Sony Xperia Tablet S getting new Android 4.1.1 (Release2) update

by XB on 19th August 2013

in Firmware, Sony Tablet

XTS_Android 4.1.1_Release2_1Sony is currently rolling out a new update for the Xperia Tablet S. The Android 4.1.1 (Release2) update mainly resolves an issue where the clock is unable to sync correctly. Other changes includes improvements to the preview window of the camera application and playback of Video Unlimited content. The update is around 430MB and should be available to download now.

XTS_Android 4.1.1_Release2_1

XTS_Android 4.1.1_Release2_2

XTS_Android 4.1.1_Release2_3

Current and previous firmware compared
Kernels appear unchanged

XTS_Android 4.1.1_Release2_4

Thanks @poke612!

  • Silas Arentsen

    *Xperia Tablet S

    Hope it fixes things

  • kalyan

    when is the update for Xperia S guys????
    waiting for the update….

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Strange that they have so much variety of smartphones but they don’t make a 7-inch tablet

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – fixed!

  • Sand

    Xperia S in Sony’s priorities roll out queue = lowest possible. We will get this before 2014… u.u

  • Mac

    Pretty close and also get the phone ability, The Xperia Z Ultra. (6,44″)

  • ChrisH

    Please Sony give the Xperia Tablet S JB 4.2 too

  • Nik

    Root is gone and motochoper doesnt do the trick this time ,dear friend Doomlord do something please if possible

  • Herman

    Here we go again!

  • Herman


    Why does this Xperia Tablet S only get Android 4.1.1 – why not 4.1.2 like most other devices?
    It’s odd especially when considering this is a new update, yet still 4.1.1.

  • ipatz

    exactly, or skip to 4.3

  • piyush

    is it available in india?

  • B LovePhDc

    I was able to use motochopper and reroot with no problem. Need help?

  • B LovePhDc

    Probably because, this device was an embarrassment due to H2O issues and may have put any updates on hold.

    For all the folks at the “S” department knew, they may have figured the device would be squashed, so why watse time and resources? .just idle speculation…

  • Nik

    Please give the link ,maybe i used an older version ,it started but after some minutes nothing happened so i quit

  • faggot

    Fuck off you stupid fucking cunt. No one gives a fuck about Xperia S. Go fuck your Xperia S in the fucking pig ass.

  • Marshall

    Is there any idea if the Sony Tablet S is getting this update as well or just the Xperia S ?

  • Nik

    ?k got it worked ,fast and easy as first time

  • Moonlight


  • B LovePhDc

    OK, I was going to say that you need to apply the ADB drivers first from Sony, then use Motochopper, but be shure to select the correct file because the XDA site has some vague directions…Anyway, I am happy you got it worked out.

    I had figurerd this was going to cause an unroot, but the reroot worked fine. I had deleted some stock items and then remembered I had a copy in dropbox. Using Titanium I was able to reload them. Now, between the update and Titanium I have everything as it was.

    A tip: if you use Titanium Pro you can make a widget on your front screen to freeze and unfreeze for apps like maps which use a lot of ram when you don’t need maps. Alternativly, you can freeze an app inside the Titanium app itself which is much better than simply erasing it from settings because then it is gone and if it had changed some paremeters and your tablet rmay runs goofy, you can reinstall it as it was.

    Also, if you delete an app in Titanium and decide you want it back, it wll reload the previous copy….like I did above with the stock apps I regretted deleting.

    I am getting an SDXC card today with read speeds around 70MB/s. When I was getting some files reloaded, I noticed that the wifi was very slow. Then I remembered to reapply the external/internal memory app and the wifi went from 32kb to 220kb download…so the card makes a difference when rooted with the memory flipped. Hence, I look forward to getting this new card! The present card is not shabby, with 30 mb/read and 10mb write, UH-I, but as the the previous sentence’s experience had taught me; I hope to eliinate dodgy load moments in apps. We’ll see.

    Good luck,

    B. Love

  • B LovePhDc

    Sony S is out the door and the door is closed and locked. I suggest ou brave the world of root to keep it fresh. Pray, XDA comes through for you which I believe they already have. Rooting your tablet is easy and your warrenty is gone anyway, so as long as you make a backup, all will be ok. Rooting takes some getting used to, but if you have a modicum of sense, you can do it. Just get over the fear part. I say that, but every time I root a tablet, I get nervous, then elated that “I did it!”

    If you need some help, speak up and I’ll help.

    P.S., the update was minor, so don’t feel too left out. It probably caused me more hassle and trouble than it was worth, but it is hard to resist the “update is available” window!

  • B LovePhDc

    It should roll out to your country. These things happen by regions/markets. Hang in there.

  • Marshall

    Last time I went to XDA to look for a root, the discussion over there said that there is no root for the 4.0.3(release5a). But if I am outdated pkease do help and give mething.

  • Nik

    Thank you my friend ,your confidence was enough for me

  • B LovePhDc

    I don’t know who else to ask. The card I mentioned before, well I fouled up two files by changing them. Silly, I know. Anyway, I wondered if you have a root file Explorer and could email me a copy or a picture of two files? They are easy to find. Systems/etc./then I am looking for vold. and svold. files. I just need to see what they said before I changed them unless I can get firmware reinstalled just like our update, then I would be ok. I have a back up on Titaneum, but it is not quite the same as clockworkmod, etc . and will not load up properly. For now, I have no access to my SD card. Bummer.

    Anyhow, they are short files, let me know if you can get to them, then we’ll go from there as far as sending a copy to me . I appreciate it .

    Do you know you can have flash on your tablet? Anyone with android still can if they know where to look. Just go to Adobe flashes website or Google legacy drivers for flash then you will see a list for Windows mac, and Android. Just pick one of the last releases for Android and it downloads right to your tab and unloads and works. For example, I can watch a movie or show on amazon prime which uses flash. The real thing is better than those lousy apps.

  • B LovePhDc

    Yes, there is a root for you on DA! I was having problems of my own and I saw it.

  • Marshall
  • dutchRafa

    Well, bad news: I did receive and install the update, but the clock is still drifting… :-(
    It is less than before, but still +5 min per day. And ‘updade clock from network’ simply does not work properly
    Anyone with this same experience…?

  • allemania

    Yes. Before the update I had no issues with clock. Now, with the update, mine drifts up to 10 minutes per day even if I set it manually. Frustrating, given that I had zero issues before. Have had the tablet for about 6 weeks.

  • yasmin

    How can i download a new android versie on sony xperia s tablet please anser

  • krct20

    im stuck in the updating screen..what should i do?please help…

  • ghader

    Tablet xperia s going to update it to 4.2?

  • sony xperia tablet s

    What the hell is your problem if you dont have a xperia tablet s or any tablet at all because I can see you dont. You stupid peace of shit your not seposse to be on this site go get a job I think you need one and then maybe you can get your self a cheap asus tablet

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