Could Android 4.3 be hitting the Xperia SP in December 2013?

by XB on 8th October 2013

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Free Mobile Xperia SPSony Mobile has detailed plans to upgrade a number of Xperia handsets to Android 4.3, but so far we are still awaiting official timing details. French operator Free Mobile may have given the first hint, pointing to a December 2013 timeline for the Xperia SP’s Android 4.3 update.

It looks like the Xperia SP will be one of the handsets that moves directly from Android 4.1.2 to Android 4.3, as there has been no Android 4.2.2 update until now. The likelihood is that the flagship Xperia Z series will see the update to Android 4.3 before the Xperia SP, so we may end up seeing the v4.3 update land even before December. All of this is speculation though, so we’ll keep you posted when we have any concrete dates.

Free Mobile Xperia SP

Thanks @KY_F & Naindu84!

  • Makiz

    Where are the Xperia S trolls now? :P

  • Arturo Pastrana

    And Xperia S? LOL

  • lucasarg

    wow *.* Sony is doing rare thing, but i like it.

  • shumaranaman

    Xperia S is for lil bitchess

  • Go Sony!

    Xperias already have some of those features which 4.3 is going to introduce!

  • dik

    4.3 for xperia s please!!!!!!

  • electrash

    Like your mum?

  • shumaranaman

    No, shes even worse, owning a Huawei phone.. FML! :(

  • shumaranaman

    Btw you look like a lil bitch

  • sfordesign

    where is jelly bean for xperia ion’s international version aka lt28i?! sony for dick!

  • [csizor

    I got my Xperia L last friday. Except for a weird microSD card issue, this phone is awesome. SP is also cool (I saw it and used it in the SONY store), but I’d like that SONY focus in 4.4 for most of their devices, including this and mine :D

  • electrash


  • raxxta

    Waiting for KitKat….4.3 can go die in a hole.

  • raxxta

    Yeh…it’s probably time to upgrade lol

  • Caio Faria

    And Xperia T? I hope that Sony updated Xperia T for at least 4.4 KitKat.

  • Guest

    Well I hope they fricking fix this update!!! Honestly, the reason I bought this phone was for the LED notification bar. So why take it away with the update just passed?
    Is anyone else p*ssed? That after the .245, stamina mode won’t allow the notification bar? And Sony claim it is to save battery life, but then why when the phone is about to die, it flashes red every 5 seconds?!
    So now, i’ve had to disable stamina mode, but its still messed up. Before the update, I had different colours for different contacts, with the 3 LEDs at max brightness. Now, it will flash with their colour once and then go to default with only one LED flashing. So I can’t tell who has text me without properly looking.
    I can’t believe Sony has done this purposely, it renders the whole selling point of the phone (and the reason I got it) mute. Its just like any other phone now. I wish, wish, wish I didn’t update the phone. I’ve seen others complain about this on the official Sony forum too.

    Please Sony, fix this, go back to before this update. I am bitterly disappointed but have faith in you Sony.

  • Zeke

    We XPERIA LT26i Trolls are all sitting around having cups of tea and wondering how we’d leverage ES 3.0 in Android 4.3 when the Adreno 220 doesn’t support it.
    Think the XPERIA S has bigger problems with the current Adreno 220 GPU drivers than worrying about new Android version upgrades.

  • Rogue

    You all do know it’s not the Oem who decides on which devices get updated majority of the times right! As far as I understand qualcomm is the person who decided that that the S3 chip wouldn’t be carrying jellybean past 4.1.2 that’s the reason that the S2 international version got jellybean while all the qualcomm versions took longer. this is why this petition was started for qualcomm to support the S3 chipset so don’t blame Sony it’s qualcomm who stopped supporting the S3 chipset.So the last update for the S3 chips is 4.1.2 and this has nothing to do with Sony,Htc,Samsung,Lg or whoever you call.

  • Andrie Putra

    hmmm oh cool.. SP will be the first Xperia directly upgrade to 4.3 ..

  • Adrian M

    Xperia Z1 <3

  • @atWidget

    And the X10?????? OK sorry…

  • Roflcopter

    Give xperia M single sim 4.2 just like xperia M dual.. and also facility to move apps to sd..

  • Bill Lockhart

    Haha. lolled so much on this!

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    What about my Z2? At least get 5.0 Snickers

  • Mac

    U mean 4.5 Snickers because 5.0 gon’b KLP.

  • APai

    by the time the updates arrive, our phones would have worn out. when i picked the T, they said 4.1 coming soon after launch, that took 4 months. if SP gets 4.2 in december, that means the T might get it in April. might. if it comes that late – sony might as well release 4.4 !

  • Mac

    Is it even worth the wait cuz 4.4 gonna be out by then. why not jump straight there instead of 4.3? It’s outdated the day KitKat arrives. just saying. Tho I’m a proud owner of Acro S running 4.1.2 latest firmware and all problems are gone, at least all unacceptable ones. waiting for z1f B-)

  • APai

    all sony/ samsung has to do is pass the buck to qualcomm. at least once. instead of staying mum, these fricking idiots could pass on some of the heat that they face to qualcomm.

  • Brad Williams

    I can safely presume now my C6603 wont be getting the 2.67 update and other later one now.
    Maybe I’ll have a break and have a……………………………. You know the rest. :)

  • ansari jassim

    What about xperia v
    Is it an orphan?

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    And Xperia z1? I hope that the update is released before mid-November :)

  • Emanuele Ciotti


  • like what?

  • Makiz

    The 2011 Xperia models were the first getting ice cream sandwich (after the nexus) and I hoped that Sony will keep doing that with future devices and updates!

  • panagi?tis

    i didnt expect anything faster from sony. if sp goes for december then T TX and the oldest ones summer 2014 if ever

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    4.5 is Left Twix…

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Don’t confuse it with those right Twix bastards.

  • ice4banday

    GIRLFRIEND: honey I’ve got your pic from the beach as my screen saver which pic of mine have you got as your screen saver?
    BOYFRIEND: the picture of the Z1?

  • Jobs

    Didn’t Qualcomm stop supporting the platform that T and TX uses? Pretty sure I’ve read that somewhere..

  • Rob

    Considering that Google hasn’t released 4.4 yet, how are you expecting them to be focusing on it? You want them to sit around and wish for it?

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    I’m sorry for your loss… and while you have lost faith in Sony I would gladly take your Xperia SP off your hands.

  • Colby Leong

    I wish there was a Sony store here in Hawaii, but all we have are useless repair centers.

  • Luv the Z

    Hope the Z is the first one to get updated. It STILL is the flagship phone of 2013.

  • JG

    What’s with the single topic each day? Did Sony got to you too, xperia blog?

  • Micro

    I’ll wait for 5.1 Lion

  • Micro

    but looking at Z1 this way is like watching porn instead of making love with a real woman :D

  • Mac

    oh my bad.. x) haha

  • Mac

    naa no problem man.

  • Ambroos

    KitKat isn’t even properly announced yet. We know the name, nothing else.

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  • XZ rocks

    Turn Pulse Notification on in Display

  • boosook

    If I were Sony, I would just skip android 4.3 and head for 4.4.

  • jip

    Il a free, il a tout compris !

  • ipatz

    I hope Xperia Tablet S get 4.3 as well.

  • adsada_arc

    so guys, quick question I have the Xperia S and sent it in for repair, long story short Sony messed up and are replacing my handset with a new one. The only thing is they dont have any more black Xperia S’s left so they offered me a back Xperia T instead

    should I accept this? haha I know I probably will, but I am not sure if I like the XT, really love the design of my XS the transparent bar etc. can anyone who has the XT tell me if it’s a decent phone?


  • ice4banday


  • ice4banday


  • ice4banday


  • DStyle

    Guys, check this link. It says Z1 will be getting KitKat.

  • Nobody knows them, but they come up with new rumors ever day.

  • Nope… (french sony xperia twitter account)

  • unknown

    Xperia SP is a great smartphone.

  • tk

    get the sp, like the s without all or at least most of the problems, should be cheaper than the t suprisingly.

  • Berg

    Newer platform than the S, so it should be considered a trade up for sure. I’ve been using an Xperia GX (which is the same generation and platform as T, only it’s a Docomo specific model) and it’s served me well.

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Not so fast Sony,please give us Xperia ion jellybean bug fix update like you did to Xperia S,SL and acro S T^T

  • Shujah

    Waiting anxiously for any update to fix the bugs..

  • arcu de triumf

    How about we losers with Xperia U the lowest from the lowest Xperias? :D We don’t care about any updates because there aren’t. We are zen! :D And it has only 1 and a half Year since showed up.

  • Dr Doolittle

    Naa, you’d be better off waiting for 5.2 Mars.

  • Sony

    Yes, the Xperia X10 should receive an update to the next major android version some time in the future.

  • guest
  • adsada_arc

    I’m not really in a position to ask for something else, its either an Xperia T or and Xperia s in white, wouldn’t have minded if they offered the Z1 though eh, would have even settled for the Z haha

  • George6604

    Well, actually the Z1 is the flagship of Sony now…not the Z :/

  • ziomus

    And what about my Z1? Will I get the update first? I should…

  • Guest

    I can’t find that, i’ve gone to settings, display, personalisation and light effects and nothing…

  • luigi

    Xperia s should get at least 4.2

  • XZ rocks

    My mistake. I mixed it with Xperia Z.
    But on other note, my friend has it. His notifications show for all even Stamina mode turned on.

  • Hitesh

    Try you will know it

  • guest

    I don’t think so pal.:)

  • Thai Vuth

    may a version with lag-free or bug-free make more sense than dramatically push the update :) sorry for bad eng.

  • lol

    u should stay fine when led notification got problem, my Xperia L got worse problem which is phone memory bug after update to B.37 firmware, me already uninstall all app but my Xperia L keep saying low storage.right now downloading A.36 because it is more stable than current firmware

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  • Sayan Summers

    i will wait for 6.1 bournville for my Z3..

  • gunboat_d

    why? the ICS update just made the U laggy. the updated Maps crashed all the time. my ics U broke the other day (dropped it and cracked the screen) so i bought a new one. I’m not planning to leave gingerbread this time.

  • Troll

    Your mom

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  • Guest

    Your friend has the .245 update on the SP and it hasn’t affected the notifications at all?!
    I’m quite confused now, why would someone from the Sony team confirm this and say that Sony did it purposely, not by mistake.
    Is the update different for some regions?
    I’m in the UK, but others have the same ‘problem’ as me.

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  • sfordesign

    don’t act like the first time buying sony phones. their developers never know what they are doing

  • guest

    Why should you get the update first. The Z should get it.

  • faisal

    yeah…agreed.i own SP n Z…but seems like i luv SP more….even the pic quality is much better than Z…even though SP only 8MP….dissapointed with Z….

  • Guest

    Its the first Sony update I’ve ever had. My X10 Mini Pro and Mini Pro never got updates (even though they were unlocked, sim free, weird huh). And for the most part i’ve read that Sony updates are improvements (i’m ignoring the 2012 Xperia S updates, etc because that phone is just cursed).

  • Cristi13

    Htc one, s3,note 2, s4 will get 4.3 this month, be faster sony!

  • Campo

    All you guys complaining about led not working… have you tried just to reboot the phone after the update ? Mine had the problems you described (led off when charging, didn’t work on album app, etc etc). After I rebooted the phone, everything work just fine.

  • Guest

    Nowhere did I say I had lost faith in Sony, in fact I said the opposite…

  • Guest

    I have rebooted the phone and nothing has changed.
    However, the LEDs works fine on charging, album art, music, etc (before the reboot too).

  • Brinly Taylor

    They can’t – due to Qualcomm not supporting 4.2 for 8660.

  • Brin

    Nope. It’s still supported. They would have to update the kernel to do that though.

  • Geek

    HAHhaaahah :D :D :D

  • franklin

    maybe a christmas present for ion users :)

  • franklin

    if i was sony just make a new os :D

  • franklin

    so to its smaller brothers x10 mini and x10 mini pro :D cheers lol

  • onosmajente

    Please come with 4.3 in Xperia V

  • MartinCad

    I’m still waiting for my 2.67 update, Xperia Z – C6603

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  • ad

    just to confirm, my UK xperia SP is also working spot on, notification lights, stamina mode etc all fine before AND after update to .245

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  • Nonamex

    Hope sony will fix about recording video. i hope there is a pause button when recording video. some of user doesnt need but most of the user including me need that…. :)

  • what?

    6.0 Apple.

  • Vjay

    any dates for Android 4.3 update on Xperia SP?

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