Xperia Z1 owners – we want to hear your initial impressions

by XB on 23rd September 2013

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Xperia Z1The Sony Xperia Z1 has now been out for a few days, enough of a time to get a view on Sony’s new flagship. We want to hear from owners of the handset – let us know what you love about the handset and what you don’t. How much does it improve on your last handset? What concerns do you have, is it a keeper? We’d love to hear your honest thoughts below. Also, check out a few unboxing videos of the Xperia Z1.

  • Kazuo Sat?

    wish I had one, standing by for others hopefully positive impressions….

  • Herman

    The Z1 is amazing!

    … Oh who am I kidding, I can’t afford the Z1 just yet :(

  • Shimoda

    Reviewers are still complaining about the viewing angles.. This is pissing me off. I’ll just wait for Android Authority Review, They know how to judge a sony phone :l

  • the_black_dragon

    Viewing angles are not perfect but much improved since Z… still bleeding grey tones and white-banding but not as strong as on Z. Most positive is that Colors stay accurate. Z starts to Show wrong colours on bigger angles for example ret fades into pink. On Z1 it will stay red. it gets a bit brighter with some Grey overlay but it is okay

  • the_black_dragon

    This phone is just AWESOME! Gt mine on thursday in Berlin and i’m still impressed about Speed and Quality!
    the only Point that disappoints is camera because on daylight fine structures are blurred out because of strong noise cancelling. similar to Z. on night shots it is impossible to make sharp Pictures… it focuses perfectly but after Shooting the Picture it gets blurry Overall :(

  • Mint

    According to XDA Sony put leftover screen panels from Z/ZL on some Z1s, that’s why some have amazing screens like Z Ultra’s and some have bad screens with horrible viewing angles. What the actual fuck Sony, way to treat your customers.

  • Shimoda

    Okay, viewing angles might not be good.. but when you face a sony screen at maximum brightness, my god it is just gorgeous, and thats what matters to me…

  • Folk Hellfang

    Loi yeah right. Anecdote much?

    I’ve got one: I hear Mint has be caught on multiple occasions taking pictures of road kill carcasses. Way to treat dead animals, Mint.

    See? Just as valid.

  • Mint

    Here’s the thread with some actual proof. Read it.

    Pretty unfortunate example btw.

  • Craig H. Kautz


  • Makiz

    Unfortunately you are right…. Sony knows how to screw some good things up!! I hoped that this phone will be perfect!

  • Dávid Vrabec

    I really like mine, but:
    1. It’s overheating like hell after 10 minutes on web/FB/movie playback… “Would like some NFS: Most Wanted? Best i can do is 5 mins, i will melt your hand afterwards.”

    2. The battery life is not what i’ve expected from 3000 mAh piece. I know it’s 5″ screen but 16% left after 15 hours of which 2hrs was active use? You just can’t be serious.
    3. The camera really should perform better. I feel like i’m getting worse pictures than with my Desire X. In the manual mode, i didn’t manage to take one sharp picture, but the automatic mode worked much better in this aspect.

    On the other hand, the UI is fast, HD video looks stunning and it’s not filled with pre-installed crap despite the O2 branding on my phone.

    /I’m afraid i’ll drop it every time i take it out of my pocket, it’s a bit slippy (glass and all).

    Do you guys have similar problems or i’ve got the bad piece? Could you advise me to get better battery life?(i’m already using all the Z1’s battery saving modes)

  • Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S3 – the Z1 is noticeably a lot faster and smoother in all areas. I like that and that alone makes it a keeper, BUT I have a few problems with it:

    The Z1 is a heavy beast, it reminds me of my old Motorola Milestone (which had a physical slider keyboard).

    My first use of the camera produced shockingly poor photos, full of grain and soft post-processing. This came as a huge shock to me and really put a downer on my shiny new phone. Note the photos were taken indoors, early evening, with the auto settings. Outdoor photos in the sunshine this morning were more than acceptable.

    The viewing angle takes a bit of getting used to, but not a huge issue for me.

    So, kinda mixed feelings after 3 days but on the whole it’s pretty good.

  • Dave Wild

    Had mine since Saturday – so far so good until it crashed today – just sat there and crashed – thank goodness for the reset button. Easy transition from my 4s though I feel a little bit of an android virgin. One possible glitch just noticed streaming audio to my jambox seemed to pop a little – went wired to check the audio files and they’re fine. Anyone else notice anything similar?

  • Jan

    i feel like sony will relase new Playstation xperia device not later than 2015 Q1
    i think it will have no buttons, should have touchable all back like Playstation vita.
    accesory with buttons or cradle to mount on dualshock must be created.

    Xperia Z1 is great also

  • SinaKing

    Fake , Fake , Fake …
    Shame On You !

    Just Read This Post’s For Record from First page of that Fu.. Thread :

    1. ” The one who started spreading that the Z1 uses the leftovers panels from the Z and ZL is total bull****.
    I can confirm no such thing occurred.
    Practically, if you think about it, how Triluminos works is by emitting a blue LED light into this quantum dots of reds and greens.
    Conventional LCD screens like the one that canes with the Z have its white LED shine past the RGB panel.
    So if that donkey “source” is correct, Sony have to tear open the
    leftovers, modify the existing panel for it to be compatible for the
    blue LED.
    It’s simply not practical, or perhaps, pure stupidity.”

    2. “I have both devices XZU and XZ1 both have the same displays. And my Z1 is the first one available.”

    3. “Whose tests? I don’t buy this ****! Hell, I’ve seen both phones and the Z1’s display is way better! Also better viewing angles!!! Just shut up and stop spreading this trolling nonsenical story!”


  • DrazenDodig

    if you read that thread, you will see that so far every phone that was rooted and checked manufacturer had exactly the same Sharp screen.

  • Davo

    I’m very happy with mine. I like that Sony has put ANT+ support back in their phones. I love everything about the phone. The camera is not as good as I was hoping for as has been well documented in reviews. I’m sure this is a software compression issue and sony will fix it in time. I also have the Xperia Z Ultra and now I’m torn between the two. ZU is just beautiful but a bit too big sometimes.

  • rob

    Camera quality is very bad. Specs 1/2.3″ it should be killing, but overcompression and noise suppression overkill mean images turn out worse than my SGS2 could previously output. If this is the best sony has to offer, then damn.

  • the_black_dragon

    OHHHHHH yes. It would blind you at night and just Looks awesome!

  • the_black_dragon

    Too hot? Mine stays nearly cold on normal use… a bit hand-warm but nothing more… Playing NFS:MW about 30mins brings temperatures my Z had during normal use and web browsing… MUCH colder than the Z on same usage…at the Moment i have 3h of Display, 12:30h on battery and 19% battery left… but i used camera very much today that Drains battery a lot. Xperia Z would be off after 2h of Screen on time with same usage

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Hahaha shut up , just shut up no fucking com

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    So sony is laying when she said say goodbye for blurry and bla bla bla ? I think im gonna keep my z

  • Not tried with my Jambox yet: will test tomorrow.

  • Dt

    Had mine a couple of weeks now, it still amazes me every day. The screen is gorgeous, battery is immense. My Z would of died long before the Z1 does. No crashes or resets, generally very very happy, best phone I’ve had yet :-)

  • rob

    If this comment reflects the pinnacle of human intelligence, then there really is no hope for improvement.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    And About camera ? Is that true that the camera is awsome at night like sony said ? And without flash ?

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    When u say that sgs2 camera quality is better than z1, then u r officially blind

  • rob

    I rather accept the truth, and Sony fix up their algorithm. I have this phone, and I’m a photographer. I know the sensor has a lot to offer. All that needs to be done is better camera firmware that doesn’t try compress the image with noise reduction to cater for the masses.

  • knightpt

    This is impossible and you might have a wake-lock there. Even my XZ gets 20 hours with 4h30 of active use (screen on), you might have something there that is ocupying your CPUs all the time, even when “sleeping”. Again, only 2hours of actualy usease is impossible. i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Way too early to be asking this question. As usual the same comments, viewing angles, camera, battery life, sound etc….. which are ”ALWAYS” corrected with updates. The Z1 is better that the Z and that is what matters. In six months or two days or 10 weeks Sony or another manufacturer will have something better. I love Sony and when they release another flagship I will own it and be completely satisfied with my purchase. By the way, Everyone who sees my Z1 loves it, those who have held it don’t complain about the weight, those who look at the pics I have taken use words like WOW, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL.

    The power button is not as substantial as the Z and I feel it is to close the the volume rocker. The flaps are WAY easier to close, The volume rocker and headphone port have a sharpness to them that takes away from the smooth edges, I wish the aluminum frame on my black version was more on the silver side, the notification light is awesome in it’s placement.

    No accessories are available for the Z1 yet, ughhhhhhhh.

  • knightpt

    Stop being a troll, those are fake. Investigate before spreading bulshit.

  • Micro

    I have it for a whole week now, I was very excited at first. As every phone it has pros and cons, but I am certain of one thing: I will definitely NOT switch it for any other for really long time.
    It feels very solid and premium, looks stunning. Finished so perfectly! Camera is very good if you know how how it works. It can take poor pictures, but can take really, really stunning ones. That depends. I don’t have time right now to make a photo review, but I will do later.

    My personal impression, chronologically ;P

    The very first impression? “Oh… wow!!!!”
    2nd: “OMFG, is it possible..? Amazing!”

    3rd: “What moron designed this SD card slot, WTF? Do I really need a tool or don’t bite my nails for a month to put it in there…? Damn..”
    4th: “OK, the SIM slot is a little better so I can at least put it the right way at the first time.. lol”
    5th: “Someone should bomb the house of that guy who included those unusable headphones in this box, this flat wire makes me want to throw them away out of the window..”
    6th: “OMG, it started so fast… WHAT A DISPLAY! Wow!! Oh, this is huge..”
    7th: “Right…. dat bezel.. nahhh..”
    8th: “Oh my, it’s so sensitive that sometimes I even don’t need to physically touch it to respond..! So smooth, so fast! Just perfect! Where is the AnTuTu..? Oh.. now I know the true meaning of the “fast” word, yay!”

    9th: “Alright, I’d better set a cell data limit there, it’s simply too fast… wow, now we can say LTE! Oh yeah!”
    10th: “Actually the bezels are really useful, I can’t imagine how would I hold it without them.. hmm… ”
    11th: “OK, baby, make me a photo, make me proud!”
    12th: “owww.. baby, is it me? or is it you..? You were suppose to make me proud there… ok, lets try some more..”
    13th: “ok, now I get it! You really can do it, baby! Only.. why the hell you shoot only 8Mp in auto? Hey, you have 20Mp or did I buy the wrong phone..? My old XS were shooting 9Mp.. wtf?”
    14th: “Oh, the Steady Shot was off by default.. that explains a lot.. :D [feels so stupid now, lol]”

    15th: “Oh god, this screen will addict me.. lets see how 1080p “Cars” and Avatar movies look on it!!”
    16th: “I love it, I simply love it!”
    17th: “where is the tissue..? it is so beautiful, I need to keep cleaning it..”
    18th: “Lets try the Walkman! Oh my… that’s my baby! Lets try my NFC headset! Wow, really this “one touch” work that fast? Amazing! O_O And this sound… hell yeah!”

    “Ok, finished disabling crap I don’t use. Now let it restart, to make sure everything works ;P”
    19th: “WTF? Why it doesn’t boot? Because the charger is plugged in? Hey!! Boot UP you f**k!!”
    20th: “[after some time] Ok, so you won’t boot if I don’t turn the headset off… weird… ”

    21th: “alright, let’s burn some midnight oil to set you up, baby, the Xperia S have much things I need to transfer to you.”
    22th: “Hmm… it’s close to dusk. Come baby, lets get out to make some outdoor photos! It’s still dark but the sun will come soon, let’s try it!”
    23th: “I love you, Honami. One day with you, one night together, and I will never leave you. Ever!”

    after 7 days holding it close enough to me:

    “Myyyy…. PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! Gollum.. Gollum!”

  • knightpt

    There’s definately hope SOny does exactly that. My XZ up to the last update was kinda “meh” on the photos due to high compression and some kinda ugly artifacts due to the algorithm but on the update released this week (still rolling on most countries) it’s realy better, wich is a sign that they are still working on it and it’s software mostly.

  • Micro

    It is dude, it really is awesome. One condition: if your hands are not shaking like after not having a beer for some time ;))
    No, really – you have to get used to it first a little bit, try/test it first to see how it behaves in different conditions, but once you do… the world is yours.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Ok can u prove it can u make some z1

  • fuckedyourmom

    this is why i dont do drugs.

  • Purnama

    so, are you drunk?

  • Rogue

    I’ve had many Sony devices and yes there cameras are not up to the level of the competition even though most of them use Sony’s sensor and it puzzles me. There software really needs work to much noise suppression and sharpening happens and i would much rather they release the phone with the best camera experience as possible as it’s bad for business to boast about your cam then it’s tested and doesn’t live up to the billing all the fine details are lost in a mush.

  • Micro

    I took some photos of the very first moments, not much but they are real mementos for me

  • zockirrer

    i love mine, i had the Z and after that an S4
    im glad i bought the z1 – its so snappy and beautiful.
    im not going much into detail here, too much english :D
    there are some software issues tho, i have the sony mdr 1rnc headphones and the remote on the cable doesnt work with the z1 which is especially odd since theyre both sony products.
    i also noticed that the walkman app controls on the lockscreen are broken.
    i press forward or stop and the controls disappear and the music stops.
    i hope both issues will get fixed sooner than later

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    More more more

  • Martin Ambre


  • Micro

    last Saturday’s early morning, from hand (for real it was a little darker though)
    I didn’t edit it, straight from the phone. Auto mode.

  • Folk Hellfang

    Yeah… This is exactly what I’m talking about. Anecdotal lip flapping is the truth? Not buying it.

  • Micro

    one more, a while earlier, when it was still completely dark. Not that bad for a hand-held in this light imho.

  • faggot

    What a faggot, taking a picture of a phone with a watch blocking half the watch.

  • MRM

    I fully second this. Why, oh why, Sony…you have a model that supports American bands, just friggin’ bring it here already for chrissakes!!! My contract is up today!!!! Please bring it over here!!!!!

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Awsoooooome man,. Look at the details woow

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Thats realy amazing

  • Micro

    There is still much noise though :/ but for a phone… yes, acceptable I think – there is a hospital back there, look at it’s windows – you can see frames (bezels xDD) on them, it’s about 1km away from the place.

  • Christoph Hammann

    Replaced an iPhone 5 for me. The camera is amazing, especially if you leave pixel binning on. The Sony branded apps are mostly good, like the Mail app and Walkman. Bluetooth settings are the low point, it drops connection to my Schuberth SRC motorcycle helmet set repeatedly.

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    Wow! Just.. wow! Awesome! Its was on automode?

  • Micro


  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Yes i saw that, i think if u use hdr mode the noise will disapear, but thats good no phone can do better

  • Micro

    I wish I had Lumia 1020 with me to compare it. Z1 shoot in 8.3 Mp in Auto Mode, Lumia 1020 only 5Mp, but with “triple” oversampling, not just “double”. The overall quality could be a bit better, but details could not – it’s still 3 million pixels more.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    In low light z1 is much better than the lumia 1020 google it

  • Ray

    Where are you from and what is your job?

  • Micro

    From the planet Earth and my job is to not hate everything I see just because I can see. Why? o_O

  • megane198

    Weak viewing angles. Same with Z/ZL. Maybe, this unit’s display is a leftover from those models? Singapore model. LTE. Cannot comment about camera, not much of a shutterbug. Screen is still great when looking on the spot. Snappier than S4 Pro device.

  • Umar Khan

    oh i thought i was the only one who had the issue with walkman app broken while screen is locked, it used to be fine and all untill i upgraded to 4.2.2, now its all broken and cant use the walkman app while the screen is locked. but i am not talking about z1 i have XZ.

  • I had the phone for 2 days now,
    I used to have Xperia Z, and now switched to Xperia Z1.
    From the first time u would notice the different especially from the solid built and the touch screen, it’s really much better in Z1 .
    Also i noticed how significant the battery is, its totaly noticeable, and much much better than XZ.
    The upgraded software is nice and more bright than old ones.
    The camera is good but u can’t notice big difference from XZ, sure there are some new features and new lence, but i think it has some flaws.
    The XZ1 function perfectly so don’t believe the rumors about some issues.

  • Umar Khan

    Guys please understand the FACT that SONY camera isnt for babies, you need to be very fluent in taking a picture and under a certain way, dont use auto all the time, you need to take into account the scene which you are taking a pic of, my XZ can take real sucky pics in my friend’s hands but it takes AMAZING pics once it is in my hands

  • Kaostheory

    Have the same problem with my T, not sure what is interfering but closing apps or turning the phone off and back on seems to work.

  • tmoi

    Walkman app lags wtf cant even play music smoothly

  • mode893

    One thing I’ve noticed is that when we first get our phones, disappointment sets in in the camera department because 1. We usually have unrealistic expectations of what a phone can do (even lumias need some getting used to before taking excellent shots), and maybe Sony is partly to blame for giving us that impression 2. The workings of the phone need some getting used to. I’ve had to unlearn what I’ve gotten used to from my previous phone and start fresh with the new one every time I get a new phone which is tiresome but very rewarding at the end of the day because chances are technology has advanced and the new one is better if not just a tad bit than the previous 3. Lack of patience to see it perform to it full potential. Just my two cents from my experience ;)

  • zerocools

    Carrier’s fault too, not just Sony.

  • tgn

    Having the phone from 3days, its awesome, display super good, my only problem is the moment i open gmail, it is abruptly closing, i am unable to check the mails.

  • Michael Scharfe

    Maybe it’s also about the color? White could be colder?

  • xperiafan324

    You should try a few of the manual settings, the noise is going up because superior auto chooses a higher ISO in low-light, you will not be disappointed once you’ve fiddled with Manual mode, or so I’ve read. :)

  • xperiafan324

    In same boat as you. :(

  • Dårshân

    Few mre low light and day light pics plzzzz

  • Bob dole

    The watch is blocking half the watch? Ok, I guess your arse is up your arse.

  • Bob dole

    Trudat. Spam the carriers so they hurry the f-k up :)

  • Xavier Contreras

    Hi there, great first impressions! I’m going to get an xperia Z1 myself. May I know which NFC headsets do you use?

  • Cristi13

    If for you is not a problem, that doesn’t mean is not for others, like people complaining about the s4 and plastic. And no, there is no conspiracy against sony.

  • Micro


  • Cristi13

    Why even bother asking? All you will get is how they super love their z1 and other brands like htc, samsung (especially samsung, cuz apparently to be a sony “fan” you need to hate them),suck. And the few who would give you a nice, honest opinion will be bashed. This is how it always works around here.

  • Micro

    So stop doing this and encouraging trolls. Don’t be a hypocrite, and don’t bring Samsung to the post it is not about it, you slapped me for the very same thing (you were right when you did it, I admit it).
    I love my Z1, I don’t hate Samsung (only some actions and lies of them), I really DO respect HTC, and still I can’t see much bashing on me…

  • Xavier Contreras

    thanks, have fun with your phone ;-)

  • Cristi13

    Sorry for being cynical, but since I’ve been on this forum the same thing happened, i needed to get it of my mind. I will edit my post.

  • zockirrer

    thx for the info, i was afraid im the only one with this issue
    sony F’d up the software then.
    i hope it gets fixed soon
    since the headphone remote and the lockscreen controls arent working
    i have to pull out the phone and enter the homescreen just to change the track
    annoying as hell especially since its raining all day here in germany
    and although water proof – im not exposing my Z1 to raindrops :P

  • Colby Leong

    I think T-Mobile is going to get it no matter what, hands down. If anything maybe AT&T, because they were partners numerous times before. And Verizon is a toss up, cause they have really only partnered with Sony once, for the Xperia Play, I believe.

  • Rob

    Basically what you are saying is if you like the phone you are a liar, and if you don’t like it you are a poor soul being terrorized by the fanboys..

    Seems very trollish to me tbh :)

  • Cristi13

    I already apologized for being an asshole. But my point is how people het so attached then the next second they start, uhh samsung sucks and others. I never said that you should not like your phone. And the second part was for, someone who is, maybe disappointed or sees something that he doesn’t like in the phone (but still loves it) and others jump on him, “cuz their dear sony can’t have flaws”. So yeah i was cynical about it, sorry again.

  • dfq

    it’s not due to noise cancelling actually. it’s more of lack of focus. usually, the center is the only part that is sharp.

  • arcu de triumf

    LG G2 has less grainy photos in low light…See for yourself. No visible pixels like in Z1 or any other Xperia phone. Why Sony can’t do the same?

  • Shivam

    Best Phone <3

  • the_black_dragon

    it IS after processing… because in preview if i hold Focus the Picture is totally sharp and after the shot it is blurry :-/

  • Micro

    flowers – really difficult light (only one 30W bulb up there in the room), night, many many details, high ISO.

    games – daylight, cloudy weather, low ISO, many details and colors – now THIS is the photo that a month ago I would never believe comes from *any* phone.

    Download them to see originals.

  • Chris

    can you post more photos? like macro, hdr, indoor, outdoor, etc :)

  • Mo

    Actually, that is not correct – at least not entirely. Your PREVIEW on the screen is not what is taken by the full sensor, just a sneak peak. You may have noticed, that light and color settings may be different as well. But you get a preview directly, though it’s not using fullsize image. When you take the foto, it downsamples the highres photo and shows you an interpolated picture oft the big one – which might result in fuzzyness. Effect is even bigger on Lumia 1020, where the image is crystalsharp in preview, then gets soft after saving. Images are still sharp when watched on bigger screens. So what I’m saying is: you may not judge by the things you see in preview.

  • Hoot

    But when it blinds you – what good is it then to look awesome? ^^

  • Peterpots

    Initial impression of the Z1 is amazing.
    I replaced my Xperia S with the Z1….the differences are astounding.
    The S is a great phone, but the speed and screen differences alone make the Z1 worthwhile.
    It isn’t overly big, only half inch longer and a quarter inch wider than the S, but the difference is amazing.

    The QX10 lens…now that is Fookin amazing. I took a pic of a colleague yesterday, from the opposite end of a 10 metre long office, on FULL zoom and the picture was amazing.
    She even told me off because you could see her wrinkles…lol

  • ahomad hosin

    you might have a defected unit, mine stayed last time for 37 hours with around 4 hours of use before I needed to charge it (was around 8%)

  • Ghareeb Saeed

    The Sounds Quality with the headphones and without ?

  • Micro

    Music – loud and clear from the speaker, really good quality with good headphones. The “xLoud” option doesn’t boost it as much as on XS, but it is loud enough. And the placement of the speaker – now you don’t cover it with hands when holding at any position, it was a pain in XZ.

    Talk – very clear and loud enough, you can enable “loud” on ear speaker (for deaf ppl), then you can hear everything even with the phone away from you without turning on the big speaker.

  • schattenkonig58

    My Z1 Is Still in Customs :(

  • xMelBurNx

    can someone tell me if the speaker is louder than the xperia s or galaxy s4 or ?I herad some revies that the speaker of the z1 is disappointing hmmm Im not sure if its true .Can someone answer me about the speaker,because i need a perfect phone and the z1 maybe is the closest best and perfect phone for me

  • xMelBurNx

    can u tell me if the speaker of the z1 is louder than the xperia s?Thanks.
    i really want this phone too because i feel old with my xperia s hahahah :D

  • shayan gozarabadi

    so true…i don’t have z1 and never will…on my opinion z1 is disappointing..

  • fried_egg

    Love the battery life. Love the way it handles video & music. Love the size of screen and the phones size. Have not had a chance to take a photo in a normal photo situation so no comment on that function. I would have liked the frame to be a little lighter in colour on the black model as its all a bit “dull” – the screen also seems to be a lot less bright than the S on its max setting. However, what a freaking phone. Downloaded the 5 free movies and frankly they look wonderful on the screen.

  • Micro

    They are comparable, pretty much the same. Sometimes I even think the S is a little bit louder. But the ear speaker in Z1 is 2000% louder, you don’t need to touch the phone with the ear anymore to hear everything.

  • fried_egg

    strange things when compared to the xperia S – there are now 3 apps needed to “play with photos” eg, one to add scribbles another to crop when before 1 seemed to do all things. While there is no sound recorder. however while it is 30g heavier than the S it does not feel so, it feels lighter somehow.

  • Nirinato

    Does xperia z have hdr mode ?

  • Micro

    yep, both Z and Z1 have hdr

  • Craig H. Kautz

    Yeah I’m on AT&T, but I have been waiting to do my upgrade for the past 2 months for this phone! Hopefully we don’t have to wait 2-4 months for it I can’t afford an unlocked phone sadly 200<800

  • Ghareeb Saeed

    Thank you. I have the XperiaZ already, but do you really recommend the XZ1?

  • dfq

    and after the site says negative things about it, you complain that the site is biased. funny how many are blinded by the sony brand. i love sony but we have to be objective. it’s funny how many used to praise gsmarena and now bash it because of the not so favorable review. we have to understand that it’s sony’s fault. they sent a faulty review device. they launched the product without finalizing the software.

    it really pains me to admit that even the gs4 takes sharper and more detailed photos. z1’s photos are blurry on the sides. when will sony ever learn to release a perfect product?

  • Mohit Chhetri

    Just awesome in every way, more fluidic and smoother than a butter, display sharp on track, icons are colourful and pop out, night camera and day outdoors are freakingly awesome, indoors sucks a bit but only when you zoom it in, battery awesome, sound is okay in speakers, but it sometimes fails to vibrate when you use it for long time and if you shake it then it’ll start vibrating.. No developers option in setting, no other issues found yet

  • Slightly glitchy software, large device size, and a display that leaves a user wanting for more. It could have been better. I hear there’s a display lottery, seems I didn’t get the best one.

    40k inr gone down the drain

  • Charlie Collins

    As a US resident, I’m sitting frustrated waiting for the Z1 to arrive. However, perhaps Sony has a secret partnership with Google and the Z1 will be the Nexus 5 – that’s no stranger than anything else Google has pulled before. Further, Google seems to keep it’s devices secret far better than Apple these days. Something fun to mull on.

  • Micro

    That depends on what do you expect. Build quality is completely outstanding, I hate using additional screen protectors, now I don’t need one. I hear everything, battery is surprisingly good. Bezels actually help A LOT with handling. Flips are much easier to close than in Z. It is very responsive, amazingly smooth and fast. The display is A WAY better than in Z. Extremely sharp, colors are natural, not to vivid, great contrast. View angles.. well, once the brightness is set to maximum you won’t complain about any freaking angles. But of course, at the cost of the battery. Battery isn’t that bad as some say, but this monster have more power than some play stations, it NEEDS juice. It won’t make it to a full day if you are gonna play games the whole day, no way. But no overheating, unexpected resets or crashes. The SD card slot pisses me off, the LED indicator is beautiful but a little too dim for me, I miss it sometimes. And the camera placement… worse ever. Yes. The camera is perfect, but I needed much time to get used to it’s placement so I don’t cover it with my finger while taking a photo. The same goes with the shutter button, too close to the corner, difficult to reach. I am a photographer and this actually is an issue for me – I used to have lens at middle-center or left-center. Since I can’t see the back side of the phone I constantly “think” it’s somewhere in the middle so I hold the phone the way I always do, and then.. “oh, crap, I did it again..”. Not to mention finger on the lens will certainly ruin your shot, so you have to clean it first, and this is a bit annoying for me.

    This is still the best phone I have ever had and I would not switch it for anything. I can now use it with BT/USB keyboard like a computer (no need for laptop anymore!), like a wi-fi hot spot, like a phone, like a camera (no more heavy DSLR bags!), like a play station, and a music player. Plus I can use all my USB flash-drives & card readers with OTG cable, PERFECT for transferring photos from my DSLR when I need more space (SD -> Pendrives). I don’t need to be too much careful with it, it’s solid, weatherproof.. And it’s so, so, sooooo beautiful!

  • P9

    yes even my lww. stunning camera. love the way u say not for baby. xD

  • P9


  • Ghareeb Saeed

    Thank you! You are dope!

  • Than Ramile Dela Cruz

    battery, n*gga

  • gunboat_d

    why did you buy it? what was your previous device?

  • Cristi13

    Yes, unfortunately the speaker on the z1 (like the z before) is quite soft, under the s4 and even the xps. But at least this time is placed onthe bbottom (as opposed on the side on the z). But is not that bad, i guess, so if you really like the phone (and you’ve done your research about other things, like display and about other phones), i suggest you to buy it and enjoy it :). Cheers, mate.

  • the_black_dragon


  • the_black_dragon

    i know what you mean BUT, the photo after ive taken it is so much blurred that i can see it without zoom

  • Dave

    Are the weird compression/sharpen artifacts still present on the burst mode photos? I read somewhere that shooting in burst leaves the photos untainted by Sony’s detail rape.

  • I was using the HTC One. Bought it in India.

  • Dave

    G2 photo looks smudgy, doesn’t it? Sony does a sharpen that tends to make it look more pixelated, but not as blurry.. I agree that the sharpen is worse because it’s so obvious, but they’re both pretty bad. I’m not sure why these manufacturers don’t have a toggle for the photo processing.

  • drunkenmax

    I’ve had it for a week. the phone is great. I hate the micro USB cover so have ordered the docking station. I’ve also received the QX10 which I am looking forward to playing with. Pleasantly surprised with the Sony skin.

  • Sayan Summers

    exactly i heard dat too..dey r also saying camera is not dat much..waiting for both android authority & detroitborg..

  • azzido

    from Poland I can see, the pictures :P
    my country :)

  • MRM

    It’s not Android Authority, but, Engadget just came out with a review speaking to this point:



  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Yes of course

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    I will get this phone in 2 or 3 w eeks , better thank z by faar

  • Umar Khan

    dont worry the next update which is realeased and at any moment we all will get the notification resolves all the issues

  • Ryan

    The only thing I can complain about is display quality… Because I also have a Z Ultra… Z1’s screen quality is difinitely no match for Z Ultra.

  • ShopByChoice

    Sony Xperia Z1 is most popular smart phone in the recent years . It has all latest features that we expect from smart phone . It is supported all latest apps like whatsapp, google map and GPS and many more . It has also full HD recording functionality .

  • Diego

    AMAZING! Like a diamond, display super!!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Won’t happens, Sony count on it’s content to make money, a sony google smartphone would have none of their apps (video unlimited, music unlimited, playstation, walkman, etc).

  • Babylonbwoy

    Not sure to understand what you say about screen protector ? You had a Z, what the difference is with Z1 ? Anti Shatter is scratch proof unlike Z ?

  • Babylonbwoy

    For those who understand french, Les Numériques have published a complet test with lab testing and all

    Review is not that good, they say that viewing angles (for those who care) aren’t lot better than Z, very heavy weight, and photo aren’t very good (noise, grain, etc).

    I’m just reporting…

  • Babylonbwoy

    19th: “Ok, finished disabling crap I don’t use. Now let it restart, to make sure everything works ;P WTF? Why it doesn’t boot? Because the charger is plugged in? Hey!! Boot UP you f**k!!”

    A common thing on xperia’s, true!

  • Micro

    yeah, right – like facebook and twitter – witch of course you don’t have on mighty your non-xperia phone. Oh, what a shame!

  • Micro

    blah blah blah
    keep trolling, I don’t care

  • Xperia Z1

    Got my “Xperia Z1 (white)” today…it is freaking awesome..n m so f* loving it

  • Edmundo Alcívar

    Can´t buy it!!!!! =( Had to sell my XZ!!! =( =(

    The phone looks awesome!!!

  • Cp2020

    Night view of a roundabout in Poland.

  • Micro

    It is a small town, very small, and yes, I know, the pics are geo-tagged ;)

  • xperiiiiiaaaa

    Buy or not to buy …that`s the question …

  • jag

    I think you need to tap on the kernel version (3x) in the about phone section or something then the developer option will come out.

  • presto

    Hi! I am thinking of buying the Xperia Z1 and since this will be my first top-end phone, I really want to know all issues relating to it. Have you dropped your phone yet? God forbid anything happen, but how do you cope with the fear of it falling?

  • Micro


    3 issues so far has been confirmed, 2 of them already fixed, 1 still not. All of them are nothing you may be concerned about anyway (unless you have Wi-Fi router working on channel 12 – if you do, set the channel to 11 and that’s it).
    But… about dropping it. Well, glass is a glass. Phone weight a bit, and even most resistant glass is still only a glass – fragile. I don’t think a fall on stone or other hard and solid surface from more than 1m would end well if it hit with the screen (and Murphy said that in case of fall it will hit with the exact center of the screen in the hardest possible point).
    I actually dropped it 2 times already, from my chair when it slipped out of my hands. Once ended up on the carpeted floor in my room and the other time on the wooden floor. Didn’t leave any scratch anywhere, like it never happened. But now I am more careful, I bought Krusell’s hard case, seems to do the job perfectly. I was thinking about Nillkin shell but.. Krusell is enough for me.

    Don’t really know what to tell you, you can ask me anything. Overall it definitely is worth buying. Most high-end phones are, this is not the only one. Did you have already such a big phones? I mean, you know, 5″ is quite a display. It’s amazing, but not everyone like it. The phone is ridiculously fast and smooth, have enough power to be used as a laptop or playstation. But it costs energy – again, the 5″ display. Depends on what do you really expect. Ask, I can at least try to help.

  • P9

    I mean only baby who don’t kno how to take photo, says this. :3

  • Rogue

    THis seems to be the most problematic/bug filled phone Sony has released to date and I wonder why the top of the brass keeps letting the name of Sony and it’s reliability go down the drain? I mean a camera centric phone whose photo’s are full of noise and the images processor not working as it should even worst the bionz processor gets so hot the cam won’t take pics till it cools down.Then the bluetooth bug that causes the phone to hang when booting wow numerous bugs and problems and to think Sony was given an opportunity by Samsung to shine since Samsung has decided to lock there devices regionally smh. How could you Sony be falling so far to sully your track record like this? You are quickly becoming the best at failing to deliver the best product on day 1 and that my friends has led to the death of Palm,BlackBerry and even Nokia to some extent the writing is o the wall take heed.

  • the_black_dragon

    i KNOW how to take photos my friend… and this camera is far away from perfect…

  • fshelkey

    The phone is awesome, amazing camera, but the phone heats really faster.

  • Levent

    Thats right unfortunetly sony is using left over screens for the z1 and think they can get away with this, this is the sole reason why i changed my mind, sony s quality is very questionable

  • Ghareeb Saeed

    Say Hello to my new friend XZ1 in WHITE :P I just got it here ‘n the middle east! :D

  • gunboat_d

    why did you switch?

  • Cuz Im stupid

  • Dragon64

    I returned the first Z1 I had pre-ordered due to the camera lens being off-centre within the casing; obviously it was put together badly (unusual for Sony). This evening, while setting up the replacement phone, it crashed, first jumping prematurely to the lock screen, then flickering for a split second, before leaving only a dark, slightly glowing screen and no response from the power button. On my old Xperia Arc, if this ever happened, I’d simply take out the battery, then replace it and re-boot (this was a concern of mine when deciding on a new phone, but I was reassured by many iphone users that it would never be an issue, because the power button would always work). Third time lucky….?

  • venkata

    I bought Xperia Z1 on 20th Sep, I also found the yellow hue tint issue on my fone..

    Sony India, I bought Xperia Z1 from Sangeeta mobile store on 20th Sep in Bangalore, Forum value mall. I also Have Xperia S, Xperia TX, I compare the same video with Xperia TX. The videos with white backgrounds is far better in TX compared to Z1. my Z1 is having yellow hue tint issue. What is the solution for this issue?? . I AM NOT ABLE TO POST ABOUT THIS ISSUE IN “SONY MOBILE IN” FACEBOOK SITE Y?? . SONY BLOCKED ME TO PUT COMMENTS/REVIEWS ABOUT THE

  • venkata

    .534 update made my fone lagg and not able to type on the keyboard when I am using paired blutooth headset with it.

  • Latish

    Can you tell me how is display of Z1 as compared with samgun AMOLED Screens. I want to buy a phone which has a good display. As i had read many reviews that Z1 display is not good

  • Latish


  • Latish

    There are rumors about bad display quality is it true?

  • Dragon64

    After reaching sky-high temperatures (CPU obviously working hard on something, just not letting me in on the secret), the Z1 rebooted itself and now everything seems fine…

  • Micro

    Let me put it this way, because nobody cannot tell you what is better for you:
    – if you prefer perfect, deep blacks and insanely vivid colors, warm white, then definitely AMOLED is for you, don’t even bother with Z1 – Samsung is perfect for you.

    – if you prefer perfect whites, vivid but very natural colors at the cost of much worse blacks and not perfect view angles – Z1 will make you happy, AMOLED will only make your eyes bleed and headaches because of its natural oversaturation.

  • no it is not.
    best mobile phone ever.
    really it’s premium device.

  • MRM

    Can any of the Z1 owners speak to how fragile the glass is? I know this was an issue with the Z for some, but, I’m curious to hear how shatterproof the front and back glass is with the Z1, if it’s any better?

    …I’m still patiently waiting for US carriers to release this thing to us…. :'(

  • Keith Davidson

    I’ve had my Xperia Z1 since 21/09. My main issue with it so far is that the Video Unlimited app and the Google Play app will only let me download SD movies, so far I am unable to download any HD movies. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • hoozney

    i juz buy this sony xperia z1 yesterday, today after about 1 hour charging it cannot switch on and it hang with orange light keep still on…why it happen like that?

  • Keith Davidson

    You have to press the Red button under the sim card cover for about 5 secs. Mine did that after about a week.

    Can you confirm whether you are able to download HD movies from either of the movie apps? Or at least let me know if it gives you the option.

  • Ralph Myrnäs

    I think it’s great but… 2 bad crashes in a week. With no battery to remove I had to find a sharp pencil to hard boot. Another thing is that the camera app UI seems to be customized for another phone as it only have dots and no icons on the softbutton so you really not sure whats gonna happen when you press them.

  • Pablo


  • Dom

    Just bought mine yesterday, when closely examined in the sunlight today, the micro sd flap could not be closed completely. Not sure if I’ll get a replacement later at the store.

  • Vincent Ho

    Still trying to find a way to disable the charging light

  • Jagger

    I have been using Z1 for the past 1 months with occasional apps crash that i can recover by restart the apps. However, I just encountered a total crash 1 hour ago. After completed a call and hangup, the phone went into total crash. I can turn on the screen and pressing the power button has no impact. The phone becomes very hot so obviously the CPU is still running. Do a hard reset on the phone (next to sim card slot) does not have any affect too. I have to let the battery totally run dry and recharge… and now it managed to restart and working again. Was wondering if anyone experience the same thing before?

  • Patrik

    Having issues with the touch screen “it presses by itself” accessing menus etc by itself…

  • Goc Von Višnjevac

    Very…very…good device.
    I can’t find a flaw, especially now, when we update it to 257 firmware.
    Only thing I miss is touch/knock to wake (like on tablet Z)
    If it’s possible – include that to KitKat (I kinda think you’ll skip 4.3) and this will ne the best device ever…

  • Judas

    ‘This is the first time I needed help to insert a fucking sim card. This phone is absolute garbage. I managed to break it before I could use it.

  • Jellyjo

    Mixed emotions – screen scratches easily. Miss my S2.
    I’ve had my Z1 for a couple of weeks and as a mini tablet it’s great. The screen is very responsive and it’s pretty fast when surfing. The camera is fab – a big improvement on the Galaxy S2 which I had before. You have to be careful how you hold it though when using the flash. I tend to put my finger too close to the lens which causes some over exposure. I do find it a little on the large side for using one handed.
    On the minus side – the screen scratches very easily. From a short journey in my handbag it came out grazed and with quite a deep scratch in the corner. It now travels in a sock until I can find a suitable case.
    BUT – today, my lovely new phone seems to have died or at the very least become very poorly. I picked it up to make a call and the screen had gone completely blank. I assumed it must have run out of power, although it had 30% battery left 5 mins before. It was warm to the touch which I thought was strange as it had been 20 mins or so since I had used it. On attempting to charge the phone it is getting hotter but I still can’t power it on. Looks like I will be sending this one back. I’m beginning to wish I’d gone for the Samsung Galaxy S4 instead :o(

  • Doug57

    Of all the things I enjoy doing most is watching my music videos on my smartphone. However after recently purchasing a Sony Xperia Z1 I am dissapointed that I cannot play my music videos on it. Not only does it not play my music videos it also erases my 64GB Micro Sim with all my data on so I have to keep recopying my data from my laptop to my Xperia Z1. Does anyone know what video file type is compatable with the Xperia Z1, my music videos were originally MP4 I have converted them to both Android and Sony PS3 720p but neither will work. Having reloaded my data no end of times I don’t know what else to do. I’m really gutted that Sony don’t support my personal collection music videos. Can anyone help please, I am really grateful for any advise.

  • bilal

    Turned out to be a poor phone, really disappointed due to the fact there are many problems. Firstly to charge the phone need to play with the wire for the phone to realise the charger has been connected then sometimes it cuts out while charging. Display will go dead for long periods of time, no matter how many times you press the power button on the side. Battery consumption is erratic. SD card decides to unmount itself and for some reason the phone hasn’t detected the SD card for a few days now, even though have tried replacing it many times and switching the phone on and off. When making calls if you a phone number which cannot be connected to the dead line tone can be heard but not avoided and can’t exit call for atleast a minute no matter how many times I press end call so you constantly hear the dead tone for about a minute. Can be very annoying when trying to phone somebody in a hurry. The cameras AR effects run very poorly and in some cases no effects come up on screen even though it says face camera on a flat surface and move phone side to side. Loads more problems with this handset, will be sending back to three very soon.

  • Xperia Z1

    Well,I liked xperia z1 a lots in there function and many many.
    But my screen just stunned and shown LED white light only after I remove from the charging dock.
    Can i know what happened?

  • Xperia Z1

    Sorry,i means the stunned moment only last for few seconds but it shown twice after charging.
    Can i know what happened?
    Is it bugs or what?

  • Martin

    Just bought it a couple weeks ago and am really happy with it, only thing I don’t like is the shock protecting film on the screen scratches real easily. Does anyone know if this can be replaced?

  • Rajmohan Kalyani

    I had bought new xperia z1 two weaks back, but i had lot problems facing, if phone is getting haet while using apps & playing games. The walkmen gets automatically off while using using another apps. I need a solution. I think it is very worst thing to use this phone. in night time photo raphy also quite not well.

  • Minxiemoo

    I absolutely love my Z1, but one complaint I have is that I am unable to transfer apps to the sd card without rooting my phone! I use Google Music and I’m at over 75% capacity on my phone memory despite having a 64gb sd card. This is very frustrating! Please rectify this Sony as it is a big issue in what I would otherwise class as a close to perfect phone.

  • EvertClancy

    Just confirm me , whether its INTERNET continue to connect while making/receiving phone calls, My Xperia Z Internet goes on Hold while receiving/making calls, This really sucks, As TRUE CALLER doesn’t works while receiving calls, and Miniclip Pool Games lost When u get a call during the play, One more SHIT about this Xperia Z and Z1 that WHATS THE BEST OF SONY ??? WHEN IT DOENT COME WITH A CYBER SHOT CAMERA WITH ZENON FLASH , like in Nokia N8, It can STOP a Moving FAN While taking a pic of rotating FAN, Sony u r making FOOL of Peoples, saying that The BEST OF SONY IN A SMART PHONE. SUCKS

  • yons

    1) the back panel is getting hot. It’s warm but overly warm sometimes.
    2) i think is still buggy. After closing apps..sometimes the wallpaper changed by it self
    3) battere running out a bit too fast.
    4) the keyboard just a bit too sensitive.

    Anything else is perfect. Love the build the screen quality..i thought the thick bezel looks awful but after holding it..actually still pretty sweet to look at.

  • BanditX

    I Can’t change the answer mode on the xperia Z1 you can only swipe it to answer a call I would like to touch the phone or a button, I hate having to swipe it, I keep losing my calls PLEASE CHANGE THIS AND CREATE AN APP TO CHANGE THE ANSWER MODE ON THE XPERIA Z1 PLEASE :-((((((((.

  • Nagaraj

    Never Buy Any Xperia Z series Smartphones, there is no service from Sony, any damages on the Phone will not be repaired by Sony, it is the replacement unit at the cost of the new phone

  • Nz

    I recently switched from Iphone to Sony Xperia because my family were convinced that it was a million times better. I have a mac laptop and made sure I told the tech guy will I have any problems with my music and apps ? he said oh don’t worry everything they make for apple they make for android. you just need to get sony bridge and your music will be sweet. This is NOT the case. Not only do a third of the apps I had are not avaliable for Android, the sony bridge doesn’t run smoothly either. The app system for apple is far more richer in choice, and the apple community a reciprocal relationship. The over all experience I find forceful and illogical to set up. Deleting applications for example do not work when I drag and drop it to the bin. Instead I have to swipe all the way to the left. Very simple operating systems are over complicated. I’m just your average person and I do understand that the z1 has the best avaliable technology on the market. Which is awesome but they way you’ve set it up alienates the average joe because its lacking the well thought out ‘experience’. I’m not a tech wizard and majority of consumers aren’t. My advice if you think of switching from apple don’t.

  • Tredel

    Have the phone! And a 55 3d led smart tv to connect the two. Don’t work doneloadable content won’t work. Costomer service no help been 10 days and still nothing. Should have never left team IPHONE! Am I doing something wrong? Or do I just need take all back and try samsung or LG

  • Kenzo Fai

    for my Z1 is tap many times on the Build Number. every 3 taps press, it will notice you how many step away from the developer option remaining.

  • adam

    Love the potential that the phone offers but the camera pictures are very noisy and,.despite trying the manual settings, the picture quality is very low, definitely not 20mp. Also, the phone continually and of its own accord, resets all the settings back to factory standard ones. Very frustrated.

  • s.s

    If I shower with it today for half an hour can I do the same tomorrow and the day after aswell?

  • Njiiri Karago

    Wonderful phone love

  • sshrest6

    I am facing the same problem with this handset. Does any one know the solution for heating?? I have done factory reset and rebooting everythg.. still not working..Or have I got the defective set??

  • water

    The phone looks premium..
    Attracts a lot of scratches. It’s not having gorilla glass..
    And poor viewing glass
    Wifi direct not working
    Camera captures only 8mp photos

    Due to the soft keys on the bottom of the screen, gaming is not as good as expected

    This device is really strong, already fallen from my hand many times.. But still working good..and it’s waterproof too..
    Head phones that come with the pack is horrible..

    Low light imaging is really awesome..
    Macro focus not so good

    Overall I would give a 3of5

  • Duck

    I love the phone, but why on Earth did the company that invented the Walkman include such uncomfortable headphones on their top end phone?

  • Scientist Puke

    LOVE the hardware … after update to 4.3 ALL of my apps crash randomly and seemingly without cause. Everything from Gdrive, to contacts, to you name it. Incredibly frustrating. Before I take to Sony’s twitter, has anyone experienced this yet?

  • marcosw

    Power cap keeps falling off. And I keep losing it.. Exchanged a phone once.. Sell additional flaps or fix the teather please.

  • The Beard

    Here’s my issues (just some that I can think of now) to date. And I really hope Sony is paying attention and actually reading this Blog!

    Xperia Z1S does not have a restart option. Can only power on
    and off!

    Xperia Z1S does not have a way to turn off the LED when
    charging/charging with dock.

    Xperia Z1S has extremely hard time switching to LTE/4G
    connection when leaving area of WiFi.

    Xperia Z1S speaker sound/volume when on a call is very low
    level or even when turning on speaker phone, the volume is very low.

    Magnetic charger is great, but why not include a magnetic
    charger cord!?

    Charging using standard mini USB is super pain and clunky
    operation, even more so when needing to charge Xperia Z1S in a car.

    Xperia Z1S doesn’t have a way to change the background color
    options in the phones setting menus. Sure be nice to see a black background
    with white lettering rather than only white.

    Xperia Z1S has serious fingerprint issues. This thing gets
    dirty quick.

  • The Beard

    Some more issues that need to be mentioned. Again SONY, hope you’re actually reading this and taking notes.

    Xperia Z1S copy paste functions do NOT work on every page or
    screen. And when it does work, it’s incredibly hard to use or manipulate.

    Having the HOME, BACK and MENU options on the screen makes
    the screen look smaller. These buttons should be on the phone not as part of
    the main viewing screen. There’s so much real state on the phone itself, why incorporate
    these functions as part of the actual viewing screen?

    Xperia Z1S locks up/freezes randomly and completely shuts
    down for no reason.

    Need to have a easier access to KILL apps that
    are running.

  • Ian

    is anyone having trouble with calls going onto hold while talking, if so how do you avoid it

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