Sony targets number three in smartphone race

by XB on 5th October 2013

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Dennis van Schie XperiaSony Mobile’s CVP of Sales & Marketing, Dennis van Schie, has been speaking to The Wall Street Journal to reveal some of the company’s ambitions. He said that Sony Mobile is targeting to be the third largest handset vendor by sales “not in 10 years’ time, but a lot sooner.”

Dennis van Schie says that Sony Mobile currently has around about 6.5% to 7% of the market by value. To hit that number three mark, Sony needs to capture “20% of the smartphone market by value.” It hopes to hit this target using its brand value and existing distribution network. “Across the world Sony still has a very strong brand awareness and brand recognition, which is premium and quality and design-lead,” said Dennis van Schie.

He also talked about the benefits of moving from Sony Ericsson to being wholly owned by Sony. “Even if we thought we were part of Sony, all the hard-core technological assets that were available—applications, services, the hardware, like the sensors—were not really made available to us.” For example, Sony’s camera sensors were made available to Sony Ericsson at the same time as other vendors.

Dennis van Schie also went to reiterate comments made by Kazuo Hirai regarding a focus on the premium segments. “That is where the value is, that is where the money is,” and would “play to our strengths—the premium brand that Sony stands for.”

On the distribution side: “Where we leverage—and this is a big change from the past—the sales and marketing infrastructure of Sony. For example, in India. I was responsible for product development on the technological side at Sony Ericsson. We had a team of 25, 30 people, and to get to the mom-and-pop stores out there in a massive, complex and vast country like India is very risky.

“Sony Electronics have 650 people on the ground. Over 10 years they have built this network for selling TVs, PlayStation, cameras. Now, when we merged … we suddenly see a massive growth in India.”

However, two big hurdles for Sony Mobile to overcome will be China and the US, where it currently has minimal share. However, in China he expects the brand value would carry the company. “Leveraging the fact that Sony China has a very strong and solid footprint in the market with a much wider coverage than [Sony Ericsson] had. We were only present in roughly 30 cities in China. Sony China is everywhere.”

Via The Wall Street Journal.

  • BobbyBlock

    Best of luck to them I say! :-)

  • APai

    he was in the technological side, but the marketing side is completely messed up. for example, the prices of the phones are not allowed to rise or fall according to market demand – this completely *ucks up the chance of sony phones to compete against samsung. samsung allows enough leeway, and the stores price is reasonably. sony’s phones OTOH are reflected in value accurately only in . resulting in people buying phones without warranty. In the resulting chaos of no warranty at times, the second time – they buy samsung. sony showrooms are never allowed to give massive discounts.

    the overall result is that there are a couple or very few sony showrooms across each town, and all the salesmen are efficient fly swatters.

  • Tech Gospel

    Not to mention how late they are to ship products after they launch them

  • lovebmw

    without succeeding in the U.S. market, it’s impossible

  • vannnista

    If Sony Thailand will improve aftersales services and support, situation here will be good for them!

  • vannista

    Ha, you want to see flexible price structure. I see here in Thailand our price structure will be revise couple months after officially launch.

    I’m not happy to see price cut every two months, it kinda devalue brand of Sony.

    Instead, it is there a big homework for them to plan a competitive price at launch,

  • APai

    devalue the sony brand or should it risk losing it’s market itself ? It’s okay for the market value to stay as is for the customer, who will feel that their phone hasn’t gone down by much. BUT, the truth is that there will be new phones released all the time, and your phone is worth only as much as someone is willing to pay for it if you were to sell it. second hand phones aren’t worth much because there’s a new model coming anyways!!! that’s a wicked logic – but it works that way. there’s no way to beat it – unless the phones have a long shelf life with a strong USP. nokia 808 is a good example, or the N8, the Z1 might be one like that.

  • penubag

    Why don’t they try harder in the US? Like releasing handhelds on time…

  • xperialover

    well then if you want 20% market share then make those 650 people to work as a team to speed up services e.i warranty speed ups , updates “xperia s” so on …and prepare good mobile for jan for CES,

  • m sacha

    Yup exactly, launch on as many US carriers as possible as soon as possible and maybe the market share will increase

  • David Jay

    I’m sorry but I have been supporting Sony since the K800i, k850i & my first Android device Xperia X10 followed by my current device Xperia S. These phones have all been great but has been let down by 1 thing which is support and software upgrades. Sony make the most beautiful phones but as a customer I feel once they have my money they forget about me. Until they get the care for there mobile customers they will always be behind the competition.

  • Herman

    And they deserve it.
    Not even to be third, but second or even first in the smartphone race.

  • Guest

    I’m sorry to say but they will not reach that 20% mark with poor quality displays. The market has become too educated.

  • Not so sure

    Well if they succeed in China, there is little to worry about. Sony already got a brand everywhere, so they don’t have to build a brand in the US to get into other markets

  • Colby Leong

    I really do hope that starting towards the end of this year Sony US will really start working and pushing in the states. We Americans get giddy for new and cool tech. When I had my Z people couldn’t believe that I could pee on it and still play Plants vs Zombies

  • Colby Leong

    Agreed, maybe they should just improve everywhere else in the world as whole. Cause that back panel of the Xperia Z coming off and flooding was dumb

  • Burkov

    Go sony!!
    Improve the UI, smaller bezel, better display, OIS camera, xenon flash and the great audio chip. Sony has so many tech resources, still waiting for the truly OneSony phone.

  • Doraemon

    So sad, sony has lost the faith in america, sony has abandoned them!!

  • the truth

    Sony made the wrong decision, ignoring the US market is definitely blind and stupid. USA is truly the trend-setter country and i think american people are getting bored with samsung phones now.

  • lovebmw

    they are doing well in other places, it not the brand building they need from the U.S. it’s the income they can get for that big U.S. Market… they need new management team for the U.S.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Sony if you want to be no.3 start treating all regions as Japan – m sure you can be even no.1 in Android segment !!
    Improvement required in US n China.

  • Mylo

    Clearly that sony has a serious management problem and organizational politics. It also looks like a mess becuase sony has so much IT units, sony electronics, sony computer, sony mobile, sony biotech, sony network, sony creative software. Why don’t they just merge these into one company? …like apple and microsoft did.

  • Andrew Tan

    With continuer using lousy poor screen, target for no.3 in world?!? Wait in dream!!!

  • AA

    I seriously think they’d have a better chance in US than in China. Many Chinese people resent the Japanese due to their government never acknowledged and apologized for what they did to those Chinese citizens (prisoners of war); they did some pretty sick things. This reason might sound crazy but it’s true as far as what I’ve seen on Chinese Weibo everyday.

  • AA

    I was referring to during World War 2.

  • Martin Ambre

    same for India

    also include Android updates which is Bug Free

  • glein

    Good luck to them but…

    They could also target a release for the updates to 4.3 they promised. :)

  • subm

    impossible, maybe??

  • Billy de Fretes

    poor screen? if you refer to xperia z than your argument is valid.. but not with z1 and z ultra and also tablet z

  • 1212

    You can’t even be number 4 if you keep on releasing products that always have drawbacks.

    xz – awful display and camera (at least when viewed through their marketing materials), small battery

    xs and xt – outdated specs when released, also outdated OS

    xz1 – too big and heavy for its display size, non-final firmware, display still not among the best in the market, seems rushed/unrefined
    tablet p – stupid product
    tablet s – defective splash-proofing
    x arc – old OS
    walkman with android – very expensive (well, this applies to all sony products)

    seriously, i really had high hopes sony will be making a lot of progress in attracting customers this year. until i saw the prices. they’re still very deluded with the though that they can still sell their always-lacking products at very high prices.

    before, i bought SE phones because they were cheaper than samsung and lg (at least in our place). now, their 5-incher z1 is almost as expensive as the note 3 here.

  • re

    Dont’ forget too about Indonesia. People here love to buy new tech/gadgets. Just advertise more and improve after sales service and SONY will be number ONE in the world!

  • Matthew Ryan

    Not if Sony Indonesia keeps pricing the Z1 wrongly. They just launched the Z1 at a $100 premium than the Z Ultra, contrary to other regions where the Z Ultra is a $100 premium than the Z1.

  • Rogue

    To be third or higher Sony needs to start releasing their phones with the best software possible and stop with the half baked releases. Example new Z1 camera is poor for 20mp have to wait for new firmware to fix, miracast won’t connect neither will bluetooth at times not to mention any bluetooth or wifi device in close proximity makes the phone hang very long when rebooting. This has been Sony’s achilles heel for a long time packing features that don’t work on initial release along with a camera that always under performs in comparison to the competition using Sony’s sensors on their phones, fix this and I’m sure you can gain traction.

  • Babylonbwoy

    The problem with Sony that I discovered recently is that they have no support at all, at least here in France no one can handle a customer who have trouble with anything Sony related. To send back a device it’s ok, they send you UPS or any other logistic company and replace it, but that’s not enough.

    There is no Sony shops, only one in Paris for 65 millions of french, if you want to call them you get someone in Belgium or England or Germany that know nothing about what’s going on in your country (different devices, networks etc), you ask for support by mail they reply with an automated answer that gives no help (ie check our forum, blog or that type of shit), social accounts are managed by community manager companies who can manage Sony Mobile and lingerie brands at the same time, they don’t know nothing only few tweets and FB advertising, and that’s it.

    If Sony want to reach third place they have to improve this, 20% means more devices, more peoples using them, more trouble and solutions to find so a better support is really needed.
    ALL their service are externalized, Sony only design devices then the rest is handled by a bunch of companies that are not communicating with each other and don’t give a fuck about their customers. This is my experience since september with Sony, a total fail.
    When I wanted to pre order Z1 pack with BT headset it didn’t work, tried so many time (maybe 20 or 30, different bank accounts, different credit cards), sent emails, phone calls, tweeters and Facebook messages for nothing at the end of the day, NO ONE helped me, I can’t believe a company who target third place globally can’t handle a simple customer request for buying something extremely expensive, that’s not what I call a premium support, if you sell premium devices you MUST offer them premium support! Loyalty is something they can count with but a disappointed customer won’t be loyal all its life…

  • Get involved in the US and number 3 is all yours

  • Richard Paul Francisco

    here at ph sony doesn’t know the meaning tv commercials

  • 1212

    well many chinese are fond of making enemies with other races. besides, they have an infinity of cheaper options made by their ilk.

  • Andrew Tan

    Z Ultra is IPS great display with advertising triluminos…..

    But! Sony already use the triluminos to fool consumer! The Z1 is return back lousy display. It is slightly better than Z because it is VA panel instead TN, so? VA panel still crap lousy and not suppose to appear in year 2013 now.

    Tablet Z is great display also… But do remember Z Ultra and Tablet Z is not mass product.

    Z and Z1 suppose mass product but Sony continue destroy itself.

  • ryq24

    Good luck on China! The Chinese prefer their own brand which is cheaper and have almost the same functions as Sony’s premium phone. And also, nationalism in china and anti-japanese feelings will be sony’s biggest obstacle.

  • Kevin Brown

    Feel a bit angry! And let down with Sony, I purchased xperia z thinking that it was the flagship phone, my first purchase. I saved up for a while and had plenty of phones to choose from, I was going to purchase the galaxy s4 but I have been a Sony user for year’s, and Sony said xperia z was there best phone to date, so I bought it, nice design premium feel, and that ends the good points, crap screen, battery life is bad, it seems like it was a end of product phone! Not a flagship, funny a few months later and xperia z ultra comes out, with better screen, better processor, then the real flagship came out Z1 that’s a fantastic phone, the real xperia z, never mind I have learned my lesson never again Sony . Kevin

  • Mohammad Javad

    Sony should focus on it`s software department . the hardware and design is fantastic . but Sony should have some surprisingly software and develop them

  • First!! =X

    Why 3? Go for FIRST!!

  • Kevin Brown

    Can’t do it. I have been using Sony phones for year’s, I’ll wait till the z1 comes down in price, and irons out the kinks with software updates,
    Just updated my crappy xperia z with latest update, I’m a bit surprised I think the screen looks sharper, probably wishful thinking, Lol…

  • apip


  • Mac

    first step in a row of dreams ;-)

  • Jordan White

    Stop releasing so many phones, I think they should focus on four if they insist on having an option for EVERY person

    “The flagship” (currently the Z1, have an annual refresh instead of every 6 months, create hype)
    “The phablet” (Z Ultra, bet you they release the Z Ultra 1 in a few months..)
    Whatever else they have.

  • rykellim

    And please, please make your after sales service and spare parts replacement AFFORDABLE… better yet, perhaps offer a 1-time FREE replacement… global warranty and keep the Android updates coming until you are #1.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Why i dont trust u ? :) i.have xperia z and the battery life is aaawsome 2 days for me,. my friends have s4 and i4 / i4s.. And i have always more battery life than them, so shut up stop bla bka, and the screen is fantastic , go home you are drunk kid

  • The God

    Sony and their fanboys must read this!!!!!!

    Can we all agree on one thing? Sony makes some beautiful devices. Hat tip to everyone in Sony’s design department. The Xperia Z, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, and even earlier devices, like the Xperia S and Xperia ion, are gorgeous.

    All of these devices are genuinely beautiful smartphones, and the Tablet Z is just as beautiful in its larger form. Their expansive glass surfaces, ruggedized plastic (or metal, depending on the model) trim, and distinguished hard corners, all make these smartphones, aesthetically, stick out from the swarm of other smartphones.

    Most of them are known to perform quite well – especially the Z Ultra and Z1, both fitted with the Snapdragon 800 chipset; battery life isn’t much of an issue on the newer models; and most of this year’s models are dust-proof and water resistant. Sony has also managed to keep one of the most requested features other manufacturers are moving away from: expandable storage via microSD.

    Even Sony’s UI isn’t as bad as some of its competitors. It’s fairly lightweight and – aside from the icons, widgets, and other bloat – is very stock-like. But it packs a punch without being overbearing and cumbersome. Users can turn their favorite widgets into free-floating applications, called Small Apps.

    Its displays, for example, have been the subject of a lot of criticism and debate. In fact, I was not a fan of the Triluminos display on the Z Ultra during my review period and there could be several reasons for that. It was a defective unit I couldn’t get replaced, it wasn’t running the latest firmware version with the X-Reality engine, etc. (But that didn’t save me from being lambasted in the comments.)

    Tony’s take on the Z1?s display was definitely more generous, likely thanks to X-Reality actually being included in the official firmware. But the viewing angles – a common problem for Sony’s smartphones – are still atrocious.

    Yet Sony’s smartphones continually perform poorly on the market, in terms of mind share, and in comparison to their toughest competitors. Sony still manages to miss the mark each and every time.

    Sony’s cameras are far from the greatest, as well, despite what the company says. More megapixels doesn’t always mean better performance. Just take a quick stroll to Tony’s Z1 review and check out the camera samples. For a much-hyped 20-megapixel camera, the results are yawn-worthy. And the 8-megapixel camera on the Z Ultra was much of the same.

    The interesting part is that these are two areas we would expect Sony to excel. Sony’s televisions are great – at least in my experience. And the three Sony cameras I’ve owned have been absolutely superb. Not to mention, Sony is consistently the supplier of mobile camera sensors to some of the most impressive smartphone cameras around, such as iPhones.

    I hate to use the term “fanboy”, for fear of Tony using the ban hammer on me. But Sony has some seriously dedicated fans, and when we write the slightest hint of negative or critical words about the company, they come out of the woodwork in full force. A common allegation is that we at Pocketnow are either paid by the competition to publicly shame and defame Sony’s products or that we enjoy being overly critical of Sony.

    Neither of these things are even remotely true.

    In fact, most of us here at Pocketnow use Sony cameras to record our videos, and we’re continually proud of the output. Jaime and I use NEX-5Ns and Michael uses an NEX-F3. I’ve also always been a PlayStation guy. I owned the original, the PS One, PS 2, PS 3, and I plan to pick up a PlayStation 4 soon. I’ve also owned several PSPs.

    Sony, unquestionably, makes great products. And any inclination that I – and the rest of the Pocketnow team – have a bias against Sony is nothing more than gobbledegook.

    How the 7.5 I gave the Z Ultra is viewed as a “bad” score is beyond me. (Side note: I’m with Michael on axing review scores.) The last time I checked, 7.5 out of 10 is a decent score. The ZL received an 8, the Z scored an 8.5, and the Z1 mustered an impressive 9.1 out of 10. None of these scores are bad and prove that Sony is on the right track. But Sony continually fails to produce a phone that is mind-bogglingly good.

    The Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S 4, HTC One, iPhone 5S, Lumia 1020, and even the Moto X all offer something special, something that can’t be directly transcribed to words, something you only notice after using them. None of them are perfect, but they each shine in their own way, providing a balanced, well-rounded, spectacular experience.

    But in all my time with any Sony mobile product, I can’t help but feel they lack that special X factor that makes me want to keep coming back to them.

    Raw specs are no longer what make a phone great – or above and beyond. Software alone can’t do the trick either. But the perfect balance of great specifications, awesome software, and value proposition seems to be the ultimate goal for all manufacturers these days, and somehow Sony keeps missing the mark, just by a hair.

    Why? I can’t exactly put my finger on it. But Sony’s products lack something special. I, personally, find nothing enticing about them. It’s as if Sony lacks soul and a proper differentiator – something to truly set its products off and apart from the countless competitors.
    The Xperia Z, Z1, or Z Ultra are beautifully designed. And as I said before, the software isn’t all that bad. (Samsung’s and LG’s, visually, are much, much worse.) But given the opportunity, every single time, I would rather spend my own money on the Moto X, Note 3, 1020, or even an iPhone than tie myself down with an Xperia phone.

  • roeshak

    Well they’re a long way behind the big 2. Also the LG and Google partnership is going to be tough to beat. Once the G2 re-emerges as the nexus 5, and if Google sell it again at a very discounted price, I can see that being the biggest seller in the second half of this year.
    Sony isn’t going to achieve this if they keep putting out much bigger than average devices with cheap display panels. They will need to attract a lot of Samsung users in the process. Forget HTC, they’re no longer in the running. Only tech bogs think htc matter.
    Sony has to improve for next year in a couple of ways if they’re going to lure enough people away from the S5 to really make an impression in the game.

  • Kevin Brown

    Why I don’t trust u?
    Well I hope not! We’ve. Never met or spoken to each other before. I think spending over £500 pounds for it, gives me the right to air my opinion on a public blog, I was not asking for anyone’s opinions, just my honest experience with it, if you had taken the time to look at others opinions on their experiences with the phone then you would see that it’s not just me, I say to you sir who is the child. I’m ok thanks I’m home already, as for being drunk! I am tea total, that means I don’t touch alcohol. Have a nice day!

  • xperia

    no you are right the display is better i had this feeling too, it’s really pleasing to watch at it

  • Kevin Brown

    Yep! Your right, the colours are much brighter and viewing angles are much improved, have you noticed the improved camera in low light? and seems to run even smoother now, well done Sony,
    We’ve had loads of updates for it, but they were updating to fix the updates, but finally think this update has been the best yet,

  • Babylonbwoy

    Interestring. I don’t know Pocketnow, will check the site.

    It is true that some Sony loyal customer defend the brand more than would do Sony CEO himself!

  • Babylonbwoy

    “Improve the UI, smaller bezel, better display, OIS camera, xenon flash and the great audio chip”

    That means a completely different device then if they should change all that!

  • Babylonbwoy

    They did sick things to both country US and China, maybe that’s why ?
    In the other hand america did sick things worldwide but people still buy their shit…

  • Micro

    Good speech, Mr. “God”, bravo, bravo. We get it – pocketnow is not paid. We really do now, that was very convincing. Really.

    However, you missed a few things in the speech. If you really can’t see what makes some ppl become Sony fans, you shouldn’t even talk about it. If you notice something special about S4, note3, one, 5s, 1020, and “even” X, and you don’t notice anything about Z series, you really missed the point.

    Lack of something special… come on, SERIOUSLY?

    I won’t point you all of them, just a few should refresh your professional memory: waterproof, social camera, dust resistance, build quality, design. Tell me you can feel all of those taking any other phone you mentioned.
    Nothing special about Xperia phone…

    oh, and BTW – if you want to take you seriously, register an account and stop hiding like you have something to hide.

  • Micro

    All major brands have this type of fans.

  • gunboat_d

    without carrier support, this will never happen in the US

  • Alex Marinos


  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    You are totally far of our conv , have a u too

  • brucethepiker

    3rd?? Ha. Pull the other one. Once you start finding practical solutions for badly bugged phones ( XL and Neo come to mind) and stop totally ignoring your customer base as well as providing a DECENT STANDARD OF SERVICE, then maybe you can. If you carry on the way you are now, you ain’t got a *hit show of getting there.

  • Kevin Brown

    I wouldn’t have called it a convocation, more like you calling someone a drunk, but I hold no grudges, if you had taken the time to look at my follow up post, you would see I changed my mind on dumping Sony,
    And have new update that has dramatically fixed the screen problems,

  • Babylonbwoy

    This is not a reason to acting like them.

    When I have read his post and made my comment I forgot that he said “fanboys” at the very beggining, I hate this word and anyone who use it loose all his credibility to me.

  • sony

    Sony in your dream u can be third:'(

  • Micro

    yeah.. me too.

  • Colby Leong

    Anyway the Z Ultra had the best display, they should have continued with that in the Z1. I usually write long shit, keep in mind an essay should be like a women’s skirt, long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting.

  • Amir


  • Mint

    ROLFLOLMAO yeah good luck with that.

  • DrazenDodig

    but they did merge SE into Sony…

  • Sergey Mirona

    Screen – shame ….. Should be ashamed to produce phones with the screen

  • Mokhtar Mouhib


  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Finally i saw a pub of the z1 in tv

  • Amir

    SONY, about the Z1 screen, please next time make a reliable display so that when someone drops the phone the screen won’t stop working. watch “android authority z1 drop test”. shatter proof ,etc. doesn’t bring any advantage if the display stops working even after reset. and don’t make that screen film a mandatory thing. make the glass itself shatterproof, scratch resistance and with oleophobic coating.

  • Babylonbwoy

    It’s not because you can stay 2 days with your battery that he is a lier. Mobile network alone can make a big difference if you don’t catch the network correctly, on Z1 I had less than 12 hours just because of a shitty network where I live on a particular carrier (SFR).

  • Babylonbwoy

    Edit : also to be honest I have to admit that delivery is fast when I buy on Sony Mobile eshop, ordered the DK31 yesterday at 2PM, got it today at 1pm! Really fast.

  • Miko

    No! you got it wrong!

    Sony Mobile Communications is not Sony Corporation !!

  • lol

    Xperia L got problem with memory, sony still can’t figure it out, please sony please hire many software developer for sony mobile. uguys so slowpoke when fixing bug on xperia, sony wont no 3 if people tell their xperience with sony after sales service

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Who say anything about mobile networks ? And he crap., she isnt at all

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I agree with everything you said except the “Sony’s lack of something special”. Sony never fail to introduced beautiful devices and that’s something Special.

    I’m a Sony fanboy and I feel that every Xperia doesn’t have a balanced Specs.

    And that what makes Sony’s devices lack of something. It’s like they could have done this or put this but for some reason they didn’t. I understand that they want their every device unique from each other but it’s not acceptable when it is about Flagship devices. (The 2012 NXT series for example).

    I honestly love what Motorola did to MotoX, I believe it has a perfectly balanced specs. And I would love to see a Waterproof Xperia with the MotoX’s specs.
    Something like Xperia ZR with a better front cam, and internal storage (ZR’s front cam is VGA).

    _Sorry for my English, corrections are welcome._

  • josesl16

    So much for critics…. Am I the only one thinking Sony is improving very well along the years and still improving even better? It’s like everyone wants a perfect and flawless phone that other company doesn’t even come close to. And they still complain about the price, after that.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Finally!! ,Someone, other than me,is aware of the Non-oloephobic screen glass!!

  • 3rdflyleaf


  • Amir

    well, it’s obvious! how sony is so blind to see??? what’s wrong with them? PEOPLE WANT TO FEEL THE GLASS, NOT THAT SHITTY FILM, SONY. and STOP implementing SUB PAR DISPLAYS, OK? i’m expecting Z2 to not have that film implemented, the glass it self shatter proof, scratch resistance, olephobic coating and IPS display of the LG G2 or better, can we expect sony to have better display then it’s competitors??? i think we have the reason to!

  • Andrew Tan

    Sony Xperia Z screen is crap! It like few years ago screen. TN screen is the cheapest LCD ever. If you think TN LCD screen is great, you never seen any great screen before.

    Sony give people hope as use highest quality LCD – IPS in Sony Xperia Z Ultra…………. but …. Sony return to old school, using 2nd worst screen – VA panel in Z1.

    If Sony continue don’t bother of screen panel, Sony is soon R.I.P

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    My sis has and s4, i do a lot of comp, and what i see is when u watching videos z wins by far, fotos when zooming s4 wins , and she said always i like your screen more i swear, and all my friends say wow your screen is awsome, bro, u have something in.your eyes check z doctor

  • Andrew Tan

    Not sure whose here eye need see doctor. Z is well known lousy screen. It is the worst screen ever in year 2013 mobile phone.

  • Babylonbwoy

    so you don’t know that battery life depends on how you catch your mobile network ? The less bars the more the mobile search the more it eat battery…

    he said : “battery life is bad”
    you replied that your stands 2 days

    So yeah network has to do with battery life…

  • 3rdflyleaf

    NOT Scratch resistant anti-shatter film on top of Non-Oleophobic SCRATCH RESISTANT screen glass. -Sony’s logic.

  • Sye

    Keep dropping you ‘new’ phones (Z for example) after only 6 months into their market life and you will soon find yourself in last place SONY.

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