Xperia C bootloader cannot be unlocked

by XB on 11th November 2013

in Xperia C

Xperia C BootloaderThe Xperia C is Sony’s first Xperia smartphone that is powered by a MediaTek chipset. The Xperia C is no slouch given the inclusion of the MediaTek MTK6589 chipset comprising a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and IMG SGX544 graphics. However, if you were hoping to try, or develop, some custom ROMs for the handset, then your journey is unlikely to be fruitful.

Sony has confirmed to us that the Xperia C bootloader cannot be unlocked and that there are no plans to unlock it going forward. The reason behind this is a simple one, the inclusion of the MediaTek chipset means it will have a different loader and therefore the unlock architecture is not supported.

You can see the evidence below on our resident Xperia C and the handset does not make the list of supported phones on the Sony’s Unlock Bootloader website either. The use of a MediaTek SoC in more Xperia phones next year could mean that Sony may provide the ability for users to unlock the bootloader, but this won’t be the case for the Xperia C.

Xperia C Bootloader

  • levered


  • cs098

    So will the octa core sony that’s coming out not be bootloader unlock able?

    Well sony if you’re making more mediatek devices, you should create a new bootloader unlocking method for them.

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  • Nikhil

    Even the Bootloader of Xperia M cant be unocked
    which is sold in india (no network bound phones are sold in INDIA, so this is sim free version
    ) it says bootloader unlock allowed: NO

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  • Mac

    what about DooMLoRDs easy rooting toolkit? I used it 2 root my acro s and I have my bootloader still locked.

  • Anukul

    I hate Mediatek

  • JEp

    Really? Duh.

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    doomloard gonna make it simple jus wait n c :-D

  • @atWidget

    2012: Unlockable
    2013: Unlockable but break camera
    End 2013: Not unlockable…
    … The evolution by SOny…

  • Rizky Maulana

    2014s xperian = protected lock bootloader :v

  • @atWidget

    If Sony do that it’s easy:
    2014 = NEXUS :)

  • @atWidget

    How a bootloader can be born locked? IMPOSSIBLE
    If Sony lock it, they can unlock it! I don’t understand…
    If something can be locked, it can be unlocked! No?
    And you know what… just DON’T lock it Sony! Problem solved…
    But you know what Sony… I don’t know if I buy the Nexus for my next phone, but please Sony lock all your bootloader… it’ll help me for my choice… thank you.

  • Rizky Maulana


  • APai

    I do not know why you’d hate them (just don’t buy those, then), but they simply have democratized the low & mid rangeend phones, and made some competition possible. qualcomm has lemons in that space!!!

    novathor/ broadcom/ TI-OMAP were all crushed by qualcomm, thank god for alternatives (mediatek/ exynos/ tegra etc). we’d have a repeat of microsoft-intel otherwise – like say google-qualcomm.

    also, mediatek performance isnt all that bad. their latest SoC outdoes the galaxy s3 or are on par with the qualcomm s4/ s4 pro.

  • APai

    let’s wait and watch. samsung is turning its screws tighter and introducing rotten things like region locks.

  • APai

    perhaps – its an early fw on it and its raw and needs work on it, but they do not want it to be unocked and exposed to tweaking because the early code is crummy.

  • Brin


    A unlocked bootloader is a security flaw. A unlockable bootloader is a advantage and a good thing..

    Big difference dude.

  • I got great sugestion for Sony – it’s ofcourse Offtopic here but i must write it somewhere,
    Please sony make xperia Arc Z – phone as beautiful as “Arc series” (arc, arcS, P, U, S that finished on model “t” i think) and as powerful as newest z series. No more flatish-uglyish-bars! And return to physical keys no touchkeys, and definately no ONScreen touchkeys

  • qqq

    More like
    2011: Not unlockable if you have a SIM lock
    2012: Not unlockable if you have a SIM lock
    2013: Not unlockable if you have a SIM lock or a mediatek device. May break features

  • echa

    between snapdragon and mediatek, which one is better ?

  • paul4id

    MediaTek is such a poor substitute for ST-Ericsson. Still can’t believe they went out of business.

  • josesl16

    2012(2011?) onwards already break Bravia Engine as well.

  • josesl16

    It should still work, I guess? :/

  • Rob

    Why would you NOT want on-screen keys? Especially with Kit-kat around the corner, which allows for a much better handling of hiding the nav buttons when not used.

  • Berg

    Were the first Qualcomm devices they made unlockable? No!

    Maybe they just need time to make a solution that doesn’t risk bricking the hardware.

    I’d sure as shit rather have people complaining that they can’t unlock it than have them complaining that it is bricked.

  • qqqq

    Doomlord has never cracked a bootloader. There’s been progress on the Z1 about loading non-signed kernels though

  • Libyan Guy

    Better for SONY to focus on screens and displaying coz using chipset’s from Qualcomm is more then enough , Qualcomm with no doubt is the best this time , and SONY only needs improving displaying side .

  • mikhailovich

    Physical keys are a huge throwback. Not sure why someone would actually want that.

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  • @atWidget

    Bravia is software. I don’t care. Camera is hardware!

  • Faris Fitri

    Mediatek usually makes low end SoCs while Qualcomm makes everything from the high end to the low end. Qualcomm SoC usually perform better,but they are also said to be more expensive.

  • josesl16

    It broke a hardware? :o

  • View From The Top

    He meant the capacitive keys. The real clunky physical keys are an absolute no go for me too, but I hate the on screen keys. I like the capacitive ones :-)

  • Mac

    Hope so.

  • Mac


  • JEp

    The title is “Xperia C bootloader cannot be unlocked”.
    Not “Xperia C cannot be rooted.”

  • Mac

    Aight man u got a point right there, gotta give you that.
    But still, I don’t see why it’s such a big deal with bootloaders when you can get around n have root and still keep your warranty.
    Probably a noob question but, what advantage does a unlocked bootloader do over a locked?

  • JEp

    You need an unlock bootloader to flash custom kernel.
    Custom ROM such a CyanogenMod need a custom kernel to run.

  • Mac

    Aight I see, thx man. Everything is falling into place now. Then sadly I gotta stay on original rom, just deodex 2 get some cool stuf.

  • Paul M

    without optimal device drivers, it doesn’t matter how good the hardware

  • nope

    nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

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  • Abhishek
    Sign the Petition to Sony so as to unlock bootloader of Xperia C

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  • Michael Uvarov

    Xperia c c2305 can be unlocked with the latest firmware

  • capsar

    Maybe an update on the Sony Unlock Bootloader Website? But, I can view Xperia C listed under the Supported Devices tab on the website

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