Minor Xperia E update released [11.3.A.2.23]

by XB on 7th September 2013

in Firmware, Xperia E

Xperia EA small firmware update has been released for the Sony Xperia E (C150X) in the form of build number 11.3.A.2.23. The previous build number was 11.3.A.2.13, so we’re looking at an incremental improvement, most likely bug fixes and performance enhancements. If you’ve downloaded it, let us know what changes you’ve noticed. You can find the Xperia E C1505 FTF available to download here.

Xperia E update

  • Cristi13
  • Guest

    Hah! I love the comments on that second link xD

  • Prajwal

    When will the update be released in bangalore

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  • Prajwal

    Hi I have up updated to the latest version there are some improvements like themes,cpu enhancements,etc I am feeling good after the update

  • vinoth

    how did you update, from the file posted here or through pc companion.

  • Prajwal

    You should first update your pc companion then check through pc companion

  • vinoth

    thank you prajwal, updated to latest firmware.

  • Ashwin

    How much time will it take to update the phone

  • Madhumanti

    can ny 1 plz tell me hw 2 do the latest update

  • Prajwal

    First you should update your pc companion then check for updates then u will get it

  • Ramesh Ayyappan

    I have updated to Build no 11.3.A.2.23. one deterioration is the Walkman in the latest ver does not support Surround Sound mode while the old ver was supporting it.
    memory manager in the latest ver seems to be better.

  • vinivesh

    i have window 8
    and am not able to update
    what should i do ?

  • Johnsm

    I’m wonder if sony xperia e will get an update for android 4.4. It is almost imposible. But google said that they will bring android 4.4 to older and low end devices by reducing the system requirments. So you never know.

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