Minor Xperia SP update (12.0.A.2.254) now live

by XB on 11th September 2013

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP_12.0.A.2.254_2A minor firmware update for the Sony Xperia SP is hitting select regions at the moment. Firmware build 12.0.A.2.254 is a small update from the previous update (12.0.A.2.245), that brought with it an expanded notification panel and transparent UI. The new ‘254’ update brings no noticeable improvements, see some screenshots below.

Xperia SP_12.0.A.2.254_1

Xperia SP_12.0.A.2.254_2

Xperia SP_12.0.A.2.254_3

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Anurag and KING SAJAD!

  • Iqbal Ansari

    Shit phone shit update…..

  • Donfla


  • Adil

    Mr. Iqbal, do u even own this phone?
    I dont think so!

  • Arun

    My SP is still running in 12.0.A.1.284 firmware and I am from India. When new update will arrive India?

  • raghava

    U won’t get any update notification in your mobile
    Connect your phone to pc via Sony pc companion

  • Gaurav

    I am from India.. I just updated to the latest 12.A.0.2.254 update

  • Lina

    Why is my SP still up to date? Im from philippines. THank you :)

  • Shubham Gulati

    Seriously, 8MP on this phone feels below average and display ohh! i might not be able to stop! Bad bad contrast! Bad viewing angles! Less battery backup and Heavy weight champ. What else do you look for in a phone? :/
    Even a ZR gives more battery backup than SP, but on papers SP is an awesome phone to fool the world with a BIG BATTERY! Why not stop making phones than making such pathetic phones!

  • Micro

    Hi troll, how do you do today? Please die.

  • AsadMulla

    for the price, its a good phone.

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  • LancerEX

    Viewing angles are definitely not that good compared to others, but comparing it to my ray, they’re just similar :/

  • parth

    i own xperia sp and i loved it

    i have also used xperia L & Z and i found sp more comfortable and better then both

    if u feel the phone is shit then cry to ur mom not here

  • Areeb Fazli

    its the best phone in its price range
    it has a very good battery backup and screen resolution

  • Ana Heluši?

    Iqbal Ansari stupid idiot

  • Merrill Nuttall

    Any news on the previously certified (Aug. 14) Xperia SP C5306 .250 release?

  • nameofthewind

    the software is what makes the 8mp look like below average, it has good enough contrast considering its LCD not AMOLED, viewing angles? nah, i always look at it head-on, battery lasts 18hours regularly, 36hours at most.. can’t get something this good at this price range this even kicks S3 on performance, had it for almost 6months now and its still as fast as if it is newly bought

  • Arun

    Yeah you are right raghava… I updated the device yesterday. Thanks

  • hash

    lol.. those were my screenshot.. the editor on xperiaguide messaged me on xda to give him those.. didnt know that they would end up here as well .. :P

  • bryan

    i just updated my sp i’m from the Philippines as well..

  • bryan

    you just don’t know how to maximize its true potential…if you want a better battery life then get a psp you dumb ass! if you want a better camera then get a digital camera! if you want a a better screen display buy a flat screen tv! ohh by the way xperia sp is a cellphone…

  • Subham

    But still I didn’t, I am also from India.

  • Shubham Gulati

    yeah! thanks! nice try assho**. how about you mind your own business and let ppl discuss in peace. Every one here wants to get the maximum out of their bucks. If you got a better cellphone to share then speak otherwise simply shut up!

  • Subham

    Does your led lights work? Please reply.

  • Vijendra Verma

    I think this update resolve the wifi problem and my led light is working fine.

  • Ashroft

    Now updating my SP with 254.Hope it can solve the black lock screen problem.

  • shubzz

    1. u’ll notice a lill design change of the cross when we press uninstall from launcher..
    2. stamina mode is causing more problems
    now itz not working
    orange light is not lighting up while CHARGING even!!!!!!!!!!
    3.ram management is still the same.., walkman stops while using chrome
    4. in the indian version of the fw dere is a new bloatware app (which can be uninstalled) named “DJ studio 5”
    this is very beautifully integrated with the illumination bar of the phone
    derz a cool blue light for tracks on right deck n red for the left deck tracks
    still i noticed that dis app disturbs d light effects set in walkman
    the color changes to blue for every song we play irrespective of the cover art
    this can be fixed by turning music light effects in settings>>display to on and then off .. ..
    still a cool app overall
    5. battery lyf is still d same

    now itz really screwd up in the latest fw

    jst sharing with u guyz …
    earlier v had that music light (rythmic) effect only in walkman !!!
    now if u call any1 or receive the call.. while talking to that person (i.e. when the screen turns black when brought close to the ear), the light illuminates in rythm with the recievers voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    olthou other light effects r buggy now while in stamina mode
    still found this little osum interesting feature!!
    loving this cooooooooooooooooool light effect!

    n all the apps n games will hav this feature now
    jst played fifa 12 n loving the rythmic light effect with the commentory!
    gr8 feature by sony! <3

  • mash

    text selection handle (now bigger) and cut, copy, paste menu icon changed.

  • mosu

    updating now :)

  • mosu

    been using it for 2 months very impressive phone. very nice display (don’t care if it has bad angles). nice camera just have to learn how to use it in low light. performance is very impressive it can run all apps available in app store. light effects very nice very unique nice to look at specially when recieving calls and sms. battery life is good in gaming with heavy graphics i think 4-5hrs with max brightness normal use call and text can extend up to 2 days with brightness at max. overall very impressive phone never regret buying this phone and the feel of just holding the phone makes it above the rest.

  • paulmt123

    How much battery life are people getting out of their SP? I’m getting 1-1.5 days which is OK but I hoped for 2 days. I get about 4 to 5 hours of screen on time, some reviewers get 7 hours when browsing but not sure how unless brightness is on low. The screen takes up most of the power. Other than that I have no problem with viewing angles, mine seems excellent and colours are nicer than over saturated AMO LED phones. I like natural colours so actually think turning bravia engine off looks best, though it does add a bit of vibrance which gives it more wow factor. RAM management is my only real criticism, sometimes apps force close, wish I had more control over this. It seems to shut down apps even when there’s over 150MB RAM free. Usually only a problem with big websites and big games, reboot before doing this advisable. Oh and no apps to SD. I might root my phone soon to get the most out of it. For £20 a month this is a good phone, same graphics chip as S4 and xperia Z and pretty speedy. GPS, wifi and mobile reception are also good.

  • Mr. Singh

    Yes, mine is working with the current update 12.A.0.2.254

  • Mr. Singh

    Brother but in my update i am getting light effects on walkman and movie player only as you are saying that if we receive or call the light illuminates in rythm with the receiver’s voice but on my cell its the same as previous update no changes on that and yes one more thing i have noticed that on the previous update when our internal device were full a warning msg always come to irritate us your device is 75% full pls delete something, now no any warning msgs and i have left only 265 mb internal storage. :)

  • Kiraofthesky

    changelog for this update. which i have tested
    1. The phone become much more fluid
    2. Wake up phone bug is fixed
    3. Speaker Improve
    4. Camera Slighly Improve
    5. Offline Charging working perfectly
    6. Walkman working. not turned off while opening chrome ( note : i’m still using the old google chrome )

  • Gurmeet Makkar

    I have jst updated my sp. Everything is fine but the light in the transparent band is working with videos even in mx player which didn’t worked with it earlier and I am not finding the option to stop it when playing videos
    help plz!

  • Xperia_navi

    Updated to. 254 Problem with notification lights not working whike charging and getting msg or calls, rather than that LED lights working fine with walkman and movies app.But they won,t turn off even if I deselect the light effects from display settings.

  • Docrat

    I’m from India as well. I thought this 254 update was going to be something good. Turns out i was wrong. The notification bar doesn’t seem to light up any color other than blue and while charging it NO LONGER SHOWS ORANGE OR GREEN. I am disappointed with this update from Sony..
    Even my WhatsApp notifications don’t work now. The notification bar has become almost completely useless. i want an option to roll back to the previous system version

  • rizky gunawan

    hy im from indonesia but im workin in malaysia..

    my sp update is still 245,, im using sp its about 3month..
    at first i impresive with the download speed but when i move to other city my sp has gone wrong..

    now i cant download anything file at big size..
    i tryin to change the apn..
    ive try all apn but its just good for a moment,,n then the download its stop..
    im still figure it out what happened..

    is anyone know what the problem is??
    now im using apn name : SONY INTERNET,apn : internet3g,apn type default.

    but before it im using SONY GPRS,internet. but now it cant used anymore.

    now my sp its so slow,,n i hate slow

    anyone can help me

  • Jenny_Hen

    I’ve just updated my phone, following all the instructions to the letter, and now it won’t boot up. When I connect it to the charger, the orange LED doesn’t come on. Is this phone now dead??

  • Mehedi Hasan

    Where is the Jelly Bean 4.3 update for Xperia SP? We are bored with old 4.1.2

  • Subham

    Ok, Thanks for the information.

  • Subham

    Is Led light working while calls and messages and is it also working while watching movies?

  • Vijendra Verma

    Yes it is, except while watching movie

  • vignesh arjunan

    hi any one got display freezing issue.. if any one knows the solution to this problem please do reply.. xperia sp sucks..

  • Harshad Loya

    Any idea when New android update will be available…Atleast 4.2.2???

  • Gerald Patrick Vicente

    I have also received a notification about the firmware. However, I haven’t installed it. How is it compare to the previous “245” update?

  • Gerald Patrick Vicente

    Were you referring to software update? As i know, xperia sp will receive its jelly bean 4.3 update on November.

  • Gerald Patrick Vicente

    There will be no 4.2 update for our xperia sp. However, it will jump directly to 4.3 and update will start to roll out on Novem;ber.

  • Harshad Loya

    Ty… Hope it cmes sooner

  • Adil

    Should i update it to .254 or better wait for the next stable update?

  • Christopher C Clement Ü

    Hi guyz dose sony xperia sp new update support 64gb of memory card? Please help I like to buy this smartphone :)

  • Christopher C Clement Ü

    Hi sir. dose sony xperia sp new update support 64gb of memory card? Please help I like to buy this phone :)

  • Robinho

    Hi all. I would like to know how solve a problem. After last update to 12.0.A.2.254 I got problem. When i call for someone, my screen lock and become dark. Also i cant end call. Only when other talker end call , then it become okay. I dont know how to fix it, or wait for other update or what… I tried to restore all phone tools, doesnt work too… This update looks like wery bad to me. If someone know how to fix it, please write to email. Thanks.

  • glein

    2. I stopped relying exclusively on it, I’ve been using Battery Doctor to manage charging and power saving, though I didn’t have issues with the leds lighting up during charge.
    3. After trying Chrome, Firefox and their beta versions, I switched to the newest Opera and stopped having that most of the time.

  • faisal

    hi bro…i hv SP n Z…but the pic much better than Z.even the battery.n some of my friends…their SP either in good conditions or bad after the update.im very satisfied with my SP.in fact,i want to sell my Z n upgrade to Z1.hope ur SP will be ok after this…

  • faisal

    hi bro…maybe problems occurs not in all phones…mine…after update….the notification bar becomes superb…pic taken from camera better than my Z….

    for Z…some people says ok about it.but my Z…it is teribble…pic not that vivid compare to SP!funny right….that’s why i said sometimes either lucky or the other way….be cool dear friend…

  • faisal

    totally agreed with u..the same things happens to my SP….i like SP more than my Z….

  • Saadman

    no games led for me, no led in movie player either :/
    otherwise, everything’s fine :)

  • Soham Parmar

    no the update wont support a 64gb memory card BUT you can use USB OTG like pendrives and stuff with these phones you just need an out cable which costs around 3 to 5 bucks

  • Soham Parmar

    display freezes means?….. completely like turned of or hanged………..OR ……….just stuck to current pic……
    1. if its not responding to input on display / power button / volutme button….then remove the cover and get a pin/pen and see an off switch at the bottom of the phone…..press it by that pin/pen and it will vibrate while rebooting……..and not there you have it ……..

  • Soham Parmar

    it dosent get turned on while you watch video……….. it just glows when you are browsing photos / videos on the albums…….and listening to music

  • Soham Parmar

    well that seems cool feature to me loool

  • kate

    i want my leds back!!!!Fuck

  • shubzz

    shubzz here- –
    ohkay guyz ol dose who want that crazy illumination lights for every apps games rythmic voice during CALLS tooo….
    trick the light bar in this way
    jst pause the music and use ur phone as normal
    lights will turn on for every sound app game during a phone call tooo!!! B-)
    to restore jst open d walkman app once and press back
    light “glitch” will b restored back!! :p
    so a cool effect this one.. .. njoy every1 :D

  • Anudp

    Make sure that Notification button ON.

  • Anudp

    Proximity sensor is not functioning i guess..

  • Anudp

    Make sure Notification LED is ON in Display Settings.

  • glein

    Read again. I didn’t say I have an issue with the notifications, they work as intended, I just stopped relying on Stamina Mode for power management.

  • bryan

    Well you should mind your own.just like what I said it’s not a game console, not a digital camera and not a television,, it is a phone and a very nice phone for its price..go buy an over price ios phones coz android is not for whinners…get it?

  • ria

    how is the new update? is it better or should i just stick to my sp’s current build 12.0.A.1.257? what is new with this update? I received the notification for the 2.254 fw but haven’t installed it yet. i read there are problems encountered with the led lights when charging, stamina mode..etc… with the new fw :( i do not want to encounter these problems.

  • bryan

    I dont have any issues with the update, just one minor bug, there is no offline charging…but it’s more snappy and battery last longer…well you can always clear data and force close the “eco mode” in settings?apps?all.then shut your fone for a minute..you can do this every once in a while and youll see the changes in its battery life..i suggest every 5 days..

  • Tony

    I just updated to .254.. at first i noticed that when playing games, the rhytmic lights goes along with it. After a day or two when I received messages or view photos the led notification light won’t light up. I restarted my phone and had the led notification light work again for the messages and the album. but won’t light up this time in games.

    Is there any setting that can be configured for this? I dont remember doing any when first played an app and having the led lighting up.

  • ???

    Guys after I update it , my phone is a little laggy. Is this normal? :)

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