Xperia Transfer v3.0 includes new migration options and app matching

by XB on 11th October 2013

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Xperia Transfer v3.0_2Sony’s Xperia Transfer software allows users to move contacts, messages and media from an old phone, whether that be an Apple iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone to a new Xperia smartphone. Sony announced earlier today that v3.0 of Xperia Transfer is now live.

Whereas the older version focused on moving data from an iPhone to an Xperia phone, the new update brings additional migration options for any Android phone and Blackberry phones. The software also brings app matching, trying to find Google Play Store versions of apps found in other ecosystems (Blackberry and iOS). The latest Xperia Transfer is embedded within PC Companion and Sony Bridge for Mac. For further information click here.

Xperia Transfer is compatible with:
– Any Android phone with Android version 2.1 or later (Sony Ericsson, Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG etc.)
– iPhone with iOS 4.0 or later (iPhone 3GS and later)
– Blackberry™ with Blackberry™ OS: 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 7.1

Xperia Transfer v3.0_1

Xperia Transfer v3.0_2

  • Harut Hajin


  • ice4banday


  • djsilentg

    Please also include Windows phones cause they are so hard to get the contacts to move over to my Sony

  • the_black_dragon

    ehm… just sync them to and then enable Exchange to on your Xperia c.O

  • P9

    Sony knows people plan movingtto sony. :) Sony rocks!

  • djsilentg


  • josesl16

    If it can somehow move apps and settings (which is impossible :p), I’ll be sold.
    Otherwise, it’s not so useful..

  • Robert Forslund

    How can you NOT love Sony and the Xperia brand! :D *hugging my Xperia Z*

  • Robert Forslund

    Go take a look at Best solution you’ll ever need! :D It gives you access to your phone right in your web browser! :D

  • wtfBRE
  • josesl16

    I meant, applications and settings migration from one android phone to another different android phone(Xperia to a different Xperia, in this case), which would probably be impossible considering the difference in internal specifications and software differences.
    As for backup… Titanium Backup Pro FTW! Unbeatable champion of backup app :D

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  • Berty Gamer

    Just got my Z1 and this app doesn’t work to catch the data from my iPhone backup. It always crash on Windows 7 x64 when i try to transfer data. I spent a whole afternoon with a Sony tech and we’d finally use third program as MyPhoneExplorer which did the trick for my contacts, i used iSms2droid, Sms Backup & Restore for my SmS and for my notes i sync them with Gnotes. Fortunetaly all those apps can be find for free on PlayStore. Hope that Sony will make a new update soon… Because Xperia Transfer for me is sh….

  • TJ

    I’ve transferred all my messages and contacts from iphone. there are some messages that is like 28,000. Iphone has way to archive it automatically in the system and search only when needed which inturn make the messages faster. However, when I transferred my messages to Sony Experia, it simply hangs all the time.

  • AnavelGato

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