Sony SBH80 Stereo Bluetooth Headset on the horizon

by XB on 27th September 2013

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Sony logoSony is set to launch a new Stereo Bluetooth Headset with model number SBH80 according to various retailer listings. Searching for “SBH80” leads to listings from a number of different sites including Amazon UK and US retailers PC Nation and ShopBLT. The US listings have an RRP of $119.95 but little else is known about this headset. One listing from TechBuy says the SBH80 is an “Around The Neck NFC Stereo Headset”. Hopefully we’ll hear some official details on the SBH80 headset soon.

  • Micro

    So.. it’s finally the time to sell my SBH20. I love it, mostly for multipoint bluetooth connectivity. But I hate when ppl start to say like:

    le firiend: oh, daaayyyym, you have a black IPOD??? They improved it!! It is sooo beautiful!
    le me: no iDiot, it’s just a standard Sony’s BT handsfree.

    I would love to see the SBH80. Seems expensive, but maybe worth it (come on, hundred bucks? :/)

  • Ben

    I’m still using the MH-100 everyday since its launch with the SE Aino.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Sony we want something revolutionary just like the 20 century

  • JEp

    Yeah. Me too. Use it along with MH650.
    Might think to get SBH50 next week.
    Do you think it’s worth it?

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I need a headset for my XZ and it will be used for calls mostly. I don’t like the cable mess of the headphones so I started looking at the wireless ones with earhooks. As I won’t be listening music with this headset I don’t need stereo, a mono one would suffice. There are a lot of products in the market but I always go for the same brand for my full mobile kit (charger, headphone, dock etc.) so I’d like to have a Sony headset too. Then a couple of months ago Sony announced MBH10 and I said that’s what I’m looking for. Unfortunately I’m still unable to find it anywhere because Sony Mobile marketing & distribution is really poor & very slow. I live in Turkey and the market for original Sony accessories is not big so I know that it’s gonna take a long time before it arrives here. But I was in Italy in late August and Germany last week, I looked around, visited a lot of big electronics stores and small mobile shops but I couldn’t find it. When I was in Frankfurt, I have sent an e-mail to Sony Germany and also a message to their Facebook page, asking where I could find MBH10. A couple of days passed and there was no answer. Only after I came back home, a late and useless answer arrived. They said they can’t help, because they didn’t know which dealer or store sells which of their products and a search on the net might help! A manufacturer that don’t know where their products are sold and can’t help their loyal customers to buy them! This is simply unaccceptable in this age. Also, what is the point of announcing new products if they wouldn’t be available for months ? Anyway, I won’t give up my loyalty and I’ll wait. In the meantime, new products like this SBH80 will be announced and I guess that means more waiting :)

  • Rob

    Took me 4½ seconds of searching on Google to find a store in Frankfurt that has it in stock. Either you are new here on the interwebs, or you simply expect things to fall in your lap on their own.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I also found some stores that seem to have it in stock but they were all far away from the city centre where I was staying and I didn’t have the time to travel just for the headset. Anyway, the point was not me being a novice or my laziness, it was Sony’s problematic distribution network and cluelesness, at least the subsidiary that I tried to contact.

  • Mac

    So now I really need 2 ask what the differences between this MH-100 and the MW600 is? I got one mw600 and one mw1 (Smart wireless pro)

  • Mr.Alawi

    I hope they make one with no built in mic cause i want to use the mic on my Sony MDR-XB920 and put the device inside my pocket or under my shirt

  • aldopucci

    Lol Micro, same problem here! I got the sbh20 in orange to make it less ipod shuffle alike possible. I just hate it when that “hey why don’t you buy an iPod nano” comes up. Love it though when I show them what the little orange box really is… SONY… so underrated these days.

  • josesl16

    dafuq Sony, SBH52 was released less than 3 months ago and even it has just started shipping in the UK days ago! Now Sony is coming out with a new one already!
    Oh well, seeing it would be an “around the neck” type, it may prove to be a competitor to the #1 Bluetooth headset in Amazon, LG Tone and Tone+, which I wanted to buy but couldn’t find in my area. Hope this can be better than that one. Now, time for more waiting…

  • Ben

    I believe MH-100 is the first bluetooth stereo headset. First launched with the SE Aino. It’s display is only 5 colour changing LED lights. MW600 is the second version. I have both actually. But still prefer the first one.

  • Mac

    Aight, but why do you prefer the first one?

  • Micro

    didn’t you notice that both sets are slightly different? For different ppl? Come on..

    For example, I don’t need any display on my handsfree because I am gonna get a smartwatch – this is much better for me personally. So all I need now is to have subtle, discrete and high quality headphones with BT, that can actually take my call when I listen my music. I own a SBH20 (without a display) and I love it – perfect quality and battery life, but the problem always is the same – the wire. The SBH80 seems to solve it for me, while SBH52 don’t at all. And I am really glad that it will have NFC because I actively use NFC all the time – I am switching my phones kinda often.

    So I don’t see any problem here..

  • Thiago

    The clip on the SBH20 really piss me off sometimes! hahaha

    And the SBH20 should have something that indicates more precisely the battery life or a way to see the percentual through phone.

  • Micro

    Yes, clip is a little too tight (especially when in a hurry ;P), but I like it anyway, easy to adjust. But the battery indicator.. true. You actually never know when it’s fully charged and when the 10% will hit you. Anyway it easily survive my whole day of music so.. ;)

  • Thiago

    Agree! Too tight but I like it anyway too! lol

    How is your battery life? Mine it’s like 5 or 6 h.

  • Micro

    Something like that too if I listen the music constantly, between 5-6 hours. But it’s enough to leave it in the charger for like 15m just once, it turns green very quickly so it lasts for another 4 hours. I love this quick charging. You can even charge it from the phone, did you know that? ;)
    Oh, and the multipoint support – I LOVE it. Can be connected to 2 devices at once. You can listen Spotify (and control it with the SBH20 buttons) from the computer, but it automatically switches to the phone when a call comes. That’s what I use all the time. 2 phones, 2 computers, 1 computer and 1 phone at the same time. Perfect for me. I hope SBH80 will have multipoint too.

  • Thiago

    Really? I didnt know about the charging from the phone. EXCELLENT! o/

    I used mine with the tablet and the Xperia S (I hope to upgrade to the Z1 when it is avaiable in Brazil).

    I’m in love with mine shb20 too. hehe AND JUST LIKE YOU I HATE WHEN SOMEBODY SAYS “OH, AN IPOD SHUFFLE! NICE)

  • Micro

    Actually when some iDiot do that… it makes my day :D I love to see their brainless faces stare at the Sony logo on the clip xD
    So.. you then could be a little surprised, if I tell you that you can actually connect to your Xperia S any pendrive/flash memory/card reader/USB hard drive..? Well, yes, XS has USB OTG host that behaves like almost any other computer USB port, you just need an OTG cable. Then you can connect even USB mouse or big freaking keyboard (even wireless receivers..) pretty much the same way like to any other laptop or PC ;) The same goes with charging, not everything, but SBH20 charges this way hehe ;)

  • josesl16

    Being a Sony fanboy at all, I can understand where you’re coming from. But, we are still talking about phone accessories here. The average customer won’t very likely notice at all, and they will probably just buy whatever is the best available…. which is sometimes only one or two products that is sold in the store. In this case, it’s really hard to justify the SBH80 when the SBH52 has just barely been released. I mean, more products mean more fragmentation, after all…

    As for wires, seeing the SBH80 also is around the neck area, and so can the SBH20 and SBH52 clip around the neck collar, how will it solve the problem anyway? :d Isn’t the cable short enough anyways?
    Oh, and by the way, have you used an ‘around the neck’ bluetooth headset yet? If yes, I would ask for your opinion :D

  • josesl16

    Damn, those sounds like some really nice feature I’d have :o

  • Ben

    Just because it’s the first. still reliable. :D

  • Micro

    Oh, right, about accessories.. sorry, sorry, I really don’t know why I started talking about my grandma’s garden.. ;P

    Ok, seriously – I am just saying I don’t see any problem with 2 “main” products at the same time. Sure you are right about one thing – there are people who always buy the “best” available, and throw it away after a few months when, let’s say gsmarena says, is not the best anymore. For me it is dumb, but yes, it happens. I am not an iDiot to wait for days around the apple store every time the new model comes out, or not one of those who can be brainwashed and made to buy every SGS, S1, then buy sell S1 & buy S2, sell S2 & buy S3… just because the number changed and gmsarena says “woaaah, the best phone ever because the number is higher! Buy buy buy!!”. Come on…
    I am one of those Sony fanboys who choose they gear carefully (I am sure most of us do). I don’t even care about SBH52 because I already have my 20 which does it’s job it is suppose to do just perfectly. I love the design too, and the BT multipoint. If I need an mp3 player, then I use my NW-S703F, another big gimmick with display is simply not for me, not this kind. But 80.. yes, that would be something I could buy.

    Having a choice, especially this kind, is always very good for “customers”.

    Difference for me is huge between 52/20 and 80 – the CLIP. No more struggling with trying to find the best spot on my jacket. Especially when it raining or snowing, and you need to keep it outside so MIC is in the voice range, and still covered enough so it won’t get wet.

  • Mac

    I see, cool

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  • josesl16

    Seems like I didn’t emphasize my point enough, my bad. I mean, I don’t see any problem with 2 main products too(it’s 3 with SBH10, too), and not many people is an ‘iDiot’ who buys one everytime something new comes out anyway.

    What I wanted to point out was, in most phone retail stores I have seen, the number and range of product is usually incomplete. This includes Sony stores. And for accessories are even worse, where in some stores there are only one or two products offered. And when those happen, customers searching for a type of product will have no choice but buy what’s available there(or not buy it at all). Of course, this is just my own experience and may be just due to the
    area I live in(me wants to move to a developed country XD). So basically, if Sony wants to release a bunch of different accessories, go ahead and do it, as long as it’s available in as much place as possible(and has a clear difference between each product), and then will be when ‘having choices are awesome’.

    The clip part makes sense, luckily though I’m not really going to use the mic anyway~

  • Marshall

    I am looking to buy a bluetooth headset but I can’t make up my mind between the SBH50 and SBH52, is it worth to dish out another 25€ for the SBH52 over the SBH50 ? In Spain on the Sony store they are currently priced at 94,90€ and 69€ respectively.

  • josesl16

    The new things in SBH52 is a built-in speaker, ear speaker, HD Voice Support, and splash-proof certification, 8 heavier(which you won’t notice) and 30mm longer. The rest is the same. CMIIW.

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