New Xperia Z Ultra firmware released (14.1.B.1.532); SOD issue still present

by XB on 16th September 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra

Screen_Shot_2013-09-16_at_11.20.23_PMThe Sony Xperia Z Ultra firmware that was recently certified, version number 14.1.B.1.532, has now started to roll out. Users across a number of regions including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam are reporting receiving the update. It is a minor update over the previous version (14.1.B.1.526), but to the annoyance of Xperia Z Ultra owners, this new ‘532’ update does not fix the Sleep of Death (SOD) and ‘fake hang’ issues affecting some owners. Let’s hope Sony is working on a more comprehensive update to fix these issues once and for all.


Thanks Anurag and Jake!

  • Mac

    C’mon this is not good at all.. really don’t hope Honami will be having the same issues.

    bring Honami mini plz!

  • Raj Singh

    That would suck. I hope it doesn’t happen to the LTE version I’m picking up this weekend.

  • Dominic Wong

    The battery standby time has greatly improves in .526. Hope this new updates will let that stay on.

  • jag

    Hmm.. How come i don’t get these updates?? im still in .510 since i bought my ultra

  • jag

    My battery lasts longer now. From 7am to 11pm i still got 8% and i even watched some series and YouTube. I love the thought that i won’t charge my phone in the middle of the day.

  • aks

    me too been on 510 only never recieved this or the 526

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  • Mr.Max

    all troubles was fixed in 526 firmware. need update with wipe and all problems go out

  • mateusz

    Honestly, after long road with Neo, Arc, XS i’m decided to swap it for HTC One. First Phone with great, bugless and smothly device straight out of box. Sorry Sony, it’s too late for apologize :)

  • To fix the SOD sleep of death in Xperia Z Ultra
    Follow this instructions
    Settings »»Display»»Optimized Backlight. Click in the box make it on.
    Then u shouldn’t have any problem in the screen.

  • xzejtina

    Xperia blog pls find out when 4.3 for Xperia z is coming

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  • tositem

    Just downloaded it.

  • Dominic Wong

    For mine, if it is on standby, can last for 2 days !! .. Have fun :)

  • Jac

    I got this update from .475 straight to .532. .510 seemed not to ship here in america

  • Qasim

    For me if I turned Automatic Brightness up then the screen would have no backlight at all and would seem as if the screen was not working.

  • raj

    I have been using Sony Xperia Z Ultra for a month now

    It is huge

    Experience: Wonderful

    Android Customization from Sony: Simple and great

    1. Homescreen is close to Vanilla Android

    2. Apps like Album, Movies and Walkman are amazing

    3. Walkman is a great app, but Google Play Music is no less

    4. Camera app is great. it has many options

    5. Vodafone India activated two month Unlimited 3G downloads for me

    6. Themes are cool and great

    7. Triluminos Display is crisp and clear

    8. Sound is OK

    9. Camera quality was good. Low light camera quality was also good

    10. Battery life can be increased using STAMINA mode. This really boosts the standby hours

    11. Performance is smooth and buttery

    12. Slim and very comfortable to hold

    13. Use the phone in landscape mode, as the beezels in top and bottom will help a lot

  • Micro

    SOD is present in Z1 too :/ I just got into it, easy to reproduce, happens with “optimized backlight” option turned on :/ FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..

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  • dentist

    guys I think this is not an ota update. I thought the same before I downloaded PC companion from Sony on my laptop. then connected my ‘delicious’ z ultra and straightaway an update was determined by pc companion..

  • jag

    im not getting any updates until now. but i guess it won’t be any big deal because it was not a major thing at all

  • pbb

    go to sony service center, i have updated y ultra to .532 in india

  • Zee Balasico

    I was able to update mine OTA

  • dacsology

    That’s right. Only the PC companion was able to detect this update

  • MackieAU

    I’m on 532 with my z ultra and with backlight optimization ON I have fast boot times and no issues. Turning optimization OFF it takes upwards of 60 seconds between the Sony logo and the xperia boot animation. I’m keeping the optimization off currently as it really washes out the screen. Battery performance is good.

  • those are low-mid range devices, so you cannot expect the performance of a top of the line one. With that logic you will miss out on a lot. And talking about issues, every manufacturer has a certain set of population unsatisfied, after all it is tech and a mass produced one at that. it just happens that when one has a bad experience with a device like i did with samsung s3 they stop looking forward to their further devices. From HTC to Samsung (S2 and S3), now I am with Sony Xperia Z1, and more than content. Sadly Samsung is stuck in the same rut of bloated softwares and plastic hardware(so no more sammy for me). HTC One is a great device too, but just that lack of external memory doesn’t fit my needs. What Sony pulled off with its recent devices was quite surprising, under the hood as well as the design aspect.

  • that isnt even a solution bro. It is like giving a phone saying you can only make 2 calls daily. the display is one of the main feature, and turning off that option makes it more brighter and legible. as @mackieau:disqus said that only ends up making it look lighter and washes out colors. btw thanks mackie for reminding me of that option, I have enabled it on my z1 now, and an already great display just got even better. only thing left to verify now is does the device last the same amount of hours with optimization turned off.

  • i am guessing that is the Sleep of Death issue. I faced that once on my Z1. A simple solution is using the aptly placed, hard boot function ( volume up plus power key). It switches of the device instantly and then it can be booted normally by holding the Alum Power Key. The SOD had my phone appear as if it was switched off, but when I checked it in low light, the display backlight was dim and on. It stayed there for hours, I was hoping it would auto restart. But until I found the hard boot solution the device was just stuck there. Few days back there was a major update rolled out by Sony for Z1 and Ultra. Update was targeted mainly to improve battery and camera performance, and also fix things and many other improvements. It is just a manufacturer update and not an Android one. So still on 4.2.2 :(. Though sources claim that Z1 will be the second device to Nexus 5 which will get 4.4 Kit Kat. !(in the same week) then Ultra next. I wonder if that is possible.

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