New firmware certified for Xperia Z Ultra HSPA+ (14.1.B.0.475), LTE version certified with build 14.1.B.1.493

by XB on 15th August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra

Xperia Z Ultra_C5303_14.1.B.1.493The HSPA+ SKU (C6802) of the Xperia Z Ultra has seen a new firmware version certified in the form of build number 14.1.B.0.475. This looks to be a minor update over the previous firmware version (14.1.B.0.471) that launched earlier this month.

We don’t know whether we’ll see this update go live or whether the HSPA+ model will go straight to the next version (14.1.B.1.493), expected to be a major update with new UI as well as introducing X-Reality for mobile.

The same firmware version build (14.1.B.1.493) was recently certified by the PTCRB for the LTE SKU C6833, giving more credence to the fact that this will be the next major update for the handset. Sony has said that the X-Reality for mobile update will launch in early September. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

Xperia Z Ultra_C5302_14.1.B.0.475

Xperia Z Ultra_C5303_14.1.B.1.493

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Z ultra has too many issues as per reading reviews and articles and watching videos.

    1. Screen Freezing
    2. Black screen, not responding
    3. Camera washout issues
    4. Pen inputs

    Hope all be fixed before I buy the LTE version here in the Philippines

  • DrumPunisher

    I own the LTE-version and never had any of the issues you list. In fact, this is easily the best phone I’ve had so far.

  • DrumPunisher

    My bad, referring to Z, it’s early in the morning…

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  • JG

    Where did the LTE version of ZU released?

  • m sacha

    i am one of the Z Ultra users with issues, my one is issue number two on your list, just today I have sent it back to hong kong, hoping i dont have a defect one as a replacement unit

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Ow, I haven’t read any news about issues of ZU. I have only read about the issues of Nexus7.

  • Cristi13

    It was a video of a reviewer (i think phonedog), that the screen got stucked.

  • Moez

    This update has improved my battery life. Phone is a lot smoother. It also fixed the screen issue that I had when unlocking the phone. Before the screen would lag and show a glitch curtain effect. Now it is not present.

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  • Very New Importan Sony Xperia SmartPhones firmwares this week:……

    1.Xperia Z Ultra HSPA+ receiving firmware update build 14.1.B.0.475.

    2.Sony Honami is First Firmware build 14.1.G.1.493

    3.New Sony Xperia SP firmware version number (12.0.A.2.250)

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