Xperia Z Ultra heading to Canada in October 2013

by XB on 9th September 2013

in Xperia Z Ultra

Xperia Z Ultra CanadaSony Canada has just confirmed that the Xperia Z Ultra will be heading to the region next month. No further details have been announced. We’ll bring carrier and pricing information as soon as we have it.

  • lovebmw

    That’s Unusually quick for that part of the world…. Progress we can actually Pin Point. need to do the same with USA please.

  • nfs2010

    Hell – yeah. I’m struggling hard to not get one off ebay. Bring this to the US ASAP, Sony!

  • nfs2010

    Dear XB, please keep us posted on Z1 availability as well – Seriously hoping at least one of these (Z1 & ZU) will be picked up by AT&T or be sold unlocked by Sony in the US:(

  • lovebmw

    This is Awsome, more american customers are actually waiting for the phone to be released in the U.S. they cared less 3 years ago… yay SONY is growing in demands hehe

  • TechGuyChris

    Lol sony needs to hurry up and get it her in the US or at least do a pre order. I’ve got money to blow On this phone but like all middle class people, won’t have it long
    Might get spent on clothes haha

  • riikotta

    Add another US Customer. Too bad Sony Mobile USA hasn’t even announced it.

  • Nuno

    I have mine preordered for about a month already, and they pushed back its release date till the end of september. I think the Z1 will b available first than the ZU. The European version C6833 is already available too bad we are always the last ones to get these sony phones.

  • SkinsPotatoes

    I’d rather get it unlocked, as long as that sucker runs off of AT&T’s 4G LTE then I’m good. Unlocked it much more expensive, but I really do like the faster Android updates, instead of waiting forever for the carriers to release it. My brother has a HTC One from AT&T, and has yet to receive 4.2.2.

  • nfs2010

    Well said – I’d take the unlocked version as well. The ‘extra’ price is totally worth it. From Sony’s perspective, carrier version would be better though as it’d certainly sell better. Ideal scenario would be ATT, Tmobile, and unlocked versions – everyone will win :)

  • nfs2010

    On the bright side, Sony’s us site at least listed ZU as ‘coming soon’ – fingers crossed :)

  • Assa7in King


    Man they are REALLY IMPRESSIVE….

  • riikotta

    I think the ZU will probably be available in the US this month.

  • SGean

    First look and lotsa sample photos via HardwareZone

    Damn.. dat sharpening…

  • SGean

    Check out this site for a preview and lots of sample pictures
    Damn. Dat Sharpening…

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  • Jmaxim

    Knowing Sony it will be coming soon for the next 6 months.

  • vivftp

    Excellent news Sony Canada. Please provide a release date for Xperia Z1! My x10a is falling apart and I need a replacement ASAP! Also please bring it to Rogers :)

  • FX

    count one here!! .. love the features and design of the phone

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