Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

by XB on 29th September 2013

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XZU Noreve_19The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is a unique phone in the Xperia family of smartphones. The 6.44-inch display towers above anything that Sony has made before (tablets excluded) and at 6.5mm in thickness it is by far Sony’s thinnest smartphone to date. These factors combine to make the Xperia Z Ultra a thing of beauty, albeit a bit precarious to use.

Frankly, while some people prefer to use their handsets naked, we feel that the Xperia Z Ultra needs some kind of protection. There are a dearth of good quality cases for the Xperia Z Ultra, but you can always rely on Noreve to fill that gap. We have their leather case for review, which costs €52.99 with free delivery (outside of the EU the case costs €44.30 with free delivery as no VAT is applied). Click through for our thoughts.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

We were sent the Xperia Z Ultra leather case in Cobalt, or purple if you prefer.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

Noreve supplies the typical aspirational packaging as seen in all of their cases. This consists of a cardboard box with its slogan on the side “Haute Couture for Mobile Devices” and a draw-string bag to make sure the leather doesn’t get scuffed during transit.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

Noreve can supply the case in a variety of designs, this includes the Perpétuelle Selection, the Ambition Selection, the Exception Selection, the Pulsion Selection and the Illumination selection. For a couple of the ranges (Perpétuelle and Ambition), Noreve also do a ‘Couture’ finish with a visible stitched design. Each of these ranges are also available in a variety of colours.

It is worth noting that whilst the most popular black versions can normally be dispatched within 24 hours, if you pick a custom design/colour, then it can take up to 14 days for shipment.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

We have the Ambition design in Cobalt for review. The Ambition selection comes with pebble grained leather known for its durability, due to a polymer film containing pigments. This surface coating allows an enhanced resistance to scratches and discoloration. This particular design is recommended for intensive use and is said to be resistant to weathering.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

The back of the hand-crafted case is reinforced to ensure maximum protection.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

Noreve is a French-based company and founded in Saint-Tropez. Hence the silver embossed logo on the back of the case.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

The inside of the case uses the same coloured leather as the outside which is a nice consistent touch.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

The interior lining of the case is embossed with the Noreve logo.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

The case is reasonably slim, although the front and back sides are padded which does add some bulk. This is something we’re happy to sacrifice given the cost of the device and the protection it serves. Others may not be willing to make the trade-off.

The case leaves all ports accessible through the various cut-outs. The only part of the phone you won’t have access to is the magnetic charging port when the case is closed, but looking at the cases on the market so far, we haven’t seen any that allow for this. However, there is a work around as you can simply unclip the left side of the phone and use it in the dock this way.

The right side of the phone has easy access to the headphone jack, microSD/micro SIM slots, power button and volume rocker.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

The left side of the phone has easy access to the micro USB flap/port. The rest of this side of the phone is covered by the case. As mentioned above, this means the magnetic charging port is covered.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

We had no problem in opening and closing the USB flap for charging. This is partly helped by the Xperia Z Ultra design, whose flaps are much easier to open/close compared to previous Xperia smartphones.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

The top of the handset leaves both corners exposed. With the case closed, the back and front covers of the case should do enough not to cause any damage if the phone dropped, however this would depend on how it fell.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

The bottom of the case covers both corners thankfully, especially as this is the part of the phone that would most likely hit the floor if dropped. There is an opening for the speaker, ensuring no muffled speaker.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

The case has a clasp that is used to keep it closed. This is neither a magnetic closure nor a snap closure, it simply grips the side of the phone when shut. From our initial use, the case has held itself tightly when closed. We do wonder how the clasp would fare over long-term use and whether the clasp would give a little over time. There is no suggestion that this would be the case from our use so far though.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

A perfect cut-out for the camera lens meant there were no hindrances when taking photos. However, given the style of case, when taking photos the case had to be kept open. Folding over the case would block the camera.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

To use the case as a stand, you simply need to unclip the left edge of the phone and the leather bends easily enough. This is a great option if watching media on the handset. You can also use this mode when charging the phone with the DK30 Magnetic Charging Dock.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

There are no ridges or grooves to keep the handset at a particular angle, however we found that the leather was just stiff enough to allow a comfortable viewing angle. As can be seen below, the case has enough flex to be used at quite shallow angles.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

Overall, we are quite fond of this Noreve case. It looks classy, it is made out of premium hand-crafted leather and it offers some decent protection for the Xperia Z Ultra. The case is not particularly cheap at €52.99, but then again it is a premium case for a premium handset. The case does add bulk to the very slim profile of the handset, but it will be down to you to decide whether you want to sacrifice the form-factor for added peace of mind in case of an accidental fall. In our view, it is well worth it. The added bonus of being able to use the case as a sturdy stand leaves us easily recommending the Noreve case if you own the Xperia Z Ultra.

Noreve Xperia Z Ultra case review

Thanks to Noreve for sending us the Xperia Z Ultra case to review!

  • PowerSonic

    not bad… usb port doesnt look that easily accessible when cover is shut…

  • XperiaLover

    I want a phone to be released like Xperia Z Ultra in a smaller screen!Z1’s display is not as Ultra’s!

  • i can honestly say in my opinion that does not fit with the phones design AT ALL

  • Brad Williams

    Ummm this is a joke isn’t it?? Who in their right mind would pay that much for a bloody case!!!! go to eBay and save your money for something else. :D

  • David Moslehi

    This is more beautiful:
    Go to the link and hover over the picture for more photos.

    You can see other cases here:
    See below the Xperia Z Ultra specs and pricing further down on the page.

  • Wolf0491

    Almost every iPhone user I know immediately buys those $60 to $90 cases….

  • Thiago

    Why would I buy such a beautiful phone as Z ultra and hide it in such an ugly case?

  • AsadMulla

    couldn’t agree more. I never put a case on my phones. I only use pouches.

  • AsadMulla

    So many good points being raised here by others. I am not for that case.

  • Guest

    Can I trust this leaks? Sorry for my bad english

  • Micro

    definitely not the Sony style, plus the old android.. this is completely ugly, doesn’t even look like any Sony device so.. IMO first the heavens will fall right on my room before I see a Sony logo on this shit. Especially the dock, lol.

  • Micro

    Pretty good review anyway if you ask me, thanks Xperia blog!

  • mode893

    Had a Noreve case before for my already ancient P990 and the quality was top notch and very useable when there’s nothing close to its elegance and functionality in the market. I’d say this one would go much better with Sony without the leather texture, more minimalist looking. What love to see what they’d come up with for my future Z1 ;)

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    This is a beauty phone yes, but this sony will be N 1 in the world or even closer, this biig even note 3 looks very small next to him , sony next time make phone a little smaller no.body will buy a phone like tablet

  • APai

    sadly accessories is the new sunrise field for most companies to make a killing in! most good cases are SO expensive!

  • Colby Leong

    Premium case, for a premium phone, that’s just the way some people think. Its like how some people will buy an expensive car polish for there expensive car. I get the idea behind, will I ever buy a case like this for my Xperia phone, heck no. With that said, we’re talking about covering up a beautiful Sony Xperia phone, of course its for the protection, but unlike the other phone companies out there they don’t produce phones as good looking as Sony.

  • Nadeem
  • Krasimir Argirov

    I never get it why people buying beautiful phones and put them in ugly cases. I just protect my phone by myself and if I break it was supposed to happen. One of my friends break his S4 display with his protective case with much lesser impact than my Z survived a couple of times. That’s life.

  • Killian Khoo
    Seems like Sony will have a complete new design on the way ~
    At Walkaman ZX1 ~

  • Cristi13

    Exactly, it depends on your luck, your phone may or may not survive a drop.

  • Kaz’s friend

    it would be so cool if 5″ flagship phone like Xperia Z1 has the super responsive screen as well, Z Ultra is great but too big… it’s very very huge!

    Maybe sony should change their strategy!

  • john

    So much treatment for z1 and z ultra. Hope you.dont launch the xperia z c6603 and forget it after.I shouldn’t buy my z.

  • roby

    c’est trés moche!

  • Brad Williams

    I said, “who in their RIGHT mind would”…….. People who buy iPhones are not in that catergory anyway. :D :D

  • josesl16

    There’s no case that fits the phone’s design IMO :x Well, except the super-thin transparent plastics-based ones, which are rare.

  • Matt

    Looking for Nureve case? We are authorized dealer in the usa.
    25% discount! Free shipping

  • Christopher Vanwinkle

    It was improved for the Z1 f.

  • MoDare

    It’s Noreve. And from what I see, you only carry Noreve cases for Apple phones. Shrug.

  • MoDare

    It’s a great case. I have it for my Kobo Aura HD reader, just ordered it for my Z Ultra. The problem is that most of the people posting have all of their taste in their mouths.

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