Xperia Z1 suffering with headset bug

by XB on 22nd September 2013

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Headset Xperia Z1We are receiving a number of reports from Sony Xperia Z1 owners that are complaining about compatibility issues with headsets. The Sony MH1c headset is bundled with the Xperia Z1 in a number of European countries, yet many cannot get the two to work.

Once the button of the headset is pressed it brings up the Smart Connect notification. Therefore users cannot change the volume or answer calls using the answer. We understand that this problem is not only limited to the MH1c headset, but others too. We expect Sony to fix this bug soon, so we’ll keep you posted. If you’ve suffered from the issue let us know in the comments below.

Headset Xperia Z1

  • Michael Scharfe

    According to xda, the issue is fixed with the. 534 firmware which started to roll out yesterday.

  • the_black_dragon

    The most interesting point is: This does not affect ALL Z1 devices. We at have at least one user where it works fine. and 2 other users and I have exactly this bug… all devices have the same Sales Item ID (same bundle and firmware region) and also the same firmware build number .518… so it is possible a hardware failiure and can’t fix the problem by update…

  • Colby Leong

    High five to Sony for the fast fix.

  • the_black_dragon

    wie viele auf XDA haben denn effektiv gesagt, dass der fehler behoben ist. Da wir bei 4 leute sind mit exakt der selben SI nummer, also selbe region und identisches Bundle und 3 von uns haben den fehler aber einer nicht, sieht das nicht nach Software Fehler aus… haben ja auch identische Firmware Builds auf den Geräten.

  • the_black_dragon

    Alright… tried Version 534 and the bug is really fixed… thank god we don’t have to send our Z1 to Service *_*

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  • Johnzie

    I thought I don’t know how to use it :) My Xperia Z1 suffers for the same bug.

  • Csoka Laszlo

    This “smart connect” app is the most stupid and useless think in all sony phones.

  • John Latimer

    Iam the only person not to get a headset in box with z1 on O2 uk?

  • fried_egg

    HA! My UK one came with the replacement of the MH1c the MH750 or something. But I Bought the MH1C to use with my S 18 months ago. I wondered why it was not launching the music player when I plugged it in. Not bothered about that as I often used Deezer instead of the Walkman or visa versa so auto launch was boring!

  • Babylonbwoy

    I wonder if they didn’t messed up with the two standard OMTP and CTIA ?

  • Babylonbwoy

    My SBH50 is always recognized as SBH52 via the notification pop up when I connect it to XZ/XTZ !

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Im a sony user and fan, but im.gonna pay 700 euro for a phone who has already.has a bugs, wtf sony ??? And.some say the display is a crap, is that true ? I need an answear plz cuz i buy

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  • I seriously don’t believe you want to buy this phone…

    The screen is not crap. Obviously. Where did you read it from? Android Police?

  • Bob dole

    You prefer if they introduce bugs in the updates instead of from beginning?

  • German Shepard

    The headset bug is fixed in the new software

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Its your probleme if you didnt believe, i have the z and im happy with it, despite i have a speaker issue is very low for 2 weeks now and i dont know what to do, and about the screen tap xperia z1 display and u will see a comparaison between lg g2 and other phones and the z1

  • Anonymous

    You would think these two devices (the bundle) must have been tested before being advertise, right?

  • nidou bossy

    English PLEASE! we’re not in a German page/blog/forum!

    Thank you!

  • the_black_dragon

    i know sorry for that. the same Content I’ve written in another comment afterwards just 3 Posts lower ;)

  • Billbond4

    a user on o2 Ireland also reported he/she didnt get the headset too

  • thilo

    I am having the same problem. Cannot answer calls and change volume with the headset buttons. This happens with the original Sony headset and other headsets. Please fix.

  • Gardenshark

    I have an issue with my Z! not hooking up to my Cars Bluetooth. Its a 12 month old VW Passat. Both devices can see each other they just dont want to communicate.Any ideas?

  • Steve A

    z1 connects to my cars bluetooth, but when when you try to make a call or answer an incoming call the phone ends the call as soon as the call is answered, why?

  • GH

    I have trouble with connecting to Plantronics with bluetooth

  • Andy

    This might be a stupid question – but HOW do you change the volume (or select next-track) from the headphones (with my old iphone, there was volume changeable and double-clicks for next/previous track etc)? When I got mine, it was bringing up this “select app” interface. I’ve never been able to click the rocker and change any volume or tracks – all I get is music play/pause. That’s it. What’s up?

  • Andy

    (Meant to add, I’m on the .534 firmware as of yesterday – no change)

  • shangfan

  • Somesh

    I am using the z1 handset from last 10 days still not able to use the headset for answering calls,
    So disabled the app called Smart Connect,
    Still the same,
    Have tried everything nothing works,

    Can someone guide me on this?

  • lanadelreyfanforever

    My normal earbud headfones i got with the fone was working find i had the fone for a day then made a call with them and then i couldnt listen to music after its like the earphones wont register, the earphones work ive tried them in my samsung and and my turtle beaches work in the fone so i cant figure out the problem its really annoying because just normal cheap headphones wont even work though the fone just plays it through the speaker instead any ideas of if anyone got the same problem? Ive searched online but no joy the only post was this one.

  • Ratnadeep Roy

    Yes suffering with this issue, my old Plantronics Voyager Pro is not pairing with Xperia Z1. I got one Samsung HM100 which got paired but the listener gets a hush noise along with my voice, which is very disturbing

  • Ratnadeep

    Don’t invest so much money on a piece of shit like the Xperia Z1

  • Joar

    My Sennheiser headset from my Iphone did’nt work at all, my Bose headset (also for Iphone) did but I’m not able to change the volume but I can answer, the mic works, play and pause music. I bought a brand new Android-based headset but same thing there, I can’t change the volume… Also I did’nt get any headset from Sony when i bought it…

  • booleanvelocity

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  • anonymous

    I just bought the phone today n really disappointed with the head phones after shelling out such a huge amount it’s so sad to have the head phones or the ear phones not supporting at all…….please do something Sony
    Anyone suggest how to have it connected with head phones n ear plugs…….. As there’s something seriously not working with either of these

  • ajeet

    Brand new z1 won’t let me use any headphones. Even the one in the box message appears saying headset not supported :S worked fine a couple days ago.. did the new Walkman update
    seem to have fixed the problem for 30 secs.. Now it’s still not working Sony.. Would appreciate any help thanks…..

  • R70MND

    Hi Steve A, I have just bought a Z1 and now have the same issue! Did you ever get yours resolve???

  • Audrey

    Ive got the same problem too, I have got no idea why but my situation was when i played something through a Bose Speaker, using a connectivity line. I took it off so I could go off with my Xperia somewhere, then when I came back to connect it again, it would only play through the loudspeakers and even my earphones don’t work or anything which connects through there. I desperately need help with it!

  • lanadelreyfanforever

    For some reason it actually works again now and I never did anything, I might have reset it back to default over time but my Sony headfones won’t work in them I’m actually using HTC ones in there it’d really strange I think it might be the connectivity or something Try reseting your phone but make sure u back everything up first.

  • guest

    After reading comments, I am glad that I am not the only one having this issue with the headset not working.

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  • Gaurav Srivastava

    I have Xperia C i have tried three headset but it is reading as headphone . It is giving so much pain i am clueless what to do?

  • tierane

    Earphone jack says there are ear phones in when there is no earphones in my phone was working fine now the notification light doesn’t come on even though I turned it on in setting and something wrong with the earphone jack my phone has not been completely underwater at all I don’t know what’s wrong with this phone and sometimes it can get really hot when I’m on a app or something like right now it hot. Like this phone was perfectly fine now its starting to get on my nerves

  • Daniel

    I have a Z1 compact and the Marshall Headphones does not work by pluggning them in, if i reboot the phone and then plug it in, it works.

  • CODwarrior4899

    The sony xperia z2 is doing now. Sony really neads to fix it

  • Darrel

    Getting this on Z3 now, rubbish sony. Can’t use my munitio billets anymore!

  • dieter

    I’m suffering from this issue with my aiaiai headphones without! Microphone!
    Android pauses my music and turns up and down volume to zero or up to full
    Even though I already uninstalled smart connect!

  • Mel

    Hi were you able to solve the problem? I have the same problem with Passat TSI and Z1.

  • Gardenshark

    Hi there, yes it did resolve itself when the software on the phone updated. Works absolutely fine now.

  • Guy Chauhan

    with my xperia z too. i don’t know if it’s a bug or i did something wrong i, reset my phone (darnit) still the volume is too low when on headset. i don’t wanna root my phone. how can i now if its a bug or malfunctioning of my headphone. i was having a great walkman experience before i don’t know what happened. i used another headset and used in car but even after that it was fine using stock headset but now it’s low volume in but using another headset it gives volume alright. i really love the phone. that’s why i’m overwhelmed.

  • freaked

    I have a same problem on my xperia z2..when i put headset and try to watch youtube or online streaming this smart connect always show out..

  • Miroslav ?agalj

    It doesn’t work for me. Help?

  • Vl?d?reanu István

    I’m having a Sennheiser CX 5.00 G Headset, and with Lollipop 5.02. on an Xperia Z1 Compact – all 3 buttons were working fine. Middle for music and answering calls, volume up and down. Now it’s all haywire – sometimes the SmartConnect kicks in, or the SmartKey, but none of them actually solve this issue. I think I’ll switch back to Kitkat – this was a wastet

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