Sony Add-on SDK 2.0 brings support for SmartWatch 2 and Camera Add-on API

by XB on 24th September 2013

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Xperia Z1 Camera Apps mode selectorSony has released version 2.0 of its Sony Add-on SDK for app developers. The latest version brings support for the Sony SmartWatch 2 as well as the new Camera Add-on API. The Smart Extensions API update for the SmartWatch 2 allows for new layouts to be displayed as well as smoother scrolling in the Gallery and ListView. It also allows developers to access the compass/magnetometer and light sensor.

The Camera Add-on API is a new API that allows developers to integrate their own camera app into that of the Xperia Z1 i.e. it can be launched directly from the Z1’s Smart Social Camera. It can also be used the other way around i.e. the Xperia Z1 camera mode and settings can be used in a third-party app. A tutorial on how to create a Sony Xperia Z1 camera app can be found here. One such app that already includes Xperia Z1 support is CamiApp.

Other APIs in the Sony Add-on SDK includes the Small App API to create Small Apps for the Xperia Z1, Z, ZL, Tablet Z and Tablet S. It also includes the IR Remote API to develop IR remote enabled apps for Xperia Tablet Z, Tablet S and ZL.

Via Sony Developer World.

  • Aslam khan

    Is the z1 camera app comming to xperia z

  • dil2abu

    Waiting for that to happen :-)

  • Keon Fraites

    According to Sony Xperia over at Google plus it seems as though we may be getting it along with XReality, not saying we will but they have said that they are currently working on another update for us which brings it (not .67 update) a new one.

  • Lolzer

    I don’t get it.
    X-Reality is a CHIP/processor, not a software like Bravia Engine. Even if you guys get it, it will only be a “renamed” version of Bravia Engine, and it cannot do what X-Reality can, such as artificial pixel reproduction.

  • Lolzer

    Oh and before I miss anything, BionZ is also an image processor, which is a hardware, NOT software. But no doubt the camera apps on Z1 can be ported to XZ

  • Dil2abu

    In XDA, Developers already ported X-Reality to Xperia Z.. Not just renamed BE, It does what X-Reality use to do..

  • x-periance

    hope soon sony will include manual focus, background blur control, bokeh setting and shutterspeed control and true hdr processing ( 3image layer combination ). current had only two layer capture. it will be awesome… :-)

  • aditya

    does experia c supports smart watch

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