Xperia L Android 4.2.2 update (15.3.A.0.26) now rolling

by XB on 29th October 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia L series

wpid-Screenshot_2013-10-29-23-41-20.pngSony Mobile has begun to roll out the Android 4.2.2 update for the Xperia L in the form of build version 15.3.A.0.26. This is a major update and includes a number of changes including new Media apps (Playmemories integration in the album app and Music Unlimited integration in the Walkman app), new camera features such as Burst mode and new ways to organise the home screen and lockscreen as well as other native Android 4.2.2 features. If you’ve downloaded the update let us know your thoughts below.



Thanks to all that sent this through!

  • @atWidget

    And Xperia T? Flagship, 13Mpx, HD screen … …

  • sreenamboothiri

    SONY!! u make all your customers love you more day by day with updates :D

  • [csizor

    Good, good, I’ll wait for your experiences before I update, guys. May you share them with us, please?

  • lucasarg

    wooooooooooo huuuu! I was right!!

  • Billbond4

    Not so good.
    I don’t like new key board.
    Blue tooth doesn’t work great.
    It’s not rooted .
    My illumination app isn’t working .

    Memory problem is fixed .
    Camera is better

  • Billbond4

    If you don’t have app in phone memory and you have a short cut to it on homescreen.
    After a reboot the short cut is gone

  • Ambroos

    Sounds like you’re using unsupported features. If you root your phone and do things that aren’t meant to be done (like moving apps to SD) you are in no position to complain about the update.

  • John

    xperia sp new walkman ?

  • Billbond4

    Bluetooth. Notification app. Apps on internal storage. Have nothing to do with root so are faults introduced by update.

  • Fuddylint

    Nice update. It’s a vast improvement over 2.17. The camera app works so much better and is far more stable. The lock screen is a better design. It also boots quicker and appears less laggy. Walkman app is also a good improvement. Overall is a really nice update. Not sure if it addresses the internal memory problem for users. I really hope it does.

  • Silas Arentsen

    Lolwat Xperia L gets Android 4.2.2 before Xperia T.
    Da heck better be seeing a Android update for Xperia T veryyyy soon

  • P9

    2011 for now, yes it’s ok u cam forget it, but 2012 xperias, pls don’t forget it.
    Sony best!

  • InspectorGadget80

    Waits patiently for KITKAT for my Z1

  • Okazuma

    Flagship? for sony is rubish like everything older than 6 months…..Xperia S/SL, Ion, etc etc….

  • Mohammed Khired

    xperia t users did’t bother when xperia s users have hard time with the updates

    soon xperia z/zl/zr users , and then xperia z ultra and z1 users will start complaining..

    not that i can see the future , but it’s sony’s life cycle , idiots only who can’t figure it out..

  • Guest

    Confirmed on both C2104 and C2105 in regions like Indonesia, India, Philippines, Central Europe.

    Changelog / Features :-

    – New home screen UI, you can add upto 7 window panes now.
    – Add more widgets in homescreen and loclscreen now.
    – Bug fixes and performance enhancement.
    – Superior auto mode ( auto scene recognition ) and Burst Mode feature added in Camera interface. Camera is certainly improved a lot in this update.
    – Updated Sony Media apps.
    – Small apps accessible from homescreen.
    – Improved search and app sorting now.
    – New Keyboard added.
    – Transparent dock at the bottom part on homescreen.
    – False memory notification bug is rectified.
    – Day Dream feature added in display settings.

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  • ImAnurag

    Xperia L update Confirmed on both C2104 and C2105 in regions like Indonesia, India, Philippines, Central Europe.

    Download ftf here -

  • falesh

    Please try factory setting after update may be it will solve your problems..

  • Veeren

    Sony when u gonna release 4.3 update for your Z series… your rivals already using it and when u release 4.3 they will be using 4.4 .. that is one of the reason u are not in top 5 Mobile manf list..

  • leo

    esta horrible visualmente mejor pero el equipo se reinicia cada rato, mal muy mal sony

  • David Inder

    shut up, or i will factory reset you.

  • falesh

    watch your mouth dude and that reply was not even for shut the

  • Em là Bánh

    And what about Xperia SP? When do Xperia SP Users have its update? @@! I’m considering about unlocking boot loader, using Cyanogenmod 4.3, new release from Xda lol

  • lucasarg

    I just predict this a week ago… I want my gift! ;D

  • Andrie Putra

    Xperia SP will skip 4.2 … november Sony promise it will upgraded to 4.3 like Z/Zl, ZR , Z ultra and Z1

  • velu

    when is the next software update for xperia m

  • Utsav Shah

    Friend, we don’t even have a proper 4.1.2 (Xperia Ion – Flagship, 12 Mpx, HD screen…)
    You are not the only one who has been betrayed.

  • DeLorean75

    The ZR is my last Sony. They’ve lost it. The so-called flagship Z1 is a joke. Compare the camera to Nokia 1020 or iPhone 5S, the Xperia Z1 doesn’t stand a chance. The Z1 camera looks cheap compared to the others.

  • pain six path

    You’re absolutely wrong,z1 defeated 1020 and 5s even without last firmware,don’t go wrong dude,LG and HTC even hardly upgrade their phone and no one complain,

  • seven

    idiot comment ever

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Says the fucking monkey who wastes his time coming to this blog, to spread his useless information. You’re just as bad as every other fucking troll there is. Is your life that sad and depressing that you have to go onto other sites and complain like a naggy ass bitch? “Not that I can see the future”, well you can’t bitch, so there isn’t any valid point in giving out a prediction then saying dumb shit like that. (btw that’s how you use fucking quotations, dipshit) :D

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Yep,Sony don’t even give us jellybean 6.2.B.1.96 update that fixed the 6.2.B.0.211 bug such as what @utsavshah:disqus said

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  • Colby Leong

    Honestly, I would believe you, like a year ago. Back when Sony was more focused on sales than anything else. However this year they are doing the best THAT THEY CAN WITH WHAT THEY HAVE. As consumers we can definitely blame them, while at other times it isn’t always there fault. We can definitely use there previous track record as a way to predict there updating future, but I prefer to see what they do to change, how they learn and support us, that’s how I choose to define what they can become.

  • Do you own one? There’s been many camera firmware updates and according to the people who owns it, they said they’re better. Of course the reviews site won’t do it, why? Because they already sent back the review unit.

  • xperianer

    theres still hope for me that the xperia T will get an update xD
    its running good jb4.1.2
    but would be nice see jellybean4.2/3 lockscreen :P

    thats such a nice phone, our beautiful XT machine xD
    its a man’s machine hehehe^^

  • Danny

    While I do like some the updates, I really hate how some of my apps shortcuts added to home screen just delete whenever I restart the phone. this is happening to all the apps on the Internal storage instead of the device memory. on the old 4.1.2, whenever I restarted the phone, it disable the shortcut until about 3 minutes and everything returns to normal. on this new update, 4.2 JB, it gone. I would have to manually add the shortcut everytime.
    I hope there is a fix or and options that I disable/enable.

  • DeLorean75

    Judge for yourselves: Video comparison between iPhone 5S and Xperia Z1:

    Photo comparison between Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Sony Xperia Z1:

    You’re all free to disagree. I’m not a dictator. I have the right to have an opinion. Some people don’t get the purpose of discussion forums. It’s not for name calling and bullying. Maybe you don’t know democracy, I don’t know.

  • Yes, before the camera firmware update. Blunty tested his Z1 right after the launch, 1020 was on Oct 1st. There was a new camera firmware update 5 days ago

  • xperianer

    lol, self praising won’t make Sony pity and release update for You, dumbass!!

  • lol

    thanks god they fix the buggy memory

  • gy

    I want a Xperia P without bugs. Please fix that Sony.

  • Billbond4

    You need to put those appS into the phone memory to stop it from happening

  • Billbond4

    Bluetooth crashes everytime it pairs. Don’t think update is too good.will probably roll back

  • Billbond4

    Apn gets deleted at update

  • rexperia

    Be grateful with what you have… it’s about time… SONY promised that some of xperia JB 4.1 will skip 4.2 and directly to 4.3

  • rexperia

    If you owned Z1 have you upgraded the software to the latest one? there are so many fixes, mostly in camera,

  • mabz23

    That is complete bullshit. Since the first day i got my xperia s (when it first came out), it has been loaded with bugs. There hasnt been any point in time where my phone was bug free or almost bug free. Now there is very little chance of me receiving 4.2. So please Sony at least make the 4.1 version stable enough to not make me want to throw my phone against the wall everyday, even my play memories doesnt work at all and I was looking forward to using the new version.

  • rexperia

    yes, i am with you… i have Xperia P too with latest JB and it’s lag sometimes and the battery drain like a water…

  • cupcakeboy

    I’m loving this update!

  • Arjit Mehra

    In india..still haven’t got it yet :(

  • shanefalco

    iphone 5s is better than z1…z1 have too cold colors and problem with autofocus!

  • Colby Leong

    How long had the S been out? Maybe you should just upgrade to a Z Series or even of one there mid range devices.

  • lovely you

    hi, you not get enough love of your gf or bf? maybe you need a virtual hug from me? Troll, maybe you need a good fuck to calm down, i could fuck you hehehe, you would be relaxed after :-*

  • hadolin

    Me too.awesome update.the camera has improved a lot. There’s even a backlight hdr mode

  • hadolin

    Check with pc companion. It may not show up on phone for another couple of days maybe

  • Arjit Mehra

    Yeah done that a lot of times… Nothing shows up! Tried update service too still nothing!

  • Micro

    Yeah! Fuck Sony! I have XS too, it was a FLAGSHIP an age ago! I want Android 5.0 on it NOW or I throw it against the wall and then switch to some 3 years old Samsung, cuz all other phones have 4.3 already!! And they should have release S with 4.3 in the first place instead of giving us such a stupid phone! I paid a fortune for it years ago so I WANT EVERYTHING RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

    This is bullshit.

    Damn you, complainers, most of you can’t even tell what differences are between 4.2 – 4.3, and you WANT IT because there is a higher number at the end. Like you already had a swipe keyboard while all others could at most dream about it or download/buy crappy dummies imitating it.

    And complaining about the S, that is already perfect, is completely DUMB. Only IONers have right to complain about it, because there are real bugs. Some idiots will always cry because there is something newer than they have, no matter what really is this “newer” something.

  • mak

    read this and keep your filthy mouth shut…..DeLorean75

  • omwin

    can i update on OTA ?

  • raze

    yes you can.. :)

  • omwin

    but why i not seen update ? and i not have to risk to update on pc companion.

    btw i’m in Asia.
    or because update not come in this time.

  • mabz23

    Shut the fuck up stupid fan boy how would sony improve if you dont criticize them you dumb fuck otherwise they would think everything is ok and never change. i bought last years flagship phone from a premium brand (sony) at a premium price, so i expect premium fucking service which is not happening at all. now can you use your micro fucking brain to understand were im coming from dumb fuck. fyi i do know the difference between 4.2 and 4.3

  • mabz23

    I am not buying a phone this year. Waiting it out to see how sony treat this years flagships. If they have changed i will get next years flagship from sony, if not I would be going somewhere else. Definitely not samsung though, thinking about oppo or nexus

  • Micro

    Congratulations, you became the retard of the month, kid.

    And FYI I actually own S too, had my hard time with it for a short while, like everyone who had it, but bitching and hating around like this on some blogs won’t make anyone to fix anything. In fact, it makes you look even more silly, because you say you know the difference and still are the last one on the world who doesn’t know why S won’t have 4.3.

    You don’t know a difference even between criticism and bitching, so have fun, keep being smart your own special way, I don’t care.. you are not worth my time anyway lol

  • xavier

    why my phone xperia l was not available update 4.2

  • brano

    hello i made video review of new update on xperia l

  • brano

    heres video review

  • brano

    here is video review

  • mabz23

    You are clearly a deluded dumb fuck, reason being:
    1. You thought that your the only person in the world that knows the difference between 4.2 and 4.3
    2. You think you are the only person in the world that knows why XS wont have 4.3. I think by now everyone, if not most people know the reason, hence why I have accepted I may be stuck on 4.1 but would like for it to be stable.
    3. You are a dumb fanboy fuck with a stick up your ass and every time someone says something bad about sony the stick goes in deeper thus causing you to lash out like a dumb fuck

  • Micro


  • Giorgos

    Hmm, I will be disappointed if Sony won’t release it for xperia T as well. Htc One received 4.2.2 and it was released 5 or 6 months before xperia T.
    I keep the fingers crossed that the T gets for 4.2.2 as well because despite its bad sales its customers deserve it.

  • George

    Xperia Ion was never an official flagship, it was xperia S and then xperia T.
    Besides talking into account that they need to catch up with other companies such as samsung and Apple they have to release new phones flagship faster than them.

  • Vhan Modders

    I want to share this home.apk from xperia L 4.2.2 (new UI)

    Just install it as normal apk, it will update your home launcher. (works only JB 4.2.2)
    Tested in my ZR 4.2.2

    Download :

  • Nathan dos Santos

    Great update!
    Now only missing the PC Companion is supported on computers running the operating system Linux.

    Atualização ótima!
    Agora só está faltando o PC Companion ser suportado em computadores com sistema operacional Linux.

  • Desmond Toh

    Just update to 4.2.2 like the new interface style, I’ll call it pale white, more widget interfaces I think it’s a good attempt

    Nice job Sony

  • Rank tanner

    Been using for 2 days and there are way too many bugs in this update.
    NFC refuses to work, can’t transfer data to my SD card, Bluetooth is iffy now.
    Not good at all sony. Going back to 2.17 with less bugs.

  • ivykoko

    Nothing for T?

  • pradeep

    no bugs for me on my xperia S 6.2.B.96, kernel 3.4 ,nice battery life,smooth interference,no lags on 1080P video recording night mod is also quite impressive,latest versions of album,movies,hangouts,google now, better connectivity on 2G,3G n wifi and did not hangs rest depends upon the users,3rd party apps,fifa 14,asphalt 8 is running with no lags (u can use game booster)benchmark 13K not bad for dual core 1.5GHZ so DONOT BLAME SONY FOR XPERIA S and if u wanna latest roms then do use custom roms like CYANOGENMODE.

  • tanmoy

    Apart from the all good stuffs, I have noticed few issues on my newly updated L and would like to share.

    # if you have moved an app to internal storage, after a boot it will jump to the very last of the app tray and any shortcut of that particular app will not exist on a folder.
    this happens to be an very annoying issue to me.

    # latest Walkman has a great renovated interface but it lacks a very basic feature, which is “recently added” under playlists menu. this feature had always been with “Walkman(and with music player on ’11 devices)” and i don’t get any clue why Sony has deducted it.
    apart from it, total songs/album/artist count is missing which previously was there within each box.

    # while playing a song with Walkman, album art of a random song looks blurry which actually is not. I’ve cleared Walkman data as well as media storage data which fixes it for a while but this same thing happens again with a new track.

  • vigneshprince

    Please we can wait patiently, some devices will skip 4.2 and upgrade to 4.3 nah, so believe XS will get 4.3, next week Sony will inform!! be patience yar. I have xperia Z, i bought this because Sony will do good!!!! Trust Sony! but it will take some time!

  • Guest

    i think xperia t and tx will get at least 4.2.2 update since they’re actually better than xperia L in every aspects (just have a look at the specifications)
    Please sony !!

  • dan

    Xperia TX must get at least 4.2.2 update since it is actually better than xperia L in every aspect (have a look at the specifications)
    Please Sony!!

  • Danny

    that’s not what I’m looking for. I already know that. but the L have limited space on device memory and I can’t keep all the apps on device memory.
    main issue is, it didn’t do that before the update, The apps would shot a grayed icon, but after 3 minutes it return to normal after reboot. so I’m hoping there is a fix soon, or that there is a option in setting that I can disable/ enable.

  • jan

    Done updating my Xperi L but the problem is the with flash.. It became blur..

  • ace

    Is this update already in the philippines…?

  • Mohammed Khired


    did some body raped while you were child ?

    that’s must be tough on u…but don’t blame me !

    u need a therapy cuz u have serious problem…

  • Mohammed Khired

    why can’t u accept other’s opinion ?

    are u a company shill for sony ?

  • Micro

    no, I don’t like when someone is calling names other people instead of bringing constructive argumentation to the discussion
    and this usually happens when someone don’t have any arguments and/or know shit about the subject at all. If he would stop calling me names, the whole talk wouldn’t go the way it had.

    And if you think that if someone is a fan of some company automatically means he is blind to his favorite brand’s mistakes, or worse – works there or is paid for saying good things about it, then you are just wrong.

  • choya

    Bug fixes???? Ha. Added more bugs than previous firmware. This update is the worst.

  • Aniket

    Hey anybody from india got update 4.2.2 ?

  • MAhesh Mahadik

    i didnt get d update for my xperia L C2104 INDIA

  • Vicarious

    That’s not a solution. That’s
    not even an answer! An acceptable answer would be: “You are right. It is a software
    malfunction due to a bug of the new software (since it showed up after the
    update). We are looking into it and we will be releasing an update to resolve
    the problem”.

  • Soham. India

    It’s has some problems flash not working properly, lags sometimes automatically power offs sometimes some apps not responding well as well as album has some problems too i hope u will fix those problems otherwise a good upgrade

  • Javier Silva

    Bugs Chrome browser lags and reboots the phone

  • sohom

    Problems with 4.2 Xperia l

  • raj

    I too having problems

  • Madhav Bj

    i have updated it but the developres option is missing

  • hadolin

    not just that… the walkman app drains a lot more battery now..

  • timothy

    it even causes more bugs and slower performance on my xperia L (c2105). lost shortcut every restart. enter button doesnt work. it will be a long list if i write all the bugs.

  • darshna

    My few updated to 4.2.2 version but r facing.problems after d update…
    Cam quality is deteriorated
    Phone hangs at tyms
    Is it worth updating???
    Ive got xperia l with 4.1.2 ryt nw

  • shijo terrance

    I had tried to update but it was failed, again I tried it was also failed. Anyone please help me…….

  • harish

    worst worst worst update ever by sony.. my xperia l after the update of android 4.2.2 bugs started first bug picture quality of camera blured 2nd bug cant move music pictures etc on sd card on the last option of settings storage 3rd bug back key click sound is decresed by more den 50% cant play subwaysurfers.. plz fix the bugs sony.. otherwise give us 4.1.1 back dat ws grt for d xperia l bt 4.2.2 is more den worst….

  • dc xperia l

    consume batteries. Desktop shortcuts missing after reboot. Camera scn processing slow.

  • Rupankan

    After upgrading to 4.2.2 version, Network does not regain after switch on and english QWERTY keyboard showing problem in the ENTER button in Xperia L. ENTER button is not working.

  • Sathyaprasad

    Having a issue with the Xperia L the phone is rebooting after the update. This happens when i enter visual pattern.

  • Chaitu

    This update has ruined my Xperia L. I’ll list out few issues that I have faced:
    1) An alert with message ‘Unfortunately, Settings stopped working’. is displayed when we try to transfer data from internal memory to external memory.
    2) Google Chrome gets crashed the moment I launch.
    3) I am not sure, but, setting mobile internet with appropriate APN doesn’t work.

  • Zics

    my xperia L is facing sound issues.sometimes the sound comes out of the earpiece rather than external speaker and sound is coming too low.what is the solution…..

  • Rahul

    This update has degraded my camera quality. After 10 days, I got my Xperia L from the service station. They told me that they have installed the older version in my phone instead of this new update.

  • arun

    My internet is not working after updating 4.2..
    someone pls help

  • Suman

    After getting xperia l updated, resetted the phone

    in the homescreen the apps which are installed in internal storage dont appear on the homescreen(after a boot) and even not in folder even after placed the app shortcut on the homescreen.

    this is really anoying

  • Srinath Madhavan

    Worst update ever. Ruined my Xperia L functionality. All Google apps crashing, including chrome. Plus, sucks more battery now. Bring on kitkat soon ffs.

  • XperiaLUser446

    My Xperia L became very unstable after I upgraded from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2.

    Symptoms: phone kept re-booting avery 5-10mins or so.

    I seem to have fixed the problems by uninstalling every app that could be removed. I tried the most used ones at first but the problems persisted.

    The phone has been stable now for nearly 24hrs.

    Will begin to re-add the Apps.

  • Ali raza

    when ever I turn off and turn it back on, most of the icons I arrange on my home screen (usually icons of apps which I move to internal memory) are deleted
    2. when I try to move my content to SD card using option Settings>>Storage>>Transfer data to SD card
    a message pops up saying “Unfortunately, settings has stopped” and settings tab opens.

  • raj

    when i update my Xperia L. I am facing problem with sound sometimes its sound is coming from calling speaker. It happens when i switch to silent mode and again switch to the general mode.

  • giwa

    Hi, I just updated my xperia L…and found it with some problems…
    1)- when I go to settings and want to change the keybord layout,skins or changing keyboard setting with personalization guide..nothing is working…it says: Unfortunately,Xperia TM keyboard has stopped. and there is no other option than to press ok..:(
    2)-youtube videos ..when you try to search something..we normally used to get a list of possible options with little typing then it was easier to search….now what happens is..when I type 2-3 letters I get a list but its behind my keypad so can not see it fully..and when I try to make keypad down to see the list…the list also disappears..
    3)- first time ever I had a problem with my internet songs listening with sound quality reduction
    and I found the app alignment that was in 4.2.1was much if I chose most used order..then the apps I us less are not atall visible…they should be visible somewhere down the line to ease their access when needed..
    4) I don’t know why I need to add some of my home screen folders back on home screen after every restart? they just disappear from screen .
    any help xperia? I really want my old keyboard was on screen keybord where all signs were there on tp of the pkeypad wid probable options…

  • giwa

    how can I go back to my previous version b4 this new update..4.2.1Jellybean ? I really want to..

  • Someone

    Somehow afer i update my xperia L C2015, i can’t install apk files.. The Install button in package installer cannot be click. sorry for my bad english

  • Ramiro

    After update my phone is plenty of bugs!!! Simple don’t work!!! :((((((((((((

  • Elvin Chun

    why can’t I use my data plan after I update?

  • Pranit

    Today updated my xperia L. The issue is like when i turn the brightness level to 0% the screen light starts shivering. But doesn’t happens when it is more than 0. Did any of u guys come across the same issue?

  • Flix

    I’m experiencing the same problem. Google Chrome keeps crashed. How can I fix it? Is it bug? Should I, uninstall it??

  • Ali

    Find google chrome. Click on it.
    Find somthing like “go to previous version”. Click on it. Hope this will solve your chrome problem.

  • ali mohammad


  • Nefat Mehrab

    i have updated the 4.2.2 on my Xperia L. But i hope that it should get the 4.3 by this December…

  • pista

    Something wrong. After this update. The Google chrome alwaxs crash and the phone reboot. Very annoying. Any idea to solve this problem?

  • Carlo Vago

    HI everyone,
    I just updated my Xperia L and started suffering problems with bluetooth connection with my car freehand speaker. Difficulties in setting up the connection, in downloading the contact list but worst the audio is crap, actually people may hear me well but I receive a very bad audio.
    I had a Samsung with Android 2.3 working perfectly since last week.

  • muthana

    The resolution is terrible now

  • Raj

    Just updated my Xperia L to 4.2 and have noticed the Flash Exposure problem as well. The images come out very good without

    flash however the ones clicked with flash are very under exposed even if
    exposure compensation is set at +1 or even +2 for that matter

  • Rj

    After update I was unable to play subway surfer O.o

  • Nika

    Update for me has been fine so far, I just dont complain about stuff a lot but one thing bugs me a lot and I would like to get it fixed. I have Xperia L and after the update when I have walkman on and music playing after I lock the phone lock screen is just a mess. its like a one big glitch with a player flashing in mixture of the screen itself. just impossible to use. anybody has a solution?

  • Munkstar

    Been a disaster on the xperia L awaiting version 27 this week to repair a near useless mobile.

  • staffy

    Just done the the phone cuts off at random times and i lopse internet connection,forcing me to download settings everytime.this is a shambles!

  • Fucker

    Sucks !!!!!!

  • Fucker

    After Update to this version 4.2.2, the Phone always hang and sometimes not able to reboot, have to remove the battery then only can boot up…What The Fuck is this !!!!!!

  • Dheeraj

    dear friends, is Sony Xperia L Still Got Touch Screen Problem.. kindly reply to my query it resolved… i am going to buy this phone but Big C employee said sony going to stop this it true


    Me to :( and I got really far :/

  • hector vega

    I downloaded the update in Chile. Photo album was restord to normal, bur keyboard lost configutation the enter key does not work, except if spelling options is activated. Please fix this

    Hector Vega , Chile

  • kavyak

    I just updated my xperia L to android 4.2.2 , and ENTER key is not working!!!

  • farah

    plz my camera not working in my mobile sony experia zl why ?

  • Peter Bulak

    I have problem with exposure compensation on Xperia L – it stops compensating when shooting video, after finishing recording, the compensation remains 0 but shows what I chose [ex. +1.0]. It used to work fine …

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