Sony hints Android 4.4 KitKat to hit Xperia SP; Xperia T, TX, V, ZR “Under Investigation”

by XB on 21/11/2013

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Xperia Android version overview ThumbSony announced its Android 4.4 KitKat plans earlier this month, confirming that the newest update will arrive on five Sony Xperia devices: Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1. At the time, Sony referred to these as the “first raft” of products that will get KitKat, leaving the door open to further announcements down the line.

Well it looks like Sony has at least confirmed which handsets it is considering to upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat via the company’s support pages. Looking at the Xperia SP support page seems to suggest that KitKat is pretty much a dead cert. Checking out the pages for the Xperia ZR, Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V says that Android 4.4 KitKat is “Under Investigation”, which we take to mean it is seeing whether it is viable to make the port. None of this is proof it will happen, but it hopefully gives some insight into the company’s plans.

Xperia SP’s support page suggest it WILL get Android 4.4 KitKat

Xperia SP Android version overview

Android 4.4 KitKat “Under Investigation”

Xperia T Android version overview

Xperia TX Android version overview

Xperia V Android version overview

Xperia ZR Android version overview

Confirmed to get Android 4.4 KitKat

Xperia Z Android version overview

Xperia Z Ultra Android version overview

Xperia ZL Android version overview

Thanks charbel and King Adrian Facalarin!

  • Gregor Zabret

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Sony can boast that they updated Xperia S to Android 4.4 KitKat, which came originally with Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread.

  • flo irimescu

    Hope that my TX will get 4.4!

  • Pete Schnatter

    What about Xperia M and L?

  • Maulana Yusuf

    Boring, i will take nexus 5 after acro s

  • John

    Skip the 4.3 and get to 4.4 already Sony! It would be much better

  • jako

    Xperia M have to get ANDROID 4.4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alejandro Zuñiga

    But I think that do an upgrade costs some money and leave a half upgrade would leave monetary losses

  • ahmed shalaby

    I have TX & i hope to get 4.4

  • Caio Faria


  • filo9011

    …and then nexus6 will appear and you wouldn’t get new features (like nexus4 now) and next moto flagship will be faster updated than your great nexus phone.

  • Caio Faria

    Xperia T too!!!

  • Zeke

    And Qualcomm could brag, that they released Android v4.4 support for the Adreno 220 on a S3 SoC.

  • @atWidget


  • lastguru

    Why are they going with this bullshit about ZR being under investigation? What’s there to investigate? Same hardware as Z, except for screen… Would it hurt them to push KitKat for ZR in the first raft?

  • flo irimescu

    Yes,I know!

  • Zeke

    Just thinking out loud.. I can’t think of a Sony XPERIA phone that has stayed on the same Android version for it’s approx 18month support cycle.
    ‘When’ we get upgraded, I hope it’s to Android 4.3 first and NOT Android 4.2
    The XPERIA M could be Sony’s Nokia Lumia 520 and could be a numbers shipped performer for Sony and even more so if commitments were made to upgrade to Android 4.3 or 4.4

  • SoupCanSam

    It’d also be nice for all you people whining to shut up, and accept that you may never get another update. We get it, it sucks, now move on and buy a newer phone.

  • PIripo

    If Sony updates T, TX & V to 4.4 then it will get more big updates than Galaxy Nexus, because they were released with 4.0, while the G Nexus was dropped in 4.3. Would be nice if they also update the Xperia M and L, they deserve at least one update, and does not take much effort because they use Snapdragon S4 like the V, T, TX, and SP. C & E also will be great, but it would be asking too much…

  • Issac Gonzalez

    I knew I made the right move on getting Xperia SP. Such a great device. <3

  • Zeke

    The same could be said for those on the XPERIA V (LT25i).. now that is a pleasant surprise. (investigation aside)

  • AA

    Yay for my mom’s Xperia SP!!

  • PIripo

    Xperia Tipo & Miro, released with 4.0.4. Stuck @ 4.0.4

  • raxxta

    Lots of Xperia owners are ‘investigating’ whether to buy a different make of phone so this is fair enough lol.

  • @atWidget

    If the TX have the T too! But the T can have it and not the TX… Like the Z who is sure and the ZR not sure… Sony have models not international and they don’t love them… like ZR, ZL, TX, Acro, etc… :(

  • Andrie Putra

    hmmm not good news … “Under investigation ” means will try kill us with ” cant update more further ” like 2011 xperia and other 2012 xperia like U , sola , miro , tipo … Sony repeat same fault again ..

  • @atWidget

    4.1 brings project butter
    4.2 Widgets on lockscreen
    4.3 Different users account
    And 4.4? I don’t really know…

  • Zeke

    Hmmm… I was just look a bit further and wonder if anyone can find any other Android devices using the MSM8227 SoC.
    One wonders what Qaulcomm’s support directives are when so few Android devices use a given SoC when looking at future driver upgrades.
    No news, is still good news… but….

  • Jey

    At least one thing I’m looking forward to is hiding the bottom navigation bar when doing something like playing games. I’ve accidentally the back button so many times when I play games.

  • Guest

    Thank you Sony for upgrading the SP, I was hopeful as it was mid-range. I really do love my SP, the Z is great, especially the waterproof and if I didn’t get the SP, I would have got the upcoming Z1s as its small but I truly am happy with my SP because of the LED notification light bar, so thank you for the KitKat upgrade, I am very excited! My only negative is how you have changed the notifications, I wish you could go back to original as it was better with full lights instead of one and the personal colour for different contacts instead of just blinking once then going to missed text colour. But honestly, still a happy customer. I’ve seen some negativity lately on this site so just wanted to give my two cents, even if Sony doesn’t read it.

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    exactly wat I was thinking. ZR is ma 4th,Xperia I love this. If Z can get 4.4 Surely ZR deserves it. No offense.

  • Nawi

    don’t love ZL?
    ZL and Z same upgrades =)

  • Zeke

    Android 4.4 – NFC Host Card Emulation for Google Wallet tap-to-pay.
    Plus CPU, memory and GPU improvements/refinements

  • Gorga Naibaho

    Similar feelings with you. I only got the SP because my Z was stolen. But I was pleasantly surprised, as was a number of online reviewers, at what this mid-range phone is capable of.

  • Diego Montalvo

    What about Xperia Acro S Lt 26W?

  • flo irimescu

    TX is made for Asian market,de facto!

  • Bob

    Come on guys the company won’t get profit if they update all of their old phone, look at samsung. Samsung only gives update for S3 S4 some newer note series. If you want to always get firmware update buy iphone instead, iphone 4G released 2009 still receive ios 7 until now, that’s why iphone overpriced. I own old xperia v yes middle 2012 flagship is categorized OLD in terms of update, i think it’s already very generous for sony to gives 4.3 or even 4.4

  • Mahardhika Yusuf

    I am Acro S user too, and seems like there is no update for us :(

  • XperiaELover

    Nothing for xperia e :’(

  • hans

    The only thing i can think of, is that Sony needs to invest for additional icon and resource layout and some of 1GB limitation. I know ZR is 2GB so it is not the cause here, but i think Sony likes to develop ones which are based on the same screen resolution on the same time schedule, to make it more efficient i think. Z1 and Z Ultra is the newest one so no excuse for them to delay it.

  • Ryan

    I am surprised that ZR just get “under investigation” …

  • @atWidget

    LOL bad example. I prefere Android 1.6 than iOS7.

  • Manas R Sahoo

    Cool my SP is getting 4.4,it was a right choice buying this phone…thnx SONY

  • june


  • Gokul Nath

    Why no update for Sony Xperia M?

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  • Vhan Modders

    ZR under investigation? Even SP obviously WILL get kitkat?!!.

    Another weird news from sony. :/


    No reason Xperia V and TX don’t deserve the Android 4.4 , Hopefully Sony will not betray their devotees, do the right thing, play fair.

  • neville chidawanyika


  • neville chidawanyika

    Xperia T wil get the Kit Kat like it or not you can suck it Xperia S users

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  • Shaddup

    This idiot here doesn’t know that Sony can’t release the 4.2.2 and above update because Qualcomm won’t release source codes for the S3 processors. Without it, Sony won’t be able to upgrade your Acro S, get over it.

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    Xperia V and TX deserve the Android 4.4, Hopefully Sony will not betray their devotees, do the right thing, play fair.

  • xperia i1 honami

    what about xperia s??????????????

  • saywhat

    Dude… It’s over already, stop. The last upgrade was Jelly Bean (4.1.2). No more official updates for Xperia S. Not beyond this point.

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  • Melfes Wired

    where is my xperia sx…

  • Suckballssony

    Yep. Nexus 5 looks like a good phone. Will be updated regularly and costs less than the bugged-out Z. I’m sure I won’t regret the change.

  • Hambeast

    I’m guessing L will get 4.3 but M I wouldn’t hold my breath on.

  • Patrol619

    I am happy that the SP will get 4.4 :) But I really do not understand why ZR is “Under Investigation”, as it has specs as Z, and display as SP…

  • osin17

    I think you’ll never get KITKAT for xperia Z because qualcomm does not support anymore the s driver processor

  • Jesus

    No tenéis excusa para no actualizar todos los Xperia a android 4.4!!
    Android 4.4 es compatible con todos los que tienen 512 Mb de memoria RAM!
    Y al Xperia U le debéis esa actualización!

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  • Jack

    I’m an Xperia S owner and I’m sick of seeing this question. 4.1 JB is now stable and has brilliant layout for the phone. For what it is, I’m already very happy. What more do you want? For Sony to forever support the damn thing?

  • bodhi

    Nexus 5 owners I know are reporting plenty fo bugs, from Google Services eating their batteries, notification lights not pulsing, Google Voice not working under UK English, only US, etc etc. In fact these sound kind of familiar to the “bugs” I very occasionally come across on the Z. You’d almost think they were bugs in Android, rather than in Sony’s software! What’s more brand new Z’s seem to be available in the UK for slightly less than the Nexus 5.

    So what was your point again? Oh yes, you didn’t have one. Thought so.

  • Rob

    Totally agree. In my eyes this is one of the biggest news in 4.4, and I’m looking forward to devs taking advantage of it.

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  • Soumyakanti

    What about Xperia L?

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  • suckballssony

    Says the douche bag whose phone works well but is too thick to work out that numerous other sony device owners have LOTS OF BUGS IN THEIR PHONES as well. Why don’t you trot your little pint sized brain over to the sony mobile forums and look at the numerous bugs that are being reported for other phones. Only then will you realise that your stupid comparison between MY phone and THEIR phone is completely redundant. sony ass kissers like you are just as bad as the iphone fanboys, bodhi. go shove your Z up your ass.

  • Mat

    Sony has the worst supporting system !!! This is my experience of using sony devices for more than 1.5 yearwith Xperia U, S, L, ZR !!! I would never buy sony phones !!!

  • SubZero

    What about Xperia x10?

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  • Riccardo

    Tank’s Sony <3

  • Android Police

    Right decision, NO DOUBT!

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  • Xperia user

    Not even single vendor would update their old devices even if it capable. It’s business, phone are designed to be used for less than it’s warranty time lol

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  • Abdul Syakur

    Xperia v will get android 4.3 at Malaysia?

  • lunkz

    Or use a CM like CM10 Stable, still better than stock.

  • lunkz


  • Vhan Modders

    What about buy a new phone?

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  • Mohammed Khired


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  • Gregor Zabret

    yes, at least that!

  • Gregor Zabret

    Not everyone has as much money as you do, so we want to get as many updates as we can. Some of us have other costs and we can not buy flagship phone every six months.
    If I had enough money I would be happy to buy Sony Xperia T then Z and now Z1.

  • APai

    I’ll stay with sony if my T gets 4.4. I’m due for a new main phone soon, let me wait and watch. If qualcomm does not provide the necessary drivers, maybe then there will be an issue. however, given that the good guys over at xda/ cm etc can continue to give updates, I possibly cannot see why not.

  • Cristiano de Oliveira

    If sony doesn’t upgrade Xperia L to kitkat, this time I say goodbye. I’m tired of it.

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  • hocestquisumus

    Since the upgrade is free of charge, no. Would actually be cheaper since the bandwidth cost for the rollout wouldn’t happen. On the other hand, they’d have worked for nothing.

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  • Moh@mmad Amin

    Plz Sony Release 4.4 for Xperia T,TX,V Plz
    KitKat Support +512mb Ram And They Have 1gb Ram
    Release 4.4 for them Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Moh@mmad Amin

    It has a new runtime named ART
    You can replace it with dalvik in developer options
    that’s very smooth

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  • Matiz

    Would be a waste is the ZR doesn’t get the upgrade, almost same specs as Z and Z1 so it can definitly handle it. A true hi-end device deserves the best possible software ;)

  • lastguru

    SP has the same resolution as ZR, and has all other specs lower than ZR. If they will be releasiing KitKat on SP, there is absolutely no reason, whether it be marketing, hardware, software or any other, not to release it on ZR. If they are just lazy to update a limited-release phone, such as ZR, they should just admit it… I can’t see any other excuse!

  • jmx2012

    update for xperia tx plz!

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  • George Mhanna

    Also, u can install a custom AOSP ROM and get it over with,., im using 4.3 on Acro S

  • spade

    Same as T,TX and V, under investigation too..ROFL xD

  • Malih

    I blame Google,
    They should’ve told manufacturers 4.3 is going to be short-lived so they know to go straight to 4.4 instead of wasting time and energy on 4.3 update…

    Is it possible that they did tell the manufacturers?

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  • Ling Pin

    can you tell me what’s the rom’s name?

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  • xtarsam

    Under new “One Sony” concept, this may be improved right now

  • indian

    Same here. I have U and L. Not updated at all.
    Once Moto G rolls in low end sony, samsung, lg are toast.

  • SoupCanSam

    It’s a good thing that Sony offers a bunch of mid-entry level handsets are getting updated like there flagships. Most unlocked phones below the $360 mark.

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  • Paul

    Just wait until they come up with another totally bogus reason why some devices can’t be updated, like… they gave us shitty reasons why older devices weren’t good enough to deliver a “satisfactory user experience”, even when their low end devices got JB while, on paper, better specced phones from last generation got left out.

  • Paul

    Yeah but.. their developers are getting paid either way, they’re on a payroll. It’s not like they’re getting only paid when they are working on a new firmware.
    The only way they would have monetary losses is in “lost” new phone sales.

  • lastguru

    If they will be able to come up with one, I will respect them till the end of my days as intellectually superior creatures… as there can’t be any reason this time :D

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  • mahdi

    sony come on ! make us happy by hit 4.4 for tx , t , v

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  • Samy

    What about Xperia L, will it also be updated, please provide some news about that.

  • Gregor Zabret

    So what you suggest is to sell the Sony Xperia S and buy for example Sony Xperia M, which has specifications a lot worse than the Xperia S just so that I get the latest updates?
    I think I prefer to stay with the Xperia S and hope for some updates.

  • m.r

    Hope that my T will get 4.4!

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  • Mohammed Khired
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  • SoupCanSam

    Good thing there’s the SP, ZR, C, E, and L. SP and ZR being your best choice, and they won’t set you back as much as a flagship would. Plus, you wouldn’t have to keep worrying and bitching about updates, so everybody wins.

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  • Moein

    I want to see kitKat On My Tx

  • Ali

    As we just get 1 update I wanna kitkat update my Xperia T

  • Senay Mehreteab

    i never buy sonys mobile anymore xperia s my latest phone for me

  • Elia

    THANK YOU SONY!!! THANK YOU!!! We are waiting for android 4.4 on xperia v as soon as possible!

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  • Safii Abbas

    Please update soon 4.4 kit kat for Sony Xperia Sp

  • GEEKnorway

    Well, they would still have to make the features that came in 4.3, so I don’t think it’ll make that big of a difference…

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  • lol

    look like my L will no taste sony official 4.4 or 4.3, CM10 i coming!!!!!!!

  • TimmY

    I only had Sony phones so far but if Xperia T will get 4.4 I will sign a contract for life with Sony!

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  • toast

    “Under Investigation” got The old X10 Gingerbread, which I never thought it was going to reach.

    I never expected my TX to go beyond 4.1, and I was very happy to hear that 4.3 was on the cards. More for the Sony updates than the underlying Google changes.
    But 4.4 is going beyond the call of duty. It is supporting a long dead phone that probably didn’t sell that well. And that impresses me.

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  • Gregor Zabret

    As I said before, for me the biggest problem is money, if I have 650€ or less every six months for a new phone, I would own Z1.
    Even if I want to buy Xperia SP I’ll give for a new one approximately 400€. Xperia ZR and C are not on sale in my country. Xperia E??? Hahaha this made ​​me laugh. :D I own the Xperia S, which is significantly better and both have the same Android Jelly Bean. Xperia L is also the same or even slower depending on specifications of Xperia S. So I think I’ll stick with my Xperia S. Why do I want new updates? Because Xperia S is Sony flagship phone from last year.

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  • Ahmed

    Yeah… Xperia V deserves 4.4. An Awesome model with 4.4.. Waiting eagerly for 4.4 update for My Xperia V.

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  • Md Sahabuddin

    Sony experia ion is this possible to update jelly bean to kit Kat…..

  • mtosun

    what do you think ion ? hope that my ion will gewt 4.4

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  • Max

    Okay wtf.. XL is not getting 4.3 and they wont update it as one of the first whit 4.4 next time i’ll buy a nexus

  • XxLiftsUpxX

    Yes Sony this is the right way for the Future… thanks! My Sony Products are Xperia T, Xperia Z, Xperia Tablet Z and Xperia Tablet S … what is with the Xperia Tablet S and Upgrades in Future?

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  • Apoorv Malhotra

    Fuck off Sony if you won’t update xperia s, now I’ll buy iPhone

  • Naresh

    Why Sony is not showing any interest on xperia s and sl .. compared to any xperia models I say s and sl is the best .. We Expect update on this model too .. Or else I say a suggestion to Sony buyers that Sony is making to introduce more models and so that they can earn money .. For a version update buying a new mobile is waste of money .. For me my xperia sl is better and apt for my use … So kindly make a note that sl is not less that any of those .. We need a version update .. Or this is my last sony mobile …

  • Andrew Tan

    ZR under investigation? Sony pretty sleep / not intend updates for bad selling phone!

    ZR is same spec as Z and ZL but lower resolution, don’t see any point it can’t update to Android 4.4

    I don’t own ZR, but I seen Sony with such decision is ridiculous!

  • sonkjp

    plz 4.4 kitkat for Xperia SX…

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  • Mayank

    excited for my xperia z kikat update :)

  • Melfes Wired

    and my poor SX, which shares the same 8960 of T&TX&V&GX

  • vouysieng thong

    i fully hope that Xperia T will get kikat, Sony please does not dissapointed your costumers…

  • Xing Alexzender TohiD

    Nice Sony Xperia and guys visit here to get more android mobile

  • Osama

    What About Xperia ABCDEFGHLIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and all possible combinations? Why does SOny reelase so many models, no wonder the update process is so confusing!

  • George Mhanna

    It’s OmniRom.. Soon it will be available in 4.4.. there is beanstalk too.. but those are for xperia acro S.. i don’t know if they are available for the S

  • Naveen Navyas

    Xperia m is still runnin 4.1 but almost all 2013 xperia’s running 4.2 and now they going to get kitkat!
    At least sony would take actions to get xperia m with 4.2 jelly bean!!
    Coz lot of diff with 4.1 and 4.2 version..
    Also xperia m got 1 gb ram with snapdragon s4 chipset!
    Sony please release at least 4.2 for xperia m!!
    U always looking to release updates for z series! M users won’t asking that much updates like z series!! 4.2 ???????????
    if any Sony developer see this post please take action!
    This is xperia m users request…
    Xperia m users join with me, give your comments!!

  • Thần Sầu

    need for xperia ion lt28h please !

  • onosmajente

    Will my Xperia V also get 4.4 kitkat

  • Nikolai ivanov

    when is writen under investigation this is almost sure :)

  • pandemic

    I hope the get the NXT family (Xperia S/P and U get also KitKat 4.4
    Please Sony give it us also we Xperia S and P users have 1gb ram and enough internal memory to hande kitkat
    But we shall see, otherwise we have XDA Developers :)

  • kevin

    Where is XS updates, Sony team have you taken out XS from smartphone list.

  • Ben

    What about XS, I think Sony has taken out XS from its smartphone list.

  • Akshit Khunger

    any idea about xperia ion.? :(

  • Issac Gonzalez

    Sorry. it won’t receive the update. Snapdragon S3 (like the S and Ion) and Novathor (like Go and P) phone’s won’t be updated past 4.1. It’s not completely Sony’s fault however.

  • Thousand Wu

    does c5503 device get the update???

  • divi

    what about xperia l c2104???

  • Siddharth

    Common why is Xperia ZR under investigation when Xperia SP is receving the update not fair:(

  • Rick N

    yes agree, xperia V and TX have better specs than xperia SP it’s really unfair if they not receive 4.4

  • saketh

    will my xperia C get 4.4?? !!!

  • saketh

    i have the same doubt………….

  • Zengetsu Espino

    Hope to see some update for Xperia SP before Christmas.

  • alejandromejiaarteaga

    I’m waiting for the XPERIA T 4.3 JB or 4.4

  • Johnny

    Xperia V and TX has Adreno 225 and Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait , while SP has the 1.7 Ghz Krait and the mighty Adreno 320…
    Which one has better hardware ?

  • Rick N

    in graphic what matters is digit no.2 like nvidia 8800 better than 9600. Does it matter 0,2 GHz difference to kitkat update. Xperia V have 13mpx waterproof and SP 8mpx

  • Tim

    KitKat has nothing to do with waterproof and 13mpx camera I think

  • Sriram Buzz

    Dear admin, First request sony to Give the 4.3 update without bugs… I think before you roll out the update my phone will become unfit for use!

  • ibu

    i use xperia acro s its possible to get 4.4

  • Singh Better than King

    what about xperia c??????????????????

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  • alvi

    what about Xperia S????

  • Levo

    We really need 4.4 update for Xperia Tablet S!

  • niraj

    Exactly same i m thinking about. Why the hell sony consider xperiz zr in mid range phones. It has same hardware as Z nd it should deserve kitkat with all Z series phone. This is one i dont like of sony.

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  • sonyXV

    If Sony will not update xperia V to Kit kat soon, I will never buy sony again!!

  • adam

    a czy bedzie na Sony ixperie E

  • adam

    np android 4.3

  • Dih L

    omg i love sony :))

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