Elysium now available for free through Xperia Privilege app

by XB on 14th December 2013

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ElysiumIf you were one of those that recently bought a Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra or Xperia Tablet Z and took advantage of five free movies back in early October, then you’ll be glad to know that the promised sixth movie, Elysium, is now available to download free of charge through the Xperia Privilege app.

If you go to the app, you will be given a code that can be redeemed on the Sony Entertainment Network. Once redeemed, the film will show in your ‘Movies’ app via Sony’s Video Unlimited service. This particular promotion is only available in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. It will be live from today until 31 January 2014. We’ve included a trailer of Elysium below, to see if it’s your type of film.

2013-12-14 14.48.46

2013-12-14 14.49.56

  • Camilo Uribe

    Xperia privilege APK 3.0 please!!!

  • Ey

    No privileges in Romania.

  • Diego

    Yep! Downloaded in Italy …

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    It’s been out for awhile now here in Malaysia.

  • shingeling

    This promotion is also available in Sweden

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    Anche io lo sto scaricando,ma per caso sai se in qualche modo posso vederlo su una tv? Lo schermo di z1 sarà pure grande ma preferirei vederlo su un display più grande :)

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Dafaq, why the hell is there no Xperia Privilege promotions in the states!?
    I really liked this movie when I saw it in theaters….

  • hocestquisumus

    Not in Austria. Thanks content mafia.

  • Diego

    Ciao Manu, puoi farlo utilizzando un adattatore micro-usb to HDMI. Amazon ne vende, ti linko un esempio http://www.amazon.co.uk/XPERIA-MICRO-USB-DEFINITION-ADAPTER-CELLAPOD/dp/B00F46Q8LK

  • Diego

    Ciao Manu, cerca su Google l’adattatore micro-usb to HDMI for Xperia Z1

  • the_black_dragon

    nothing here in Germany :(

  • troll

    coz you like replying to people at the top xp

  • Always-Sony

    I never receive anything from Xperia Privilege in USA. I hope they’ll put something for this side of the world.

  • lon

    sony forget about the jelly bean 4.3 :(

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    This wasn’t at the top shit head, or is simple math to hard for your brain to comprehend

  • Veeren

    what about Xperia Z……….

  • Nikolai ivanov

    When comes the 4.3 update??????

  • SP

    They provided these tags to a few countries again!

  • M L

    I bought my tablet in the US. But I am currently travelling in Australia. Can I still get the movie? Do I need to re- register an Aussie address again ? Thanks for any advice.

  • raj

    That’s awesome… Downloading now

  • Laurie Miles

    I bought Tablet Z from Sony pre-release order from Sony in the UK, but there is no Elysium in my Xperia Privelege app today 15th December. Anyone else from the UK got it added on to the previous 5 movie downloads?

  • ga

    It won’t work for me in UK. Any advice please?

  • JG

    Common, how ’bout in the other countries? Expand fast please!

  • Laurie Miles

    To anyone having trouble getting this – try clearing the App cache & data, force stop the app, then run it again. Loads of promotions suddenly appear!

  • Al UK

    I just closed the app and opened it again, it was there along with the previous offers of the movies

  • Camilo Uribe

    Country ?

  • raj

    Xperia Z Ultra

  • David

    anyone know how to enable content Xperia Privilege?

  • Teuton77

    Germany, Z1 arrived on Dec. 27, 2013, Elysium offer available in Xperia Privilege. All steps absolved, as described. Content cannot be enabled. The first downlowad is only a html text file containing among others the http:// address where the actual film can be downloaded. Done this too. No film app, including the stock one and Video Unlimited from Sony is able to locate the content. When I tried to open it on a PC-App released by Sony, that one could see the content but failed to play it, citing lacking rights to said content. Can anyone please help with this one. Not that I cannot see the movie otherwise but it’s annoying to be handed a gift you cannot open.

  • jorel

    How can I get these free movies? I got my new xperia z1 today and this was the first thing I looked at xperia privilege Canada and it was not there. It only give me 2 photo editing apps. How can I get these movies? Any idea? Am I missing something?

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