CyanogenMod 10.1 coming to the Xperia SP very soon

by XB on 19th October 2013

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP CyanogenmodSony Xperia SP (C530X) owners will be very excited to hear that CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2) is finally on its way and should be live in the very near future. Xperia SP owners have had to sit patiently waiting for CM10.1 to appear, the good news is that the build is stable with the only feature left to fix being the FM Radio. See some screenshots of CM10.1 on the Xperia SP below, including a hands-on video. We’ll keep you posted as soon as it goes live to the public.

Xperia SP_CM10.1

Thanks Brin!

  • @atWidget

    It’s Sony… so… the camera works???

  • Yep

  • Jesus Cornejo

    We have to unlock the bootloader to install it?

  • Jelly Bean
  • glein

    Cool, something to look forward to when the guarantee is over :D

  • Hidayet

    CyanogedMod 10.1 for Xperia TX, please

  • asdasdas

    All major features (BT, wifi, mobile data, camera, etc) are already working

    I’m hating myself for buying a carrier locked phone, because Service Info says “Bootloader unlock allowed: no”. This wasn’t a problem before but you need to flash a custom kernel to boot CM…

    People say it’s due to the SIM lock. Even If I got a SIM unlock code, I can’t unlock it because I’d need to insert a card from another carrier… Hard for me because pretty much everyone in this area of my country uses the same carrier and it’s even harder to find someone with MicroSIM instead of MiniSIM

  • Phat-t

    Yes Jesus

  • Nicolai

    What about xperia s and sl?

  • Brin

    Hi all. It’s Brinly/Brin Taylor here. One of the developers on this project for AOSP to Xperia SP. Xperia S is vastly different to this device and Xperia S is not supported by Qualcomm.

    You will obviously need a unlocked bootloader to install CyanogenMod 10.1.

  • Brin

    Check out freexperiaproject. None of them have that device though.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Guys this is a video recording with xperia z, a test of night quality and stabilisation

  • Rizky Maulana

    an xperia ion ???

  • Putty-Tang

    What about them! All you guys do is bitch and moan that your phone isn’t included in the latest update, or because they get left out for something. Stop comparing Sony’s updates to Samsung or anyone else. How about you stop complaining, and if its that much of a problem go out and buy a new phone, and stop being so cheap.

  • Ericsson Gandhi

    Sony still hasn’t released 4.2.2 for the 2011 Xperia’s :-(

  • Guest

    Is this an official Sony or CyanogenMod site? No, so STFO! I’m sick of seeing half the comments about the Xperia S. Yes, its been treated badly and it’s partly Sony’s fault, but Xperia Blog is just a fan made website, so all your complaints and questions are useless, they will not be heard or seen by Sony. This article only mentions one phone, the Xperia SP. So no, the Xperia S and Xperia SL will not get this. Seriously, if the Xperia S was getting this, don’t you think Xperia Blog would have put it in the article? Xperia Blog just find and reiterate information on Sony phones and tablets (which is great because it’s all in one place so I don’t have to go looking and translating sites, etc). If they see any information on the Xperia S, they will publish an article, if not, that means there’s no new information thus far. Can people not get this through their heads?!
    If you want to complain or ask questions about the Xperia S that isn’t answered by an article on Xperia Blog, go to the official Sony Xperia S forum on the official Sony site, where you might be able to talk to someone from Sony, because you won’t here, this is just fan made, not an official Sony site!!!

  • pongnamu

    So… All we need from now is patience! Thanks to all devs who made this possible :D

  • Brin

    Android 4.3 is also booting. CyanogenMod 10.2 obviously.

  • Guest

    Is the CM build able to work around the wifi issues by boosting the signal strength?

  • Cristi13

    When sony will do the same for your phone, you’ll see.

  • Brin

    They won’t. Accept it

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  • Guest

    Your statement makes no sense.
    One: If Sony messes my phone up, it’s Sony’s fault, but also mine for buying the phone in the first place knowing that they screwed up with the Xperia S, I knew I was taking a risk. But the Xperia SP won’t have the same problem as the Xperia S because of Qualcomm.
    Two: What do you mean ‘You’ll see’? If Sony does screw up with my phone, I won’t come on here complaining and moaning on seemingly nearly every article (because it won’t be heard). I don’t know, maybe its because I have a shred of intelligence but I would go to the official Sony forum instead of a fan made site (and for those who didn’t know this wasn’t an official site, even after the obvious signs, now you do)! So if i’ll see if Sony mucks up my phone, I might make one or two comments about the phone, but it will be on a related article to the SP, not spamming on almost every article!

  • Babylonbwoy

    SIM unlock has nothing to do with unlocking a bootloader, you can put whatever sim in it it wont unlock your booloader even if you’re sim unlocked.

  • Babylonbwoy

    According to latest news/rimors this guy is nobody, has no sources and says bullshit!

  • Cristi13
  • dasd

    Some carriers put this rule in Xperia phones – If the SIM is locked, the bootloader is not unlockable (because they’re afraid of someone figuring out how to SIM unlock using root permissions). When the SIM lock goes, the BL lock also goes. However some carriers do choose to have 100% locked BLs

  • Babylonbwoy

    “When the SIM lock goes, the BL lock also goes. However some carriers do choose to have 100% locked BLs”

    You have to source that, never ever heard about that! If true we need to know which carrier and which xperia ?

  • Guest

    I love how you just glaze over my post because you can’t think of an answer because you know i’m right.
    So what about that link? The SP might not get an update? I don’t even care. For me, the phone is fine the way it is and i’m not one of those people who obsess over updates. I don’t buy a phone for updates, I buy for the specs and features it has out of the box.
    It also says at the bottom of the site that: “The authenticity of this image is not yet confirmed so take the information with a pinch of salt” so it could be fake, either way, i’m not bothered.

    Yeah, you so failed.

  • Chati

    i’m seeing the ram at 841mb . Have you done something to increase it as only 766mb is available for now??

  • Mohammed Khired

    ” they screwed up with the Xperia S, I knew I was taking a risk. But the Xperia SP won’t have the same problem as the Xperia S because of Qualcomm.”

  • Mohammed Khired


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  • Brin

    WiFi seems better

  • Harshad Loya

    I m New to this so wanted to kno wat xactly is cyanogem mod???
    is it a crack??
    N aftr applyin this wen Sony launches android 4.3 for sp would it get nrmally upgraded or to upgrade it u ll ve to use cyanogen mods nxt versn???

  • moocow

    Anybody ever tell you that you would say yes to Jesus?

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