Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver: Wireless audio streaming

by XB on 9th September 2013

in Accessories

Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver_2Sony introduced the Bluetooth Music Receiver BM10 at IFA last week as expected. The device can be seen as a companion device to the IM10 Miracast Wireless Display that we reported on yesterday. Instead of wireless video streaming, the BM10 excels at high-quality wireless audio streaming .

The Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver has two RCA outputs and a micro USB port to provide the power. It is designed to be connected to a stereo hi-fi system, from which a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device can stream music to.

Sony says the source of music can be within 100 metres of the sound system, although this is only for hardware that supports Bluetooth Class 1. The BM10 supports the aptX codec for CD-quality streaming, Bluetooth 3.0 and includes NFC for easy pairing with compatible devices. We’ll bring you news on pricing as soon as we have it.

Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver_1

Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver_2

Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver_3

  • rickiking

    My sound bar has no NFC, definitely having this… I suppose this is not going to be very expensive.

  • boosook

    It’s a Sony! ;)

  • Tobber

    It’s a shame they didn’t melt the miracast and bluetooth devices down into one device… Maybe added DLNA und you’re all set.
    But no, they have to market every device for itself and don’t even incorporate HDMI or optical output on it.

  • cedou97yon

    xperia z doesn’t support aptx shame

  • Killian Khoo
  • Bob dole

    “and don’t even incorporate HDMI or optical output on it.”

    Yeah, thats a shame.. It looked really appealing until I saw that.

  • lunkz

    yeah because it’s super useful to stream over bluetooth audio and put the sound over a optical out.

  • lovebmw

    the BM10 and the LM10 should have been one device that can do both

  • FullSurroundBaby

    Meh – My SONY home cinema system does this with both my Z and Z Tablet anyway….

  • tinpilot

    i need this!!

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  • Alexey

    no connect for: LG Optimus 4X HD ( P880)
    Такое устройство я лет десять назад мечтал иметь и искал его, ну как правило это были самодельные радиопередатчики с потерей качества звука, того что я хотел – не было, но вот оно появилось это- SONY BM10… хорошо , правда мои мысли и желания немного опережают прогресс, устройство хорошо работает с телефонами и смартфонами SONY, но вот неудача, не соединяется с моим телефоном LG 4X HD (P880) почему ? Конкуренция SONY и LG ( в вопросах поддержки своей продукции, а причём тут потребитель, получается что потребитель – РАСХОДНЫЙ МАТЕРИАЛ, в этой войне интересов корпораций за этого самого потребителя.)?

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