LegacyXperia project brings CyanogenMod 11 to 2011 Sony Xperia devices

by XB on 1st December 2013

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LegacyXperia ThumbIf anyone running a 2011 Sony Xperia device is looking to freshen things up with some Android 4.4 KitKat action, then you’ll be glad to hear that an unofficial CyanogenMod 11 build has landed. This is courtesy of XDA legendary developer mikeioannina who is supporting a number of devices including the Xperia arc, arc S, neo, neo V, mini, mini pro, active, pro, ray and Live with Walkman.

The builds only went live a few days back so they are only at an alpha stage, but despite this, users are reporting that the ROMs are pretty stable. The main features not working right now is 720p video recording, FM radio, HDMI and Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi is working but is buggy. If you want to find out further details then check out the LegacyXperia Project website.


Thanks Deepak and Ian!

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    yes KitKat FTW

  • j_ee

    Any news on the 2012 devices?

  • lovebmw

    As much as I like to see news like this, as much as I hate to keep reading everyone is on time except Sony with the official kitkat

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    They have received CM too, check XDA.

  • Adrian

    Everything I hear about CyanogenMod stuff is that it is still alpha and not working properly yet. Is anytihng really getting 100% working with this stuff or is it a neverending betaprocess?

  • Dead Walker Zero’

    Has still a Alpha Build, but the 85% of all functions are working! Need a better RAM usage and more CM Customization options , I Use a haida device (Neo V) And Works fine!
    I’ll downgrade to Super Jelly Bean V8 (CM10 Based) ’cause this have better RAM Usage, better battery and more stable.
    In a near future the builds of CM11 Made by Mikeioannina will be GREAT, But now i’ll stay in 4.1.2

  • @atWidget

    The best of Sony by… others.

  • sreenamboothiri

    Best of Cyanogen ! For the last of Sony Ericsson !!

  • nick

    what about xperia play??

  • Zeke

    2011 phones looking towards Android 4.4 via other means… and yet I’ll be lucky if Sony even considers an August 2013 XPERIA M for Android 4.4 upgrade..*sigh* [Signed – Angry of Antipodeans].

  • Tech Gospel

    I wonder if the Xperia ray will run faster on Kitkat than on GB/JB… if it does, I’m downgrading from my Xperia P back to a ray then flashing KK onto it.

  • kedar

    It is better to release official kitkat than such buggy unofficial mod.
    sony should support all its users to get top in current market.

  • Manta

    My Xperia arc S is crying.

  • Chi-Yung Chan

    devs are still working on the 3.4 kernel as far as i know cm10.1 4.3 has been dont and 3.4 kernel is done but the touchscreen isnt working and ummm the bugs like wifi camera bluetooth

  • Chi-Yung Chan

    sony wont give kitkat to even 2012 devices

  • Chi-Yung Chan

    forget it as far as i know only quad cores are getting 4.4 despite what google says

  • Chi-Yung Chan

    its still alpha wait a while as mike is not being paid for this

  • Chi-Yung Chan

    excuse me?? buggy? do you know how hard it is as sony hasn’t released anything? last official kernel version 2.6. current 3.4 do you know how much of a leap that is dont complain

  • Chi-Yung Chan

    chill bro its just released. it will be more stable

  • Chi-Yung Chan

    xperia p will get cm11 4.4 kitkat tooo so i advise you dont downgrade

  • Tech Gospel

    I know, but I prefer the size of the ray. I find the P too bulky

  • acid

    Will Xperia m gets kitkat??? Plz replay

  • Gaelex

    For my part, these CM versions can go to hell. The ones for Xperia arc and prof from FreeXperia have been utter shit, full of bugs, resets… after 2 months of trying I went back to stock rom 2.3.4. I was faster, more stable and after cleaning up some junk apps like Wisepilot and Timescape it felt quite good.

  • APai


  • Sumera khan

    xperia Neo L … thz version is apply

  • Sumera khan

    Xperia Neo L Will gets kitkat

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  • Brian

    CyanogenMod is our hero, thx u guys so much!

  • Mr.Alawi

    well things changed after FreeXperia my Xperia Arc now is running 4.2.2 with kernel version 3.4.60 thanks to LegacyXperia! it is A LOT! faster then stock ROM 2.3.4 and FreeXperia ROMs and it’s stable no bugs and no random reboots :)

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Those phones are basically two years old, or past their 18 months update guarantee. No manufacturer is gonna support a phone that old.

  • camacama

    This is also for xperia s?

  • Rob

    Xperia S is not the same platform as the devices mentioned above.

  • xyz

    Do i need to have unlocked bootloader to instal that software?

  • Okazuma

    Not with an official Sony upgrade. Xperia M will stops to 4.2.2

  • Okazuma

    Xperia m will stops to 4.2.2
    Only Z series will reach 4.4

  • Rob

    Where did you get that information? Last I saw they were at least looking into 4.4 for several 2012 devices.


  • Okazuma

    In that page you can find Z series and 3 2012 (top range T/V)
    M is a low range and like the others low it will have only 1 big release (4.2.2)

  • Nikhil D

    I installed CM11 on my XPERIA NEO V.. and found it to be very stable and almost everything working.
    Its Buttery Smooth and fells reponsive, i would say FASTEST ANDROID EVER,
    Few people are reporting small bugs but i dint face any go ahead guys
    Get the latest and best android ever
    i only loose HD Video Recording (Jelly Bean never supported that on older XPeria),
    and FM Radio which laying unused since i brought phone :-P

  • avinash

    thanks guys for supporting 2011 devices , they were the phones with perfect design and size like arc, ray , mini

  • Chriss
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  • Michael Bestas

    We never reach 100% because there are some closed source stuff and it needs time to write open source alternative solutions, since it’s only a hobby.

  • Michael Bestas

    Yeah, keep dreaming that Sony will give a Kitkat update… they won’t update most of the 2012 phones, just forget about 2011.

    If you think it’s buggy, don’t use it. If you only knew how difficult this project is…
    Keep in mind that the current build despite being alpha, it has most features working and it is pretty stable.

  • remane

    Nobody tells you to flash those ROMs and saying that they are “utter shit” etc. shows that you dont have any respect for the devs which are doing extreme great work as a hobby and offer their product absolutely for FREE
    So show some respect!

  • new

    ans that is “Rom”

  • mo0n_sniper

    Finally!!! newer CM on my Xperia Pro. Just downloaded LegacyXperia CM11 to try, but forgot to flash kernel first :(. Can’t wait to boot it tomorrow :D. Thanks to all the devs.

  • eatshit

    Yep so in your opinion it’s better to have no support and wait for sony

  • Lord_Snake

    You’re talking right to the “XDA Legendary DEV” citted on the post. If it became more stable, its due to him…

  • 3andala

    Keep it up mike

  • KrYpToNiT3

    show some respect. XDA DEVs are doing it for free while lazy sony employees are highly paid for the exact job.

  • Guest
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  • Adrian

    Sure. big respect. The rom-developers are doing a great job.

    But I think avoid releasing alphastage-stuff to the public and not getting newssites this this site to write about it. Only release quite stable beta-stuff out to public to prevent to image of CyanogenMod this nothing of it works for everyday use.

  • 2sfhim

    Sony, what the f*** are you doing ? NOTHING !! this policy doesn’t attract customers, it has been following the brand for years now…

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  • What about 2012 lineup?

  • Guest

    What about 2012 lineup!?

  • Paul

    “…to prevent to image of CyanogenMod this nothing of it works for everyday use.”

    If some individuals can’t comprehend what “Unofficial Port” means..
    in other words they have no common sense/intelligence/brain..
    then those can think what they want.

    To quote a buddhist saying:
    “The Lion doesn’t care what the Sheep thinks of him.”

  • SanNeo

    The LegacyXperia website states that wifi -hotspot is not working. Can you please confirm. If you can provide a link to easy to understand/follow steps to install CM11 that would be great. I have rooted my Neo V, don’t know what to do next.

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  • dibinghi

    Keyboard(as well as navigation buttons) not working on Xperia Pro.
    I keep getting the message “Unfortunately, Android Keyboard (AOSP) has stopped.”

  • Knifehead

    What do you mean?

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  • shihan holmes

    FM radio is missing !

  • SK

    its working now :)

  • SK

    we got the kernel :)

  • ravi

    can anyone plz help me. i have rooted my xperia mini succesfully..

    but am unable to install any custom rom in it.

    i am doing it using cwm recovery.

    it always says installation aborted.

    can anyone plz provide me steps to install custom rom like CyanogenMod10 or 11or any other custom rom.

    plz help

  • irfan

    after installing android jellybean & gapps, i rebooted my device(wt19i). but only legacyxperia logo showing in screen…nothing else is happening….what can i do…plz help

  • Alfonso

    Thanks a lot, developers you bring our phones to a new life.
    Double life of Sony obsolescence.

  • nejm

    You probably have older cwm that doesn’t support newer type of signatures, file extraction, etc. or simply, you have to flash boot.img provided from rom.zip via Flashtool.

  • mojtaba

    Use another custom Rom

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