CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies (Android 4.3) available for Sony Xperia Z/ZL and Tablet Z

by XB on 15th August 2013

in Firmware, Sony Tablet, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

cyanogenmod-cid-mascotCyanogenMod has announced that it has started to make CM10.2 nightlies available for a number of selected handsets. CM10.2 is based on Android 4.3, so it gives users the first chance to see what delights it has in store. The good news for Sony Xperia fans is that CM10.2 nightlies are available for a number of devices including the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL and the Xperia Tablet Z (LTE). If you’ve already tried it, let us know your thoughts below.

  • Purnama

    will try if i have that handset…

  • shiroyasha

    i really want to know,is the 4.3 gonna solve the move to sd card problem??

  • angel

    any plan for xperia sp too? i really need it,because i grow up with aosp…
    someone from cm plz make it…plz :-(((((

  • Babylonbwoy
  • Babylonbwoy

    I think it’s a matter of security, and a choice from Sony (as Sammy brought it back on their devices).

  • Herman

    You’d better go to the XDA Forums and ask the question there (first check if it’s been asked already).
    There should be some who are already running this new Cyanogenmod. Chances are you’ll find one there quicker than here.

  • InspectorGadget80

    I’ll try too hold out for key lime 5.0 in october. i don’t like too mod or root any of my phones cause it will end the warranty.

  • minur

    Do you need to unlock the bootloader?

  • Babylonbwoy

    He can also test by himself, if everybody wait for others to test…

    @shiroyasha : read this if you want to understand why :

  • AsadMulla

    you must be very young???

  • sreeji

    its not 4.3,its 4.4 andrid kitakat yet 2 be released

  • Behzad Born

    Honey ?? I talked to Sony PLS
    hey Sony festival U never supported XPeria V?
    U don’t supported So why u made it???
    U never supported and u want we supported u???
    is it bad smartphone???? Off course Not
    So what? why we ( owner xperia V ) never See commercial about Xperia V or supported android???
    you know what? I’m so mad u!

  • Ali A.Kareem

    i really want to know,is the 4.3 gonna solve the move to sd card problem??

  • Salman Amin Butt

    why is xperia z keeps dropping network signals???? i have android version 4.2.2 installed in it, will this 4.3 version solve this problem?

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