Xperia Z1 in drop test – how well does the build quality hold up?

by XB on 4th October 2013

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Sony Xperia Z1 drop testThe Sony Xperia Z1 is a premium device in every sense of the word. It comes with an aluminium frame sandwiched between two pieces of tempered glass. The device feels nothing less than solid in the hand, but if you’ve recently bought the phone and are wondering just how well it would hold up in an accidental fall, then Android Authority have you covered.

They have just conducted a drop test for the Xperia Z1, which we have to admit is painful to watch. The handset was dropped three times from different angles (side, back and front) and the result was that the frame and glass hold up remarkably well, with some scratches on impact points but no shattered glass.

However, one big problem was that the handset no longer worked. So whilst the casing did a remarkable job, it appears that some of the internal components fared less well, either being dislodged or breaking in the process. So if you’re worried about dropping your Xperia Z1, stick in a protective case or make use of that lanyard cable.

Via Android Authority.

Thanks Abdullah, Colby and Sajid!

  • Nice, Nice, Nice, oh wait, NOOOOOO :(

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Baaaaad, Sony, baaad

  • it didn’t break!!

  • Michael

    My ion hasn’t got update,OMG!!

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    yeup, but it doesn’t work

  • the_black_dragon

    OMFG it huuuuuuuurts!!!!! :'(
    *strongly holding my Z1* :S

  • Methyl


  • Guest

    this phone is completely flop!

  • Keon Fraites

    Dang and after seeing it hold up to all of that I was like YES they knocked the competition out of the water, but then it stopped working :<, take it back, it's still under warranty atleast o,o

  • Vio

    Phones are not made for dropping :), so dont drop them :D

  • Jerry Berglund

    To be honest. It could have been something wrong with just THAT phone. :-) But I am impressed anyway. Sony did this kinda test with a Xperia Z once, and droped that one 3 times, and it still worked. So I guess this one really fell bad. I actually said… OUCH on the third drop. And we could also hear that it really that time fell really really bad onto the ground.

  • Clive Rennison

    Warranty doesn’t cover “accidental” damage so warranty would be pretty useless unfortunately

  • Someone

    That is the same with the Xperia Z… but what if the ground was not so “regular”? e. g. with some sharp-edged stones?

  • Micro

    get one and try it haha :D

  • AMG38

    First i was thinking: Awwwwwwwsome, show them Sony cmon
    and then: daaaaamn -.-

  • ahomad hosin

    couple of weeks ago my daughter threw my xperia S from the balcony (2nd floor) which landed on a concrete floor. When I picked it up I found it has couple of minor scratches (nothing really major) and it wasn’t in a case. But the surprise when I turned it on, I found the actual LCD broken. It turns on but there are couple of black line while the glass was clearly fine. But then 2 weeks later the phone just died.

  • Rene Pedroso
  • Micro

    could you please stop spamming this already? please..? :|

  • Micro

    yeah, it’s too heavy to let it drop like that. Too big and to heavy. I got the Nillkin shell, now I don’t care that much, but naked… i dropped it already, not that high and on the wood, but as I see I was lucky anyway :/

  • Rene Pedroso

    Dude, you don’t have to click the link. Lots of people put links on here and I don’t click them every single time. This is also related to Xperia so I think Everyone should know about it

  • Micro

    just asked nicely..
    if you need your clicks, I think it’d be better to ask, I would then hapily click it too to help you, but the way you do this doesn’t feel very cool..

    nah, forget it, never mind

  • hansip87

    Well, some guarantee claim will fix the internal issue, rather than cracking glass, which will never be replaced cheaply and if you don’t replace it, it will bug your phone appearance for the rest of its life. I believe only the battery pin got moved around there.

  • Rene Pedroso

    You are absolutely right, so now I am asking for you to click and register. I will not post the link anymore, thanks bud.

  • Micro

    no no, post it, I can’t demand you to not, just don’t make it misleading for others, that’s all :)
    +100 from me :)

  • panagi?tis

    this must be the only phone that didnt break on drop test!!!
    well it doesnt work but you can always get it to sony center and say it just stop working:P no proof of dmg:)

  • gunboat_d

    i always click random shortened links on lightly trafficked sites using Disqus, AKA Spammers Delight. and since you didn’t add to the conversation at hand, you’re actions are even more suspect.

  • gunboat_d

    NEWS FLASH: Dropping a $650 electronic item may result in critical damage.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I did add to the conversation at hand, I stated “great test “

  • Rene Pedroso

    Understood, thanks bud. I still have not received my smartwatch 2

  • Micro

    Yeah… I wonder why they say there will be very limited qty of them.. Sony store told me mine will arrive Oct 21 :/ and only because I preordered, those who didn’t will have to wait even more.. at least here.. so much for end of Sept :/

  • Chetan Reddy

    what is up with these testers ….???…it is like they drop it wantedly instead of doing it like an accident xperia sp dropped some 5-6 times from about 5 ft …nothing happenned except for removal of paint at some paints

  • Cristi13

    All phones will sustaine damage when dropped, it may survive or not, it’s a matter of luck. Is this surprising anyone?

  • flagshitXS

    in India …it’s Yes

  • Clive Rennison

    Lol no OEM covers accidental damage in their warrantyno matter where in the world it is, you can in SOME cases add it as an EXTRA to the warranty for a charge, for eexample with ththe vaio laptop warranty, but it isn’t covered by standard warranty

  • pixlas

    I didn’t see it working to start with…

  • Reality Check

    He meant that in India, Sony is providing accidental damage protection for six months :X

  • ice4banday


  • Micro

    be careful.. trolls can spot you for that, they can smell such opinions for miles and take it as an offense and call you a fan boy.. (btw – 100% agree with you)

  • Sony Fans

    well, i don’t see any normal power on with working fine after dropped

  • Micro

    official Sony retailer here does too

  • Rogue

    I agree with you when he did the note 3 review he woke it after the second test so I figured he should be consistent across every test. Anyway for me it’s a win cause all the talk bout gorilla glass 3 on other flagships they all shattered yet the all glass Sony didn’t shatter surprise surprise for all those who said it would before he got to drop it the third time.

  • gunboat_d

    oh yeah, that’s an incredibly rich addition to the conversation. right up there with “First” and “BEZELS!”

  • sreenamboothiri

    ia Z did with few minor scratches :)
    Because its a Sony

  • Clive Rennison

    Wow and is that free? I hope they make that a worldwide thing! Warranty in the UK is very basic

  • ryq24

    And this is sony best! No wonder they are losing to the koreans! And they expect to grab 20% of the market share next year with this type of product! Dream on!

  • Rene Pedroso

    Whatever I can do, lol

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    yess… Whn Samsung uses Gorilla Glass it breaks, but Sony, HTC do wonders there…… Samsung Cheats customer here with Glass, and BENCHMARKS too :D

  • Tangent Lin

    I think repair fee is cheap than changing a screen?

  • Tangent Lin

    I think the repair fee is still cheaper than changing a screen?

  • Lucian

    Well but it still depends what costs more. Replacing display or repairing this?

  • Colby Leong

    Hopefully with plastic, curved screen Sony, and other phone companies will be able to take advantage of it. It is thinner and lighter, which the past two flagships could have benefited from, plus the screens should hold up a bit more on impact. Only drawback is that for those wanting the premium feel, a plastic screen could feel a little cheap. With the way Sony designs there phones, and the material put in, Sony should have the upper hand in going for a better feel. For any real evidence that they could make a curved screen phone, just look to Sony’s 4K Curved TV’s, which by the way is a first.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    What a shame seriously, z1 is an awsome quality device, but whats this sony !

  • Micro

    You can’t fix shitty car with a great engine oil. Shitty phone + gorilla glass = break. So great phone + gorilla glass = no breaks at all.
    Hey, try testing your gorilla glass enabled phone underwater lol

  • Reality Check
    The above mentioned promotional offer is only for XZ1 (, but they are also offering 6 month accidental damage cover for select phones.

  • SinaKing

    Sony Done It Great …
    What The F… ?!
    3 Times Drop The Phone & It Survived !
    Last Time ( When He Want’s To Drop It On Screen Side ) ,
    My Heart Just Stop Beating !
    & This Final Test Was So Good For a smartphone !
    Even No Scratch After Drop It On Screen Side !!!
    Sony , We Believe in You <3

  • Amir

    i hope that with the Z2 sony won’t do a half job, meaning the phone will be shatter proof while keeping the phone os working and that the display will be even higher quality when looking straight while keeping good viewing angles. SONY, go ALL the way with the screen next time!

  • Mike Gonzalez

    this phone is a masterpiece

  • is it just me or is sony terrible at hardware like screen speakers atleast with phones but masters at design?

    htc one hardware + sony design and ui = perfect match

  • If you aren’t using a case you’re asking for any phone to break anyways… Just a matter of when.

  • HTC isn’t exactly known for their screens or other hardware features… They were known for slim, unibody designs (a lot of manufacturers do that well now though) and speakers. That’s about it… The front-facing, quality speakers are a function over form choice though, and seemingly most people don’t really care or every manufacturer would be doing it.

  • maybe the internals broke because the externals were so stiff that they didn’t absorb any of the impact. Drop a Z1 and the concrete might break.

  • sacrow

    Next step, please make a shockproof phone +IP58/68

  • Abdullah Robben

    I don’t trust android authority

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    I saw that one, a Sony spokesman smacked against the edge, rubbed sand on the screen. Still came out pretty good.

  • Brad Williams

    Well said Micro. (y)

  • Brad Williams

    This might fix the bezel haters. Buy one, drop it and hopefully their bezel squashes down to the size they want. :P

  • Brad Williams

    Sony would not even question you based on that drop test. :)

  • Brad Williams

    Well I do like these clips. I know what NOT to do to my phone. :)

  • Xperia Go User

    I use Xperia Go almost one year.. cannot count how many time drop from my hand..
    more extreme than what above video show.. my xperia Go still don’t have any problem..
    only minor scratch..

    the question, why xperia Z1 no longer worked after just 3 time drop..
    I’m very disappointed..
    I hope more from Z1.. because i plan to upgrade my xperia Go to Z1

  • sacrow

    U got a good Xperia Go, my brother’s is down on the first day after a good drop.
    (luckily he got a replacement, but still… I think the QC still have a work)

    Tough my acro S stil hold very well for the drops case

  • H-R-K

    Glass is really hard…..

  • Jerry Berglund

    Isnt it Gorilla Glass and maybe dragontrail on XPeria Z1 like the previous Z had? I mean why change to mineralglass again? Sony really never said the XZ had Gorilla and dragontrail either. It was something that came up later. Somehow Sony dont think its important to talk about, and rather talk about the features instead. The other companies always talk about using Gorilla glass III or something.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Losing. Sony is well kinda slowly gaining more marketshares and kinda taking HTC, and maybe motorola and LG’s part.

  • sony

    i think its a fake test.i dont trust.why he dont turn on the phone before the test?maybe he droped a hammer on z1 before the drop test:)) fake fake…make believe

  • Micro

    Because it’s what Sony always does – unlike S… Some another company, Sony, HTC, Nokia don’t constantly take advantage of someones other work to shine up their products. Instead, Sony works hard to make something “even better” than the best out there (and gorilla glass is really great one). And so far it works for me – as you have seen there. Glass is not designed to protect hardware under it, but to not break easily. It does it’s work great.
    The S.. oh, Some another fan admitted it – “Whn Samsung uses Gorilla Glass it breaks”. Yes, it does. This Z1 doesn’t even without it. And this actually makes me believe.

  • Turki Saadi

    Shame, i was expecting more than this from my z1.

  • Turki Saadi


  • sony

    fake test

  • ice4banday

    ice4banday = SONY FANBOY
    take it or leave it! BRING IT ON TROLLS!!!!

  • Micro


  • The Arc then Xperia V/T where nice but, yeah, the plastic thing made thoses too much cheap-looking

  • shockproof = not nice… Compromises

  • Sure… Hopefully it’s just a disconnection of the battery..? Did someone ask Android Auth?

  • Janz

    The front panel of the Z1 has dragontrail glass where as the back panel has corning gorilla glass. Dragontrail is supposed to be way more durable than gorilla glass as well. :D

  • Micro

    that’s what they say indeed, just not only Sony uses highly durable glass panels (like gg or dragontrail), HTC for example – they are made much better way than most samsungs, so even gorilla glass can’t help samsung phones make them “gorilla” like ;)
    That’s what I said, good glass + good phone = no breaks. So some companies simply need to cheat & pay here and there hehe

  • the truth

    what a shame! plastic phone like the Galaxy S4 is much stronger, Xperia Z1 is obviously a fake premium phone. SO LAME!

  • Micro

    ops, another troll managed to break his leash again… SIT! :D

  • Micro

    but it didn’t break

  • K420

    go watch the drop test of your beloved S4, the screen and some internal parts will be broken… Z1’s screen at least didn’t get broken

  • emil

    thats the security shutoff…just press the reset button at the simcard slot and it should? work again…

  • jdclegendre

    I have to ask..were u given a drop test when you were smaller…because something is definitely wrong with you!

  • jdclegendre


  • Micro

    yeah… and he failed :D

  • HardyHarHar

    But it didn’t work….

  • HardyHarHar

    Hey one of the holes in your RPG is on fire…

  • Micro

    yeah, but it still didn’t break…

  • HardyHarHar

    It didn’t break but it did hard brick :D

  • Micro

    sure, but as you see, it didn’t break :D

  • mode893

    Better it didn’t break, it’s still eligible for warranty. Can’t say the some for ALL the other phones with crack. Warranties don’t cover that at least in my part of the world. So If I could choose between a cracked phone and a phone that won’t start, well…my answer is obvious

  • johnylim

    not a battery, because it still ON.
    From my experience disassembly and fix a phone, this problem maybe only because LCD flex cable loosed plug

  • Angel Mõ?õ Guzman

    happend to in the video BUT! I hit the reset button at the simcard slot and my z1 worked again :D

  • ice4banday


  • Well, you’re right. It may be cheaper to fix if it is only unplugged LCD cable.

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  • Giogio

    Which glass is supposed to be more resistant to scratches and to crashes? Z1 or ZR?
    I can’t find a drop test or any other screen test for the ZR…

  • shangfan

  • Lunkz

    I droped mine 2 times too. While it was in his docking trying to hit the snooze button it fall down and get some scratches on the alu frame.

  • Lunkz

    They would refuse, because of the deep scratches.

  • Lunkz

    The ION was a Stillbirth.

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