Some SmartWatch 2 owners reporting problems with lifting displays

by XB on 16th October 2013

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SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_2Some owners of the Sony SmartWatch 2 are reporting a problem in which the display is lifting/detaching from the frame of the watch. It appears that the glue holding the watch is not strong enough or perhaps not enough has been applied, causing the display to be displaced. The problem only probably affects a small number of users, so if you have had a similar issue it is best to contact your local Sony support centre. It is worth noting that our resident SmartWatch 2 has had no such problems.

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_1

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_2

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_3

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_4

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_5

Via xda-developers (1 & 2).

  • the_black_dragon

    No Problem with my one, too. Already pressed on the back side and everything is ok.

  • Nimche

    that’s a bummer. Thankfully mine is OK but thinking of possibility of the issue bugs my mind. Sony should do everything in Japan (My watch is made in Malaysia and so as many of watch owners)

  • knightpt

    Xperia z part 2. Sony you better change your glue supplier hum? :-B

  • Tobias

    Mine didn’t work at all. The display show The Sony logo and then nothing more happens. 8-14 days for rapair, whating for spare parts.

  • Micro

    They should use some glue, it doesn’t hurt… hard to believe if they didn’t. I’m gonna get my one tomorrow, this scared me a bit… I thought they already got a lesson from Z :/

  • Ivaylo Velikov

    Same thing with xperia z back! I wonder how this in smartwatch is manufacture defect and in Z it isn’t??
    I have z for a month and my back is lifted AND IS OUT OF WARRANTY?

  • Herman

    Bro, [why] do they even lift?

  • sfordesign

    suits xperia z quite well, but seriously sony, once again, get your shit together.

  • Raj Singh

    Not cool. Hopefully they get it sorted out…

  • John
  • charmaine6719

    Sony ran out of Glue! :)

  • Micro

    quite possible if the wristband is fastened too tight

  • HardyHarHar

    You didn’t get what he’s trying to exactly say :D

    1. Youtube
    2. Prankster

  • Micro

    owwwwww, fuck me :DDDD
    /me OWNED :D

  • Colby Leong

    This better not happen to the Z1, cause I will be extremely pissed.

  • Just_Justice2013

    how can you believe such a thing. can specifically unstuck to spoil the view and sale. Samsung is able to …

  • DeLorean75

    That’s not acceptable. I bought my last Sony now. Sony also lacks in display and camera quality. Just look at the Nokia Lumia 1020. It kicks Sony’s butt. Bye, Sony.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    No problems on my SmartWatch 2.

  • pixlas

    Just send in for service. How hard can it be?

  • lovebmw

    This whole watch thingy should have not existed from the start. For those who bought the watch, please don’t read this comment on your phone, use your watch to read it, isn’t that why you bought it?

    A stupid thing, bringing the Sony name down

  • MAS

    Malaysia made should be better… rather than China.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Using it for a week now and so far it has not happened.

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  • Colby Leong

    That’s good to hear, but the Z didn’t have back panel problems until a few months after launch.

  • Andrew Tan

    This proof glue only is not last longer.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I’ve been putting some pressure on on the sides and slight twisting and there’s no creaking or out of the ordinary sound. I guess Sony uses a more adequate glue.

  • sotos

    What can we do??? my watch has the same problem.. Please sony send me another!!!

  • Ivaylo Velikov

    Sony selling cheap stuff, and expecting big profits from their Sony logo on crappie products from stupid and zombiefied customers. Too great Advertising in Facebook will make things said Sony chairman, f##k the quality they are stupid and they buy Sony things more and more…

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  • Richard

    Really? What about apple iphone? Its damn expensive but also have many issues including iBomb. They Only sell the apple logo on the back.

  • Diego

    No problem… not yet! Silicone wrist edition… ;-)

  • Rene Pedroso

    I just noticed mine is lifting also, on the phone with Sony Xperia Support right now

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  • Nick Curry

    This same thing happened to me–the fortunate bit of this is that the watch itself (except for the glue) is undamaged. The screen itself isn’t coming out; the guts of the watch (screen included) are a self contained unit that is seated an open-backed metal frame which connects to the band. This means the watch maintains its IP rating, assuming your usb plug and gasket are still in order. If the images in this story showed the underside of the watch, you’d see a gap in the bottom, too.

    Here’s what gets me, though… The back of the watch face (that sits on your wrist) is the back of that self-contained watch unit–since the frame is open on the back, you’re applying pressure to push the watch unit upward out of the frame every time you bend your wrist. If the glue is failing and I bend my wrist just right, it could pop the unit right out of the frame and onto the unforgiving concrete. Since Sony customer service is about as useful as sand in your eyes, you’ll likely have to fork over for a new SW2 rather than Sony eat the warranty cost.

    So, two options: Send it to Sony and have them reset or replace the unit before it falls out and breaks (potentially facing the same glue issue), or if you’re a DIY guy and don’t mind risking your warranty, you could glue it yourself. I’m no expert and this isn’t professional advice i.e. I am not responsible if you damage your watch and/or void your warranty by attempting any type of repair not directly advised by Sony.

    …But I’d bet Sony claims they aren’t responsible for the ground damaging your watch when their glue fails. Case in point: the tiny little metal door that is stuck on the USB plug came off the second time I opened my watch port because their adhesive failed. It unseated the gasket, too. The watch wasn’t dropped or mishandled in any way, but Sony wouldn’t repair/replace, saying their warranty doesn’t cover physical damage EVEN THOUGH THEIR GLUE FAILED. Love the watch, loathe the support.

    That said… any of you guys with a busted watch interested in selling? I could use the parts :)

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