This week’s free PSM games: Gun Commando and Monokoke Slashdown

by XB on 6th December 2013

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Gun CommandoSony is currently running a promotion where it is offering two free PlayStation Mobile games each week over five weeks. We’re now into the second week and the free games up for grabs are Gun Commando (retro FPS with DOOM-like graphics) and Monokoke Slashdown (a side-scrolling, hack and slash).

PlayStation Mobile is available for a number of certified Sony Xperia devices along with the PS Vita. PlayStation Mobile is currently available in Japan, United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia.

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  • Jackie 13

    I wanna play PSVita’s games on my XPERIA Z1.

  • uidesigner_sony

    OMG these are the best games I ever seen, just kidding pfff, I’m waiting for KitKat or 4.3 update for Xperia Z…! Or we will get it after Nexus 5 will get 5th version of Android?

  • Chriss
  • vigneshprince

    Why not in India??

  • z1f

    can we have other more quality games in the PS store not like these rubbish that they’re churning out. google play’s teeming with much more quality games. c’mon sony, you can do better than that!

  • Xperia </3 Fans

    We just need 4.3 and latest update with new future!!!

  • Gamer

    Quality games?

    I think it would be so cool if flagship phone like Xperia Z1 can dual-boot VitaOS for gaming, the great flagship phone comes with great quality games (from PS Vita)

  • Outdated!!

    Guys…wht u think..If Ericsson still with us?

  • DrKrFfXx

    Buttons >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Touch controls

  • AMG38

    Impressive Next-Gen-Titels..
    Now we don’t need to upgrade our PC or buy the PS4, because we have these awesome games from PSM
    Cmon Sony are u kidding us ?

  • E

    Fuuu Romania?

  • roeshak

    Wonder when the rumor mill on next years flagship will begin. Z1 isn’t for me so already looking to next year. It’s only 3 months before CES. Even less, where are all the leaksters when you need them lol!

  • Mohammed Khired

    not a problem really

  • Mohammed Khired

    let us keep it to ps1 and ps2 games at first , PsP games are playable on my X Z1 via PPSSPP emulator….( it would be perfect without emulator )

    so i guess Ps2 games will run smoothly

  • Mohammed Khired

    do sony even bother to read this blog ??

    i mean the comment section

  • Paul M

    Free games are better than nothing. But it would be nice to have some top quality games, even if not quite the full games, for free.

  • Q-Tip

    Such an UNREALISTIC request.

  • Bez

    Dream on for the ps2 emulation…
    Even modern PC set ups still have a hard time for ps2 optimization…

    ps1 and psp game work perfectly on the Z series…
    Just a headache on r2 and l2 shoulder buttons…but not the case for Dualshock 3 users…

  • Mohammed Khired

    “Even modern PC set ups still have a hard time for ps2 optimization…”

    are u sure about this ? mine (notebook) without any tweaking run smoothly on any games

    and i think PSP games are harder than PS2 games…

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