, Xperia Z1

Honami Teaser ThumbA new picture deemed to be an official teaser image of the upcoming Sony ‘Honami’ flagship has leaked. What is immediately apparent to us is that if this picture is real, it looks a little different to the Honami images recently leaked.

The edges are more rounded, much like the Xperia Z Ultra, compared to the straight edges of the leaked images which looks very similar to the Xperia Z. Although, this may just be down to the angle of the picture. Either way, take the picture with a grain of salt.

The picture shows a teasing glimpse of the right side of the phone where you can see the power button, flap and volume rocker. This purple-coloured Honami seems to show that the frame will be of a different material – perhaps aluminium much like the Xperia Z Ultra?

However, in other purple Sony Xperia phones, the frame is normally coloured too, whereas this is not the case here. So this could be a departure of recent trends or maybe this image is not final (or even not real). The image then has “September 4 2013 – Berlin” in reference to its likely reveal at IFA in early September. Just under a month to wait for official details.

Sony ‘Honami’ Teaser

Sony Honami teaser

Sony ‘Honami’ Teaser – Magnified

Here you can see Sony’s signature power button, as used in all of the 2013 Sony Xperia range. This pic is important as the direction of the power button gives us the orientation of the handset i.e. the display is on top.

Honami Teaser_1

Above the power button sits a flap.

Honami Teaser_2

Below the power button sits a purple volume rocker


Here you can make out the edge of the display, just above the purple strip. The faint white strip you see here could even be the shatter-proof screen protector that Sony places on most of its smartphones.

Honami Teaser_3

Via Digi-Wo.

Thanks Ashish and ki-hyun kim!

  • solidpig

    So there may still be hope for a thinner bezel?
    I am excited.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    Hopefully it will have thinner bezels… Although I would rather have a little bigger display with thin bezels like the new LG G2

  • CLB

    This means a coloured bezel (in this case purple) on the front…

    That will be the first Sony in a long time imho?
    You only have some 100% white coloured phones (ZL,L, M) but not coloured.

    Or is it just a coloured edge / side like the Xperia Z and consorts?

  • Xperia Z

    I see Anti-Waterproofing gap at 4th pic ;P

  • rei gallardo

    The shape of both LG G2 and S4 is like a ladies napkin.

  • Mac

    Oh it’s still some hope! Excited 2 see the final product.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I wish it will come up with thinner bezel !!

  • Micro

    rotfl xD

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  • Knightpt

    Correction to the article: “The faint white strip you see here could even be the screen protector that Sony places on all of its smartphones.”

    The thing you are talking about in “all” sony smartphones It’s not a screen protector. It’s a plastic laminated sheet that prevents the shattering of the screen, but it does not protect the screen as in a “screen protector” that’s scratch resistant.

    Also, Sony doesn’t place those on ALL its smartphones. Sony Xperia J and Sony Xperia SP doesnt have anything on top of its Gorilla Glass screen.

    Some minor corrections but well.

  • Billy de Fretes

    just come to this blog to up vote your comment sir!

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks, we have just edited the sentence.

  • m

    it is now officially called napkin type rather than candy bar type. lol

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    If this is what all the hype are meant to be, I might even consider selling my Xperia ZL for this.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Watermarked as hell, how can we see something?!

    I swear if the frame isn’t aluminium I won’t get it, they ripped me with the Z frame which is plastic made while it was marketed as robust…

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  • Knightpt

    Seems thin by the picture, me likes.
    Also, much more “rounded” than the Zperia Z-look-alike leaks from previous articles on the Honami.

    If it doesnt have a stupid plastic shatter sheet on top of the glass that feels to the touch like a cheap ebay plastic i might buy it.

    I can’t for the love of god understand why sony makes brilliant design phones that feel ultra-premium and then puts a piece of cheap plastic on top of them. Put a damn gorilla glass (that is already somewhat shatter resistant) and you don’t need the anti-shatter film!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sad news today : JBQ quitting AOSP! Because of Qualcomm shitty moves!

  • Lucian

    No camera button? :S

  • Jhonbert Magana

    This is what I hate about sony devices!! worse is the non-oleophobic screen glass!

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Hate the anti-shatter film on non-oleophobic glass.

  • surethom

    I do hope this has a Xenon flash. Or it is not a proper Camera Phone

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Hate that anti-shatter film on top of non-oleophobic glass.

  • aspire5550

    It should be dragontrail glasses if I’m not mistaken. They just put on another extra sheet of shatterproof sheet which prevents the little pieces of glasses from shattering all over the places and you won’t get cut easily. It’s something like the windscreen of a car where the glass won’t shatter to small tiny pieces.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    But the body will be like some building materials, that is, to see it seems to granite

  • Tajhric fox

    The xperiia. J does come with it my mom has hers idk bout the sp tho

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  • Knightpt

    Yes, the problems with that extra shtatter sheet that sony uses are :

    1) The sheet is made of something that feels like plastic with is NOT scratch resistant (or barely), meaning that you WILL have your phone ugly with scratches MUCH sooner than a phone that only has gorilla glass (for example)
    You could remove that shatter sheet but Sony says its best not to, and you will lose the sony logo on some devices.

    2) the extra shatter proof sheet does remove some of the clarity of the screen. It’s very noticeable on the case of xperia Z and ZL for example. Losing that extra layer realy does improve the screen beauty.

    3) You WILL lose some of the fell that touching a bare glass provide. It’s a sense of cool and cold that glass does provide but that plastic sheet does not (i personaly hate the plastic touch on screen of zperia Z).

    AFAIK Sony is the only manufacturer that uses this stupid plastic on top of a glass screen. It’s stupid, it’s retarded, its absolutely dreadfull. Ofc fanboys will say its ok and it’s “necessary”, but on my case SONY has already lost over 2000 USD because i refuse to buy a sony phone because of that sheet and returned 2 phones over it. It’s a shame i simply LOVE sony designs, xperia Z is amazingly beautifull for me.

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  • knightpt

    No it doesnt. I had one, my son has one and my father had one aswell and none of it has a shatter sheet, its pure gorilla glass with nothing on top. Puting a shatter sheet on top of gorilla glass would be stupid because gorilla glass is already shatter proof (the glass when breaking holds together the pieces) lol…. anyways…

    In fact you can go to sony website and the xperia J doesnt mention the shatter sheet on contrary to the other devices like xperia Z, ZL, ultra, etc.

  • Tajhric fox

    Gorilla is not shatter proof..the galaxy s3s have gorilla glass right? My coworker had one dropped it And the glaSs shattered I’ll have to recheck my moms phone because I’m pretty sure I saw it

  • knightpt

    I might be mistaken but i think you are mixing the shatter proof situation.

    The shatter proof is that when the screen breaks into a thousand pieces, the glass doesnt go over the room flying into a millions bits hurting everyone ;) that is normal glass like a glass of water. The shatter proof glass is a glass that breaks normaly but the bits stick together like glue. Broken, but sick together. That is the shatter.

    I had one SIII and its definately shatter proof. My screen broke into a million bits after a very bad fall and they all sticked togther, i didnt cut myself or anything.

    Dunno if we are talking about the same thing ?

  • Kyle_great07

    I am disappointed. I just bought my xperia z a few weeks ago thinking it is the flagship phone for at least a year and now they are releasing a new one. Cant blame me for not being loyal to sony again.

  • Rob

    Was released ages ago, or did you expect them to wait a year from the day you decided to buy one?

  • Ice

    I hope it will be designed with;

    InfraRed burst (TV/Bluray remote)
    Camera button
    MicroSD card slot (64 GB)
    Battery near 3000 mAh

  • DrazenDodig

    shatter proof means it is harder to break… what you are saying is that gorilla glass still breaks in some situations… maybe thats why Sony isnt using it in top phones.

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  • Samuel

    I don’t’ think you were familiar with Sony’s mobile phone strategy.
    Sony releases two flagships in a year and each flagship is for a half of the year, so you have 1H and 2H flagships.
    The wise decision would be to wait for the 2H flagship as this is the one which has better tech inside.

  • spade

    OIS, camera button and 300mAh battery, that’s all i want…thick bezel or thicker body i don’t care!

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  • Jack

    That’s your problem, don’t blame sony.


    if the bezels are as thin as the xperia z with the same form factor i will be all over this phone xperia z bezel thickness is fine

    dissapointed about it not having front facing stereo speakers or speakers at the top and bottom for stereo sound in landscape for games and movies

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  • Mac

    U mean 3000mAh right?

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  • knightpt

    No, it’s not that :)
    All glass breaks in some situations, there is not a single glass in the market that doesnt break. The situation is that some glass out there when it breaks, the little pieces of glass disconnect from the main glass and are just projected, other brands of glass stay “glued” for safety reasons and don’t go and inflict damage on people around the phone when it breaks. Gorilla glass has this “anti-shatter” property. Aparently the glass that sony uses on most phones doesnt have this safety property so they add a laminated anti-shatter plastic on top of the glass to keep it bound to each other in case of a breaking so that little pieces aren’t projected from the phone.

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  • Farhan Ahmad

    This should be thin like ZUltra. Anyway m loving it. Sony always the best. I’ve been using Sony Ericsson w995 for almost 4 years and still working a lot better than good.

  • DrazenDodig

    yes, but once again, Gorilla glass is hardened glass thats much harder to break, thats its main property… Sony obviously likes using Dragontail+sheet more for the front and gorilla for the back.

  • spade

    LOL, 300mAh battery.. XD

  • Rockarel

    Please, please, PLEASE —- stop saying “take XXXXX with a pinch of salt” in every rumor article. Be brave, be the first to start a revolution in sub-par news reporting!

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  • roeshak

    Well this certainly looks more along the lines of the ultra unlike the e-price photos that just looked like a bigger thicker and uglier Z.
    Honami and Z refresh may not be one and the same after all.
    Well, only time will tell

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  • Sajid

    There should be…

  • sfordesign

    it’s okay though, not much changed


  • Izad Husin

    I wish it’s short like the ZL.

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  • lolsomany

    because dragontrail is made by japanese company

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  • josesl16

    I thought someone said soap…

  • Faisal Armand

    I am looking forward to how well will BIONZ image processing works because an optimised normal image processing alone can make great quality pictures

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