Sony’s CES press conference takes place on 6 January 2014

by XB on 12th December 2013

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2014 CESIn less than a month’s time, we are hoping that Sony will be announcing some new mobile products at one of the biggest consumer electronics tradeshows in the world, CES 2014.

Sony’s main press event will take place on Monday 6 January 2014 at 17.00 in Las Vegas. We are expecting at least a couple of new announcements including the Xperia Z1s (the Z1 refresh) along with the Xperia Z1 mini. To find out the time of Sony’s CES 2014 press conference in your time zone click here.

Sony CES 2014 Press Conference

Sony CES Press Conference

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  • Amir


  • Chos?n

    What about Z2?

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    How about 4.3 update? Its been a month since you announced 4.3 hope to have it before christmas

  • DStyle

    CES 2014, YES!!! I want them to intro 4K HandyCam. Oh, pls . . . . . Make it happen.

  • AppleandSONYlover

    I thinks its stupid if SONY will release an XPERIA Z1 replacement that early. The device has been announced and available last September but most of the countries received it by October. Before SONY used to announce their products too early because they release it a month or 2 after but now when they announce a mobile product they release it after a few days. Mobile flagships should have a life span of more than 6 months. They should have more exposure because it shows what the best the company offers. If they release a replacement that early people would think that its not the best at all. Look at iPhone, Galaxy s4, LG g2 and HTC ONE they are heavily marketed and their lifespan is more than 6 months. I hope Sony will just launch a variant of Z1 like a mini or a max version not totally a replacement. Thats what others are doing as well and they still keep the flagship as their halo device. They should just announce an update to their mid-end offerings and smaller tablet would be good.

  • ZXcorr

    Z1 refresh!? o_O

  • Brad Williams

    Sony produce 2 flagships ( not including the Ultra or tablet) a year lately. There has been no real hints of a completely different phone for the normal Feb release so either they have been highly good at keeping a secret (not a sony strong point) or they may just give us a Z1S. The talk of the Z1S being a mini has always been doubtful to me. That’s not to say the mini wont come out, I just doubt it would come out with that code designation. The Z1S would most likely just have further refinements to what is already a good phone. here’s hoping it gets the new Qualcomm chip. If it doesn’t then once again Sony will be behind the 8 ball in respect to it’s CPU.

  • Jack

    I REALLY hope there’s not a Z1s. I just got the Z1, it’s been out for literally only 2 and a half months. It would be insane to announce a new one so early. It would really cut developer support for sony devices because of the high refresh cycle. Why bother buying a Sony phone now if a better one is announce in 3 MONTHS?

  • John

    Uh, no. Only 5-6 phones have the S800 chipset right now. They’re not behind the ball game, they’re ahead of it and the S800 will stay ahead of it for the near future. It would be crazy to announce a new flagship 3 months after the Z1 came out.The Z1 was the refinements of the Z. You can’t keep on releasing a new flagship every 5-6 months, making the other ones outdated. Stick with a proper release cycle Sony!

  • vanbeethoven

    Same boat. Have the Z1 and also the Tablet Z. I don’t mind them releasing new models as long as they can still support what I have. Regardless, they’re great products and I’ll have no regrets if they release new models.

  • Sanyok1986

    Indeed, what about xperia Z2 ??? Who knows something ???

  • Wait and wait

    Prepare for the best best best of Sony in smartphone (with sarcastical voice).

    No more Sony. I will wait until my abandoned TX completely died. Then I will get a Z7 with S-Master chip :)))

  • Mirhawk

    Let the woe era of Z series commence!

  • Harut Hajin


  • xperiaDROID

    I think Sony will not announce the Xperia Z2 at CES 2014 because the Xperia Z1 is still new and it’s been out for two and half months if I’m not wrong, so it will be stupid if Sony announce the Z2 so quickly. Sony Will probably announce a new tablet, a WiFi only Xperia Z Ultra and the Xperia Z1s which I think it’s not the refresh Z1 and maybe it’s the Z1 mini.

    But nevertheless, I’m excited to see what Sony will bring to the table next year.

  • P9

    why no more leak? :D :D

  • hans

    i believe z1s is just an at&t version. z1 mini is likely though.

  • J.

    Xperia Tianchi!!!

  • fried_egg

    Sony are running into a trouble zone if they leave it any later. If they release a buggy version right before xmas (and a lot of public holidays in Japan) then they might not be able to rush out any fixes until the new year.

  • fried_egg

    The chip powering the S-GS4 has been upgraded and played around with. The great thing with Android is the market has a wide range of price points and solutions to individual needs. Flagships should be “the best available” (cutting edge but perhaps not perfect) at the time or the “most polished” (not the latest but the most perfected) at the time, so expect the Sony model of a “statement” phone followed 6 months later with a “polishing” of it. Having 1 phone lasting a year on sale as “the flagship” when the components available improve all the time is impossible outside a “closed shop” like iphone enjoys.
    Otherwise you would have company 1 release in January with their best effort, and the rest waiting 3 months to launch with the better components that have come on stream. If none changed their designs for 1 year the first company to launch would have 9 months of being “the worst phone” available in the year and only 3 months of being the best.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    that is the problem, once they release NEW flagship – they tend to forget older models !!!

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  • fdh

    Agreed! That would really suck :( Sure it doesn’t make the Z1 bad device but it’s frustrating to know that if I had waited some extra months I could have gotten a better version..

  • Jam

    New Sony will coming, the big brother of Xperia E, Name Xperia E2 (with 4G- LTE) less than 200€

  • pars71

    i wish we will hear upgrade news of android 4.4 for xperia M , L and others

    (especially M Dual ;-) and better UI

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  • sealplayerz

    i wish international version of Sony Walkman ZX1 series NWZ-ZX1 ;D

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  • dudz

    Congratulations sony! Apart from people blaming that many new models, new models are always welcome! Forgive me the guys who like to have the last model avaiable to show it, but this is normal strategy in japan. And works really well untill now.

  • JiuTing

    I hope SONY can release a 4.6 inches around, and the thickness and XperiaZ pretty models, I really like this

  • Kaostheory

    I have the Time and now the Z1. Not planning on getting a new phone for a while but really would like to see Sony stay on top. Keep improving as much as possible, Sammy has a new phone on the way and Sony can’t just sit back. Must say I’m really happy with the Z1 and not sure what new feature will entice me into getting a new phone. The only thing I would like now is a full charge in under a minute.

  • Jesus
  • Yankeejeff

    I hope they will release Z1S, its mini version, so it can come, but a refresh Z1 would be stupid.
    Im waiting since october that Z1 mini to get official, i dont want the Z1, too big for 5″ display. Samsung, lg and other did that in a better form with 5″.
    I think Z1S will official at CES in Las Vegas, but a refresh Z1 oder Z2 at Februrary in Barcelona MWC. This make more sense, cant belive that, that will not be like i said.

  • xperiafan324

    This is the reality of the mobile market right now, Sony released Z1 in September. Flagships get 6 months at most without a successor, I think Sony will probably announce Z1 mini and Tablet Z1/2 (depending on how they name it, either way LONG overdue, I hope it comes with Snapdragon 805 and that 4k 12″ display ^_^), but not a Z1 successor, they’ll probably announce that in april and release it in the same month.
    Anyway, Sony support their devices as long as Google i.e. 18 months post-release or 3 android revisions. THAT’s probably not going to change, what does change however (I hope) is the delay between AOSP release and Sony’s release.

  • spatch

    I have no doubt a new flagship phone will be announced, just like at every CES. But don’t worry — by the time Sony is ready to release it, the Z1 will have been around for about 8 months and you’ll be in the mood for a new phone anyway.

  • Micro

    Nah, dude, this sounds like “you can’t announce anything new until I am happy with my own”. Look at XZ, didn’t loose any support so far, and it’s technically not a flagship anymore. So the older/lower specs models are still getting updates, even kitkat where possible. I have Z1 too (preordered one) and I am very very very happy with it, I don’t even think now about any replace, but it’s me – I prefer the big one (not to mention that I don’t need to have everything newest just “because”). But it doesn’t mean some smaller models released several months later are any offense for me, there are many people still waiting after Z1 for something smaller or simply a bit different. Nobody says Z1s will be a flagship ;) Come on mate, be happy that Sony at last made it to release updates frequently, not only the phones, as this can really shake the ground under those cheap plastic korean clay-legged monsters ;]

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  • roeshak

    I’m surprised that so many people find this so disappointing. They’ve always announced a flagship at CES for as long as I can remember. X10, Arc, S, and then Z.
    The problem with Sony isn’t the release of a flagship in H1, they”ve got to have something to go into competition with the likes of the s5 and the htc One’s successor. The problem is the release of yet another new flagship in H2 of the same year.
    They need to get themselves into the position where they release a flagship in H1 that’s strong enough to hold its own commercially for the whole year ahead like Samsung and Apple do.
    And before you ask about the galaxy note series, they aren’t meant as a replacement for the galaxy s line, they’re a different offering.
    When they start doing this, you can take it as the greatest sign that they’re back in business!

  • paul_cus

    And that’s the rub when dealing with Sony phones.


    10 People owns a Z1

  • Leaky

    LOL exotically my thought! usually about this time of the year is where H1 Sony flagship info starts leaking like crazy!

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    I’m surprised that so many people expected the next flagship to be called the “Z2”. Common, with Sony’s track record of product naming so far, every year’s something new. Not like Samsung and Apple who goes S1-2-3-4-5.
    Although this year’s definitely gonna be something interesting as they have already used the last of the roman alphabet for last year’s flagship. That’s not saying that they have used EVERY single alphabet but going anything backwards just doesn’t seem logical IMHO.
    Maybe they’ll just go with their codenames this time round. Like Xperia Nozomi, Xperia Honami, Xperia Rachel… etc.etc.
    Just my 2 cents ;P

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  • roeshak

    Nope, going by their track record, I think a late February release is the most likely. That’s 5 months after the Z1. The simple truth is the Z1 wasn’t the successor to the Z, it was the refresh.
    I’m hoping we don’t see a refresh of the refresh at CES. The only thing is coming that soon, it’s unlikely they’ll use the new Qualcomm chip. I think a higher clocked 800 chip is the most they’ll do.
    To be honest, we’ve reached a plateau as far as processing specs go in phones. The 800 cpu is faster by far than what 90% of consumers need so I don’t see the need for a meaningless spec upgrade there just to please a small minority of geeks. Pleasing geeks doesn’t get you very far, just ask HTC who by the way seem to be learning that lesson, albeit belatedly. Too late, you could argue since they’re the only of android top manufacturers that don’t have an 800 device on the market.
    What Sony needs to focus on is trying to match or at least come close to the camera on the back of the 1020 as well as some new software innovations.
    The Xperia ui hasn’t changed much since the gingerbread days. Well at least, not in any fundamental way. I find it still the most pleasing aesthetically but it’s becoming rather stale.
    I’ve been very impressed with the camera performance of the 1020 even though it tends to over saturate things. The clarity and detail it produces is truly remarkable heralding the beginning of the end for the point and shoot compact cameras. Sony needs to follow suit instead of just doing what’s easy and packing ever faster processors in their phones.
    A Z1 refresh without any fundamental hardware and software differences especially in the imaging department could push me towards the 1020 and away from android. Windows mobile has all the apps I need. Don’t really need the option to download millions of apps lol!
    That’s where I am right now, I haven’t been as impressed with any device as I have been with the 1020 and after having compared the camera with that on my Z, there’s a part of me that really wants one badly. I think I may skip android next year and go with the 1020. I’ll always have the Z to play with anyway and the fact that it’ll be supported up to 4.4 is making it easier for me to venture away from my beloved android.

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  • fu mthfker

    looks like your shit outa luck huh dumbass

  • doraemonboi

    I really hope Z1 successor will be announced. Sorry Z1 bro, when Z1 came out I feel the same as you. My Xperia Z is officially not a flagship.

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  • 123

    No, It is z2 and z1mini

  • Brad Williams

    I would not call the Z1 a refinement of the Z, it is a completely different phone. And, Qualcomm have already announced a S850 that should be released very soon. Probably too late for Sony tho.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Can’t wait for CES. and what’s the point of sony showing off the Z1s if its going to be exclusive? and I’m sure they don’t care bout sales or competing, SONY should fire HIRAZ for poor U.S. marketing sales.

  • adam ultimo

    because z1 is from xperia z so normally we’d expect the next release to be numbered accordingly.

  • ProWeirdo

    Exactly! Xperia S is forgotten. Sony doesn’t care. It’s time for Xperia Z users to complain in about 2 weeks….

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  • Dakan45

    You gonna play velocity 2x with that phone?

  • vanbeethoven

    I could but won’t. I have A Vita, PS3 and PS4 and prefer to play games with a controller. The Z1’s battery is very good except for browsing and playing games would make it worse. And you?

  • Dakan45

    yes brah hooray for 2d indie games running 1080p 60 fps on ps4, hooray for sony overhyping crap.

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