Orange France pushes out a new Xperia Z update (10.3.1.A.1.10)

by XB on 19th August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z_10.3.1.A.1.10_3Orange France has released a new firmware update for the Sony Xperia Z (C6603). The new update, in the form of build version 10.3.1.A.1.10, doesn’t appear to offer any notable improvements over the previous firmware build (10.3.1.A.0.244).

The big disadvantage to this carrier-optimised firmware is the amount of bloatware that it carries (see one of the pictures below which shows what cannot be uninstalled). However, if you do want to download it you’ll be glad to hear most apps can be disabled through Settings > Applications. It also means you get the Orange boot animation. However, there is a nice new exclusive wallpaper, although you can always download it here (Thanks Ambroos!)

Xperia Z_10.3.1.A.1.10_2

Xperia Z_10.3.1.A.1.10_3

Xperia Z_10.3.1.A.1.10_4

Xperia Z_10.3.1.A.1.10_5

Xperia Z_10.3.1.A.1.10_1

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Anurag!

  • Milo Egalo

    Looks like Sony is going into direction 4.3 step by step to make sure it rolls out with as little bugs as pos.

  • Ambroos

    Oh look, my screenshots :P

    To anyone considering this firmware, it’s not really worth your time. Hardly any differences.

  • Ben Lim

    can u share the wallpaper please? the link just show the lockscreen image.

  • Ambroos

    Wallpaper is a standard wallpaper, it’s in the wallpaper picker.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    This launcher reminds me of JAVA OS for mobiles
    Unpractical launcher.

  • yaseen

    sony Z It’s a poor wifi why! :(

  • ImAnurag

    download this wallpaper here –

  • Andrew Tan

    Standard for Orange France courier only, as it never appear on non courier device.

  • dakilang-batman

    Wow! Thanks! Could you please share here the wallpaper

  • Xperianss

    about Gadget and Technology, like this one :

    News about Gadget and Technology, follow this one :


  • ImAnurag

    both wallpaper and downloading link is shared…what else you need more huh ?

  • LD

    I got update notification & I’m here in the Philippines. How can I make it disappear w/o downloading it since there’s no significant usage for this update?

  • scw

    That sounds good on paper but look at the last xperia S update. It’s a mess. So staying with a older version of the OS does not really help in risk reduction.

  • dakilang-batman

    The wallpaper from the launcher not the lockscreen wallpaper. The one with mountains wallpaper looks very cool

  • azzido

    What amount of SPAM orange installs! I am aware of it and this is why I never choose orange :D

  • tons

    guys, my c6603 still at firmware 253, no update at phone or pc suite
    i’m from Indonesia..
    is it really no updates for this variant ?

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