Xperia Z1 hitting Bell Canada and TELUS on 15 October

by XB on 14th October 2013

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CANADAMobile Syrup is reporting that the Sony Xperia Z1 will be landing in Canada on 15 October i.e. tomorrow on both Bell and TELUS. Bell will apparently be pricing the handset at C$699.95, whilst TELUS will charge C$725 for the handset off-contract. TELUS will charge C$99 upfront if you take out a two-year contract. Rogers is also expected to carry the handset, but we’ll bring you further details as soon as we have it.

Xperia Z1 Telus

Via Mobile Syrup.

Thanks Ben!

  • @atWidget

    Nobody will tell you so I will do it:

    When you read all this beautiful words like “Bell, T-Mobile, Orange, etc…” … = LOCKED BOOTLOADER FOR LIFE!!!

    Now you know… so don’t come cry on forums after buy it…

  • Brad Williams

    Telstra Australia is taking orders for it now too.

  • raj

    Loving it

  • Guest

    99% of the people buying these phones do not care about a locked bootloader.

  • Mac

    Easy rooting toolkit, does the job. For those who want root

  • @atWidget

    So why I see all this people crying for locked bootloader on EVERY FORUMS…

  • Guest

    Why do you assume that people on forums = all the buyers of the phone?

  • JPP

    Rogers has it for $199.99 on the upgrade section of the website

  • Guest

    They represent the 1%.

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    It’s available in the US through newegg for $710. Nice!

  • westdubcity

    Ya on rogers website if you log in and go to upgrade it says eligible oct 15th for the Z1. $249.99 – $50 rebate. On select 2 year terms. Why more than telus and bell?

  • Kaostheory

    By the end of the year all phones sold in Canada must be unlocked. Still only $10 to unlock your phone.

  • mika

    do you know how to root the z1 with bell

  • Mac

    Sry man, I don’t

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