New Xperia Z Ultra firmware certified (14.1.B.1.510)

by XB on 22nd August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra

wpid-IMG_20130822_213235.jpgThe Sony Xperia Z Ultra has had yet another new firmware  build certified. Version number 14.1.B.1.510 has been certified for all versions of the Xperia Z Ultra including the HSPA+ SKU (C6802), the Asian /European LTE SKU (C6833) and the North American LTE SKU (C6806). We expect this version to include  X-Reality for mobile when it eventually launches.


  • yolooo

    Xperia S bag fix?

  • niz.d

    I can put my xperia S in my bag without problem …

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    you made my day man hhhhh

  • Herman

    About half of the news items recently posted on XperiaBlog are about updates.
    Good job Sony, well done!

  • Xyor

    I am not complaining, but just want to make sure that Sony still remembers the Xperia T/V, which still have a black stripe in the lock screen. I hope T/V are included in “devices that will skip the 4.2 and upgrade to 4.3 directly”

  • kyoko


  • Mac

    Asian/Euopean LTE SKU (C6833)?
    Isn’t it c6803?

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  • Clarence Alvarado

    Hi Xperia Blog.

    Just wanna have a request, please make an article regarding possibility of Xperia Z Ultra WiFi version only, with the same specs minus calls and text and LTE. Make a poll if everyone is interested, and for the price, I’m betting for less $300 for the Wi-Fi version.

    I’m sure Sony will foresee probability of having this version whenever the folks want to see one. Thanks.

  • Andrew Tan

    They is no C6803 as I know, this time the LTE version for Asian/Europe is C6833.

  • xperiakita

    Yap. No bug on my Xperia S, even full HD video recording.

  • josesl16

    Nearly impossible.

  • franklin

    can i know which firmware ftf did you flash ?

  • xperiakita

    I use 6.2.B.0.200. But, the battery drain so fast.

  • Mac

    Weird, okay thanks.

  • Andrew Tan

    Not possible and not much will interesting with it.

  • Guest

    Anyone can share C6833 .510 FTF?

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