Sony has reportedly sold one million Xperia C’s in the last three months

by XB on 22nd October 2013

in Xperia C

Xperia CThe Sony Xperia C (S39h, C2305) is the company’s first handset to be powered by a Mediatek chipset. The cost effective SoC enables Sony to compete with other manufacturers in countries such as China and India with keen pricing. Digitimes is reporting that Sony is having some success with this strategy, having shipped one million units over the last three months.

The Xperia C has a 5-inch qHD display, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, dual SIM, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage, 2330mAh battery, 8MP Exmor R camera and VGA front-facing camera. So far we have seen the Xperia C announced for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Russia. Its success is likely to see many more Mediatek-powered Sony handsets next year.

  • mustafa

    I don’t want meditek, snapdragon for life!!

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  • lucasarg


  • zhenhui ng

    I love mediatek on xperia !

  • lol

    sony can sell 10 milllion if they put 8gb storage and ips lcd

  • lucasarg

    you can install heavy games on this Xperia C, just have to put a micro-sd and the game data installs in there (root is not necesary)…about the ips lcd panel you’re right XD

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    You can do it without rooting….it is inbuilt feature strangely merely for Xperia C….

  • xperience

    Just to clear my doubt, are u saying that moving app2sdcard actuallyppossible in xperia c?

  • 3rdflyleaf

    They can sell more If they can release earlier after announcing devices. They are losing potential buyers.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Also announce the device if it’s already fully baked.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    He has mentioned it twice abt the SD card and even he is playing some high end games on it…..

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Other companies sells millions and sony is happy with that million , wtf ? Sony need to sells their phones more in usa market and europe afrika, all the world not just china and asia, this is a good strategy now, but in future i dont think so

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    I was thinking that sony is develloped in camera, exmor rs.and bionz g lenz bla bla bla, but no option.of that is like the nokia technology , shame on sony z1 video.recording cant.come.even close to this machine

  • Xyor

    That’s the number for a low-end, cost effective device that is released on selective markets. it’s find for me. if you are going to compare this with GS4, iPhone 5S/C, or One, it’s kinda unfair.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Ok, and compare the z1 selling to i5s and s4 ? Sony needs to be internationnal, and a loot of my friends want to buy z1 not here.yet,. in your opinion they will still waiting, i dont think so there is g2 and nokia 1020 and i5s ;(

  • philippe sun

    in china, c is targeting low end big screen plus music fans market, mainly for young students. it doesnt have music unlimited on it but instead it has china-specified third party music library software on it. so though it has a poor camera, average build, its price wins it all.

  • Xyor

    I understand your point. I live in US and waited both Z and Z1 for a long prior of time after their release. However, I think Sony hasn’t put mobile to their priority. Therefore, lack of marketing budget. Even here in Texas, Samsung’s ads are everywhere.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Thats what i mean, all the world knows sony they should be internationnal they are.more famous than samsung, and by the way samsung ads are everywhere here too

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  • jxPerience

    Sony why?
    all your mid range phone having a VGA cam only which is a big disappointment to everyone

    Xperia C
    Xperia SP
    Xperia V
    Xperia L
    Xperia ZR
    Xperia M


    not everyone can afford to buy
    Xperia Z1
    Xperia Z Ultra
    Xperia Z
    Xperia ZL

    Xperia TX/T
    Xperia S/SL
    Xperia Acro S
    Xperia Ion

    are all outdated model hence they have nice 1.3mp hd front facing cam


  • jxPerience

    lets give a mediatek a try

  • jxPerience

    they did

    with xperia Z series

  • jxPerience

    i can say that this early i will a try and i will conclude

  • jxPerience

    they sold 7 millions xperia Z alone in the first quarter of this year

  • LancerEX

    Same question. I wonder why Sony opted to use a VGA camera even on mid range devices. Hardware wise, I believe Sony’s downside is only on the front camera or internal memory capacity. :)

  • LancerEX

    and with final camera software. :)

  • Mohammed Khired

    i’d rather buy a phone with (snapdragon s4 play) than any phone with mediatek processor

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  • 3rdflyleaf


    That’s one marketing strategy I hate about Sony. :'(
    wanted to buy ZR but the front VGA is ughh” WHy???

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  • khan

    yeah :( :(
    I was gonna buy zr but stopped due to its vga cam. Then saw the Xperia T specs. but for sony its an outdated phone. :/ ( although its just a year n half old
    Not buying z because of its zillion bad reviews regarding glass breaking :/
    & can’t buy z1 as its too expensive.

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  • jake

    Maybe because all of the video chat apps can only stream vga ?

  • cupcakeboy

    buy Z.
    it’s perfect. im telling u.

  • Akshay

    Absolutely.. installed loads of games.. Asphalt 8 works splendidly :D

  • abhishek

    can asphalt heat work on the sony xperia c

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