Sony SmartWatch 2 now on sale across Europe; dedicated app launched

by XB on 26th September 2013

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Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2 In StockThe Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 has now gone on sale across Europe. We noted that both the SW2 with rubber wristband and metal wristband are available on the official Sony Mobile Store UK for £149.99 and £169.99 respectively. In Europe, the rubber wristband SW2 is priced at €179 in Germany and at €189 in France, Italy and Spain. The metal wristband SW2 is priced at €199 across all regions.

To coincide with the SmartWatch 2 launch, Sony Mobile has released a dedicated app in the Google Play Store. The app will help you see what app extensions are available for the SW2 and how they are arranged. To use the app, you’ll need to have Smart Connect installed. You can find the app here.

Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2 In Stock

  • schattenkonig58

    It’s Always 10:35 At Sony ,Nice watch Tough :)

  • torqe

    Its been changed to NEW from coming soon to NEW in Sony Mobile US website as well

    But I checked at the store and they said they do no have stock yet. Could be a mistake.

  • MinimumEffort

    TOPTIP: If you want one and dont mind waiting a week, because of all the Z1 offers out there expect this to go for cheap on ebay..


    Well that means end of my waiting. Long time i pre-ordered on 5 of septemeber

  • Micro

    I just ordered one, 179,62 € in Poland. Yay!!
    I still have this feeling, that it is too expensive, but so far nothing like this won’t became significantly cheaper anyway, like Z Ultra or Z1.. Z.. even the old SW and XS hold almost the first price :/

  • Rene Pedroso

    I installed but the app does not appear in my drawer. I think one needs the actual hardware for the app to launch. Hopefully I have mine soon now that it is available. I get a free one with my XZ1 order from Clove

  • Rene Pedroso

    Should say 10:10. That is the setting to properly display a timepiece.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Awesome, did you download that app? I downloaded but there is nothing in my drawer.

  • Micro

    No, I don’t bother now, it won’t work anyway. You will get one too, right? Just don’t disappear from us once you have it! :D Share your thoughts with us as soon as you get it, please :)

    I am dying to get it but I called Sony Store a while ago, they say there will be very, very limited quantity to sell. They don’t know why, but it might happen that I could have to wait for it even till the end of October :/

  • Rene Pedroso

    Yeah I get one free from Clove with my XZ1 Pre-Order. I expect to have it within a week. I owned the Liveview and the first Smartwatch and I still have them.

  • schattenkonig58

    I Also Ordered At Clove ,but my XZ1 Is still getting processed at Customs :(

  • the_black_dragon

    Mee too but bought it in Berlin one week ago :) Still waiting for my SmartWatch2

  • Micro

    The strange thing is, on the main site they say it will start shipping by the end of September! But in the checkout they say end of October :/ That’s silly.. so I called and asked – they have no idea really when they are going to get it – could be anywhere between end of Sept and the end Oct :/

  • Rene Pedroso

    That royally sucks. It is well worth the wait, you wont be disappointed.

  • Diego

    I ordered mine on September 1st in Clove-UK site, for $100. Still didnt get any email from Clove. I hope they send it out soon…

    Btw, why now its around $190 ??

  • Laurie Miles

    In the UK, the Sony Mobile site has the rubber wristband model for £149.00
    You navigate to this by going onto, hover over the PRODUCTS heading top left of the page, and select the “Smartphone accessories” option under the “Xperia Tablet and Smartphones” heading.
    HOWEVER, if you go down the page a little, to the PRODUCTS window with pictures of products (starts with TV & Home Cinema, then Cameras & Camcorders) and select the Tablet and Smartphones picture, then select Xperia Smartphones Accessories at the bottom right of the next page, you can find the SmartWatch 2 with metallic strap for £149.00 on the main Sony site.
    Each site only has one model, and does not offer any link to the other model!
    I’ve ordered the metallic strap version tonight.
    By the way, yesterday Customer Support at Sonymobile told me they had no idea when they would be offering the SmartWatch 2 for sale, but that it would not be for a while. Various new products on the two sites have been appearing and disappearing for weeks, sometimes available to order, sometimes not. For a short while the cases to attach the QX10 & QX100 to the XZ and XZ1 were listed (including prices, £25 if I remember correctly) , but now they have disappeared completely

  • Guest

    SmartWatch 2 is nothing, Galaxy Gear is much better.

  • Ana Heluši?

    Gaygear for losers

  • Tech Gospel

    Seriously, Sony needs to narrow the gap from launch date to availability date. Been waiting for this for quite some time. Hoping to get it in the US by 1st week Oct.

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  • Micro

    trolololo lololo lololo
    get lost

  • Tom

    I pre ordered a Z1 and should be getting a smart watch free. From Phones 4 U. Anybody else ordered one from here?

  • Andrie Putra

    LOL .. that gear cannot see facebook or twitter LOL

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  • Laurence Keir

    Got my Sw 2 last night. This app is launched via the notification that shows the watch is connected.
    So far it’s really nice, very responsive touch screen, useful default apps, and the always on watch face is great!

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  • fried_egg

    I wonder when my EE claimed with pre-order one will be released. What I realyl want though is to buy the yellow strap. Black is too geeky!

  • Guest

    Troll. Shamsung only came out with their Galaxy Crap in response to Sony’s 2nd smart watch. The company of copying at its best again!

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Why and how?

    Samsung Gear reminds me of a Swiss Army knife with too many tools and too large for normal pockets.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Mine ships on Monday

  • Rene Pedroso

    Clove told me via email that they are shipping on Monday

  • Micro

    That’s really great then! :))))

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  • josesl16

    Nah, not with those 4 screwed-up screws.

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  • C0DmG

    Please, don’t feed the troll :)

  • Micro

    BTW, how long the Samsung Swiss.. sorry, Gear, lives on one battery? Like 6 minutes? 6 hours? Can’t remember, that was so funny.. xD come on..

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