DxOMark assesses the Xperia Z1 camera; ranks it just behind the Nokia 808 Pureview

by XB on 16th October 2013

in Imaging, Xperia Z1

DxOMark Xperia Z1_ThumbDxOMark has recently reviewed the imaging qualities of the Sony Xperia Z1 and ranked it versus the latest smartphones. The Xperia Z1 achieved a DxOMark Mobile score of 76, tying it with the Apple iPhone 5S and putting it just behind the Nokia 808 Pureview which achieved a DxOMark Mobile score of 77. According to its website, DxOMark is the “trusted industry standard for camera and lens independent image quality measurements and ratings.”

The 1/2.3-inch 20.7MP CMOS sensor found in the Xperia Z1 is bigger than most other smartphone cameras which typically have 1/3-inch sensors. However, the overall score is a result of two halves when looking at the images versus video performance. On the stills side, the Xperia Z1 ranked fifth with the overall score boosted by the video performance which ranked number one against other camera phones. For the full report click on the source link.

DxOMark Xperia Z1

Via DxOMark.

Thanks ashudenz!

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    It’s on par with the iPhone 5S? Is the iPhone really that good?

  • sonyxperiaz1yo

    I dont think we can trust that. Lumia 1020 just got 74? 1020 is miles better than z1. But I still prefer the z1. *woohoo*

  • MikeViller

    how ca an 8 mexapixels be as good as an 20 and more mexapixels???????

  • Chx Chong

    can xperia z have xperia z1 camera apps?

  • ripqhy

    i love sony… but iphone camera always one of the best.. see it for yourself.. :)

  • Because it’s not all about the pixels? It has to do with aperture, lens, and the sensor. The pixels is just how big the picture is. 8mpx is 4000 x 2000, i think and so on. 2mp is 1920 x 1080

  • nlf

    1020 white balance is shit

  • Micro

    hahahaha…. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Hell yeah!!

    Bring it on, trolls! P***ed off enough already? xD

    (getting popcorn)

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Yes, day shots are almost as good as XZ1

  • Kuldeep
  • Makozak

    I don’t understand ..
    How the Lumia 1020 have the fifth place ?
    I’ve seen many test and i think the Lumia should be in first place .. It’s even better than 808 and Z1
    And how the heck does the iPhone have the third place ? and the S4 the fourth ? LG G2 and Note 3 are far more better, even the HTC One …
    My ranking :
    1 – Lumia 1020
    2 – Xperia Z1
    3 – 808
    4 – G2
    5 – Note 3

    PS : I’ve used them all, so i know what i’m talking about, and i’m a Z1 user now

  • Micro

    Honestly? This is about overall camera quality, with many aspects considered together. I don’t think there is better overall camera than lumia 808, this is absolute masterpiece in the world of phone cameras. It was a Pure (view) pleasure to shoot with it, never seen anything like this before in such a small device. 1020, for example, is very good too as long as there are good light conditions, this it’s weak point, very weak one.
    EDIT: to be clear, I am not talking about Mpx count here

  • poll
  • machidoden

    This is the reason sony claimed xperia z1 takes overal better image quality among all leading smartphones including lumia 1020
    and DXOMARK proved this claim
    And u r just a fanboy
    But they are proff. Photographers

  • machidoden

    Still stupid Nokia fans will say that ,DXOMARK crew is stupid
    But Truth is really bitter
    DXOMARK proved xperia z1 is a better overall cameraphone
    May thats y it is Ranked 2nd behind 808
    1/2.3 inch sensor thrashes so badly 1/1.5 inch sensor in video
    Nokia u r stupid

  • poll

    I only linked it because it’s a ridiculus top 5… :P

  • Rizky Maulana

    808pv still on top *, *

  • Faisal Armand

    Well, there go biased phone reviewer sites that say xperia z1’s camera is sh*t :)

    For those of you who are wondering why lumia only got a score of 74.. Well, lumia 1020 has really really great imaging quality but the video recording is lacking. You see lumia 1020 has a score of 79 in stills but the score of video capturing is only 64, that’s what makes the overall score go down.

    Xperia Z1 is not tied with iphone 5s. You see xperia z1 has a score of 77 in stills and 74 in video recording, making the actual average score 75.5

    The iphone 5s scores 78 in stills and 72 in video recording, making the actual average score 75. And what makes the iphone 5s camera really stands out that it is able to make sharp images whitout making oversharpening artifacts, something that samsung galaxy S4 and xperia z1 are quite guilty of :)

    From what i’ve heard from the newest firmware update of xperia z1 is the image quality is much improved, the images are now almost free of noise and artifacts. And low light imaging capability is improved

    It is just too bad that dxo mark teams won’t update the review after the firmware update, because as a proud sony mobile user I just want to see the brand name SONY on top of the mountain :) (I asked them to re review Xperia Z and they didn’t do it)

  • Faisal Armand

    Yep true :) from what I know the white balance of lumia 1020 sometimes tend to be bluish and sometimes too yellow.

  • cs098

    don’t hate mkbhd, the z1 only got a honorable mention because he
    doesn’t have the xperia z1. How can he rank the z1 if he doesn’t have
    the phone? All the phones he ranked, are the phones he used and owned.

    If that wasn’t the case he would also put the 808 purview on the list as well.

  • David Lettinga

    iphones use Sony’s cameras in their phones

  • fdf

    even with that reasoning, z1 has better specs in every aspect.

  • Mac

    Not here’s one big issue for me. IPhone still uses Sony cameras right?
    So why the hell is the overall score almost Identical as the z1 which is supposed to be having a better and bigger camera? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.
    Btw, sgs4 also having Sony camera huh?

  • poll

    He doesn’t have it? Right…..


    Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy and his videos are amazing but with his latest video he let the Samsung fanboy out of the closet

  • Pedro Cunha

    I agree, i see every video from mkbhd but this time he prove how mutch Samsung fanboy it is… and looks very bad for him.

  • cs098

    Well I didn’t know so now I do.

    Still he only got the phone a week ago, and we don’t know when he filmed his video.

    Maybe he doesn’t have enough time to play with the camera yet?

    I think if he remakes that video then I would be much happier.

  • zerocoolers


  • Billy de Fretes

    indeed, end result from iphone 5 with only 8 mpix still better then my xperia z even tough using same sensor from sony.
    i still didn’t believe my xperia z 9 & 12 Mpix resolution worse then my brother iphone 5

  • Pedro Cunha

    My Sony Ericsson Satio was very good to only with 12.1Mpxl sensor and Xenon flash!

  • Tareq

    That is not how dxOMark does the scoring. The stills score and video score is not averaged. The stills are given twice the importance meaning it is given a weight of 2x and video is given a weight of x.
    Average the score of lumia 1020 and it becomes only 71.5 (143/2).
    This is how they do the scoring..
    808 pureview = 81 x (2/3) + 68 x (1/3) = 76.67
    xperia z1 = 77 x (2/3) + 74 x (1/3) = 76.00
    iphone 5s = 78 x (2/3) + 72 x (1/3) = 76.00
    galaxy s4 = 79 x (2/3) + 68 x (1/3) = 75.33
    lumia 1020 = 79 x (2/3) + 64 x (1/3) = 74.00

  • Micro

    Oh yes, it was indeed

  • Folk Hellfang

    Crazy to me how much software matters over the physical attributes of the sensor and lenses.

    I’m more shocked about the 1020’s ranking more than anything.

  • sfordesign

    shows that sony still makes shit software

  • Umar Khan

    thats cuz you dont know how to use Sony XZ camera and you are one of those people who capture pics on AUTO…. as I told earlier XZ camera is not for babies who use iphones you need to understand how XZ cam works, realize the background make necessary adjustments to your normal pic settings and then take a snap

  • sfordesign

    same for most of the non-iphones

  • sfordesign

    this is true. it’s strange that nokia decided to add such “filter” thing on top of every pictures taken. lumia 920 used to take pictures with almost perfect color but not after its amber/gdr2 update

  • Konstigt2

    Too bad this update (14.1.G.2.257) wasn’t released for the Z1 before this test:


    Maybe the Z1 would have been on par or better than the 808..

  • Billy de Fretes

    dude, i don’t need you to teach me how to use xperia z manually .. to get a better image from xperia z there’s lot of manual settings i have to change.
    i’m talking about auto mode, xperia z auto mode produce lower quality image comparing to iphone 5.
    and you just admit if xperia Z auto mode is worse than iphone 5.
    but when change to manual mode of course xperia z provide better result but need to change iso, exposure, white balance, spot etc.

  • Faisal Armand

    Thank you for the clearing :)

  • Andrie Putra

    What ??? nokia Lumia 1020 was the worst of all LOL

  • kumar

    Sony give xperia ion jelly bean update and update camera to 20 mega pixels.

  • elpollillo

    F*ck yeah.. :-D

  • Rob


  • SinaKing

    This is What We Call “Power” …
    Taste The Power Of Sony Best Reward G Lens With Exmor RS Super Sensitive 20.7 MP !
    Worldwide Best Digital Compact Camera In A Super Slim Smartphone With IP57/58 Standards !
    I Love Sony … <3

    Cheers To My Best Friend "Micro" …

  • dynax

    A new Z1 firmware is rolled out and it will improve camera performance too!
    DxOMark will re-test Z1? ;)

  • Mac

    that’s just plain sad -_-

  • Mac

    apparently :-

  • Mac

    I can admit that your right about that but still, If you want 2 take pictures fast and haven’t got time to fool around with settings, the auto mode must be better. Most of the pictures we all take is moments when let’s say ppl sanding at a beautiful spot, then they don’t want 2 wait 2 min just so you can setup the camera. Then they gon say u phone is shit, feelin me?

  • seven

    xperia z is the best phone camera according mobile choice award 2013 beat sgs 4, htc one even iphone 5 ur brother
    READ THIS: http://www.mobilechoiceuk.com/News/26831/Mobile_Choice_Awards_2013_Best_Camera_Phone_.aspx

  • seven

    so u can’t say iphone 5 better camera than xperia z, if both of them in manual mode and best setting sure iphone 5 not stand chance against xperia z

  • Tardar Sauce

    it’s a shame that Sony is doing such a poor software with that great camera… I expected that Z1 will be miles away from iPhone 5 and that it will beat it in all aspects of camera, but this is ridiculous… come on Sony, get some serious camera software or stop marking your devices as a camera phone!!

  • steffen gjærdingen

    Do anyone know if the 20mp manual mode got better also? Havent got the new FW in norway yet, anyone know when it comes to europe?

  • Rogue

    Really have you ever been on the site? You do realize the 808 is miles ahead of any camera phone right? The next closest is 1020 but dxomark only compares 8mp photos it never uses the full resolution of the sensor that and the fact that the score is tabbed from video and stills where the Z1 out scored the 5s by 2 points in video and the 5s won the stills by 1 point. Point is Sony needs to learn to push the best software possible at launch and not push half baked software which hurts all their phones in reviews.

  • Billy de Fretes

    read it carefully , for fast capture iphone 5 still better and for manual mode of course xperia z better than iphone.. what i’m trying to say is when i want to take fast snap using superior auto, iphone 5 did great job. before xperia z i’m using iphone 4s, iphone 3g, sony ericsson k800, sony ericsson w700, w960 and T610.

  • Alex Marinos

    Its unknown when it will hit Europe, at the time being i ve heard its only out in Malaisia.

  • Tareq

    You are welcome :)

  • pratikindia

    The iPhone 5s has a 8 MP camera, but still it’s the 2nd best in the business. Impressive.

  • steffen gjærdingen

    yeah, i think apple is at 2.place in camera software right after nokia.
    But the awesome thing with the iphone camera quality is that, or atleast for me you can zoom in quite a bit after u have taken the picture without losing quality.

    the strange thing here is, sony is providing the iphone with its sensors, and the xperia cameras are crap, or atleast the software is.

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