Sony QX10/QX100 Lens-Style Cameras now shipping; QX100 in teardown video

by XB on 26th September 2013

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Sony QX100 TeardownThe Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens-style cameras are now shipping across retailers globally. The QX10 is in stock at for $248, whilst the QX100 is temporarily out of stock after selling out of its initial batch. In the UK, both models are available in with the QX10 at £169.95 and the QX100 at £359.95. The models are also in stock across the regional Sony Store websites.

To celebrate the launch of these lens-style cameras, Sony has put the more expensive QX100 through a teardown. It’s a great insight to see how Sony has managed to fit all of the parts found inside the RX100 II camera inside this lens form factor. You also get to see the camera re-assembled. For those interested in this marvel of engineering, check out the video below.

  • Laurie Miles

    It says “Video has been removed by the user” :-)

  • Cp2020

    Video had been torn down as well

  • XperiaBlog

    That’s a shame – hopefully it will go live again and we’ll re-link.

  • fiwatec

    “QX100 is the best smartphone accessory that nobody never buy” as says. unfortunately it’s feasible truth…

  • Sami Mrabet

    Entire Youtube seems to be down :S that could cause the problem

  • Judas

    Does the QX100 support Z Ultra? Can i use the QX100 with my Z Ultra?

  • Aisback
  • Micro

    yes you can ;)

  • John

    Can it support Xperia ZL?

  • xperiax10.awesome

    if 100 dollar less – everybody would have got this !!

  • tk

    All android and ions devices supported

  • Mike

    Would the QX100 be able to clasp onto the Z ultra?

  • the_black_dragon

    ist a lie… I ill buy it ;)
    this thing is absolutely awesome and why should I buy a 700 Euro Compact camera or DSLR Camera if i can get the same Image Quality for (at the moment) 430 Euro with an QX100?
    I already tested it at IFA in Berlin

  • the_black_dragon

    Not All… only Android devices that Support WiFi Direct

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  • Mac

    what about NFC xperias without wifi direct?

  • the_black_dragon

    Nope it Won’t work. You can use it without NFC but you MUST have WiFi Direct to connect and share data with the camera module

  • Milanisti

    Haha… That nobody never buy ??? So Amazone was lying when they said QX100 was one of best seller few weeks ago? Come on grow up pliss….

  • Mac

    oh that was very sad.. :-(.
    So just 2 clear things out once and for all. I can’t use ’em with my acro s at all, even if I use NFC?

  • the_black_dragon

    Not sure if Acro S and Xperia S Support WiFi direct. eventually they update them? don’t know :(

  • Mac

    I don’t think so. but what I can’t understand is that nobody mention the need of Wifi direct when making a review on the qx series.

  • shivam

    does this QX100 support Z Ultra?

  • Andrew Dodd

    Wrong. The QX100 sadly does NOT currently use Wifi Direct for communications. It acts as a standard access point (don’t let the DIRECT in the SSID fool you here…), which is why any Android device and also iOS devices can communicate with it.

    However, it does appear to also have partial Wifi Direct support – It appears as a device in Android’s Wifi Direct menus, however it will not respond to any invites sent to it. If Sony adds proper Wifi Direct support it’ll be a game changer for devices that support it, as you can then use the camera and phone data simultaneously.

  • the_black_dragon

    Oh didn’t know that :O
    Sony Employees told us it is using WiFi Direct to communicate… but this is even better! At least for those People with older Android Phones.

  • tk

    Sony needs to come up with a waterproof version of this asap.

  • Suha

    is it compatible with xperia acro s??

  • Joe

    is it compatible with xperia L ?

  • kevil

    can Qx100 be used in xperia z

  • vhey phey

    Can i use QX10 or QX100 with my xperia J?

  • Anas Ullah

    Can lens in Xperia.Z

  • tejas

    Does it support in My Xperia ZL??!!

  • Cory Chasez

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