Unofficial CyanogenMod 11 builds available for Sony Xperia go, P, sola and U

by XB on 28th November 2013

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Android 4.4 KitKatThe only 2012 Sony Xperia handsets that have been promised a future upgrade by Sony are the Sony Xperia T, TX and V. This is the Android 4.3 update that is expected to land at some point next month. There is no confirmation that these handsets will officially get Android 4.4 KitKat, although it appears Sony is working on it.

However, spare a thought for those running other 2012 Sony Xperia handsets, where it looks like no further Android updates are coming. Well even if there aren’t any official updates coming, you can always rely on the talented developers who do their best to keep older hardware updated with the latest software.

A case in point is the Novathor-powered Xperia models including the Xperia go, P, sola and U. A number of devs over at XDA such as munjeni, percy_g2 and Gava97 have created unofficial ports of CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4) to run on the above handsets. They are still ironing out some issues such as Bluetooth not working, but progress is coming on very quickly. If you’ve like to find out more click through links below. You can also check out some videos of each ROM (in Czech) to see how they run.

Sony Xperia go – Unofficial CyanogenMod 11

Sony Xperia P – Unofficial CyanogenMod 11

Sony Xperia sola – Unofficial CyanogenMod 11

Sony Xperia U – Unofficial CyanogenMod 11

Thanks Ben, Bhushan and daffu!

  • maros

    And ion?

  • Danny

    Where is Xperia S…. S is for sad… :(

  • Mohamed

    xperia Sl ?

  • tomatebg

    Xperia E/Dual??

  • jay-r Nallos

    How about acro s?

  • jumbo3220

    Xperia L ??

  • sreenamboothiri

    There two gods for XPERIA !
    One taking care of rooting – Doomlord :D _/_
    One who aking care of latest android – Cyanogen :D

  • Uqix

    2011 Xperia mini lines got this treatment too. :P

  • Naveen Navyas

    Xperia m is still runnin 4.1 but almost all 2013 xperia’s running 4.2 and now they going to get kitkat!
    At least sony would take actions to get xperia m with 4.2 jelly bean!!
    Coz lot of diff with 4.1 and 4.2 version..
    Also xperia m got 1 gb ram with snapdragon s4 chipset!
    Sony please release at least 4.2 for xperia m!!
    U always looking to release updates for z series! M users won’t asking that much updates like z series!! 4.2 ???????????
    if any Sony developer see this post please take action!
    This is xperia m users request…

  • Ben Lim

    xperia ion pretty please….

  • kedar

    Sony should develop android kitkat for sola because we dont get jelly bean due to lower ram but kitkat can easily run on sola also on Xperia u,go,p so please sony has to work on kitkat for these large number users of sola,u,go,p.

  • Alvin

    Seems Xperia S/SL/Arco S/ion has the worst situation because they have no driver support since Android 4.2 and CM11 cannot cope with it?

    If this is the case, I think I regret not selling S for P because the support of S is worst than P, and S has worse battery performance than P and U. Bought a high-end phone for low-end performance, although Sony finally rolled out .96 firmware which is smooth.

  • The ‘Glee’

    And Arc or Neo???

  • Vhan Modders

    S is for Sayonara

  • kaz

    Sony should partner with cyanogenmod team, They’re awesome.

  • mohamed gaber

    and all Xperia 2011 now running Unofficial CyanogenMod 11 by Mike and this is thread of devices Xperia mini , mini pro , active , live with walkman

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  • Senay Mehreteab

    nothing for xperia s fuck sony

  • the_black_dragon

    Damned when do S Ownerst finally stop complaining about that??? Ask Qualcomm for Android Drivers above 4.1 than Sony can build an Update! -.-

  • the_black_dragon

    The same here… Without Drivers for Android 4.2 and above from Qualcomm Sony can’t Update it! Ask Qualcomm and stop asking here!

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  • pongnamu

    We are talking about custom roms here… My x10 mini (Msm7x27) is powered by JB 4.1.2 even the support ended on 2.1…

  • Ahmed Khaled Badr El-Deen

    he meant the custom update….

  • Sharath

    Bluetooth will never be fixed,unless the chipset company releases the source,which i don’t think it will happen.

  • Gitarooman

    Sony should fire their current software team and hire these guys…

  • trnz

    not even an unofficial update is available for xperia ion…………

    so sad…………..

  • jay-r Nallos

    This is xperia blog so why you stoped me to discused about xperia.

  • LoneWanderer
  • Chris
  • Jeremy
  • xperiafan324

    S has plenty of development too, I’m sure xda-devs will make one for your device. :)

  • ProWeirdo

    How’s that possible? Xperia P – a middle-end device – got the CM11, while on their website the only version for Xperia S is CM 9.1 based on Android 4.0!!! Damn, it’s a last year flagship? Why they no updates?!

  • ShinOrochiX

    Forget about 4.2/4.3 the M (and L) both are worthy of running 4.4 with ease, they’d better be upgraded to Kit Kat otherwise Sony is going to be looked down upon for failing to update a worthy 2013 handset to a 2013 android version.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Xperia 2011 please! :/

  • kedar

    Yeah sony always remat behind in software devloping.

  • josesl16

    Actually, The Xperia P’s battery life is not even adequate. In my case, I don’t think my P would last over half a day for moderate usage(occasional texting/IM-ing, browsing, gaming and such), although I have a lot of apps anyway.

  • lol

    because different chipset….

  • lol

    use wifi if can’t transfer data using bluetooh

  • lol

    because 2011 xperia running same chipset

  • lol

    will be added when SP dev port from SP to L, *if he got L as fast as he can

  • Bob dole

    Yeah, most bluetooth headsets etc. can use Wifi too.. NOT

  • ProWeirdo

    of course -_- different chipset is a perfect excuse… they didnt simply feel like it…

  • Senay Mehreteab

    Xperia S Unofficial CyanogenMod 11 Android 4.4 KitKat from HoloUI Team

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  • yoga

    novathor u8500 powered is under investigation, so dont complain about discontinued chips by st ericsson. even sony is not investigating.

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  • Ahmed Hassan

    where is xperia miro :(

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  • Abhi

    can you find cyanogenmod for xperia m? plz reply

  • taha

    What about the SL :(

  • Jovy

    Would you please fix the software problem of Sony Xperia Go latest software updatebefore you release any more update that can harm/ make our phone useless?!!! WOULD YOU PLEASE?!!!!

  • tushar

    a better review is required!!

  • Diego Rafael Santos

    serve no acro s?

  • Guest

    ????? ????? ?? ??????? ??????

    ?? ??? ????????? ??????? ????? ?????? ??? ????

    ??? ???????? ?? ????? ???!

  • ???? ????


  • sadmanh

    xperiaS is having development too, but it has a different chipset, not the NovaThor, and this article is only covering phones with that particular hardware

  • Joy

    Where is Xperia C… I want kitkat for xperia C

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