Xperia C heading to Malaysia for RM999

by XB on 21st October 2013

in Xperia C

sony-xperia-cThe Sony Xperia C (C2305) has slowly seen its availability widen since it was first announced for the Chinese market back in June. So far we have seen it appear in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and it will hit Russia soon. Well it looks like Malaysia will also be getting the handset after it appeared on the Sony Store website.

Local retailers are putting the RRP at RM999 and Lowyat is suggesting the handset will be out in the next few days. This follows the Xperia Z Ultra (LTE) which launched in the region a few days ago for RM2,199. This led the HSPA+ version of the Xperia Z Ultra’s price to drop to RM1,999.

Update: The Xperia C has now been released for RM999.


Via Lowyat and GadgetMTech.

Thanks Ben and Charles!

  • JEp

    Around $316, €230, £195 I guess.

  • Ben Ling

    Hi,it was already available in Malaysia at RM999
    They listed RM999 already.But i didn’t take a picture of it at Sony Centre…

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    And now Z Ultra is way cheaper than Note 3.

    Good job, Sony!

  • Kimi

    What is the best phone among Xperia C and Xperia L?

  • pain six path

    Xperia c, because it has bigger and better display and camera,and if you care it’s dual SIM too.

  • x-periance

    Z1 in malaysia only usd615 without contract but only get the docking station for free.

  • Musadiqkhan
  • Bernard Wong

    Xperia.Z1 update please hurry up!! It’s been a week of waiting and yet still no show!!! What’s is with region and carrier updates roll?? Damn…don’t have to follow Samsung way of doing its update by region … Damn bloody slow!! My ultra Z already updated to 257 but my Z1 hasn’t yet… Both rolled out together and yet ultra Z Update arrived earlier than Z1…

  • Ben Ling

    I still prefer L for better design.

  • x-periance

    Xperia c already rm888 if you purchasing outside sony store and its also sony malaysia one year warranty :-)

  • x-periance

    Already update my z1 via flashtool using generic DK ftf. Huge improvement in camera section. Less noise and low light shot out very superb…. Hoping next update sony will add manual focus replacing touch to focus and blur background adjustment.

  • lol

    L for gaming because bigger storage
    C for media social – FB, tweeter, we chat, watching movie or streaming video

  • LancerEX

    I think L has the new generation Exmor RS sensor than C’s Exmor R camera :)

  • Ben Ling

    i knew…but Sony Centre sells RM999…

  • x-periance

    Sony store always selling sony device higher compare non sony store. No wonder customer only visiting the store just to hands on the device. Lol

  • eXaphor

    Good news, been waiting for it to update my Tipo Dual.

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