Sony’s logo baked into Xperia Z1’s screen protector [Video]

by XB on 18th September 2013

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Xperia Z1 shatter proofSony includes a shatter proof protector in pretty much all of its Xperia smartphones and has done so since the Xperia X10. What was interesting with the Xperia Z was that Sony baked the ‘Sony’ logo into the shatter proof sheet. This means that if you took that sheet off, you would lose the Sony branding on the front of the handset.

Well it looks like the same applies to the Xperia Z1. The bods at Recombu did a screen scratch test on one video and followed it up with another that showed how to take the sheet off. If you want a closer look, check out the videos below.

Xperia Z1 shatter proof

  • KBadOne

    Just apply a screen protector on the top of it, problem solved! Its wont affect the screen performance from my experiance

  • That poor Z1 :( btw both videos are the same Xperia blog :p

    here’s the link to the removing vid –

  • shanefalco

    z1 have front panel lcd tn back light by triluminos…z ultra have a better display, front panel ah-ips and backligh triluminos…sony shame!

  • Lucifer

    What happen if the screen protector was remove? will the glass be scratch same as the protector?

  • Rene Pedroso

    Why cant Sony put the shatter proof protector on the underside of the Z1’s glass????

  • IPS is lcd

  • Micro

    it is on both sides, at least my one have them both. I won’t take them off only to check, but it is possible that both sides of the protectors have those logos printed (I mean Sony at the front and Sony/Xperia logos at the back side)

  • nidou bossy

    sony shame?

    your comment is so lame.. both Z1 and Z Ultra has the same exact display technology, and the only difference is the screen size.

  • nidou bossy

    its in both sides, front and rear like Xperia Z.. i believe it’s dragontail

  • nidou bossy

    absolutely the opposite, cuz the real glass of the display is shatter/scratch and finger proof!

    so nothing won’t affect on it, unless someone idiot slam a hammer on it!

  • Micro

    I confirm that. Perhaps it is a bit true when you look at it horizontally, but you have to be really dumb to look at the phone at 5C degrees :D otherwise it is simply STUNNING

  • Micro

    nah, it’s double shattered, you can’t damage it with almost anything but a .45 bullet, but you still loose the logo though

  • Micro

    This is actually very nice to have a screen protector on your phone just like that, out of the box, and so high end one. Yes, yes, it costs much, but hey – point me any other brand that do that just like that? Even my precious Xperia S had one (I was REALLY surprised). I have no idea what is it made of, but it really is protecting my display. Now the Z1, and I don’t thing Sony didn’t work on it since XS.

  • Rene Pedroso

    hahahahhahaha, not on the back of the phone but on the underside of the front glass

  • Rene Pedroso

    hahahahhahaha, not on the back of the phone but on the underside of the front glass.

  • nidou bossy

    why do u need it in the first place if it’s under what’s gonna protect above!!!

  • Micro

    I guess your phone doesn’t have any dedicated protector, so.. yeah, you can be a little jealous :D
    be, you should :D

  • Rene Pedroso
  • nidou bossy

    5C degrees! wow , is it snowing up there in Poland?

  • Micro

    to troll you dude, nothing more ;)

  • Rene Pedroso

    Because the protector can get scratched and the Dragontrail cannot. If one drops the phone it may shatter but the glass will still stay in place because the protector is still there. Plus the logo would still be there

  • Micro

    no, I was being sarcastic :P

  • nidou bossy

    IPS, LED, and TFT all are: LCD’s

    TFT is a variant of LCD supposedly better quality picture, and stands for thin film transistor.
    IPS (In-plane switching) It was designed to solve the main limitations of TN-effect matrix LCDs at that time, such as relatively low response time, strong
    viewing angle dependence and low-quality color reproduction
    LED screen should not be called that because it still is LCD. LED is
    the method of backlight as against the other method by Cold Cathode tube
    light (CCFL)
    so, TFT is used more in big screens.

  • Aaron Alexander Choy

    never go full retard

  • Micro

    too late I guess ;)

  • nidou bossy

    that’s why it’s still called a protector… i believe Sony did it for a reason as the man in the video said… even the phone with the screen and sony logo off, it’s still Identified as Sony, but do that to LG or Samsung if they did same as sony , both would look like twin, especially the LG G2 and S4

    so Sony always have their unique and beautiful design, but i’ve seen many manufacturers copycating sammy’s design that i don’t see any beauty in it!

    they just do the copycat design to influence idiot customers to buy a similar samsung design phone and feel the fake octa shit and gimicky samsung, as recently they reported to launch a real octa core CPU, so the previous was fake… no wonder, gimmicking and trolling idiot sammy users!

  • Xyor

    because under the glass is the captive sensor and screen. They were glued together.
    Read the pages on SM & you’ll know

  • Rene Pedroso

    If you say so, lol

  • Micro

    you know dude, your idea is not that bad, on the second thought it makes sense and is actually really interesting, but why you ask it so dumb way? :/

  • Rene Pedroso

    Hey, not everyone is as smart as you. Lol

  • Xyor

    It’s not smart at all/_
    the protector will dramatically effect the brightness and vividness of the screen. Like those old touch phone which have a plastic cover on the screen. Also, it’s impossible to integrate a captive sensor in plastic, so more layers, thus the thickness will increase also.
    So, you can have a sheltered glass with beloved sony logo and a horrible display and thickness.

  • Lolzer

    Do research b4 talking.
    ALL Sony lcds (including bravias) are S-PVA, not TN nor IPS. Even triluminos is S-PVA based. Shame on you.

  • Lolzer

    TFT is used most in colour LCDs. Their function is to power up each pixel with the power needed to provide accurate colours and prrevent ghosting.

  • Lolzer

    Oh, and GsmArena did a display comparison with ZU.

  • Micro

    that’s the other hand.. but yes, cannot admit the integration impossibility, once you know how it works and why from deep, you’re actually right.

    I have to tell anyway, Z1’s screen is extremely sensitive, often I don’t even physically touch the screen and it responds the way it would if I actually touch it. I am sometimes trying to operate it touchless, could be possible with this one I guess

  • Roy

    You guys uploaded the same video twice. Where is the screen removal video?!

  • zamaraii

    CCFL – Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light

  • Xyor

    if the sensor on Z1 is the same as the one on ZU, it might be possible.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I don’t care about that. Can anyone confirm if the screen glass is NOn-Oleophobic again!?

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I don’t want to use screen protector. I want my beautiful phone naked. Can anyone confirm if the screen glass is NOn-Oleophobic again!?

  • Rei

    Not a big deal for the shatter proof film, actually it helps in case of accidental breakage of screen, the film serves as the holder to prevent the broken screen to fall into pieces.

  • XperiaBlog

    Oops, sorry about that. Correct vid now attached!

  • skoog

    Did you watch the videos?

  • knightpt

    i don’t mind all that much as i always buy a tempered glass screen protector to all my phones, but for the average user that doesn’t know much about phones it’s realy disapointing for them to see the anti-shatter film scratch so easily (they think it’s the screen), and the neightbour Samsung Galaxy S4 has absolutely no scratch at all due to not having this plastic and having a good gorilla glass screen.

    For the people who read forums and stuff it’s ok because we can adjust and understand but for 90% of the average customer out there it just means “Sony phones scratch easily and look damaged very soon”.

    If sony wants to start getting momentum and more market share against samsung they realy have to ditch the anti-shatter film, or make it more scratch resistant and not a plastic piece…

    People compare everything with the samsung galaxy S4 and iphone 5 atm, the rest is just a landscape. If Samsung S4 and Iphone are much much more scratch resistant than the anti-shatter film of sony phones, sony phones gain this handicap.

  • shanefalco

    i know tha ips and tn are lcd tecnology…view angle in z1 is lower than z-ultra because the front panel is the old lcd tn ;)

  • aldopucci

    The xperia logo on the Z remains, though the front SONY logo goes! Peeled it off last week! Looks incredibly sleeker without the protection

  • Babylonbwoy

    What a stupid move again from sony, again and again

  • Babylonbwoy

    They are just too dumb to understand that. If my screen is broken I don’t give a damn if it is shattered all over or not, when it’s broke it’s broke

  • Babylonbwoy

    Why in every single post you talk about oleophobic ?

  • Babylonbwoy

    True, they should find a solution, if they really want this anti-shatter gadget, somewhere else, we want the glass feeling not this all scratched plastic, plus I don’t want to spend 100€ to replace it, mine is scratched and I got the spigne glas.t but can’t apply it on a messed up anti shatter, scratches are visible through the plastic… waist of ~30€

  • Micro

    I was wondering about Z1 because it have Sony logos on both sides, but you might be right the xperia logo stays, seems it is a little deeper

  • iUi

    Yasss! It looks so much prettier without that stupid logo in the front. It’s already on the back, no need for a logo on both sides.

  • Fawoo

    You would have to apply your own screen coating if you want it oleophobic. It’s not that hard but you definitely have to search for a good product.

  • akash

    I took of my sony written screen guard now the sony logo is gone…….where can I get another screen protector with sony written…..

  • Babylonbwoy

    Find a Sony center ? Good luck because even their wersterner support service are really shit. I’m fucking tired of them now.

  • Babylonbwoy

    If you really want to compare to other brands then none of them put nothing on their screens and I don’t think they are less resistant that Sony’s screen, Gorilla is gorilla and same for Dragontail.
    When I look at my XZ screen it looks stupid with two plastic screen protector (anti-shatter + Spigne Crystal Clear) of different size it looks ugly!

  • Babylonbwoy

    It is the engineer works to find a trick…

  • ashouhdy

    What if we put a screen protector over this shutter proof screen protector ?!

  • Lolzer

    S-PVA! Sony never use tn for their phones!!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I have to? With that expensive phone, I have to? (Just kidding)
    I mean, It’s a must for every mobile cause you’ll be always holding it.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Or make the screen Oleophobic one so we can removed the film without a problem.

    “Let’s make Scratch resistant screen glass covered with anti-shatter film which is NOT scratch resistant.” -Sony’s logic

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Because I want everybody to be aware of it.

  • Babylonbwoy

    They don’t care and sony anti-shatter shit isn’t oleophobic as after 10 second of manupulating it it’s full of finger prints, always and all sony devices.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    That’s why I want everybody to be aware of it. Average people doesn’t even know that there’s film pre-installed in their devices.

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  • Obi Juan Kenobi

    Capacitive, dumbass, why would you want to hold a sensor captive?

  • chenpa

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  • Sergiogio

    Hmmm, are you sure?
    I was about to buy a screen protector (in my case I was choosing the Roxfit antiglare, if somebody has feedbacks is welcome to share).
    Now that I see that the Z1 has already got a protector I was just wondering if another one on top has got a sense (well, antiglare could have a sense if the sony one is not antiglare) but especially if it would not make the responsivity lower…

  • TheGoodOne

    So, stupid question, the invisible shield is already applied when you receive it? I was just about to apply mine but then it looked like there was something there? And yet I can´t really see it? So it is already applied???

  • Ah, you shouldn’t take the screen protector off as the logo will be off too, this means that the value of the phone should u wish to trade or sell it one day, will be less!…

    Pretty poor show from sony in the first place, as the logo should not be removeable…

  • digi

    They should use gorilla glass instead of this shatter film. Its more durable and scratch resistant than the film they include.

    It get scratch easily and cost another money to buy screen protector just to protect this piece or film.

  • mausami

    can i get a new shatter screen protector with the logo at the sony store

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