Sony Honami with model number SO-01F hints at NTT DoCoMo release

by XB on 10th August 2013

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Sony Honami SO-01F_2The Sony ‘Honami’ is expected to be formally unveiled in early September. As you would expect for a new flagship device, the Honami is likely to be released across most markets around the world. We know that a HSPA+ version of the handset exists in the form of C6902/L39h as well as C6903 and C6906 LTE versions.

There is now also hint of a Japanese release, as a Honami with model number SO-01F passed through the FCC. Model number SO-01F means that Honami will head to NTT DoCoMo. A formal launch in Japan is expected after the IFA announcement on 4 September 2013.

Sony Honami SO-01F_1

Sony Honami SO-01F_2

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • P9

    love sony best! :)

  • ZRDaftPunk

    Good for you Sony

  • DStyle

    Show it to me babe . . .

  • Raymond

    meaning to say Sony is preparing for the global launching of honami after announcement in IFA Berlin….first the FCC approved in North America then in Japan….

  • hurry up!!! My sgh-t989 GS2 won’t live on much longer

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  • sasha

    I want bezel-less but hopeless.

  • Spectaculation

    Anyone cares to speculate what will be the official name for this phone? Rumors were saying that this will be named the Xperia i1. Does that means that sony will be changing their naming convention starting from this model and eventually ending up with names like Xperia E7, G2, S4?

  • Late…

    Sony seems to be late this year.. Considering last year’s h2 flagship, XT, was announced in August and available in September.
    Hope this doesn’t delay H1 2014 flagship release~

  • HOPE

    i sympathise with you..

    though NOT totally hopeless…. yet….

    still gotta wait till official announcement till we actually get to see a proper, official image of the phone to judge

  • Gitarooman

    also need some kind of electronic convention to hype this thing up. If they announce earlier and any major electronics convention with other competitors device announcement will probably over shadow this thing. Being late probably also mean they can release the device closer to when it was being announced.

  • Feanor

    The Xperia TX was announced in August. The T was announced at IFA, exactly as the Honami will be. However the T was available fast, only 2-3 weeks after it’s announcement. I somehow doubt that this will be the case with the Honami, if we consider the delay of the Z Ultra.

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  • Babylonbwoy

    It’s coming…!

  • Babylonbwoy

    I’m oversaturated with the bezel thing, wait and see.
    If it won’t suit our taste nobody forces us to buy it.

  • Knight

    I think this ”i” series is gonna be different

  • roeshak

    No it will go on sale by end of September

  • Umar Khan

    Sony dont you even think about not having the front body color same as the back, plz dont, i love you but if you do that you will break my heart, also i need more color options like grey silver , cyprus blue etc so please have that option for honami, i dont go for black but XZ have black front on all three colors which i dont like so i had to go with black.

  • Sauce

    Your source?


    Maybe just Xperia I(One).

  • lolsomany

    i more tend to XPERIA ZX

  • Daniel O. Barga

    I want a removable battery and FM radio just like Xperia ZR… but hopeless :(

  • Babylonbwoy

    Where the “i1” came from ? Codename Honami, ok, but I don’t remember seeing the source of the “i1” name…

  • tle

    How many of u guys have actually bumped into someone who has a Sony phone? Sony claims to moving all these units but ive never seen anyone with a sony phone

  • RoRoXZ

    Apple is gonna sue them for using “i” in their name. :’)

  • surethom

    I know 1 person why have moved away from HTC & Samsung & will move back as soon as his contract is over as it is the first time he has had a phone that slows down, due to over skinning.

  • Billy de Fretes

    i guess you live in another dimension or maybe parallel earth :) in indonesia, sony user growth every day.2011-2012, i only found 1-2 person using sony even i don’t know is it xperia s/p/u or else. but since end of 2012, acro s, go, xperia s, u, p, even ion everywhere. my girlfriend change her blackberry to xperia acro s as for me after 4 years using iphone i change to xperia z and now i want to replace with honami.
    xperia acro s and go is the most favorite sony devices since heavy rain in every corner of indonesian country.

  • tle

    I guess so man lol my ion gets a lot of attention bcuz no one has a Sony phone. I was just asking bcuz I thought Sony was faking the numbers but I guess they’re legit

  • Pradeep Viswanathan R

    Numbers can be faked, profit cannot be :)

  • Pradeep Viswanathan R

    i am a Sony fan myself, i think HTC’s sense 5 is the best out there now. Sony’s UI is pretty conservative and needs some more improvement.

  • hardyHarHar

    It should have FM Radio. The only high end phone right now that doesn’t have FM Radio si galaxy S4 and that’s because some variants are using exynos processor that doesn’t have an FM reciever chipset on the SoC

  • Anukul

    you will be like: wow I got one bezel-less phone but i don’t fuc*ing know how to hold it, my fingers are getting into my videos and my palm is all over the phone :D , the truth is : its not practical to use a bezel-less phone

  • JornalTecinfo

    Two new images confirm the launch of the handset from Sony, Honami

    See the photos –

  • soul13

    Alryt am waiting for you this sept. 24 Ntt docomo

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