SmartWatch 2 features demoed earlier in the year are now missing

by XB on 22nd October 2013

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smartwatch_face2When Sony first announced the SmartWatch 2 earlier this year it demonstrated some cool features that do not exist in the current version of the watch. We are talking about things such as flicking the wrist to wake the screen (see the video below), or fundamentally useful things such as having a date including in the digital watch face. The Music widget also appears to be absent.

Now we get that sometimes features get dropped, but we’d like to know if we’ll ever see these return in a future update or whether they’ve been dropped for good. Additional watch faces are likely to appear, as is the music widget, but we do wonder whether the flick to wake screen has been dropped due to battery concerns. If we get confirmation either way, we’ll keep you posted.


Image via Cnet.

  • evolutionx1

    This is not done.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    what sometimes makes me angry about Sony is they act a little arrogant at times… was it too hard to implement a toggle to switch on/off flick-to-wake?!?
    Samsung would’ve done that
    If people dont need/want some features because they ruin battery, at least have the freedom to turn them off

  • Micro

    I’m happy with mine. It still wakes up if put out off a sleeve after some time (the light sensor wakes it), and it seems it have the accelerometer regardless of what they say on Sony forums, because it wakes if picked up from a table after several minutes. Yeah, the date in the digital version would be very cool, but if you use analog face version (like me) there is a day there, I can force myself to remember the current month and year :D
    However, I’d add a few things like double tap to wake, percentage battery info, permanent backlight while charging, ability to set up the backlight timeout and custom apps placement. Those are “would be very nice to have” things, but definitely I will never return to standard watch again. I love the way it makes my life easier.

  • Michael Hofmann

    I was wondering where these features went when I got my Smartwatch 2. I would imagine that like the previous smartwatch, through updates the features will be back, I’d rather have a stable platform and fewer features than one which was feature packed yet buggy and unusable. I hope Sony really do put resources into developing the smartwatch further, if they do they could win the race, rather than just being another sideline product, only adopted by a select curious few.

  • fried_egg

    I have a music player on mine that controls the walkman app?

  • Micro

    I have both – walkman and spotify, but they talk about a widget, not an app

  • Mattias Dahlgren

    I read in the Xperia forum and found out myself that both the lost watchface and the widget are both displayed on the box that the smartwatch2 comes with…

  • Mattias Dahlgren

    Here’s the proof :)

  • Swatch_n7

    In fact if the Smartwatch stays perfectly still a moment (like 5-10 minutes) the screen will turn off. To turn it on again you just have to shake the watch a little.
    I think it’s for those who don’t sleep with the watch on their wrist.

  • Putty-Tang

    Hey jackass, no one cares what other companies would’ve done, if we did we wouldn’t be on this site.

  • Babylonbwoy


  • sucksit
  • Frode P. Bergsager

    I finally picked up my new SW2 today, had to wait more than one month after ordering.
    The user interface is as much different from Smartwatch 1 as SW1 was different from LiveView, and I still tries to operate it as the previous version. Hopefully I will adjust to it, and I hope the missing features will be added along with new options as the software matures.

  • Micro

    Right.. Samsung woke up years after SW1 and all they could make is Gear that is useless, ugly, needs charging every few hours and costs double the SW2. Even if it had flick to wake it is still a toy that can’t be used for it’s main purpose.

    We will get the features later, and gear will not be any more useful. In fact, adding one more feature to it would cause battery to die in minutes, not hours. Shame. SW2 charges in 30 min to full and you can’t kill it in 24 days, no matter what. I didn’t charge mine for 4 days and it’s still have ~10% battery. That’s a smart watch. I don’t see any arrogance in disabling not stable yet features to give us best experience from the first day as they used to do. They learned their lesson from rushing Z1.

    No, samsung wouldn’t have done that. They couldn’t even make the watch that can be used as one.

  • Micro

    no need to be rude, mate, everyone have the right to have their own opinions

  • Nimche

    All cool feature, but I would definately use more watchFaces.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    im not saying Galaxy Gear is great, which is not by any means… im just saying Koreans are more prone to let costumer have their own opinion and disable features if dont want them

  • Xyor

    So they should develop features that will not be utilized by user so that user can feel satisfied by being able to disable them? Samsung is walking toward a weird direction. They develop bunch of functions that are catchy but hard to use. Most of the functions that they advertised are interesting but not innovative and will be eliminated soon.

  • Micro

    And rest of the functions (those useful) that they advertise aren’t even really theirs, google’s mostly :D

  • Micro

    Yes, they are, true. Only in SW2 they are not abandoned, just delayed, perhaps because they wasn’t stable enough yet. Sony demoed them before, they still selling boxes with pictures of that widget and showing images all over the net with those features shown too, so I think we can expect them back soon. It would be pointless to advertise them then if they are going to cancel those.
    Plus, the watch have accelerometer, I can’t believe it will stay there unused :)

  • Micro

    Hello troll, how have you been? How was your school lately? We didn’t miss you, still don’t :D

  • torqe

    It was sensible for Sony to drop flick to wake…the watch face z always On guys, regardless of if the backlight z on or not, wch is amazing feat….why would one require flick to wake?

    I’d love to have the Walkman widget n im sure Sony has good n sensible plans with sw2

  • Husam

    i agree with you…
    remember the Z Ultra, at first, they lunched it without the X-Reality engine… after a while, they add it with a simple update ;)

    same kind of thing here, i guess…

  • Jan

    Bezels seems to be too big

  • whatthefuuuuu

    There is NO Walkman Widget????

  • inmyday

    No DATE!!!! Even a 100 year old watch can show a form of date on the face.

  • Babylonbwoy

    People who bought it after the showcase can be disapointed. If you spend 200€ in a smartwatch you want it fully loaded with options/features when you buy it, you don’t buy it thinking about future updates. Wrong move Sony.

    I don’t know about GGear and I’m not interested by what it can do.

  • Micro

    they already delayed it, almost 2 months, SW2 supposed to arrive along with Z1. I see your point mate, however, I knew exactly what I was buying, only for 126€, not 200€ :)

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Analog watchface show date, digital does not show date on SW2.
    I miss the digital watchface from my old SW.
    With a bigger display i would like to have both date and seconds, today I only have hours and minutes with vertical orientation.

  • Brad Williams

    Getting annoyed. This is supposed to be Xperia blog!!! WTF has this silly piece of crap got to do with Xperia?? It’s not an Xperia!!!!! What are we going to do,
    help them sell any piece of junk with a Sony label on it??

  • shiny

    i have the smartwatch- 1st gen, so have seen a bit of the features around the new apps as they are for both versions of the watch. It looks like there is a mode on one of the clockfaces that awakes when the face is horizontal. that to me sounds better then a flick. and you should just need to download the music widget.

  • sguyx

    can you write sms with it? (i saw some 3rd party app for the orig. Smartwatch 1)

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