If you could add one missing feature to the Xperia Z1, what would it be?

by XB on 11th September 2013

in Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1The Xperia Z1 is Sony’s latest flagship smartphone and packs with it a whole host of new features, particularly on the imaging side. Sony gets a big tick when it comes to the design, battery, camera sensor, water resistance and utilisation of the latest chipset.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect phone and people always want more. The question we are posing today is if there was one feature that you could add to the Sony Xperia Z1 to make it close to perfect for you, what would it be?

Could it be imaging related, such as the inclusion of a xenon flash, optical image stabilisation (OIS) or 4K recording? Maybe you would want some more internal storage? HTC One has done well with dual speakers, would this be something you’d like to see? Or how about a dedicated audio chip for true WALKMAN quality?

Then there are features that are present on other Sony Xperia phones but absent here, such as an IR blaster, illumination bar or even stylus control? Or are you happy with the hardware and wish the phone was lighter or had smaller dimensions? Lastly, do you wish the phone had less bezel and a larger display in the same chassis? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • s-emo


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  • cs098

    removable battery.

    They did it with the xperia zr and v, so it should be possible.

  • Felix

    That would comprimise the design a lot. No glass back possible, added thickness and even more chance of water damage.

  • CLB

    A much smaller bezel like the ZL, with the screen(lamination) of the Z Ultra and an IR-blaster, IOS and a waterproof body without any little flaps please…

  • Gantrioch

    S-Master MX digital amplifier.

  • cs098

    I dunno the zr has the same water resistance rating as the z1, if a removable back would make it worse it should reflect in said rating

  • Felix

    Seeing the HTC One and Galaxy S4 (mini) having a TV remote ability via IR, it seems like Sony forgot that one. Not a killer feature, but the next flagship should definately have an IR blaster.

  • RatedR

    Nuclear Bomb proof

  • Felix

    In theory it shouldn’t matter, but you’ll always have users that forget to close some flap or cover. The less covers the better in this case IMO

  • Felipe Pimenta

    IR Control…

  • JunielLover

    Xenon, S-Master, 3.0 mini USB charger and maybe 4K(Not that we need it though… but it would be better if there is… It’s a plus thing) LOL should be one thing… ==” and maybe Smaller Bezels to please the trolls… :P

  • Julian

    It has OIS

  • Eman Philic

    im a xperia v user. it would definitely compromise with water resistance. when i dip my mobile into water then the camera placement leaks 3-5 drops of water to inside. everytime i have to open the back case and have to clean it.

  • Assa7in King

    U MEAN OIS Right ?

  • Eman Philic

    no. tv ability is already IN as nfc enabled technique . touch the nfc enabled remote and there goes ur mobile to operate remotely


    A plasma laser cannon that comes out from the camera like the ones in the press images.

  • the_black_dragon

    One Feature?
    Movable “Android” Folder to External SD Card… (Additional application data like Game Data or GPS Maps)

  • cs098

    But people who removes the back will always close it, it just makes sense else it would look ugly without the back. It would be something you can’t miss, not so for the flaps.

  • fiwatec

    come on Sony, it’s the time give us true walkman high resolution sound quality like newly announced walkman f886

  • knightpt

    Better viewing angles and smaller bezzels seem to be the most things i’ve read as less good on xz1 by far. Everything else is largely personnal preferences with a lot of diferent opinions.

  • lovebmw

    in store exchange if broken… STOP THE MAILING CRAP

  • goldenblls

    Everything seems to be an improvement on the Z but where is the boost in audio capabilities?

    The Walkman app is a dream to use on the Z but that is more UI enhancement. I’d like to see an included S-Master Chip. Other than that, a pop up Xenon.

  • Douglas Yapú

    Something like Apple’s Siri. More battery… Something software that makes difference between all android devices

  • Makiz

    IPS or OLED display…… the viewing angles are terrible again :(

  • meshala

    -removable battery (i think z1mini will come with this feature)

  • cs098

    like every Sony depends on where you get it, the ones from Asia have great viewing angles.

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    IR and smaller bezel.

  • cs098

    Maybe they improved it with the zr? Never heard problems with zr users that I know.

  • lovebmw


  • UrDad

    I would love to have either 32/64gb built in memory + sd or USB3

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    more battery? lol

    I used Siri and the Google Now. For me GN its much better.

  • Alexandru Florin

    really? i thought it only has HDR which is good too

  • Makiz

    I don’t think so, they released Z with Sharp and JDS screens, they both have horrible viewing angles, check XDA forums if you want.

  • SinaKing

    Everything Is Good on Xperia Z1 …
    But I Really Like Some Other Options ,

    Like Walkman Chip , IR Controler & A New UI … !

  • Haidar Alamir

    IR blaster, and xenon flash

  • Makiz
  • Ali Alkhazal


  • Douglas Yapú

    Google Now its not avaible for all the countries, well this is what i’d like… You can choose whatever you like

  • UrDad

    You are talking about a phone you have never seen IRL, come on get real brah.

    And looking at the videos the viewing angles seem to have improved if you compare it to the Z, but then again viewing are not that important.

  • Makiz

    I don’t complain I love my Z but I can’t stand those Samsung and Apple b!tches next to me say “your screen looks horrible and washed out” !!

  • I never use it on the Tablet Z to be honest, nor did I ever use it on the GS4 or HTC One after finishing my reviews. I still prefer to use a standard remote, but perhaps that’s just me.

  • cs098

    the z has a third variant, made by sony. JDI variant is for displaying in store, the sharp variant is for eu and NA. And the in house variant is for some laces in asia. The inhouse variant has the best viewing angles followed by sharp and JDC.

  • Julian

    Well it has SteadyShot. Seems to be different from OIS, but for me does the same thing. You can really feel it working when you make pictures or videos.
    Check out my pics from the IAA in FFM: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1424816741077387.1073741828.100006472255276&type=1&l=e198ac2545

    Some of them are not that good, but it’s the same with any other “normal” cam. Others then again really shine! I didn’t delete the bad ones yet, will do that soon.

  • Makiz

    JDC and Sharp… sorry no others
    JDC is 10% owned by Sony they do not make their own panels

  • lovebmw

    Thats not bad with the flurecent lights around, also its not a good way of testing… not a good link, also the experts are loving the angles http://www.phonearena.com/news/Sony-Xperia-Z1-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-First-look_id47047, also GSMARENA said the angles are impressive…. dont conclude something out of a stupid video… it could be set on dark or something! and don’t make statements until you are sure! what ever angle this phone is doing, it is more than 85% better than the Z, i just can’t find that article that discussed that!

  • Makiz

    Time will tell then…. release date is very close ;)

  • Michael Hofmann

    New Display:5″ 1080p OLED Floating Touch Whitemagic Triluminous Display with Stylus/pencil input and XReality PRO for Mobile opitimization.

  • ze_raketes

    A lot of things! Sony could have been brilliant with Z1 but somehow very soft in the upgrade!

    It has great camera module (lens + sensor) but it does not take advantage of it in terms of video!

    True IPS display, S-Master Audio, IR Blaster, OIS, 1080p@60fps and 720p@120fps, possibly 4k (mostly for the spec wise), USB 3.0, Android 4.3…and if we are seeking the sky, 3-4GB of Ram!

    Basically it’s almost every feature that Note 3 or LG G2 has…

    I think they spent a lot of time and focus on the camera module and forgot the rest! Specially the software side…

    I thinks 4K and other video modes are software deficiencies but the reality is that they aren’t there!

  • lovebmw

    even your own link says the viewing angle in a broken accent is slightly better! and the word terriblecomes from your negative imagination. positive up man read reviews of pros http://www.phonearena.com/image.php?m=Articles.Images&f=name&id=94595&kw=&popup=1 thats a SUPER OLED crap, and why does it look like the z1 seems a tad better?

  • xperia

    xenon flash

  • CDMA

  • devoncatt

    More internal memory – 32 or 64 GB not 16 GB so there is plenty of space to install apps. As well as sd cards. Slightly larger ( 5.5″) as well?

  • cs098

    No wait I remember 2 jdc panels, one which was specifically for in store displays, and was not sold commercially.

    I dunno, alot of people say the JDC panel was good in viewing angles, plus firmware updates improved the screen and reduced colour shifting.

  • XperiaFan

    just one feature : Optical Image Stabilisation !!!
    the XZ1 have a good APN but no OIS. why Oo ?!!!!
    look the photo of LG G2

  • Sami Mrabet

    Smaller Dimensions, full metal Body,

  • phanny

    1) Removable Battery
    2) Lesser Weight pls fro 170 to 150 gms atleast ?
    3) IR Blaster ?

  • Farai Chiwandire

    Way thinner bezels.

  • yuskhayru

    I just let the water dry itself. not a problem for me.


    thinner bezels all around like the z or z ultra
    xenon flash
    amoled screen with triliminos
    discreet looking frontfacing stereo speakers
    4.7 inch
    brushed aluminum back as black as it can get that you can’t scratch
    no shatterproof film pre applied just plain strong glass
    able to dock the phone inside a tablet z like dock like padfone
    black aluminum frame like z1 just slightly thinner
    bundling with smartwatch 2 which (with a oled screen aswell)

    i would pay high price for all of this

    i know it’s not one feature but it’s what i want

  • Jack Lim

    HD audio microphone

  • Mohsmmad javad

    better rom with usefull apps like samsung and usb 3 like note 3

  • Dacha

    At least 32GB ROM

  • Nuno

    The phone looks very good, i own an Zperia Z and its an excellent phone, good quality build and good performance. Now the Z1 with a better processor and a metal frame can only get better. I also preordered the Z Ultra same powerful processor and a huge screen in full HD. Cant wait to have it.

  • osamaH Al-Amri


    You made my day XD

  • Jason
  • Shawn Smith

    How often do you change your aim and microsd that the so annoying?

  • ZzZz

    Looking forward to Sony’s own OS!

  • cleverthansony

    there is 4 missing specs…
    S-Master MX digital amplifier
    double led flash

    ois with 60fps recording
    thinner bezel

  • hans

    A Z1 mini.

  • Raymond

    Xperia Z1 for me is a great device that beat some competition ,but i want to see a S master amplifier chip on its walkman,OLED screen on display ,reduce the bezel a little bit,and there you have the beast of android…and RED color please….

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    really? Didnt know that. I thought that all the phone with 4.1 would have GN.

  • Brad Williams

    smaller bezel. Bahhahahaa. :D

  • Brad Williams

    You’re in the wrong place for IOS buddy. :)

  • Denislav Popov

    4) bigger notification light just like in Xperia SP

  • Martynior

    MULTI WINDOW!!!! :)

  • Brad Williams

    MicroSD is backwards compatible. I’m still using my microSD from my X10 in my Z. Just can’t use it for HD video, etc. I finally bought a SDHC class 10 today. It’s just a fact that technology demands more from our storage.

  • FC

    A dual sim would be perfect!

  • K850

    1-Oled display
    2- audio chip
    3- xenon flash

    = perfect

  • Ellipsis

    Take is as a privacy feature… I’d rather narrower viewing angles so when I’m in public sitting next to someone on public transport, I don’t want them reading my text messages as I type them, or whatever else.

  • Geoffrey BJ

    xenon flash, optical image stabilisation (OIS) AND illumination bar with that i’m happy

  • whatsthis

    Slow-mo video, if an icrap can do it, Sony can do it better, I’m ok with 1080p video if Sony increase the fps

  • Brad Williams

    I have been saying for awhile these phones can do everything bar give me a BJ. I think it is time for that now. 3:)

  • Billy Piette

    wireless charging, hover touch capabilities and front facing speakers or thinner bezels pick one

  • DoDaDum

    S-Master!!!!!!!!! The only thing missing in the Z1!!!

  • ifuckedyourmom

    Built in chic magnet!!

  • David Jay

    The fact the it isn’t the next Nexus is the only thing that is missing. Or maybe a Google edition so that users can get timely updates. It’s launched with 4.2.2 FFS

  • EP

    Smaller size!!! Wireless charging!

  • Junajted

    That is software feature, OIS is hardware ;)

  • Karl Soong


  • time travel

  • maniac

    Slim bezels wit more screen space n styulus support

  • Aaron Alexander Choy

    I just want it in electrik green!!!!!!!!

  • johnylim

    Sometimes you will make a mistake to notput backcover perfectly, especially waterproofed phone, it have more lock, missed one and your phone die

  • jumbo3220

    AMOLED screens cant get triluminos…Triluminos is a RGB back light technology which the light filter through quantom dots…in OLED panels pixels light up by them selves…Triluminos is kind of a IPS screen

  • Vincentius Phang

    a feature to end the world hunger

  • hans

    I think the steady shot plus large megapixel count is good enough to compensate the shake. Just oversample the video and reduce it. Apple was known to create the best algorithm for video recording stabilization software so why can’t Sony?

  • Gaz Almonte

    Everything is personal opinion.

  • cs098

    True but that is if you open it often, but once a day extend battery life is fine. Besides The same can be said with the flaps the z1 already has.

  • Morlock

    1. S-Master chip
    2. Xenon flash

  • p

    Sony I know you’re reading this. As an avid sony dslt and nex user, make the next flagship 4k with high bitrate codec. Along with optical image stabilisation. 40mp plus camera.

    Good battery too. That’s it. Perfect phone. Bezels thinner too :D

  • Billy de Fretes

    jarvis.. not like jarvis apps but real jarvis so i can control everything :)

  • anonymous

    Probably more internal memory (32GB, 64GB) and better audio chip.
    Xenon flash sounds nice, but it kills the battery real fast.
    Might as well put better camera sensor.

  • anonymous

    Probably more internal memory (32GB, 64GB) and better audio chip.
    Xenon flash sounds nice, but it kills the battery real fast.
    Might as well put better camera sensor.

  • eu

    Radiation detector, to scary my friends..

  • eu

    Radiation detector, to scary my friends..

  • Sonne

    US release date…asap!

  • Scott

    Detatchable 1 hitter?

  • Xadiq

    S-master audio, for me, as I use my phone almost exclusively for listening to music on the go (other than talking and texting of course!).

  • Gaz Almonte

    I would like an IR blaster
    S-master audio.
    Slow motion feature for videos.
    A higher capacity Internal Storage
    Google wallet
    Front facing speakers
    Proper wireless charging
    A slightly slimmer bezel is certainly welcomed as well.
    Also call it the xperia ZX and make it out of carbon fiber.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I just want an Oleophobic screen glass. :(

  • rgtrab

    Sarin Gas proof

  • mnevil

    I think id rather wait for next years flagship.

  • aus

    Dual sim & ir blaster

  • ^^^^
    Japan only feature

  • Akshay Ballal

    A Samsung like physical home button below the screen…
    I have Xperia Z… It is difficult to turn on the screen with one hand when the phone is on the table…. Not a big feature to have but yes it’s convenience…

  • Ammoxwstos

    Excellent device!! The camera is unbelievable!! However, I hope the flash will be strong enough unlike my Xperia S which has also a great camera but it doesn’t perform well in low light photos just because of the weak flash!! Really annoying!!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Or gIve us Oleophobic screen glass first.

  • tonkotsu

    better audio

    slow motion video recording

  • Normal screen and camera?

  • Tajhric fox

    IR blaster would have made Me buy the z1 despite its size but seeing as it doesn’t I won’t get rid of my zl for it love the universal remote features of the zl

  • Quark Gluon

    Not enough when you deal with still photo.

  • tositem

    Bigger internal memory

  • Gitarooman

    this, definitely this.

  • adecvat

    OIS and 60 fps.

  • jangaleon

    xenon flash, or if not dual led flash.

  • Trafalgar

    a toothbrush

  • logan

    USB 4.0 for faster charging
    IR blaster
    S-master audio.
    Slow motion feature for videos.
    A higher capacity Internal Storage
    Proper wireless charging
    bigger notification light like zr

  • zdh

    If they do that, the chance of your games/apps starting to lag, is high.

  • zdh

    you don’t need to open any flap if you use the dock to charge

  • cs098

    in which you have to pay extra for an already expensive device.

  • tomzemo

    free 64GB UHS-1 microSD card

  • fact

    cheap or getting it free for older devices :P

  • JG

    Common man, is that the only thing missing on your phone to make it great?

  • John

    Simple. For Sony executives to read this and see what the public wants and implement them. The Z1 is suppose to be the best of Sony , yet it is lacking features that such as an IR, removable battery, pencil/stylus input that are already on other Xperia devices. Give us a REAL flagship model at is TRULY the best of Sony!

  • Hendry Sbastian

    Agree, all i need is S-Master!

  • Andrew Tan

    4K Video Record

  • pabloarg

    OIS and 60 fps video recording (for smooth movement).

  • Raiden

    Definitely S-Master Audio chipset !

    Missing Walkman features :(

  • HardyHarHar

    IR Remote… Or if dimensions could be a feature then make it a little bit one hand friendly :)

  • HardyHarHar

    Or maybe make it like a PC… In which we would be able to swap out/upgrade internal parts without hassle.

  • sony is the best

    Oled display (great viewing angles and perfect blacks, the exact oposite of actual sony displays)
    OIS (steady shot seems to be a software feature on z1)
    SMaster amp
    xenon flash
    better camera sensor. seriously i would kill to get a sony phone with an 1/1.2 or 1/1.6 sensor like nokia 808 but with 13Mp. not 20.7 marketing gimmick. 1` sensor would be perfec but probably impossible to fit into a phone that thin lol, but a man can dream.

    i personaly prefer biger bezels that allow bigger batery and waterproof capabilities rather than smaller bezels

    2014 xperia z2 could have these features. it would be the perfect phone. please sony make it happen

  • Zdenda Delfín?

    reduce the size of mobile phone on all sides and reduce the black edges

  • arex

    Xenon flash

  • jr

    front and back Oleophobic screen protector, bigger battery capacity and better audio quality and/or S-Master.

  • dreamtuner


  • arash

    new UI made by sony that can be compared by HTC UI the current one is annoying and boring this is what sony must seek on their future phone specially Z1

  • calu lu fat frumos

    Here we go:

    smaller dimensions (4.3-4.5″ max would be enough)
    image stabilisation improved that actually works (all models have it but useless)
    some illumination feature…bar is too much battery eater, maybe some LED like Miro has
    less bezel
    matt plastic on the back, more grippy like Xperia U and others
    slow motion feature for video rec
    silver color (like Xperia S)
    Bravia engine is useless feature…let that to the tv.
    4k feature is useless…again let that to the tv

  • Amir

    bigger screen, dedicated audio chip, the new slimmer xenon chip, camera OIS, 2 speakers.

  • Hiroshi

    I want it so bad, but i never use the phone’s camera, i want the same phone without the camera, i already have SLT-A99V for photos. And the 4.4 kitkat.

  • Amir

    more internal storage, at least 64 bg

  • chuah1997

    Finger Print Sensor will be better to beat Samsung and Apple~

  • Red

    DAB+ Radio!

  • Jin

    Responsive screen that’s compatible with a pencil or stylus.

  • Mythusme

    On the hardware side, Better Sound Chip and Speaker (even china phones the sound is louder and clearer).
    On the software side, Direct Video Calls without using third party apps (only thing I miss on my old 3G phone).

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I’d like to have 4K cause it has a nice camera, but we’ll be seeing 4K on future phones.

  • Cli

    Spot on! Hope Sony will see your comment.

    But i think Sony needs more “innovative features” Basically on the software side, Sony gotta focus on S/W more than this, I mean something that smart and cool like Sony’s Floating touch, Moto X’s Touchless control and Samsung’s Air gestures, etc.

  • RealSonyFanboy

    Sony should put camera and sensors behind Xperia Z1’s display, Like this http://www.xperiablog.net/2012/03/22/sony-mobile-files-patent-for-a-sensor-equipped-display/

  • spatch

    Wireless charging. This work wonderfully on the Nokia Lumia phones and would be most welcome on Xperia handsets.

  • Anukul

    smaller bezels, “The best” display is missing, rest all is nice

  • thumble

    The only thing i miss is 4k videorecording other then that the xperia z1 is moore then good enough for me

  • Anukul

    optical image stabilization could have been bad azz

  • Braya

    Super AMOLED display :’)

  • Mint

    Capacitive buttons.

  • wat

    Apple proof

  • kunal sehgal

    Finger print scanner …

  • Bob dole

    Fail.. No.1 reason I choose Sony’s over some other brand..

  • Bob dole

    Fail.. No.2 reason I choose Sony’s over some other brand..

  • faisal

    I would remove the below space of phone it’s something extra

  • Rob

    Totally agree. Especially nice when the phone is waterproof and has seals over the ports.

  • faisal

    I would remove the below space of phone its something extra

  • Rob

    And it would be the last phone they ever made..

  • Amit

    I have to say this Sony…. I don’t use Walkman player on my Z Ultra to play music. I own Sony X Headphones and Sony Walkman player doesn’t do justice to the output which X headphones can deliver.

    I use Power Amp music player available on Google play which is the best player I’d ever seen with 10 levels of equaliser settings and treble and bass control…. It also has ‘x stereo mode’ which adds another dimension to the music…. Power Amp player really do justice to my Sony X Headphones.

    This type of player is what we are looking for. I was expecting Sony to incorporate ‘s-master’ chip in xperia Z1 which probably could delivers same sound output or better than Power Amp music player available on Google Play.

  • roeshak

    Design tick??? What with the biggest 5 inch device on the market?? You’re having a laugh Xperia blog.
    The design of this phone needs definite refinement. The display too isn’t the same quality as on the ultra.
    For me, the design needs re-thinking.
    The bezels are laughably huge!!!

  • Guest

    I want a new UI too, current Sony UI looks very cheap. Redesign the UI please!

  • gregosor78

    Xperia Z1 Mini ? DAC for better sound ? Choice for more internal memory (32, 64Go ?) and the Z Ultra Screen to use it with everything (gloves, stylus, brush, even my nose…)
    And a real scratch-proof screen or at least oleophobic….

  • Baffy.

    OIS, if G2 has it why can’t the Z1?

  • Mike

    I would like to see something like this:

    Micro USB 3.0
    IR Blaster (Xperia ZL)
    Floating Touch (Xperia Sola)
    Any Pencil/Pen to Write (Xperia Z Ultra)
    *Virtual Keyboard Projector
    *Touch ID (iPhone 5S)
    Illumination Bar (Xperia SP) Special Color for Every Notification

    Turbo Boost Processor
    *128GB SSD with RAID-0
    3-4GB RAM

    Same Size with Larger Display and Thinner Bezels
    IGZO Display
    True IPS Display
    X-Reality Pro for Mobile (Hardware)
    BRAVIA Engine 3 Mobile (Hardware)
    *WhiteMagic Display
    *Pixel Eyes Display
    *4K Display
    *3D Display

    S-Master MX Digital Amplifier
    Liquid Magnetic Mobile Speakers
    *Boom Sound (HTC One)

    *4K Recording
    *3D Recording
    *PureView (Nokia)
    *Ultrapixel (HTC One)
    Zoe (HTC One)
    CamScanner App (VAIO)
    Gesture Control

    PlayStation Games
    PlayStation Trophies
    PlayStation Vita Cross-Play
    PlayStation Controller Buttons
    Something Similar to Xbox SmartGlass

    ANDROID 4.3
    Small Notification Icons in Home Screen (BlackBerry 7)
    BlackBerry Messenger
    Security Built-In Software (Samsung’s Knox)
    Tile (Windows Phone 8) One Page Vertically Moving
    BlinkFeed (HTC One) One Page Vertically Moving
    Multi-Task (Galaxy S4)
    Multi-Windows (Galaxy S4)
    Touchless Control (Moto X)
    *Sense of Dimension (iOS 7)

    (*) Meaning not necessarily

  • Yee Keong

    What about Identity Confirmation by tracking their voice
    ???but that’s gonna cost alot….

  • Jay Dayrit

    floating touch! sony started it, now samsung has it

  • LosT

    IPS display, S-Master Audio

  • the_black_dragon

    At least i can INSTALL some Games even if they would lag. And My SD Card and most others too are reading 20MB/s and more (25MB/s with my SanDisc 64GB Class10) so it is just slightly slower than internal Memory…
    and why should games lag? If you Play a game it will mostly load the whole Level into Memory or at least a big part of it. Racing games for example just Need about 1 or 2MB/s to “stream” the track… you can measure that with “System Monitor” in realtime even during a game.
    So there is enough performance

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Smaller size (not larger than Xperia P/iPhone 5). Maybe in the future Mini-versjon?

    Wireless charging must be implemented in all Sony waterproof equipment. (Phone, pad and watch)

  • Pora


  • Aspire5550

    I’d prefer 120fps over 4k anytime since i don’t really have a 4k tv or 4k screen yet.

  • Ling Pin

    Not being a troll or what but… multiwindow……

  • tons

    some ppl sometimes trolling about this, I want 456465465456456465 mah Battery

  • Ysser AL_Kabbani

    1-audio chip for true WALKMAN quality (S-Master MX digital amplifir)
    2-smaller dimensions
    3- less bezel and a larger display in the same chassis

  • Richard Paul Francisco

    S mASTER AMP-ois-xenon flash-wirelesscharging :)

  • doraemonboi

    1. Thinner Bezels. Something like the G2, but make it sexier.
    2. 4K @30fps 1080 @60fps
    3. 4K screen if possible or slightly higher than 1080p
    4. S-Master
    5. Screen with good viewing angles (Saturation is ok for Z1)
    6. Even Bigger Battery
    7. OIS for camera.
    8. Come in more color.

  • xperia

    OIS nd less bezel

  • surethom

    Thinner bezels & xenon flash

  • ryq24

    The size is too big. Would have been better if it is a little smaller but with the same 5″ screen.

  • qwer

    Xenon Flash
    no doubt

  • Ivan Prskalo

    Me too.

  • Tom866mot

    Dual speaker, ir blaster, dual shot from Ss and Lg

  • mimi

    1. thinner bezel 2. thinner phone {noticeably thinner than Z} 3. internal memory choice of 32g, 64g and 128g 4. improved battery life 5. slightly wider screen as such, like 5.2

    Otherwise good effort, apple and samsung will have their year end launches deflated somewhat no doubt.

  • s-emo

    Docks are cheap now, I don’t open any of the flaps on my XV anymore

  • cs098

    Well I just hope the z1 can use the z’s dock.

  • s-emo

    I have the same phone, no need to open the back even after taking underwater pics in the sea. Just have to rinse under the tap later.

  • s-emo

    Hopefully, I use a Z dock for my V

  • ruined by software

    OPTIONAL image (over)processing.

  • shinigamis

    problème de surchauffe sur le précédent xperia z j’espère que ca ne sera plus le cas sur ce dernier

  • xperialover

    well, unlimited supply of kit-kat would be awesome! at least 2 one for mobile and one for me

  • ayub407

    Dual Flash could have been better.

  • P9

    well, just add WALKMAN chips, a WALKMAN bottom (like on lww), thinner, smaller bazel, 2 speakers, cheaper, remove on screen bottom & add it on transparency bar + mix light such on XP, aluminum or glass should be choice, break/fall proof (stronger), feature from solar, & some software improvement…..

    THEN BEST!!!! xD love Sony, stilltthink u could success it. people of the world want this.

  • xperialover

    android kit-kat for xperia! and, nestle kitkat for me !!

  • Sadab Khan

    Walkman chip n Atleast 32 gb of inbuilt storage n ir blaster n way smaller bazel

  • QZT

    A smaller size 4.5 with 4K video recording along with a dedicated audio chip for WALKMAN , for me it would be perfect but at the end it differs from a person to another.

  • xperialover

    well you missing i7-4930MX in side

  • Mint

    Good for you.

  • AMG38

    Full aluminium unibody for more premium feeling and looking. Thinner bezels, nearly edgeless Display (if it’s possible). Of course, S-Master amplifier, no slotlike dockconnector, just clear frame (like Xperia Z) and much, very much louder earspeakers.

  • joker

    and the price tag 2500$

  • lolsomany

    look like u guys didn’t read previous news on this blog about triluminous display developed by JDI is actually based on IPS LCD with DOT MATRIX RGB

  • faddie

    Air gestures

  • Edmundo Alcívar

    Guys I think bezels r ok, If u haven´t notice u can hold your phone without a risk of falling and to press the screen accidentaly, if u had another phone like samsung or lg u can see the difference of holding Z or Z1. So for me bezels r great. Besides Ominbalance is the best design for me, and well polished

    What I would like to see is the chip for music, I don´t want Amoled since it tends to show oversatured colours and not real too. I would like another thing less washable.

    120fps, that would be great.

    And the main thing I would like to see is display using all the space it has, it looks to me a little bad.

    Sorry for my english is not my native language =P

  • boško ,xperia z

    Something like s-pen, fingerprints options, xsenon flas, and hologram display

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sapphire Crystals on front and back

  • kunal sehgal

    Fingerprint scanner

  • Me

    spec comp

  • Rene Pedroso

    Illumination similar to the TX and Bravia

  • babo

    Yo! i7 processor needs fan !!

  • AMG38

    hope that was irony ^^

  • Craig Donaldson

    A larger screen or an IR blaster

  • 3rdflyleaf


  • Bennie

    Please 120fps recording at 720p and perhaps 1080p :-)

  • iim7

    Don’tmake the PPI under 441.

    Ok, add features:
    Xenon flash IF it doesn’t affect thickness
    Buttons on bezels, not screen please! I want more space on the screen :)

  • Battal Aljadei

    1: Walkman chip, S-Master
    2: Definable resolution AND PPI (To save more juice)
    3: Xenon flash
    4: Optical image stabilization
    5: 60 fps for video recording
    6: More Colors Beside the White&Black ( Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Silver, Orange etc )

  • Brad Williams

    Oh no it’s another bezel monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run Run guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  • Brad Williams

    Could you possibly even use 4K if it were on the phone???? :D :D

  • xili

    Compact body like ZL,
    No flap cap, water proof isn’t important to me,
    Removable battery,
    Super long lasting battery performance, achieved via smth like solar panel or smth cool

  • Ziich

    Smaller bezels, ois, 32 and 64gb options for internal storage. A truely stunning display , 120fps,1080p @60fps, dual stereo speakers with s-master Chip, support for usb3.0, battery optimisation to last 24 hrs, wireless charging quick charge option

  • oyhens

    Improve everything! Even though the phone may be one of the best competitor, Sony can’t win the battle this year..
    I hope Sony learn from their competitor that they will improve everything in a phone and not just focus on one particular part.
    Come On Sony! Bring more to the floor and i am sure many will support!

  • bandini75

    I don’t know…
    Maybe Ultra High Quality Audio (192KHz, 24 bit) support? Or 32GB of internal storage? Or maybe a removable battery? Or fast USB 3.0? Or could it be 4K Video Capture? Or even Android 4.3? Probably 3GB of RAM?

    Oh yes, the Note 3 has all the above features….
    Sony, I really love you, but you still have some efforts to make.

  • mode893

    S-master sound chip. Why was it not included in the final product?

  • aldopucci

    120fps, glowing sony logo when getting notifications, Less bezels!!!

  • mode893

    You can’t get a thinner bezel with such huge camera sensor, it’s a bloody miracle to have a device that thin with a 20mp sensor. If you put a little research in your comments you wouldn’t have sounded so stupid and unappreciative

  • Ashraf Nabil

    i wish the following features wwalkman souund quality, mini version, without water proof bcz it causes degradation in sound quality

  • Mac

    okay it’s a good device it sure is but we wanted the Walkman s-master chip, thinner than the Z and I don’t want no glass back I want metal. but the biggest thing missing for me is IR blaster. My next phone must have that!
    really hope the z1 mini gonna cary that even if I kno it’s not :-(. otherwise I’ll have 2 wait until Sony releases another one having it or else I will have to go for another brand ..

  • karthick.s

    first i wanna tell u tat am a mad lover of sony. i was xpected that,u said all the above specs.the main thing was an s-master hx amplifier with dsee with dual stereo speakers bcos u r the leaders in sound department but y some companies like htc would dominated u by adding those two stereo speakers with amplifiers and the second thing was the optical steady shot with xenon flash and the third thing was the bezels are too big and heavy toooooo and the fourth thing was IR blaster and may b an f 1.8 with 1/2″ or 1/1.8″ sensor size with 16 mega pixels is more than enough and to fix the front facing camera in 88 degree wide angle lens and lastly please improve some softwares on all the features

  • karthick.s

    the future sony xperia should b the real one sony,but at present sony z1 is not a one sony. the 2014 flagship should have true walkman xperience like the sony f880 and even boosts up the display tech some thing like an OLED panel with full hd triluminous and x-reality display tech and the size of the display is 4.5″ is more than enough and perfect size. also display is bigger in the same chassis lastly improve the hardware to the camera something like optical steady shot. please do the true one sonyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • josesl16


  • Peter

    * Dual speaker:
    * wireless charging;
    * OIS;
    * USB-3;
    * 4K video;
    * thinner bezel;
    * IGZO Triluminuous Display;
    * 3-4 gb or Ram;
    * 32-64Gb of internal storage;
    * Silicon-anode Li-Ion battery;
    * sapphire crystal instead of glass.

    Will see what Z2 will come up with.

  • Peter

    Who needs this thing? Have no memory to remember few digits? Then you don’t need a phone at all.

  • SPS

    Not having stylus input like the Ultra is such a shame… I’m still getting this thing but it’s definitely a feature that I’ll sorely miss.

  • naos

    Smaller bezels, but even then it’s too large for me, I want a phone I can operate with one hand. Unfortunately I have to buy one now so I will miss Z1 mini :/ I hoped Sony will release both at almost the same time, but it doesn’t happen.

  • naos

    4k screen would be overkill, it is absolutely unnecessary, would just kill performance and nothing else.

  • Karri

    the dual-speakers. I WAS PROMISED DUAL SPEAKERS WITH AN S-MASTER!…well, I wasn’t promised, but still.
    Guess I’ll continue using SO-03E for playing out loud and F806 for personal in ears….

    That said smaller bezels would be a better overall selling point. Oleophobic screen and OIS are my remaining wants.

  • Eman Philic

    so not even one drop will enter into ur back case or even it is entered it will be okay ?

  • s-emo

    The back under the door is divided in two separate regions, the one with the battery never gets wet whereas for the other it is not important if it gets some drops.

  • aert

    A: OIS
    B: a US release date

  • Jmaxim

    3D Camera.

  • Sid

    Sonys own os that can play ps games. It will be definitely faster than android for sure

  • ashouhdy

    Xenon and Manual Shutter speed.

  • TRJS

    Actually 4k makes much more sense on a camera/smartphone than on a
    TV: At the moment there is almost no 4k-content, *but* whatever you
    record in 4k-resolution today will still look good on the 4k-display
    you’ll buy in 2 or 3 years!

    But if today you use your 1040p or even only 720p-capable smartphone
    instead for filming your holidays, birthday parties or even
    once-in-a-lifetime experiences, then in the future you will regret that
    you haven’t had a 4k-camera back when you recorded it … So 4k in the
    Z1 would have been a very useful feature imho.

  • Drizzle

    I’d like a smaller body with the same display. That alone would rule out any other smartphone I’d think about buying. The Xperia Z to date is still one of the sexiest devices out. If it were slimmer, and had LESS of dem big ‘ol bezels, the Z1 would be perfect.

  • Somesh Yadav

    I would like to have a phone above 5.5inch,
    Really liked the specs for the 6inch Xperia ZX (it might b a concept phone yet but wil b waiting for it!

    The Sound Quality on the New Sony phone has reduced compared to volume n quality sony had for its old phones when it was sony ericsson.

    I know the sound limit is assigned on ur is due to damage to the ears but that is an individuals choise!

  • mode893

    And Xenon flash. It can’t be a serious imaging device without this option.

  • neorackle

    Wireless charging! No need to flip open the usb port anymore! Some more can charge the phone under water! Lulz..

  • Xarrim

    Complete shockproof with a 100% assurance that the phone will not break, the screen will not crack and the chips inside will not malfunction when dropped at a hand level or when thrown against the wall (happens when children accidentally plays with the phone) or even when dropped from the top floor of a 10storey building ;)

  • Freepat 75014

    4K Video @ 30fps mini, 3D 1080p video, 2D 1080p video @ 60fps.
    Recording with limited display to 1080p is OK.
    The video has been sacrificed on this flagship phone.
    I still hesitate to purchase it just because of that.
    I have an HTC EVO 3D. Bought a Sony 3D TV for it so familly can see 3D pictures and videos.
    Now I plan buy a 2nd TV in 4K next year when prices lower. So I need a 4K phone, ideally 3D too recording.
    Shame Sony missed that on this flagship when Qualcomm 800 proc used can do it all !

  • Guest

    I fully agreed that the best one Sony phone should have true audiophile quality S-Master MX.Since Z1 biggest selling point was a whopping 20.7 megapixel camera, it should accompanied with the best software to unleash the full potential of it. More control option for pro user in Manual mode to produce stunning photo.. A better control to able to get a more accurate exposure rate, better noise suppression, better color accuracy, better white balance control and some others features such as Multi-point Focus, 4K video recording etc… Since most user may not be a camera-centric pro, therefore SuperiorAuto+ mode was also another key area to be improve.. A better SuperiorAuto mode which most user can rely on..

  • vicky

    I am a new Sony user as of today, TBH the transfer of data from my old phone to new crashed half way through and can not retrieve any of it now (a painstakingly boring task of manual contact adding started) To load photos and music seams very long winded and i had to go on the internet to download a manual just to see what im doing and half the info is not obvious on my phone. Im sticking with it though and will give it the 3 weeks grace before deciding if ill keep it. (a camera in my handbag seams an easier option atm)

  • anand

    I just got my Xperia Z1 today and i feel there is something not right with walkman or something that i m not doing right. Is it only me or others too noticing the bad walkman player even with headset? What i mean is the bass effect is totally missing from it. My previous Xperia S was superb in audio quality and i loved the bass in it. hope to see it fixed in future updates…

  • Lee Nightingale

    Apps 2 sd support

  • Nordic guest

    I wish by priority
    1. Pen input (this is decissive for that I buy a Note 3 now, although I rate the waterproof Z1 close)
    3. A slighly bigger screen
    4. Removable battery or much longer battery time
    5.Bullet proof
    3. A new OS (I still consider Symbian to have lots of advantages over iOS and Android, and I consider the Nokia E1 to be the best phone for calling and teksting of the 4 smart phones I am using daily)

  • Ädam Tmzl


  • h

    iOS 7 on the Z1 would make sell good and be loved

  • Danny Liggins

    Slow motion recording and when filming take pics and if your in your album you can take a pic

  • Danny Liggins

    And keep mass storage mode

  • Sora

    Front Camera 5.5MP

  • Sora

    Bigger Screen 5,5 inchi

  • Ravi Soni

    Video calling in not support in xperia z1 by network

  • Realist

    – The ability to Change the systems fonts without having to go through dangerous maneuvers with SDK managers ETC and risk Boot Loops..

    – More OS customization out of the box without having to use a third party Loader. (see Apex Launcher as an example of what the OS should have been like)

    – The ability to actually place photos in folders and organize them properly, instead of having a daunting page of thousands of photos with no real way of organizing them.

    Some would argue that all of the above is already achievable though apps etc, but I have tried and its all very risky. To be honest, it would just be nice to have some more customization features that wont harm the device or void the warranty etc.

  • anand

    People are too greedy…
    4k resoluton is unnecessary since most of the TV’s wont support it.
    And 4k resoluton cannot be insrted in a 5inch IPS/TFT display
    Even 1080p cannot be insrted in a 4inch display.. Dats y most of the companys
    Use 720p on smaller screens. Or they could just increase the resolution thus increasing
    The pixels to 1000s. In future 4k resolutn wil be availble in phones with OLED/youm display.

    For me the only thing missing in the xperia z1 are:-
    IR blaster ( as they are helpful in daily life )
    32 Gb internals ( more HD games can be installed )
    More compact body ( like the xperia ZL or LG G2 )
    Better sound in earphones. ( htc & apple is better )

    One guy said he need a biggr battry..
    Hello its a phone not a laptop. Even my samsung galaxy tab 2 has a 4000MAh
    Battry. And it simply lasts the whole day. My avg use includes 10hrs of wifi and 30mins videoplayback 2hrs music and heavy multitasking ( upto 4 apps at a time ).
    So i am satisfied with the 3000MAh battry on the z1.

    Next the ram, u r never going to run out of 2gigs of ram. After all its a phone.
    If u r soo greedy use rheosoft ram expander by which you can add additional 4gigs of ram.

    After all sony has the best built quality after apple.
    ( sony is slightly better than htc )

    My devices:-
    Sony ericsson xperia ray
    Apple iphone 5
    Htc desire 600c
    Samsung galaxy tab 2 p3100

    Am sure the camera will be better after the next upadate.

  • Jason

    Optical Image Stabilization

  • A Vishnu

    video calling using 3G

  • safa

    Please, compare SONY Z1 with iPhone 5s bezels, last time I checked they have the same bezels while apple has 4 inch display and Z1 5 inch. So why you people keep complaining Sony and apple fans (iTrols!) worshiping apple. Have faith felows have faith.

  • iH8r

    I’d like to see some features that make the device more functional as something like maybe a phone for a change!
    Like repeat reminders for missed calls/texts etc. Maybe make the screen light up when the reminder goes Off.

  • yuvraj

    I want option of “moving apps to sd card by a firmwar update”:-(

  • 19amc77

    Had my new Z1 for two weeks when it fell 1 foot from my top pocket as I bent down to pick something up. Whole main screen shattered, phone a write off and luckily only £50 insurance excess. Used to drop my Xperia T with monotenous regularity with no issues! Be careful!

  • puffstuff1

    more volume…..way more volume.

  • tesudo

    Could have

    Stereo speakers
    4k vídeos
    120fps vídeos
    Flash xenon
    Double tap to wake (no more informações 4.4)
    Remote control
    Ips Panel Screen
    Gorila Glass
    Anti overheating
    Better volume in headphones earphones

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