Xperia Z1’s Social live app updated with “small UI refinements”

by XB on 9th November 2013

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2013-11-09 19.52.38The Sony Xperia Z1 has a number of exclusive imaging apps, we already covered Motion Shot a few days back and now another, Social live, has seen a small update to version 1.0.14. The update brings “small UI refinements and fixes, and better handling of network problems.

Social live allows users to share special moments by broadcasting live video through Facebook. You can receive comments and likes all in real time whilst shooting video. It’s a great concept, as long as you are a Facebook user, although in practice some people complain about the video being choppy. If you’ve given Social live a try, let us know your thoughts below.

2013-11-09 19.51.46

2013-11-09 19.52.38

  • moogoo

    i’ve used it a few times. the video is fine though there is a slight lag, which is understandable. even network TV live broadcasts have that bit of lag. Only thing is I find myself not having enough reasons to use it and that i’m not much of a facebook user to begin with.

  • @atWidget

    Sony stop updating your apps and fix the camera issue with unlocked bootloader!

  • djsilentg

    Don’t Stop updating Sony apps Sony.

  • Chx Chong

    can xperia z have this apps?
    we need it !!!

  • Billy de Fretes

    Yep. Please make this for xperia z so i don’t feel regret not upgrade to Z1.

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  • Micro

    I don’t think so (if someone knows better or I am wrong somewhere then please correct me)
    AFAIK this social live can work only because of the Bionz unit in Z1/Ultra that is able to capture and process video fast enough to make it stream straight from the sensor to the app API. Don’t forget that the video and sound have to be encoded “on-the-fly” before the output “file” can be sent over the network, this kind of processing power can’t be achieved via any software algorithm, it simply needs powerful hardware acceleration.
    I mean, come on, this is like 1080p live video stream, not just some raw data from the sensor. It needs heavy duty hardware, not just some app to send the ready (already encoded) stream to the FB.

    So I’m afraid Z cannot do that.


    It can work on z. I’ve got a xperia t with a custom Z1 rom and all the camera functions, social live, time shift, motiongraph etc work fine. Social live is pretty handy actually even though I’m not a big fb user. In any case, no need for BIONZ to get the Z1 camera features to work.

  • Micro

    I admit that’s… surprising.. O_O
    well, T is not some low end device, it is kind of a monster by itself too (dual 1,5Ghz S4..), and there is still need for extreme processing power to do that, so perhaps it’s not the Bionz itself and if T can, probably theoretically Z could too with twice as RAM and cores.. interesting.. (but still odd, I can swear I read that on some official Sony’s source). Anyway, the camera software is completely redesigned on Z1/Ultra, so maybe with some custom Z1 rom like yours it can work but I still don’t think it is possible just like that only with the camera app installed on Z (or T).


    Certainly, there’s got to be some modifications in the framework to do

  • Krrish

    New,album app available….Downloading on my XZ,ryt now !!!

  • Krrish

    Proof !!

  • Krrish

    @XPERIABLOG : check this out !!

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