Sony Mobile wants to put a lid on future leaks

by XB on 18th September 2013

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Leaks ThumbAll mobile phone manufacturers suffer from leaks of upcoming handsets. We don’t know any company that can keep a lid on future announcements, whether it is leaked benchmarks, photos or even component parts. Apple used to be the benchmark in this respect, but even they suffer like every other company these days.

Looking at the Sony Xperia Z1 launch, pretty much every aspect was leaked prior to announcement including the press release. Sony wants to try and tighten things up and apparently the poster below was snapped in a Sony Mobile office somewhere in Asia. It reminds employees to be careful when handling “confidential phones”. We’re not sure if the poster is genuine or when it was placed, but given the Xperia Z1 leaks, we’re sure management will be a lot more stringent on security when it comes to future Xperia handsets.

Poster guidelines

Strictly follow prototype usage rules for confidential phones
– Do not use phones without protective cover
– Do not show phones to individuals outside of Sony Mobile (unless NDA is signed)
– Do not upload any pictures to social networks, public web pages etc.
– Do not use 3rd party benchmarking applications

Sony leaks

Sony leaks_2

Via Digi-wo.

Thanks Dacha!

  • MarkLastiwka

    a message about leaking got leaked. How ironic…

  • Douglas Yapú


  • aligamz

    A poster about leakage gets leaked. LEAKCEPTION.

  • Tausif Khan

    Good for business

  • zerocools

    You could said that about all manufacturers. There is no perfect phone.

  • Micro

    Oh no! No more “BEZEL” wars on upcoming models? :D Yeah, right.. ;)
    Seriously, they’ve probably seen my post here and going for me right now… well, It was really nice to talk to you guys. I’m gonna miss you.. :D

  • Micro

    iShits are, didn’t you know? :D just look at apple site and how their minds are fu***d up by the new iOS.. they.. they really seem happy :D:D:D like little puppies given a bite of your sandwich.. nothing special, but they know nothing better anyway.. :D

  • Douglas Yapú

    its not about the phone, its to be better each time deliver a product. (I love sony)

  • Micro

    Yes mate, but we will never meet a day of “everyone is now happy with the new phone, nobody complain”. They always do their best anyway, even they know the truth.

  • Melfes Wired

    well, this poster has been there even before Xperia Z was announced. so, who has fxcking cared about it?

  • GEEKnorway

    To be honest, I would love to actually not know about a device until it is formally and officially announced.

    But then again, I love rumours and all that stuff as well :P

  • Okazuma

    Can a poster stops the leaks?
    I don’t think so…..

  • hcm.

    Sony needs to first shutdown its production line in china lol

  • Tardar Sauce

    I hate those rumours. I know that sooner or later a new device will come out. But once a leak appears with some specs, I don’t want to buy current flagship anymore and I decide to wait for that new one. Like that, I will never buy a new phone. I strongly decided to buy Z1 but then again, there are some rumours about Z2 and now again I’m not sure about buying Z1,

  • faggot

    How is this being leaked? Idiot. It’s not like as if the message had an announcement date or anything. stupid fucking cunt.

  • You sound like a 12 yr who can’t afford one apple device and hates on it because of that. Have you been using iOS 7 before bitching about it or are you stuck with Android, I have and I like it.

  • Micro

    You really missed the point here mate, I am not hating the iOS 7, only the blindness of some ppl having their hands over their own eyes and treating everything other but what they have, just because they don’t have it. Actually I am happy that you don’t, you seem like smart one there, but you still missed my point (anyway, possibly I could sound here not exactly how I meant to)

  • I may have missed it, if anything I said offended you, I am sorry. I saw a guy said something similar on PA and it was pure BS

  • Cheng

    It is real, from a Sony buildng in Chna.

    BUT this poster hangs there ALREADY since appearance of Xperia Z.. so its long time already not just for Z1.. so leaks cannot be prevented.

  • Micro

    it’s ok mate, we simply had a misunderstanding here, it happens ;) TBH I am 32, have a good job and I can easily afford not one apple device ;) I will not, ever, but it is my preference, not hate :) Still I can’t believe some blindness around here so.. you know now.

  • Roy

    Buy a Z1, you’re good for at least 5 months now..
    Unless Sony decides for a Z1 Ultra. xD

  • MarkLastiwka

    You stay classy interwebs…

  • raj

    don’t bother man. his name suggest what he is

  • faggot

    You fuck a goat you sick bastard. Go back to India, where dirty, filthy, uncivilized scum like you belong.

  • HardyHarHar

    Go get the Xperia Z? or the Galaxy S? or perhaps maybe the HTC ? they should be the best of all there is.

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  • Billy de Fretes

    most of sony leaked image comes from china

  • Richard Paul Francisco

    i think it’s better to be surprised

  • ? ?


  • Colby Leong

    Who the frick are you to go around judging anyone? People like you who use race, gender, and sexual orientation as an insult are just sad. You know what’s sad, the fact that there is a pathetic excuse like you all over the world using race as an insult. It’s sad to think that for every good, decent person in the world, there will always be jackasses like you there to ruin it. The sad truth, you’re probably from the U.S., and it’s people like you who paint this inaccurate picture of us to the world. Even though someone as backwards as you will never understand, or even have the nuts to apologize, I will.
    “I’m sorry that we have people in this world who are so afraid, so naïve that they will tear down everything that they don’t understand, and everything they are afraid of. I understand that people in the U.S. don’t have a good reputation, but please don’t let scum like this be the way you see us. Just know that for every person like you there will always be always be hundreds of people to fight against you. ”
    – Colby Leong

  • krabappel2548

    The Z1 leaks caused some serious trouble within Sony, I was contacted by Sony about the camera port I did on XDA etc, they wanted to prosecute people for the leak, but eventually it didn’t came this far. Leaking is serious and Sony surely will try to prevent things like unsigned firmware or files from leaking again.

    They searched for the person who leaked it and he’ll be prosecuted for sure if they find him. It’s something serious so don’t laugh about a poster, every little reminder about Z1 leak and prosucting etc will help.

  • krabappel2548

    prosecuting :p typo in last sentence :D

  • roeshak

    As far as leaks go, the Z1 was pathetic. Most manufacturers suffer leaks but mostly about specs.
    Nobody saw what the htc one, s4, note 3 or iPhone 5 looked like before they were unveiled. Everything about the Z1 was known especially the fact that the phone was flipping ugly with that gigantic bottom bezel.

  • Karan007

    that leak is just a marketing destraction by other companies to avoid users from buying Z1, wake up and make your choice wisely!! go get it

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  • faggot

    fight me chinese bitch. I’ll literally shove my head up your ass while you suck on my big fluffy cock. Go back to ching chong wing long punjab land. Samsung rocks.

  • GEEKnorway


  • Manu

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  • Afnan Muhammad

    In this aspect Xperia Team is the worst. They should learn from PS team. We know almost nothing about PS4 and how it looks until it was announced.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Do Not Feed The Mo’fo!

  • Babylonbwoy


  • Shit for brains

    For someone who uses gay slurs as an insult, I don’t know why your last comment was so… well gay. Honestly pick a side.

  • faggot

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  • faggot

    I rape my mom and your Indian women. Samsung rocks.

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  • hape

    Are there any new leaks about Z1 mini?

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  • Tardar Sauce

    I will probably buy a Z1 but first I will wait some time to view all recensions. I don’t want ANY problem with my new device (like poor camera and display with Z, or the reported problem with headphones on Z1) once I bought it. And I really do hope that in that waiting time, a new Sony flagship won’t leak!! Btw. 5 months? I’m planning to keep the Z1 for at least 3 years once I bought it. Currently I have my Xperia X10 for 3 years and it could last at least one year more but I felt in love with Z1 and can’t help myself :)

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  • franklin

    i would say leaks brake up the would be fun if we get to know about a feature SUDDENLY,creating a big hit,NOT knowing and then it coming,making the whole story boring

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