Minor Xperia Z1 update rolling with build 14.1.G.2.259

by XB on 19th November 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1_Update_14.1.G.2.259A small firmware update is now rolling out for the Sony Xperia Z1 in the form of build version 14.1.G.2.259. The update appears to be for branded devices only and has currently been released to those on the Telstra network in Australia. We doubt the update will land on generic devices, so everyone else will have to look forward to the Android 4.3 update in December.

Xperia Z1_Update_14.1.G.2.259

Via XDA and Telstra Support.

  • Darknight307

    Bug fixer or preparing Z1 for kitkat? Shouldn’t Z1 updated directly to kitkat without getting 4.3 update?

  • the_black_dragon

    No it will also get 4.3 in December like 9 other Sony Devices. KitKat will follow later… no ETA yet

  • Diego

    Hi, not yet update in Italy

  • @atWidget

    Many updates for the Z1 (.534, .257, .259) and always the dead camera with unlocked Z1, touchscreen problem… I don’t really know what Sony means with “update”…

  • @atWidget

    Negative vote just for telling the truth…
    I have no camera with my unlocked Z1 and the famous touchscreen problem, since 518 534 257… This is juste THE TRUTH.

  • Billy de Fretes

    well i guess not all Z1 phone have the same problem with your phone. in my office there are 3 person who owned Z1 and they satisfied with Z1.

  • @atWidget

    Search on YouTube “Z1 touchscreen problem” + read comments + XDA, etc … ;)

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I have the .257 and I just received a notification to update to .257 I have the C6906

  • Billy de Fretes

    why do i have to search on youtube when i can touch my friend Z1 and there’s no problem, even if in youtube says there’s a problem doesn’t make all Z1 have the same problem.

  • @atWidget

    Dude, YouTube, XDA, forums, comments, etc… = PEOPLE
    Lof of people in the world have the touchscreen problem, and ALL Z1! Do you read this? >>ALL!!! Z1 have dead camera when you unlock.
    When DoomLord said that everybody look at him like a god, but I just said the same thing! ALL Z1 have a dead camera when you unlock it since the beginning! Sony say they know… OK… many updates later… the same shit!

  • reza

    We have a logical answer to this. The BIONZ image processing is the one that lost with DRM keys like the X -Reality. Why? Simply because sony wants these features cannot be ported to another phone/brand so these features are exclusive to Z1/future flagships. I dont really think if sony will fix this broken camera while unlocked

  • @atWidget

    Sony will fix this? Comon! That was the answer when the Z1 beginning in first firmware, many apdates later, NOTHING… I know that Sony said they will fix this, its for that I’m telling I don’t understand what Sony call “update”

  • Dyaa ibrahim

    Z Z Z

  • Billy de Fretes

    so do you think my friend is alien ??? just because they put in youtube, xda makes all post valid? can you name a smartphone 100% bug free from the first release ?
    all Z1? wow… i guess you really check every Z1 that came from the production factory that’s why you claim ALL Z1 .. did you check my friend Z1 ? no? if no why you said ALL?

  • Guest

    when some companies lock their feature only for their brand, then we should respect it. if it can be ported easily , there’s no use for developer who worked for Sony since all brand can get same features.

  • Billy de Fretes

    indeed, why would they allow X-Reality to competitors easily ..

  • Billy de Fretes

    if you cannot prove that ALL Z1 have same problem, please be quiet.

  • sony

    Z1 dont have touch screen problem you are liar stop talking about it.u might be a shit samsung fan..and samsung pay u to say that about z1…i dont care..my next phone is Z1

  • Ahmed Musthafa

    I am using Xperia Z1 and there are no touch screen problems its very quick and responsive touch.
    Only Camera produces grainy images hope sony fix that as it did early with a build.

  • Mohammed Khired

    Should I buy z1 or wait for the z1s?

    Only those who got the z1 can answer my question….

  • SinaKing

    WTF Sony ?!
    What About Generic Devices ?!
    All Xperia Z1’s Had This Bugs & You are Going To Update Just Branded Devices ?!

  • Gary Ohanian

    So you didn’t read the instructions and are now upset?

    “At the moment, unlocking the Xperia™ Z1 boot loader will stop the camera functionality. Note that Xperia™ Z1 is not listed among the supported devices.”


    If you wanted the camera, you shouldn’t have unlocked it. The product was never sold to you as unlockable.

    The touch screen problem I think varies with the environment. 95%+ times I have no problem. The other 5% I just need to slow down for a second and then it’s fine from then on.

    Just the truth, as you say.

  • Gary Ohanian

    Which bugs? There isn’t a list of what this fixes. Maybe I’m reading it wrong.This fix is just for Telstra Z1. There’s probably a bug found that’s affecting it working with Telstra (I’d guess it will be a 4G issue, no other reason as that’s what’s going to make it specific to Telstra compared to other carriers)

  • @atWidget

    Dude, I have the Z1. I love the Z1. I love Sony. I just want a fix. I see many updates but no fix.
    I’m a liar? I’m sorry but : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=z1+touchscreen+problem&sm=3


  • @atWidget

    Sony said that AFTER I unlock my Z1!!!

  • Gary Ohanian

    Was the Z1 listed as a supported device?

  • @atWidget

    Yes. And after everybodu who unlock it had a dead camera, Sony knew this AFTER and remove the Z1 from the list. Sony had NEVER know that before…. They knew that AFTER some people said that on forums!
    Read the news dude if you really want to talk about that!

  • @atWidget

    “Reports are surfacing that Sony Xperia Z1 owners who unlock their bootloader face being unable to use the camera.”

    Source: XPERIABLOG!

    And the problem never come from Sony but XDA! Sony remove it AFTER!!! Is this legal? …

  • Gary Ohanian

    I have read the news, and I cannot find where they changed it from being supported to not supported. Even on this blog all it says is “The Xperia Z1 is not at the moment listed as a supported device on the Sony Mobile unlock bootloader site, but then again neither is the Xperia Z Ultra and no Z Ultra owners are reporting similar problems as far as we are aware.”


    It doesn’t say that they removed it from the list.

  • @atWidget

    No, i’m sorry, I mean, when I unlocked it, the Z1 was like the Z, Z Ultra etc… unlockable and no warning message. And AFTER came this message and this news… If this message was on the Sony website xhen I unlocked it I didn’t unlock it… You know what I mean?

  • Gary Ohanian

    It’s unfortunate, and maybe the website should be better organised, but you took the risk by performing the steps on an unsupported device. Even when supported there lots of warnings that it may break things etc.

    Let me give you an coffee analogy to explain how I see it. If you recieve a coffee and it doesn’t have “Caution, contents may be hot” does that mean that you can drink it straight away? No, not always, sometimes yes, but sometimes no. It’s a risk you take. The “supported devices” list is basically the barista saying to you, go ahead, it’s drinkable now.

    What’s happened is that people tried drinking the coffee without the go ahead. Unfortunately, it burnt peoples mouths. So the updated website is basically similar to the barista saying “I don’t recommend it, but you can drink it if you want, but it will burn you”

    As a sad situation. Sometimes trying to accommodate peoples wants ends up burning both parties. Sony is actually trying to be nice by allowing phones to be unlocked. It’s not necessary, and in terms of total sales, it’s only a small percentage. They could quite easy just say it’s not work it and stop it from now on. People will be outraged, but I’m pretty sure it wont hurt them in revenue.

  • Berg

    It was NEVER listed as being supported on Sony’s site.

  • JG

    The only problem I’m having on my device is when I updated my z1 to the latest build. My phone tends to over heat after playing games for 2 to 3 minutes. Does anyone have the same problem?

  • Wetto

    I’m in Australia and with Telstra and this update is not available to me … I’m still on .257

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Yeaaah i have z1 for a month now and i didnt have any probleme with it at all, z1 is a beast

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Sony alllllready fix that problem with an updatr from yhe first month of release you retaarded hater i have the z1 and i didnt havd any probleme with it at all, get the fuck out of here dumbass

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Buy the z1 bro, the best phone i have ever seen in my life, very very very happy with my z1

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Bot are identically minus the screen and battery capacity. And probably the Z1S will have a better screen than the Z1.

  • Bernard Wong

    I have the Z1 from the moment it was released on 2nd October in Malaysia and I don’t have issues with the touchscreen. I loved this phone so much that it became my primary device from my existing Z and ZU. I am lucky to have not encountered the problems you listed on your posts. Only down side I had is the camera after so much hype from Sony about it’s camera being the best but I am sastified with it now after the update 257 which makes it better…hopefully Sony will keep updating it constantly…this is my two cent..

  • berto

    Hey you @atiDiot

    When you say unlocking your phone it means unlocking its bootloader! Not all people wants to unlock their bootloader so there’s no problem to them.. Next time do a research, dumb..

  • Gary Ohanian

    If it came out earlier, I would probably go the z1s. Should be cheaper and you’d get the same experience, speed etc (maybe better screen).

    But, having said that, the Z1 is awesome. I don’t regret purchasing it except it’s the most expensive phone I’ve owned and I’m terrified of losing it/dropping it etc! My hands aren’t large, and while I can use it one handed, a smaller form factor will make some things a little easier. I came from the mini pro though so it’s quite a change in size.

    720 vs 1080: Coming from the mini pro (480), I thought I’d be blown away by how much more pixels I’d have to play with. In all honesty, while the resolutions awesome, it’s not something that I go “how did I live without it”. I would think that 720 wouldn’t look much different in most circumstances. If they allowed the apps to use the tablet optimised layouts, then I think the difference would be greater. The smaller size should equal out the smaller batter a little.

  • brapi

    Go and have fun with z1, i have the unit and it suffers from touch screen problem. No doubt z1 is great but with this problem, phone becomes effin unusable

  • Dominic Wong

    Yes agree that for ZU is better for viewing photos, reading books, games but Z1 better for daily use, phone calls, social chat on the go.

  • Dominic Wong

    Maybe you can try to go to Sony store for technical advice on this?

  • reza

    You better pray then, or you can ask your fat mama to buy another Z1 for you

  • bokz

    they dont know what your talking about, they love their phone as is… thats why its hard to explain to them those issue. if you want to recover your camera, you can but not 100% working condition, you can flash it by carbonrom (honami) it will recover the camera, thanks to krabappel2548


  • piew

    Using z1 for 2 months now and I start to have the touch screen problem. I really hope it’s software problem. Otherwise I got to visit the service center soon.

  • Jose Covaco

    I got my Xperia Z1 replaced by Sony and it STILL has the touchscreen problem. Most people don’t know how to reproduce the issue, I am convinced that all Z1s have this issue. Do what you want with your money, but I can confirm that I wasted mine.


    I recently bought the xperia z1, though I found the device to be great, the problem comes while gaming, the multi touching causes the screen to zoom in and when I tap the screen 2-3 times fast it comes back to normal resolution…..has anyone experienced this situation…

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