New Tasks app now available for the Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra

by XB on 11th October 2013

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Tasks 1.0.A.0.1_4Sony Mobile has begun to roll out a new app called ‘Tasks’ to the Xperia Z1 and the Xperia Z Ultra. As the name suggests, Tasks allows you to create and synchronise Exchange to-do lists and reminders. Tasks 1.0.A.0.1 can create subjects with different priorities and you can add due dates and reminders. You should be able to download the app in the ‘Update Centre’ app.

Tasks 1.0.A.0.1_1

Tasks 1.0.A.0.1_2

Tasks 1.0.A.0.1_3

Tasks 1.0.A.0.1_4

Thanks Anurag, David and Micro!

  • Turki Saadi

    Same job of the calender

  • Guest

    Bit late Sony?
    Google already does that and apps too like ColorNote

  • Sye

    Note how they suddenly dropped the Z.

    Never again Sony.

  • cities516

    Google Keep already done the job.
    What I scared the most is that it cannot be backup by stock Backup & Restore, like Sketch…


    Notice how Samsung Gear isn’t mentioned for anything other than Note 3 and S4?

    Never again, Samsung.
    This guy must be fun to hang out with.

  • Sen. Rockie

    Jesus you’re now crying because Sony didn’t give your premium Z a simple tasks app? Modafocka… there’s a lot of alternatives in Google Play!

    You should be happy with your phone, not all people are rich enough to buy such things.

  • JEp

    Meh, Tasks and Google Keep do the job for me.

  • Matthewkh

    But Google doesn’t actually sync it to the phone. At least, I have never found where it is on the phone…

  • So how do I tell Google Keep to synchronise with Exchange? It doesn’t do that by default for me…

  • Hi-Jack

    Sorry to hi-jack this topic abit. It’s just, while we’re on calendars, does anyone know of a good app that seperates different calendar by colour codes? Cause currently all my google accounts and calendars are all labled red and it’s difficult to identify which one is which. Sony needs to add this in as a feature in their calendars…… Either that or am i missing a settings somewhere that allows me to do so?

  • Matthewkh

    Download Google’s own calendars app. You can change colours for events both on your phone and on the online calendar and it syncs. The only annoying thing is that you cant uninstall the Sony Calendar app, so you get duplicate notifications.

  • Guest

    Got it yesterday on Z1 with info eyes update

  • Babylonbwoy

    Got an Info-eyes update too yesterday at the same time

  • Babylonbwoy


  • Babylonbwoy

    Ah ha same for me, tasks are never synchronized, but the posts says that it works with Exchange?
    Any way more choice to choose from, the better.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Oops why my deleted post turned in a guest post ? wtf disqus ?

  • Babylonbwoy

    Business calendar, Pocket Informant just to name few.
    They are often on sale got the first for 0.10€ a while ago and the other for less than 1€… of course crack are everywhere

  • sherlokhomles

    Its not just the stupid app what about the new ui and camera and all this things

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  • Herman

    You must be new to marketing.
    Of course Sony tries to make the next generation stand out more than the previous. There should be a reason to upgrade.
    You should be at least happy Sony updates their devices in time now.

    If you started a company selling smartphones, would you upgrade previous devices to be capable of the same as newer devices?
    I think not. Or you’d be bankrupt in seconds.

  • ????????????

    because.. reasons!!

  • Sye

    Why has two generations of phones came out since the original Z in less than a year?

    Why have both these newer phones been given software the original Z could run, yet the Z still gets nothing?

    When I buy, the least I should expect is to stay cutting for at least 12 months.

    Now I’m not sure I want to buy a Sony again as it gets dropped to quit.

  • Herman

    You don’t (read: shouldn’t) buy a phone for what you think it will be able to do with an update, instead for what it does at the moment you buy it.

    That isn’t to say the Xperia Z won’t get all of those small updates in a bigger update. I would just be patient if I were you.

  • roeshak

    That’s just normal for Sony. Other manufacturers release a flagship for a year while Sony does so for only six months and for as long as that remains the case, they’ll keep forgetting phones barely 6 months old. It’s the same old same old. Nothing new!

  • igel705

    Didn’t i got a calender app for this?? I think it’s not that big new app i need ;-/

  • raj

    i got it, on Xperia Z Ultra

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  • Z1man

    i need fw update cm z1 noise

  • Sye

    I don’t need to be told by anyone to like / not like my phone. That’s is strictly my perogative, not yours.

  • Sye

    Longevity of a device is a factor when buying a phone. A lesson learned here on the Sony front I think.

  • Sye

    Well if they are going for a market share grab this practice will doom them to eventual failure I would suggest.

  • Rob

    No need for duplicate reminders, just disable the Sony calendar from showing notifications. Either find it under Apps in settings, or long press it in the recently run apps list and hit show info, and uncheck “show notifications”.

    Can be done for almost any app.

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  • Anyone found the Tasks app guzzles battery by keeping exchange running?

  • Kamila

    hi, do you know how to disable apps from automatic update?

  • PowerfulCZ

    And widget is where?

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