CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightly builds available for the Xperia Z Ultra

by XB on 30th October 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra

wpid-504px-CyanogenMod_Cid.svg_.pngSony Xperia Z Ultra owners may be glad to hear that CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3) Nightlies are now available to download. Sony has yet to confirm the time line of the Android 4.3 roll out, so if you’re impatient head over to Get.CM for the download link. The codename ‘Togari’ corresponds to the Xperia Z Ultra.

Via Android Police.

  • Mac

    Sry a bit of topic I guess but can someone please tell me what custom rom is the best for x acro s? I wanna try something new without losing any features. I got cm10 on my old se x neo but there I lost 8mp and Hdmi.

  • Putty Tang

    HEY XPERIA OWNERS COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR UPDATES!!! Try use this and just shut the fuck up already, everyone is tired of you guys flooding the posts bitching

  • Babylonbwoy

    Not everyone can flash this, you have to request unlock code via sony, know about bootloader, fastboot driver and all, majority of user don’t go this far and people pays to have a Sony rom or at least having the choice.

    That said I’m using it on my Z for a few days I’m not sure it is better than sony rom, different yes but not necessarily better.

  • Micro

    Exactly my thoughts, not everyone who paid like $700 for a phone want to loose his warranty a month after buying it, it’s not a mod for X10 or Neo, it’s Z Ultra – and obtaining and using the unlock code in fact ensures your phone will be considered as rooted

  • The Rock

    Seriously? You telling people to STFU, when your name is called ‘putty’? That’s not very convincing dude….

  • Diazene

    well, yes I agree that sony should update their phones, but most people who actually care about running the newest version of the OS can do the stuff you just mentioned

  • ice4banday


  • Babylonbwoy

    As long as you don’t use it there’s no problem, you can even request a code for a non unlockable bootloader (bootloader unlock allowed : no) ! We can backup TA partition to restore DRM but it is risky (hard brick). I don’t unlock my BL no more, CM is overhyped and there going commercial with cygn (, their paid app on play store, they even signed a contract with Oppo (

    What would be cool is the possibility to use it without risking anything, I think it is their goal or making a cyanogenmod smartphone at the end but it won’t happends with Sony who need to sell its content via its own application MU, VU, PSM, etc.

    I still keep an eye on what they do, but definitely overhyped.

  • Babylonbwoy

    I don’t know if it exist for acro s : AOKP, PAC ROM, which is build on CM, MIUI, and a bunch of stock based rom which work with stock kernel. Look at XDA

  • Micro

    yeah, I know that, I requested my code for not allowed S too, my point was that once you request that code your imei is “marked red” so if you actually unlock it and something goes wrong enough to brick the phone, this part of warranty is gone. You can’t root it without unlocking the BL in the first place no matter if it’s allowed or not, so.. that’s what I was talking about.

    I agree with you about CM though.

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