New Xperia Z Ultra firmware (14.1.B.2.257) released; brings improved touchscreen and optimised display calibration

by XB on 18th October 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra

Xperia Z Ultra_14.1.B.2.257Xperia Z Ultra owners can now look forward to the firmware update that Sony referred to a few days back. Build version 14.1.B.2.257 is currently rolling out to those with HSPA+ handsets (C6802), although it should be released for those with LTE handsets (C6833) shortly.

According to Sony’s official change log, the update brings improved touchscreen responsiveness, optimised display calibration, better battery life, faster email sync and a smoother user experience. If you’ve managed to download the update, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Xperia Z Ultra_14.1.B.2.257

Thanks Anurag!

  • Nathan Spears

    I think you mean c6802

  • Adrian969

    Guess we have seen the last major update for Xperia Z….

  • tositem

    Not yet in Indonesia

  • Phat-t

    I know right! Now I know how Xperia S users feel -____-

  • XperiaBlog

    Thx – yes we did!

  • Micro

    think about those “forever ION”, how they feel haha ;)

    I have the S, and to be honest I don’t know what more is left to do with it, it’s already perfect ;] (imho).

  • Phat-t

    Haha yea. GSMarena said the Z might get the 4.3 treatment at the end of November! Dunno how accurate that is tho

  • Daki

    Wait for the LTE model :(

  • SpyderTracks

    I’ve read reports that the update isn’t showing OTA on the phone, but does when you connect to PC companion.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim


  • DStyle

    Sony has been releasing firmware faster now. Well done. Looks like Sony has been listening to us, Xperia users.

  • Zaw Htet

    S4 is now JB 4.3. Hurry up, SONY!

  • Micro

    Sams… oh, right, GSMarena… did they say which year? :D perhaps they missed that..

  • Phat-t

    Yea 2016.. Looooool

  • AsakuraZero

    On a 7 or so month old phone

  • shanefalco

    htc one and galaxy s4 have android 4.3…sony wake up!!! hurry up!!!

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Don’t forget Xperia ion user is still stuck with Jellybean that arefull of bug!Sony only release an update to fix the bug for Xperia S,SL and acro S -__- I can’t even taste Jellybean on my ion at ease due to battery drain for jb .211,camera lag during record,etc. Much more

  • tositem

    Thanks for the tips! Will try it now.

  • tositem

    still no updates.

  • Marlim
  • AtStyle

    Seems like Z1 is getting the same update:

  • Xperia Z Jelly Bean
  • Rpk

    Samsung already released android 4.3

  • Babylonbwoy

    They are just fixing the bugs that should have been debugged before release.
    Same for Z1, maybe I was lucky until now but I never has that many bugs on a new Xperia handset at release.

  • Babylonbwoy

    And what about XT, it’s a flagship stuck at 4.1… I don’t even remember when I installed the last update for ir, maybe one year ?

  • Babylonbwoy

    Most of the time OTA is available later, first PCC and few days/week later OTA.

  • the_black_dragon

    okay… so you’ve never owned an Xperia Arc :D

  • ali

    Sony why did u remove “optimizing screen back light” from the setting did u think that we r too stupid to notice,
    now the screen is changing the back light on its own in order to save battery but its too annoying look at, and the screen looks very dim.

  • P9

    it’s past, bro. :D

  • an ex Sony &Sony Ericsson Cust

    Well hope SONY is really LISTENING to us that we want FAST and UP to date firmware and Promise to support ALL your phone you put in the Market with a 2 year lifespan on firmware support from the Date of Purchase UNLESS the new Android firmware is not able to run on the purchased phone hardware!
    “Deliver this and you have my continuous support for all my new phones purchases.”
    I am sure there are many EX Sony supporters like me which hope that you were listening in the past!
    Remembering the past when all things I owned cool was SONY but you were too arrogant to listen to continuously improve better.
    So my two cent as an EX loyal customer of Sony do a quick search on all the frustrated customer satisfaction on firmwares support by OEMs of Android phone manufacturers and will see my same kind of comments

    I just bought an Xperia M to test if Sony is really changing her arrogant customer support or is the same as the next OEMs profiteering manufacturers.
    So you think I be getting a 4.4 Kit Kat and beyond ? LOL

  • ahmet

    the update didn’t came yet for Turkish !!! i check every day several times !!!

  • jxPerience

    Xperia Z Ultra.the best

  • pixlas

    Yeah they did. I think it works better now though. My screen issues are gone.

  • Andrew Tan

    That is bad! When optimize is on,

    – Screen dimmer.
    – All icon looks less shine.
    – Color shift when you pull down the notification.
    – Deep black missing, obvious at side panel and notification toggle icon background.
    – More obvious ghosting effect occur.
    – Less sharpen, obvious when you see movie below 1080p with X-Reality turn on.

    I am sensitive with screen, little change I can notice:

    – I can spot CRT monitor is set at least 75Hz or not by passby only, the screen is badly flickering if set at 60Hz or below. I never wrong yet in my life.
    – I dislike Plasma TV as I can seen horizontal line scanning like old type TV when look closer.
    – I can seen not constant color shift on TN/VA panel on mobile even straight look on it.

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  • deniz

    Pc companion la dene bilgisayardan oyle oluyor

  • sheunghko

    Hong Kong C6833 R8A update to 257 via ppc is online. And Honestly …screen color (yellow tint) has no different and no improvement from what i can see here…

  • Bernard Wong

    Xperia.Z1 update please hurry up!! It’s been a week of waiting and yet still no show!!! What’s is with region and carrier updates roll?? Damn…don’t have to follow Samsung way of doing its update by region … Damn bloody slow!! My Z Ultra already updated to 257 but my Z1 hasn’t yet… Both rolled out together and yet Z Ultra Update arrived earlier than Z1..this sucks!! I want improvements for my Z1’s camera…

  • SyLaR

    have you faced the DOA before and this firmware fixed it ? i want to buy this phone but im afriad from that issue

  • Bayhas Kana

    C6833 got it today… Not OTA (Over The Air), but I had to connect it SUS (Sony Update Service).

    SUS then downloaded the entire 773Mb rom, and not a small update patch.

    Installation was quick and smooth, and went without any issues. Screen performance is even more crisp and snappy… I guess… (I dont know if it truly made it better, or I am saying this because I read the change log) but it certinly didnt make it worse…
    Did the C6802 people get this OTA?

  • Renato

    no.. it still via SUS with pc companion

  • tositem

    Not for me for C6802

  • Bayhas Kana

    Its up! Got it today on 6833

  • Daki

    OTA or Sony PCC?

  • sascha

    Still no update in Poland, for more than a week after Z1 firmware update was launched. Why can’t Sony launch an update in the same time worldwide, as Apple does? Really disappointing…

  • tositem

    Finally got it 8)

  • Jaslehaidy Rahman

    Arrived in Malaysia! C6833 updated to 14.1.B.2.257. Updated by PC companion. No OTA

  • jag

    Green light for singapore too

  • pixlas

    DOA? No mine was never “dead on arrival”.
    It was a bit hard to get from sleep mode from time to time. That’s solved now. It really is a great device though I tell ya that!
    I recommend it if you have the right pocket size that is ;-)

  • Dominic Wong

    Green light for Hong Kong set ..

  • Lex_by

    When was fix for camera. Now camera in ZU is very bad!

  • Meer

    I love Xperia Ultra Z but i hate the camera.
    I dont know why my pictures are very dust and not smooth.
    Is it only with me or its the camera itself which is very bad ??

  • jag

    your not wrong. the camera in the ZU is very bad. it’s like a 2mp camera from the nokia’s back then.

  • mz

    After the update my small We app is missing! Anyone knows how can I fix it? I couldn’t find it in the store.

  • mz

    Small Web App*

  • Phaze0085

    Question guys. I tried updating to the latest firmware, version 14.1.B.2.257, but it doesnt work. I went into the to try to do it the normal way: Settings. About Phone. etc. And I even tried doing it manually through the computer, but my computer says im already on the latest version, which im not. I called Sony, and the reps were complete idiots. At least the 2 reps I spoke to. Im on AT&T, and tho I think that has very little to do with it, the reps said it may be due to AT&T. Anyone else having the same issue or perhaps has a remedy for this issue?

  • Phaze0085

    HI. I have the same model number as you and when I connect my phone to the computer it says im on the latest firmware, which I am not. Is there a way to force it into download mode or am I just SOL?

  • Rehman

    Did anybody in India get this update …….

  • ProudToBePinoy

    Holyshit >:( I wish I had that two device of yours…

  • ProudToBePinoy

    How can you say ZUltra is the bes mate? coz Im planning to buy one but I am confusse over the Z1// does Ultra’s Battery life is Good?

  • raj

    GOT IT, I SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raj


  • raj


  • raj


  • Sach

    Yes, just now through OTA

  • pbb

    Arrived in India! C6802 updated to 14.1.B.2.257. Updated by OTA 80mb.

  • pbb

    wait for some time, you will get 80mb OTA, its arrived in India.

  • pbb

    Arrived in India! C6802 updated to 14.1.B.2.257. Updated by OTA 80mb

  • pbb

    its a great camera, while taking photos just touch the target on screen its auto focus is blazing fast difficult to notice.

    i am using c6802 no issues, even videos taken in night at theater looks great.

  • Meer

    I dont know why mu pictures look dusty
    They are not clear or soft

  • William Sim

    Yeah, i agreed! ZU camera… T_T
    i cant even leave a comment on it, even oldest K series phone also better than ZU current 8.0 mp….

    SONY! why? Why? WHY?????

  • jxPerience

    Im using xperia z ultra for about a month now and now i updated my phone to the latest software. I can predict that i will not need to change my phone for 2 years. With the Z ultra ill be satsified

  • ProudToBePinoy

    Hey mate. How’s the battery life and how you use it I mean do you play hard? and the performance?…

  • Sascha Bo.

    update on my c6833 was installed today, with Sony PC Comp. OTA not possible. one big issue is, root hast gone – “alsolute crap”. no rerooting possible until now. only possibility is re flash previous firmware, then root again. but then you must unlock bootloader – what I don’t want. hope someone soon finds a solution, to re root the ultra on. 14.1.2.B.257. (till now one click root, vroot are not working – sony builded in a block to root it again)

  • Erick Illana

    When will this update will hit saudi arabia? Ive been waiting for too long… -_-

  • rudy papa

    Visit xda development…. You can find lot of tips n trick for z ultra..including rooting z ultra…mine (c6802) still in rooted condition after updated to last firmware….

  • JD Berry

    My 4.2 firmware update wont install any clue?

  • JD Berry

    My xperia z wont update to 4.2 ota any suggestions?

  • jxPerience

    im playing games like GTA 3, NFS, Street Fighter etc.
    My Data always on with with 3G only. Battery life it will last for 1 day, and without games only for chat and usual communication it will last up to 2-2.5 days

    Performance superb! No lags No hang ups nothing.

    Its Highly recommended bro!

  • ProudToBePinoy

    Oh my that’s cool, so the reviews on youtube is wrong? because they say that screen time only last 5 hours?

  • jxPerience

    yeah actually there is no real thing about reviews online. because its very different from reality.

  • Nelson Sanchez

    Hey mate have you installed custom rom on yours?

  • Alireza

    I have a major problem with my z ultra.the screen flikers.what should I do? I didnt expect such thi fault from sony.Since then never trust them

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