Bug-fixing Xperia L firmware update certified [15.3.A.0.27]

by XB on 6th December 2013

in Firmware, Xperia L

Xperia L_Firmware_15.3.A.0.27A marginal firmware update for the Xperia L (C2104, C2105) has been certified by the PTCRB. Firmware build 15.3.A.0.27 is a minor bug-fixing update over the current Android 4.2.2 build (15.3.A.0.26). If this does see the light of the day, expect it to hit handsets within the next few week.

Xperia L_Firmware_15.3.A.0.27

Thanks Ben!

  • -_-‘ why so late..

    When update 4.3 xz series?

  • xperiaDROID

    Where’s the 4.3 update for the Xperia Z series, Sony?
    Boy, I’m starting to look like a Xperia S user begging Sony for the update. -__-‘

  • Nawi

    Relax. December is not finish yet

  • xperiaDROID

    Sorry, I’m just excited about the update. But Sony better hurry up, because we can’t get updates directly when the update is rolling out. If Sony slow down, many countries won’t see the update until January.

  • lucasarg

    I have a Xperia ZL…. Where is 4.3 for our handsets? -.- i’m excited n.n

  • Nikolai ivanov

    when 4.3 update ??

  • Marcelo

    You guys are aware that who does experia blog is not sony right? You are begging for something in the wrong place.

    If you want 4.3 or 4.4 just install Roms!

    Sony’s priority should be fixing their bugs and not That !

  • Deal with it XZ users. You will be in the same place as we are.
    Welcome to big outdated Xperia family. Enjoy your stay.

    PS: I am not saying that phones are supposed to get updates for lifetime, but 2 years of updates and support for a mobile phone is not that big of a problem IMO -_-

  • xperiaDROID

    It depends on the manufacturer, some of them are lazy to update their phones (yup, I’m talking about you, LG.), some of them wants you to upgrade to their latest phone. That’s how business goes for a manufacturer.

    But if you really want to keep getting updates, get a Google Nexus. Once a new update comes out, you will be the first to get it. But they will stop updating your phone two or three years later, but that’s better than any other manufacturers right?

  • Chriss
  • wew901

    I hope they add the z1 themes in the next update but most likely
    they will fix the bugs.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Well I know which user you are…. Bitter luck you are and we will get 4.4 in time…. December isn’t over yet :P

  • [csizor

    Are you guys retarded for coming here (a Xperia blog made BY fans, NOT a SONY official site) to complain about delayed updates for your phone models in a topic about a model that you probably don’t own? Did you need special education when you were kids or what?

  • Yes it is, but I like Sony’s Android modifications and design of their smartphones. I can root it to remove crapware. The only thing missing are updates for me. That’s why I’m still here!

  • Well, I wish you more luck with your Xperia.

  • Some people think that this is the Official page. Some people just want to talk about it in here. Also Sony is not really fixing bugs. They fix something from time to time but it is either really important bug, they “introduced” with their new update or just a minor one, 98% people didn’t even know about.

    My Xperia S still has that stupid bug with the led on the top. I disconnect it from a charger and the led stays lit up even when I unlock the phone and play with it. It stays there until I restart the phone or connect the charger again. They made an update but for a keyboard. It was supposed fix a bug -_- It was working fine. Other stuff is still not fixed as well, but they do nothing. I just don’t care anymore.

    Installing Roms = losing warranty. That’s the main point, why not to use them and wait for an update (IMO).

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I am lucky enough….. Atleast I dont make Jungle Dance for updates :D
    A lucky and Proud XZ owner

  • Eranda

    I’m experiencing issue of phone getting switch off random times of a day. is this new update should be able to fix it?

  • shubham

    I hope this will fix it…and all other bugs

  • Bahaa

    15.3.A.0.27 MEAN JELLY BEAN 4.3?

  • John

    No , still 4.2.only fixing minor bug

  • You will start doing so after they stop updating your android ;)

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    18 months, not 2-3 years.

  • arash

    I think camera can be better, startup can be faster, battetry power can be stronger…

  • Bug fix update for Android 4.2.2 is coming soon. the new certified firmware has the build number 15.3.A.0.27. So what bug fixes are we expecting?

    * Fix for Transfer data to SD card bug
    * Fix for poor low light image quality and overall image quality( flash timing and shutter timing)
    *Fix for Sudden App crashes(Unfortunately “app name” has stoped)
    *Fix for Mobile data issue
    *Fix for multi touch issues reported by some users
    *Fix for Screen flickering in low brightness reported by some users
    *Fix for Random Restarts reported by some users
    *Fix for LED Illumination settings
    *Better Battery handling
    addition to above bugs we expect the new update will bring the latest Walkman and album apps which will fix the music swift to earpiece after removing headset, lock screen widget bugs and faster scrolling in album thumbnails.
    What else you expecting from new upcoming update?

  • ankur sharma

    I think the update is only for C2105 model as is clearly shows in the PTCRB screenshot. Will it also hits C2104 or not?

  • Zarko Bozinovski

    I also have the same problem.
    I noticed that phone is switch off after I’m using Walkman app!
    I’ve installed latest updates for Walkman App yesterday.
    Hope so no more switch off issue. :))))))))))))))))
    Or maybe this will be fixed with new update for Xperia L announced few day ago.

  • L

    Hey guys I was just wondering that is there any possibility of getting USB OTG on XPERIA L without rooting?

  • Moehamad Pay

    how long I have to wait to get an update on the Xperia 15.3.A.0.27 L?
    whether the ten more years or even the a thousand years more??

  • passionb

    How to update to 15.3.A.0.27?

  • Sungjem Jamir

    DO NOT update the Sony Xperia L. It is ripe with endless bugs and the service techies doesnt even seem to make it their priority to repair it.

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