So who plans on buying the Xperia Z1?

by XB on 4th September 2013

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XperiaZ1Gallery_15Okay by now most of you had a chance to reflect on the Sony Xperia Z1 announcement. You’ve hopefully seen a number of promo videos and gandered over the many press images available. The question we’re asking you right now is are you impressed enough to click that pre-order button for the Xperia Z1? If not, what’s holding you back? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • John Francis Gamao

    I don’t care about the bezels, I will buy this BEAST!!!

  • raxxta

    Won’t lie…that bezel is making me think twice!

  • Carljn

    Definitely! It’s a superb device and I’ve been saving for it for four months now.

  • lovebmw

    If it’s 4g AT&T then I will

  • Sami Mrabet

    i dont know, i´m waiting for Reviews

  • Carljn

    There’s a bezel because of the waterproofing. But also it’s way more ergonomical.
    I’d rather go for waterproof than slimmer bezels that look neat, but are a pain in usage.

  • Michael Hofmann

    Whilst I love the Z1 it it isn’t worth shelling out £599 [on Sony mobile website] for over my Z. Don’t get me wrong its great, miles better than the 2012 phones which is a reasonable upgrade to make at this stage, but there is no must have feature, it combines some great tech into one package but none of it is undisputably best in class or completely new. I’m more enticed by the companion products like the qx100 lens camera and smatwatch 2, that’s where i’ll spend my money instead.

  • Hitman

    I won’t complain about the bezels like most people do. They obviously had to sacrifice the size in order to equip with that G lens camera hence that’s why it’s bigger than Z. I’m going to buy this beast. :)

  • If they release that rumoured mini version, then sure, the mini will be my next.

    If not, anything over 4.3″ is not to my tastes…

  • Dakota

    If it comes to Canada!!

  • Teddi Aydarov

    i’m in :)

  • Rene Pedroso

    I will own it as soon as it is released, White.

  • Tony

    I am holding back until the prices goes down, will not purchase it not, plus I am good with the Xperia Go at the moment. So time will surely win over price.

  • Red Salmon

    Waterproofing has nothing to do with bezels…

  • lucasarg

    it’s going to come to Argentina and i love so much this phone!… so i’m going to buy it! i’m going to be so f**king popular!!!

  • Gerald

    Germany here. I will definatly take 1! Im waiting for it since months ^^

  • Francè

    Z1 is very beautiful but…where is (honami) z1 mini??

  • Carljn

    Actually, it does. There is quite a bit (relatively speaking of course) of material needed to make everything tight enough to not let any water in.

  • Only P

    If Sony is reading this, then as an avid sony fan I hope for their own good they implement at least these couple of features to exceed copycats like galaxy note 3;

    4k high bit rate video recording. Why does the note 3 have this and not a Sony flagship?

    Oversampling 40mp camera like Nokia 1020.

    Optical image stabilisation like lumia 1020 for better video.

    Manual controls like lumia 1020. E.g. Exposure, shutter speed etc.

    I don’t know if z ultra has a pen, but a pen which goes inside the phone for the z2 with touch sensitivity and pen dedicated apps.

    A nice phone cover like the ones that galaxy range have where opening it, wakes up the phone.

    Better detailed themes including ui changes and icon packs. Without too much work for the average consumer.

    So mostly photo and video related. I’m seriously pondering over to buy the galaxy note 3 right now. But then it isn’t waterproof. Nor does it have optical image stabilisation. Lumia 1020 does but it isn’t waterproof nor is it android. So no perfect phone.

    Sony you have the foundations in place right now, whereas you didn’t even two years ago. With a great visionary Kaz Hirai at the helm with his ONE sony motto.

    Although this Z1 will be a good phone. It isn’t enough to warrant an upgrade from my xperia z. All the above features for me will make the perfect Sony phone.

  • Lucian

    Either bigger bezels or bump on the back like lumias.. This camera is huge for 8.5mm thin device.
    If you look at the promo videos and photos, you will see that camera is basically from front to back, so no place for anything else. Top bezel is reserved for camera and Bionz processor.

  • sacrow

    Anything longer than 135mm will feel weird in my pocket.
    Hoping the honami mini rumor turn out to be real

  • Izamanaick

    The lack of a Xenon Flash and an IR Blaster really rustle my jimmies. I use those a lot and it’s a shame that the Honami doesn’t have it. I might end up getting it anyway, if it’s good that is.

  • Lucian

    It’s all about camera, not waterproofing.

  • hans

    Only a Z1 mini.

  • Lucian

    you have lossless zoom on Z1

    And manual mode is present

  • kevin

    I wanna buy ir but all depends on which carrier comes out in mexico hope it gets out fast+all companies not just that stupid telcel that it gets every phone and then iusacell gets it like 3 months later i want it to get out on all companies at same time

  • eu

    If the camera is good, i`ll definitely buy it.

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    I hope to get one ASOP , but I just bought xperia Z and love it , if I found a good deal to replace it with Z1 that’s will be amazing :D

  • Riddler
  • Izamanaick

    ASOP? Do you mean ASAP or AOSP?

  • jason

    I am very disappointed that there are no 4k video recording while Samsung Note 3 and other competitors will all launch 4k video in the coming few months

  • FixMax

    And ?
    It’s too worth to see on some TV or Monitor if you are non-rich human.
    I think it’s too excess thing for us in 2013.

  • jason

    4K TVs are relatively cheap now in my region and i got one already

  • p

    Oh and btw Sony, great job on all the new INNOVATIVE products including qx100, nex 6 (I own), rx1, rx100 (sold) , a99. But also the new laptops and hybrid tablets including the new flip pc and tap 11. Along with the improved vaio duo 13 and vaio pro.

    Only niggle I have with the tap 11 is that it doesn’t seem to have the keyboard joined at the bottom when in use, only when closed via the magnetic link. This means both could get stolen as they’re two separate entities. The keyboard should be linked at all times unless I want to use tap 11 as a tablet, or the keyboard far away.

    The vaio duo 13, perfect and I would’ve bought except, the fixed viewing angle. So again almost perfect but few niggles.

    Also invest in more e mount nex glass. Make some cheap primes. And higher bit rate codec for video.

    All these devices could be perfect but always something to hold it back in my opinion.

    But love Sony. Going to buy 4k Sony tv when it affordable soon :(

  • Michael Hofmann

    Definitely surprised at that one too. It would definitely be capable. Of it. Holding back something for 2014 I guess grrr

  • Michael Hofmann

    Couldn’t agree more

  • jason

    I think it has to do with conflicts of product lines but now with NOTE 3 capable of doing so i dont see why Sony decided to give up this excellent feature in addition to its 4K TVs

  • Gitarooman

    just cant decide between purple and white.

  • Camilo Uribe

    Waiting in Colombia !

  • Bob

    I can’t afford to buy a new phone every year. So I have to go on a contract. I got a Sony Xperia TL(AT&T) and I’m happy with it. Next year I probably will get the newest Sony smartphone. Wish I could get this one.

  • themanspirit

    Z1 sure looks elegant, like I expect from Sony.
    I like the design changes which ensure it doesn’t look like an iPhone.
    Hoping these changes make Z1 feel more robust, and even more premium to the touch than Z,
    Which for me, I felt Z was just too delicate to trust it lasting over time, let alone the bezels.

    Now as a ZL owner, I understand that larger bezels are necessary for firm, secure landscape handling.
    So I will happily purchase Z1 over my ZL, if Z1 delivers the battery performance currently seen by the industry’s best in 5″ class performance (calling, web browsing, video playback), and endurance (standby).
    Not to mention something equally important for me, loudspeaker performance at least equivalent to the ZL.
    Preferably better, because It’s a Sony.

    Bring on the reviews!!

  • jal1

    nope. gonna stick with my Z for few time longer, afterall an upgraded smartshot camera just roll out.. overall i bought my Z only after learning bout the z1.

    the lack of IR blaster, dual speaker, wALKMan audio chip, light bar, means it isnt the best of what sony can produce, it even not having all the best of xperia line. so not worth the extra which i safe quite enough to get those smartshot.

  • kaostheory

    A bigger screen wouldn’t take up any more room, also could have put in stereo speakers in those spaces.

  • Michael Ermi

    Is this device coming to the US on ATT?

  • blitz_arc

    Sony is following other brand by continuing the same design as previous flagship. not doubt it is beautiful, but i dont like to buy the exact same design phone to replace my old one. hopefully next year SONY will introduce a much better flagship phone.

    Keeping my Z until the time comes.

  • Raj Singh

    I will get the Ultra LTE for sure but, since I won’t be able to carry it around with me all the time, I might buy the Z1 as well. Or I might wait for the Z1 refresh in early 2014. I haven’t decided yet.


    likely i will only thing that makes me not certain is the thickers bezels many reviewers also pointed out how it’s hefty

    if it had the same thickness of bezel as the z and a all black frame all around then this would be my dream phone

  • Jim

    Ultra Z all the way for me!!

  • UrDad

    they are probably gonna add it on a firmwave update

  • Someone

    my next phone !!

  • Babylonbwoy
  • Babylonbwoy
  • Visual360

    Take my money!!!

  • FLX

    January 2014 its mine

  • xperia user

    bye bye ps4 (this year) :(

  • Babylonbwoy

    where the hell renault 16 are still used ?! It’s french car from the sixties!

  • Dexter Moregan

    I will buy it for sure. Bye Bye My Xperia S

  • Ario Baskoro Xophien

    cant decide which should I get, the white one or black one, both are just stunning

  • Tech Gospel

    I don’t think this is meant to lure Z series owners to upgrade. More like those of us using NXT and similar generation phones. I’m quite happy than the Z1 has an aluminum frame. It’s what made me buy the Xperia ray and my current Xperia P. Hoping to see the Z1 Mini soon. I love the pan/tilt stand. I hope they make it compatible with Google Hangouts. I love the Miracast box too!

  • Mint

    Not sure yet. I’ll wait for Nexus 5 to be announced before deciding.

  • sssssooooooooo waaannnntttttttttt!!!!!

  • Allan

    too wide

  • m sacha

    Preordered already mate

  • scw

    I am actually thinking of Xperia Z as it will becomes cheaper.

  • Dacha

    I am a big Sony fan but the Z1 will not be my next phone. Way to large for my liking.

  • nadoudidou

    i need to know a few things before commiting myself. like i need to know about the shatterproof film, the battery life..
    and more than anything i need to hold it and try it myself.

  • Billy de Fretes

    iphone use same design since original iphone 6 years ago and still classy and elegant .. i believe this will be sony main design for many years to come.

    as for me, once it release in indonesia, i will buy it for sure :)

  • Denis Dardymov

    I am!!! ASAP.

  • Bowlzee

    I bought the Z 2 months ago, I will wait to get this. I still super impressed with the Z!

  • zl user

    Couldn’t agree more, the Z1 is clearly not the best of sony at all so i will wait for 2014’s flagship!

    Still believe in Sony #makedotbelieve

  • silverwagon


    Coz I gave my XZ to my mum as her Note 1 is kind of broken

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I’m still waiting for a small phone :( I may not be able to wait though lol

  • x-periance

    As a current xperia z user… I dont mind to stick with it, but will buying myself the attached lens .

  • jag

    last time i checked, everyone was shouting “it’s ugly”. but now, hmm… everyone seems to love it.

  • Mallahet

    Since I’m in the US and travelling internationally next year, I’m really giving this phone a thought. The waterproofing and nice specs are a steal, and I love every other Sony product I own. I’m sure an unlocked version will be usable on T-Mo when I’m back in the US, so now I have to decide: Z1 or Z, since the Z will likely be getting a discount.. Hmm..

  • XZ

    I’ll buy this, if the battery is awesome too, along with design,megapixel etc.., I’d love to see sony beat shamesung in every aspect !!!
    My friend has note 2 and s4, their battery backup is awesome, I mean they get more battery backup than my Xperia Z !!
    So, if Z1 gives awesome battery backup..atleast more than s4 and note 2..then I am down with this beast too !!!

    If anything is offensive to anyone in my post, I am sorry and please don’t troll back !!!

  • Shiroyasha

    Of course I will buy it -insha’allah-

  • nadoudidou

    like i need to know about the shatterproof film, the battery life.. and a drop test.
    a proper drop test, not a crazy swedish psychopath smashing it with a hammer.
    and more than anything i need to hold it and try it for myself.
    i know it sounds like an excuse but i truly feel that those bezels that arent huge btw, do add some class. i know…

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Same here. Following the Z’s release, I had decided to hold onto my S a little longer, skip the Z and wait for the next big one. But my wife asked me if I’d like a Z as a birthday gift and I couldn’t say no to a purple one :) Now I’m a super-happy Z user since July 15. I’m sure I’ll be jealous when I see a Z1 user :)

  • Ray

    Z1 or note 3? Decision, decision..

  • Ghareeb Saeed


  • fishisnot

    Dilemma for.. i already have xperia z and xperia z is great and still doing great. Z1 is just some extra improvement. So maybe I guess for Xperia Z user, like me, imma wait for honami mini or another new flagship. I bought my Xperia Z back in Feb 2013. sept 2013 Z1 announced. so I still could stick to Xz a little longer till q2 next year.


    Z1 is fucking seducing me right now man!

    . i cant decide

  • Timothy

    it seems the viewing angle of the screen is not as well that of ZU’s
    however i would not buy a phone larger than 5″

  • Emanuel Mc Person

    Well now if someone could tell me… As Sony might name their next flagships z2, z3 and so on… Will they keep announcing two per year?? I mean in two years there will be z4…! And I want to know it because I got my Z just when it came to my country… But I definetly want this new one… And if they will announce a better one in 5 months I think i would rather wait then…!

  • Tom Olecki

    If it comes to Poland – definately.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I’ll trade in my ZL for this.

  • Yass

    I’m holding back by Xperia Z.I bought Z on Feb…..


    Almost perfect.

    Flagship with only 16GB internal? What’s this? 2010?

    I’m sorry. Gonna give it a miss.

    It needs to be 32GB minimum and have at least the option for 64GB internal.

  • Utsav Shah

    waiting for camera samples!

  • Sepehr Estaki

    Big fan of SONY, but not that enough innovative, I’m looking for fingerprint in iPhone!

  • paul4id

    Too big and bulky. Horrible glossy fingerprint-magnet back. Too big bezels — the Motorola RAZR m/i should be the inspiration for Sony in the bezel department.

    Last but not least, no QWERTY! Where is the Xperia Pro II?!!!!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I feel this even on their Smartphones. (I don’t need to list them)
    But still love Sony. True innovators.

  • fact

    only if i… had money

  • Veeren

    Hoping sony could start some exchange scheme so that xperia users can exchange their phones with some additional amount….

  • Tech Gospel

    I am annoyed however, that they didn’t make it compatible with the XU’s magnetic dock. Design oversights like this is why people no longer invest in accessories.

  • Omar B.

    i’m gonna buy this but i still don’t have money.. XD

  • Skeptic

    If I were some rich kid, I’d buy it as soon as it becomes available in my country. But, I just got my Z a couple of months ago, and I’m not rich. So maybe I’d get my next phone in a year or two, by then there would be a another flagship with monster specs, and the Z1 if still available would be considered mid-range and cost much less.

  • Zeke


    Only a Z1 mini or a sub 64mm wide Sony phone in the future.
    Z1 at 74mm wide and 170g is someone elses phone, not mine.

  • interpol

    Note III and Xperia Z1 is almost identical (if we talk about size), but..note have 5.7 inch screen, xperia z1 – 5 inch. To me it’s total misunderstanding..If i need phone that kind of size, i would looking for a bigger screen, that’s for sure..but it’s just my opinion..

  • Ashraf Nabil

    The phone is amazing. But price
    Another uncertain issue sound quality And loudness and call phone voice loudnss as it is water proof . I trieed accro s and wasnt satisfied and that is why i hate water pRoof. Hope sonny launcheS mini veersion and same vesion also withoout water proof

  • Saeed

    I m having a Xperia S ,But really love xperia z and z1 and unfortunately for just money i can t have one of those

  • SeVeMaS

    Dam, I have the Z, to late now :-(

  • spatch

    It’s a beautiful phone, but I question the twice-yearly flagship roll-outs. How well did the Xperia T sell last year compared to the Xperia S, even with it’s Bond tie ins? Sony needs to focus it’s efforts on one flagsphip, then announce few lower spec’d handsets throughout the year. HTC may be struggling but they still outsell Sony by a large margin, and they do it with one flagship per year. Any focus Sony might bring to bear on the Xperia Z in the US now has to go towards the Z1, and how long will it now take a US carrier to agree to sell the Z1 stateside? I live in Australia so I could care less about US carriers, but the tech world cares.

  • APai

    best device in the entire market. I’ll wait for price to drop.

  • guigui

    Even if the phone is a bit big, it is really beautiful and it feel quality.
    However it cost 700€… too expensive for me

  • Jaywalker

    At that price it better be flawless. But from previous Xperia bad experiences…we better wait …The design is almost perfect though. Let’s see the mini Z1.

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    I’ll wait the reviews!

  • Xyor

    North American variant of Z1’s white paper
    Even though the specification page of Z1 in the global site of SM states that all lte versions support LTE band 17, but actually, if the white paper is correct, still only supported by the 6906. The page is so misleading….I thought I could import from UK and have LTE for att…So have to wait for October then…

  • york burkof

    but I think huge bezels is bad enough to make many people to deny the phone. my friends even my sister, they said “it’s too tall” (especially with 5″ screen size)

  • JRK

    I’m dead set on this phone but I won’t get anything before Christmas. If the Itsuki is announced by then, I’ll go for the smaller handset.

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    I most likely will buy it but only after watching video reviews and video comparisons with other terminals Android ;)

  • Mac

    well, I thought the Z was 2 big when it came out and still think. I want 2 be able to use my phone with one hand! not everyone have giant hands.
    if we get a z1 mini like we thought we were yesterday then maybe I’m gonna upgrade from my acro s. oh btw, I’m very satisfied with my acro s now! just missing IR blaster, so Sony better be putting it in there z1 mini.
    but I think I’ll go for the Qx100

  • M.K

    It seems to be a really great phone….. BUT: My expirience with Flagship XPERIA S will turn me up from Sony. I’ve buy the new Nexus 7 and it is very good also the sharpnes from the display and all other technical specs. My next phone will be also a Nexus.

    1. cheap price for very good technical specs
    2. Updates are coming fast
    3. A big community with good custom roms.

  • Billy de Fretes

    all nexus price in indonesia around $550 or above. well for all 2013 xperia update better than 2012 update cycle.
    for custom roms, there’s a lot of good custom roms in xda

  • i’m gamern

    we just wwaiting and planing for


  • Billy de Fretes

    it only cost 649€ in germany

  • sonyguest

    I may buy it for replacing my xperia s, but only after it releases to see it for myself

  • Scranson

    Love the Z1, only thing holding me back is the contract on the Z (which I’m also very fond of) that’s not yet six months old.

  • It’s not much better than my xperia z, so i’ll skip this upgrade :)

  • shitsung

    I care much about the price.
    699€ for this ? no for me

  • pixlas

    Me! and the Qx100!

  • thumble

    I buy it is the best phone out there

  • surethom

    If they had released a mini version then 100% yes but with 5″ screen I’m not sure? There is now no choice for a flagship phone because all are 5″ or over.

  • mc

    I will wait for Z1 mini. It is said to have 4,3 inch display, same size as in my Xperia S which is comfortable to use with one hand. I hope Z1 mini will have small bezels.

  • fried_egg

    Been trying since it was announced. However it is not linked on the early upgrade system, so while I can upgrade I can’t do so to put my name on the pre-sales list!

  • Carljn

    Of course it would. Taking up more room is the definition of “bigger”. Remember, the sensor is now so large it has to be placed where there is no screen on the other side.

  • roeshak

    The phone is definitely the most technically advanced device on the market right now but the design leaves a lot to be desired especially those huge bezels. The bottom one is just ridiculous.
    If they placed capacitive buttons there it would have helped but the size is a definite turn off.
    I’ll be sticking with Z in the hope that they sort out this big phone stupidity by 2014

  • Duvel

    Only if a 4.6 ” version like the Xperia T comes.
    This is much to large for a Phone..

  • awy

    The only thing holding me back is the size… Compared to my Xperia S I’ts pretty huge

  • Sonyfan

    Being a Xperia Z user myself, I find no reason to upgrade to the Z1 because the changes are not that significant for me and I am quite happy being a Z owner and I intend to use it for a while. After reading some articles and watching some videos I see that many are complaining regarding the thicker bezel of the Z1, but for me thats not a deal breaker and over all I think its an incredible phone. If I didn’t have the Z, I bet I would have bought it. Guess I will be waiting for Sony’s next flagship phone. Cheers.

  • Thanh

    I have bought Xperia Z, Z Ultra, there is no reason that I don’t buy Honami, but I wait for the price going down.

  • Pedro Cunha

    After my bad exprience with Xperia Z, i pre order, wait for weeks and when finaly get hands on my… It sufered of SOD!! 6 hours on and… dead! No i m going to wait mybe till November to see all know bugs and wait for the first software upgrades…

  • samosa king

    This is my new phone. Period

  • Knightpt

    Love my XZ and i’ll only change it when the battery starts to get worse from usease in a year or so. That is, if nothing stupid happens like droping it and breaking it.

  • Carlo

    Wow. You’re too rich. Why not spend your money in an English School?

  • Carlo

    I believe you bro. You’re not boastful like someone out there.

  • Carlo

    I really want to have this phone, but I already ordered a Xperia Z. Z is now more cheaper than z1. I also want to have QX100 but I don’t have the money yet LOL.. I guess, I have to wait until Christmas. -_-

  • Darknight307

    2 years with my xperia S….now its time to move to a bigger screen, new software and better improvements.

  • Ali Aushev

    nooo ( sony disappointed =”((

  • X-Ray

    Sony says “something extraordinary is coming”

  • jass

    You just convinced me to hold onto my xperia tx for next year’s offerings from sony. Thanks!

  • Rob

    What makes you think it’s not compatible with Ultras dock?

  • Tech Gospel

    I hope it is, but it has a different model number for its dock on Sony’s site

  • ZL Lover(Now)

    This one is too high price for me.
    Will try to buy ZL this or at least next month.
    If Z1 price drop very fast,i swear i’ll get it.

  • Rob

    It’s the same when it comes to the wall chargers they bundle with the devices. the ones sold seperately are called EP881, bundled one is EP880, and they are exactly the same.

    Since the connector looks the same, and the Ultra’s dock is open at the sides (allowing for different sizes) I’m assuming they are compatible.

  • Tech Gospel

    Hope you’re right. Hope I’m wrong. A universal charging dock would seriously be more appealing to customers. It’s one of the first accessories I purchase with any gadget.

  • Carljn

    Maybe he is rich, or maybe he’s just a tech fan.
    You don’t know where he is from, if English is his second, third or even fourth language or how commonly English is spoken on TV in his country. Give him a break.

  • thanh

    Consider the quality of movie when takes with the nature of the lens. 1080p is still OK.

  • ahomad hosin

    just ordered mine, got it for £650 which includes the Z1, smartwatch 2 and a whole year contract with unlimited text, calls and 1GB internet per month on 4G plan. don’t order it from sony store, they sell it for £600 the phone alone which is too much

  • Cristi13

    Same with the note 3

  • Cristi13

    After what i had been through with xperia s, no thanks. Also why 2 flagships per year? Wait, they also have the z ultra, that makes 3 (okay 2 and 1 phablet). Money sucking (from your fans) too much, sony?

  • fried_egg

    Pre-ordered and deposit paid. Had choice of black or white… went for safe black

  • scott

    can anyone tell me if i pre-order through sony web site do they take the money straight away or only when it ships

  • alfino setya

    Replace my overheated SGS4 with my next phone Sony Xperia Z1 =)

  • ahomad hosin

    forgot to mention that I got £30 cashback which bring the cost down to £620 which is quite cheap overall package

  • Amir

    i’m not buying cause my current phone is still working, but z1 seems like a great smartphone overall. what i don’t like is that the screen with trilluminos still looks a bit dull and viewing angles still not the best, bezel is maybe a bit too thick but it’s not too bad, no IOS for camera, i would LOVE to have it larger then 5 inch, 5.X inch screen, at least 5.2 inch. all the rest seems great.

  • elmeu coreu

    i already own a “flagship” sony phone , XPERIA S ;

    and …. no thanks , no more flagships from Sony.

    ups sorry , battery is off …..
    i ll come back.

  • Amir

    the most disappointing thing to me is the screen quality. better then the z, but still not the best. i’m curious to see screen and camera comparison with other flagships.

  • Rob

    I bet white shows less fingerprints..

  • Assa7in King

    I’m BUYING IT !!!

  • gunboat_d

    still waiting for word on release dates in the US. i think i’d rather have the Ultra anyway…which also doesn’t have a release date!

  • Fabio Pasini

    – So who plans on buying the Xperia Z1?
    Well, I don’t. I’m one of those folks with a broken hearth due to the Xperia Play saga.
    In fact, as Sony is launching Zperia Z1, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they just put aside Xperia Z/ZL… just as they did with Xperia S, when Z came out.

  • InspectorGadget80

    ALl i want is a U.S. release date and then I’ll buy it please com on sony

  • USA when?

  • farge

    Dumbass. Ever heard of SD cards?

  • Coco

    I am buying! I looked at Note 3 and it looks like a highschool project with those stitches. We asked for premiuim feel they delivered hardened plastic that looks like leather? SRSLY? I find stitches design on smartphone very funny. My grandma has very similar design on her trousers, i don’t find it sleek and modern neither.

  • tausif khan
  • tk

    My xperia sp is only a month old, will keep it another year minimum.will maybe buy the cheaper lens attachment thingy.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Yes but yours will be locked, sim locked, bootloader locked.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Just curious, what is relatively cheap for you ? How much did you pay your 4k TV and which one is it ?

  • Sonycon

    Below average screen = no go……WTF SonyMobile

  • geostation

    bezels are holding me back from buying this :/

  • Fei Long


  • BrookG

    I am really happy with my Z at the moment, but if it stopped working today, I would replace it with a Z1.

  • ahomad hosin

    sim can be unlocked for 10-15 pounds while bootloader unlocking isn’t important for me I used to use it for overclocking but I won’t over-clock this beast. root is just about enough for me.

  • GregLu

    Jealous much ? Haters gonna hate !

  • So truee

    Xperia z1 has larger bezels than xperia Z!

  • Carlo

    Nope. I’m just not arrogant.

  • GregLu

    Saying the dude who criticize a guy about his english, thinking that english language rule the world and then, everybody can wrote it perfectly.

    Not being arrogant is just the opposite of your attitude btw. You can’t judge Thanh for having Z and Z Ultra (And also, nothing is mentionned about having both at the same time, so maybe he sell the Z and then bought the Z Ultra). Cheers from Belgium anyway and enjoy a real beer !

  • randomguy

    I met my wife at Sony Ericsson press conference when i was working for Sony Ericsson… Then after 9 months I got my own son. Please, Sony, I am tired of waiting for the best things in my life, just give me Z1 mini, and my life would be complete…

  • Carlo

    Yeah. cheers!

  • Markac

    No thanks. It’s a bit too big and too pricey for me, but a Sony Xperia Z1 Mini (Itsuki) could well be my cup of tea.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I care about the Non-oleophobic screens. :'(

  • Alex

    I’m surprised so many people left their opinions and many mentioned that Z1 doesn’t have a “must have feature”. To me such a feature is an improved display. I was waiting for Sony smartphones to get some better displays.
    All those Super LCD from HTC and OLED from Samsung screens were leaving me wanting some improvements in the Sony smartphone displays. And finally I hope here it comes, a Triluminos for mobile! I have high hopes on this technology!
    Plus all the latest chips inside, snapdragon 800, latest Wi-Fi-ac standard, big battery to last longer. It all sounds great to me!
    So what’s left now – is to wait unitl this beast comes to USA with the proper LTE bands.
    I have noticed that Sony UK listed LTE band IV support in the phone specs. T-Mobile seems to be running on that LTE frequency. At least that’s what listed on USA Sony Store web-site, on the page for LTE version of Xperia Z.
    So now I play game of wait and see what the price is going to be and whether it comes to USA any time soon.
    Other than all the above – I’m very interested in this phone :)! Just tired of the ol’ Android 2.3, with limitations on the internal disk storage space and 0.5 GB of RAM ;(…

  • Kirp

    I can’t constantly be upgrading my phone twice a year so I won’t be getting the Z1. I’m surprised they didn’t add the 4K recording feature. A lot of people complain about the size but I like large phones so I’m okay with it. Regardless, hoping for a more innovative, battery pumped, feature-packed 2014 Xperia line-up.

  • Ben Lim

    let’s wait and see how cheaper it gets. :)

  • TechGuyChris

    I’m wating for the US release day that’s whas holding me back…

  • mode893

    Definitely, yes!

  • Jace Galen

    Dumbass. Have you ever tried installing programs/applications on SD cards? Not everything can go on the SD card you know?


    Think before you speak. Oh wait, sorry, your head is one giant ass..

  • JG

    I’m going to choose between Z1 and Z Ultra LTE

  • Babylonbwoy

    Ok you know what you are doing, I said that because there was tons of user of XZ who didn’t know about bl and keep asking why they can’t flash CM with their contract phones…

  • Eva

    you’re spot on!

  • Wang L

    waiting for a mini

  • aldopucci

    I guess that this Z1 is a “in between” phone just like last years T and V… I have great feelings that at the CES we will have something that will absolutely have the OMFG Factor. Plus they will put out the Z1 mini …. Well at least I hope. SONY… the bezels!!!!

  • Rahul Radhakrishnan

    do you know why xperia z1 is not overclocked to 2.3ghz like Samsung note 3? Is that the reason why it doesn’t support 4k support(4k is not much needed though 2.2ghz puzzles me). I suspect if it is underclocked in gpu too..i got this doubt once i saw xiaomi specs sheet where they mentioned about the ghz on gpu and proc… can it be overclocked with help of firmware update? Just curious since I am looking to upgrade to sony xperia z1 and don’t want to have an underclocked device

  • P9

    dear beloved Sony, please listen your really big fans here, we do want u to make a Z1 mini with stereo speaker, same specs as Z1, walkman hardware engine, mix features from sp, solar,…or any xperia single feature, 4.3 inch screen, acceptable thin, glass or aluminium not a problem, no lack of any useful feature….

    and some more u could do the best, will become no.1 phone in the world. we still believe in u could make it happens. 2014 still no problem if its real. thank…love u Sony.

  • P9

    S, T, Z, Z1

    why S, Z?

  • ChrisC

    Price in China is ok to me (RMB4999), but my concern is the screen is far better then L36 but not as good as XL39. I’m still scratching my head!

  • Fabio Pasini

    Good point, P9.
    I jumped over T version because I’ve never seen any one here in Brazil… Carriers couldn’t see significant hardware differences between S an T and, as S had that different look, carriers thought S would sell better.

    As example, last year, a friend here went to many shops asking for a Sony smartphone with good camera, and T was never shown to him, they shown model S as “the guy” at that time.

  • Sunil

    I’m ready to buy it. Provided Sony takes back my Xperia Z.

  • Kbomba

    well i just bought my xperia z 6 months ago, and i won’t change my phone that fast, maybe the next xperia, z2 or something :D

  • Monty De

    My Xperia T is still young enough for another year. Perhaps the successor of the Z1. But I have to say: if my T will not get 4.3 or 4.4 in the near future it will be my last Sony. Then Nexus will be the next one.

  • Khalil Al Ghazal

    Have the Xperia Z.. probably I’ll wait for Xperia Z2!

  • seinh too..i can’t wait for that price!!

  • Peter

    I’m sticking with my XZ until both Z1 and iPhone 5S are out and tested. I like my XZ but it is a bit disappointing in terms of battery life and operating system. We’ll see about the next one in 1-2 months.

  • Majo

    Everyone’s complaining about the bezels, but nobody noticed 670mAh battery increase compared to XZ! (which is about half of battery of my XP, lol)

  • fubhknk

    Unfortunately sony could do much more,many people have smartphone these days,and looking for something unique and personal.
    What about the sensitive screen they gave to the z ultra,and why not screen edge to edge like Lg g2?
    Meantime the z 1 is not for me…i need a very shoking reason to leave my xperia s

  • beck

    i am

  • Ziich

    i like the z1 but i feel that it is too big to be a 5 inch phone. everything else about it is awesome . i has the triluminous display which i hope is great, a much larger battery which is also great a better camera(with ois) and faster, more efficient processor.even the hidden notification light is cool. i just wish it has smaller bezels( something closer to the zl)

  • Tris

    I just pre-ordered mine on EE 12 month contract £29.99 upfront, £51pm with 3GB data unlimited calls and text and a free Sony smart watch 2. They said it will arrive on the 20th

  • Tris
  • amt

    Only if there will be a Z1 MINI version, or whatever they would call a smaller version.

  • Adrian<3Sony

    maybe me wanna buy Z1, but i am must look my budget first…if that is not enough, im only want buy Z1 in february 2014 or march 2014

  • SonyFan

    Yes This!
    XPERIA PLAY 2 and runs Vita OS.

  • Morlock

    yes it can be overclocked with a different firmware update…. its up to sony… honest no difference between 2.2 ghz 2.3 ghz, maybe they just want to make sure the phone does not overheat this time… if you really want to overclock in the future, wait until sony releases the source code this kernel, and I’m someone in the open source community will be more than helpful to overclock this beast.

  • Morlock

    same here :D still very happy with Xperia S though but its time to move on…

  • Rahul Radhakrishnan

    I actually want it done by the Sony company itself…. I am not going to root my device… other than Meizu nobody is mentioning GHZ of GPU… if Note 3 can do it why it cannot… i love to have 4k recording and also love to have OIS in phone… I am a user of Nokia 808 pureview.. so you understand why I am looking forward for this beast… I understand it will not give details like a 1/1.2inch sensor and will be more post processed than my 808… but I defintely need a daily driver like sony xperia z1 alongside 808… my tow options are note 3 and sony xperia z1… i never lked the feel of sammy phones that is why i am interested in specs.. like it or not sammy definitely release the best spec beast and will do anything to showcase their phone as a beast on than any phone

  • excipio

    Z1 is looks like heavy and thickier than Z. I was expecting thinner model. 4.7″ size should be better.

  • excipio

    and I can say headphone jack on the bottom is good idea and useful.

  • John_gr

    Still waiting for Z1 mni over here

  • Ody M. Arapan

    Bought an Xperia Z already. Nice phone, much better than my Samsung Grand Duos…

  • Christian Dixon

    I live in the USA so I have to wait till Sony gets around to releasing it here. Such a fantastic phone, HURRY UP!!! :-)

  • Jackie

    Waiting for it to release on T-Mobile USA… I want it now though

  • azzido

    I am rather not interested in Z1 because of:

    1. there is no S-Master amplifier for Walkman and I was waiting for it sooo much. I hoped that we will get it with great headphones out of the box and that the headphones AT LAST will not be SPLIT!!!
    2. there is no 4k videos or at least 1080p 60fps.
    3. Triluminos display became only marketing – I saw the videos and opinions on websites, it is hardly to see any difference when comparing to Z (if there is any at all). I expect OLED displays nowadays, c’mon Sony, it is 2013 already…
    4. Bezels are way too huge. Not bothers me that much, but if there is so much space why not fill it with the screen?
    5. there is no good stereo speakers…
    6. Sony UI seems not changing almost at all, and personally I don’t like the stock wallpapers and colors used for it (too many grays etc.) It should be redesigned.
    7. there is no oleophobic, shatter proof screen.
    8. there is no Xenon flash.

  • Tarek

    bought it today waiting to receive within couple of days, I thin a nice upgrade from my existing Samsung S3

  • ESR

    You do know that you’ll be ditching your ‘complete life’ for a new phone 2 years down the road right? =/

  • luka3rd

    Too large…. They could at least shave some on width.

  • john smith

    Yo on Android 4.3 they give you the option to move apps to sd again FINNALY!

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